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Transforming Pain into Love Through Sensory Connections with Nature

May 5, 2017

The Accepted Proposal for a Ph.D. by Stacey S. Mallory, M.S.
Director, Project NatureConnect

Over the last ten years, since 2007, I have converted my life into a project of mentoring and facilitating Applied Ecopsychology courses that include Eco-Art Therapy courses for the past three years.  During this period I researched and learned as a student in both disciplines and earned an MS degree as I updated my experience and education, as needed, to increase personal and professional understanding.   The more than thirty thousand documented hours I learned from were devoted to volunteering for essential diverse roles and responsibilities in the operation of Project NatureConnect's degree program and its paramount contribution to personal, social and environmental well-being. I averaged 60 hours per week in work on this project to further its goals, welfare and personnel.

I am a perpetual student because of each day [or moment] I spend in nature.  Continuously discovering alongside other individuals is a self-evident existence which validates empirical scientific facts experienced in natural areas.  Every part of what I have encountered or observed over these years is a continuum of unlimited learning opportunities. I and others recognize that the exceptional amount of time I have allocated to researching, understanding and volunteering have become more than a field of study to perfect; rather it became how I advanced my self-actualization. 

I propose to write a dissertation that affirms my efforts and expertise in Organic Psychology and Eco-Art Therapy and obtain a Ph.D., one that will strengthen the value and impact of my Organic Psychology work at PNC to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

For this dissertation, I will create an autobiography as a capstone experience for my study. It will be a contemplative exposition that boldly and uniquely describes critical parts of my life experiences and at the same time satisfy the degree requirements. My autobiography will expand on established scholarly prerequisites and explain the influence that my academic proficiency (general education requirements and electives) have had on my personal and professional life. 

Since my autobiography is pertinent to my personal encounters, there is no previously written literature composed from my experiences aside from my journals and Project NatureConnect Coursework. I will provide examples of written work of other’s experiences with the GreenWave Organic Psychology that validate the contribution I am making in this discipline.

I contend that a formal literature review is not required to be part of my autobiography. The American Psychological Association’s (APA) practices, the largest scientific and professional organization of psychologists in the United States, disregard the complexities of the aliveness of the GreenWave and our innate fifty-four senses and sensations. As of this date, they, including Art Therapists, deny the value of its existence. The current 117,500 individuals who represent the APA neither engage in nor understand GreenWave-54. Until a time when they accept and practice the art of this science, they cannot realistically contribute to my personal experiences or the significance of GreenWave-54 and Eco-Art Therapy if I do not validate it with my autobiography.

In this dissertation, I will convey my transformational life as I share the process of learning and evolving in the GreenWave with my students and the world. I will document with researched evidence that my life story is not uncommon. It is and provides optimism for millions of others displaced by the destructive, side-effect depths of our socialized beliefs and stories that hold them hostage and deprived of present moment wellness and feeling enjoyment. GreenWave-54 humanizes and actualizes the advanced scientific contributions made by Albert Einstein.

Throughout my years of mentoring and facilitating Project NatureConnect courses, I could not help but gravitate toward the success accomplished through GreenWave-54.  My dissertation will document how reconnecting with our fifty-four senses in connection with nature can generate a unique inner transformation, a profoundly observed healing of the soul and relationship development.

The dissertation I propose will accomplish the goals I describe above because the following fifteen-point scientific facts qualify me, in any moment, to invoke, register and participate in the authenticity that 1)self-evidence from our inherent natural wisdom is irrefutable because it begins directly in our body, mind and spirit. There are 2)fifty-four natural attraction senses that 3)our sense of consciousness can accurately register and communicate through our senses of reason and language. 4)In a natural area, the moment by moment 5)attraction energy of the Unified Field holds the 6)non-verbal, living attraction core of all things together in 7)intelligent and homeostatic equilibrium, 8)from sub-atomics to the life of Earth’s Web-of-Life attraction to circling the life of the sun without producing garbage. 9)Reasonably engaging in purifying GreenWave-54 moments and their past and future attachments 10)deactivates the catastrophic effects of my extreme childhood abuse and lets 11)the revolutionary wisdom in GreenWave-54 experiences help me produce a safe, 54-sense, life platform that guides me into renewed, whole-life moments of 12)rational and un-warped relationship evolution. 13)This stabilizing sanity and satisfaction happiness motivates me to thrive by living and teaching GreenWave-54 using my form of 14)Eco-Art Therapy that I learned from its pioneer, Theresa Sweeney, Ph.D., in addition to Applied Ecopsychology and Natural Attraction Ecology from Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D., Ph.D. 15)The validation and defense of GreenWave-54 is available in the books “With Justice for All” and “Revolutionary Wisdom” by Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D., Ph.D. [And online via http://www.ecopsych.com/journalaliveness.html]

NOTE: The full dissertation is available as a download pdf.
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Dr. Mallory's dissertation Transforming Pain into Love Through Sensory Connections with Nature is exceptional because it roots itself in this contemporary scientific "Greenwave-54" truth about the life of Nature/Earth: the time and space of the Universe only exists in the immediate moment. This holistic fact makes all things in that moment singular facts of life that, when changed, become new facts of life in the next moment, realities that our 54 senses can register and thereby guide our lives in nature-connected ways that increase personal, social and environmental well-being. Most doctoral candidates apply this process within the limits of unreasonable confines in our unbalanced, misery producing society and this strengthens its illegitimate ways. To stop this malfunction, Dr. Mallory invokes Greenwave-54 into each moment of life, including her personal, livelihood and academic life. This confronts and remedies the nonsense that erodes our personal and global wellness including the painful memories and irrational rules that prevent positive change. In successfully taking this emotional risk she is not only a pioneering whistle blower but she creates safe space in future moments for others to do and be the same in the name of individual and whole-life sanity. Being Earth's GreenWave avatar supports her integrity and that wonderous combination, not stories alone, makes the rare, but significant, GreenWave difference that she contributes to our troubled times.  She gives this same opportunity to the millions of others whose lives have been so abused that they often fear taking advantage of her offer and instead cling to the established elements that continue our destructive disconnection from Nature's wisdom, moment after moment.

Michael J. Cohen,
President, Project NatureConnect


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