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Ride Nature's Wave Crest.
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Self Evidence



SUNEH-54 Alive

Two bodies (V2B)


Objective Science

Our Estrangement

Whole Life Science

Habitual Confidence


Apply Equation
"NNIAAL + V2B ="


Be All You Were Born To Be


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Ride Nature's Wave Crest.
Test Instructions


Self Evidence



SUNEH-54 Alive

Two bodies (V2B)


Objective Science

Our Estrangement

Whole Life Science

Habitual Confidence


Apply Equation
"NNIAAL + V2B ="


Be All You Were Born To Be

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Unified Field Equation: your love of whole life in action

  • Our senses register for our awareness the world that is in and around us.
  • Our thoughts, feelings and relationships are built on self-evident information that our senses convey.

  • When the information or our senses are limited, warped or injured, so are our lives, awareness and happiness.
The world is troubled because we do not live out the Whole Life ways of relating that we biologically inherit from the life of Earth, our living planet, as it thrives as part of the life of the Universe. 

Because our modern Industrial ways are objective/material they omit using the "subjective" 85 percent of our 54 natural unifying and restorative senses that we share with the life of our Planet. This omission unbalances and stresses the biodiversity of the world including us.  The loss makes us want excessively; we feel we never have enough. This unbalances us and places us at risk.

Sadly, as we survive in our Society using our nature-disconnected intelligence, we secretly learn to violate Earth, each other and ourselves. This is the source of most of our disorders, from excessive stress to climate change. By applying a simple equation you can remove it from your life and relationships and help others do the same.

This Intelligence Inventory scientifically enables you to sense that your life is your love of life.  It helps you discover the strength of you as a special 54-sense personification of Nature's Unified Field and its self-correcting attraction relationships.

Stories that mislead you about or disconnect you from the spirited dance of the Unified Field produce the unbalanced relationships that you and the web-of-life suffer. You can at any moment help bring all things back into balance, including yourself, by GreenWave reconnecting your 54 natural senses to the Unified Field.

"The world we have created is a product of our thinking. If we want to change the world, we have to change our thinking."
- Albert Einstein

Reasonable change best takes place when we help our sensory attachment bonds to Nature-disconnecting stories re-bond to more sensible and attractive connections with authentic Nature.
- Michael J. Cohen

Proposals are now underway to establish both a United Nations and United States Office of GreenWave Intelligence and Relationships dedicated to applying the GreenWave Unified Field Equation, described below. Let us know if you want to help with this. <>

Bio: The Ultimate Intelligence Inventory
Decode and apply the GreenWave Unified Field Equation: your love of whole-life in action that Albert Einsten sought
"NNIAAL + V2B = The Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54w"
  • Engage in the most powerful and beneficial use of your sense of reason and maverick genius

  • This acronym equation is as whole life true and practical as 2 + 2 = 4 because every part of it is repeatable, self-evident experience.

  • Individually or collectively our 54 natural senses that make up this equation are undeniable. They need no proof.

n individual who is certified to have mastered the knowledge and use of the GreenWave Unified Field Equation can use and cite the Equation to validate or warranty their application of its contribution to their livelihood, relationships or defense of their thesis.

Copyright 2012, Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.


  • The pages, below, review, increase and strengthen information you may have already seen in the introductory section.

  • To get the most from these pages first read through them entirely and then a second time follow links of interest.

Bio Inventory Segment One (of Two)

For Segment Two
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Individuals who successfully complete segment one and two are eligible to receive accredited academic or professional training CEU credits for the comprehensive exam course eco800UF


Introduction Section A:

Think about a quiet, peaceful time you have spent in the beauty of a natural area that attracted you. How did you feel there in comparison to being in a shopping mall, at work or school?
  • Can you remember and feel colors, sounds, aromas, textures or flavors that might have been part of the nature experience?
  • Can you feel comforting motions or attractive feelings of community, trust or place? 
  • Do you feel this connection is enchanting, self-enhancing or spiritually pleasing?
  • Is it supportive, peaceful or both?
  • Does it help you sense that you are part of a greater whole?

"Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear."

- Mahatma Gandhi 

"Although glaciers and Elk each travel in their own unique way, they are connected to, guided by, and in mutually supportive balance with the attractive dance and spirit of our living planet and its web-of-life relationships. 

As we travel in trains, planes and automobiles created by our objective science and technology, we powerfully move much faster and further than do the Elk or glacier.  However, our transportation is also a destructive juggernaut; it produces harmful side-effects that we can't stop while, to the benefit of all, the inherently wise travel of the glacier and Elk is balanced. Their planetary homeostasis increases global well-being. "

- Michael J. Cohen, Maverick Genius


The Science of our Space/Time Universe

Since 2012 AD evidence increasingly has shown that our lives, society, civilization and all other things are functions of the
13.8 billion year old, attraction-founded (Higgs Boson), life of the Big Bang Universe that we also call Nature. The life of Earth and ourselves live in it. They are part of its intelligent, balanced perfection just as it is part of us. This is a naturally attractive, pro-life, fiduciary relationship.

In our solar system and without using our story-making ability, over the eons the dance of Nature's aliveness has been attracted to create and grow the attractive self-correcting perfection of its own time, space and relationships moment-by-moment including this moment.  The past and future are, in reality, only stories and sensations in the present.

Since humanity with its senses and its stories only "recently" appeared (some 200 thousand years ago), in any given moment all things in the life of Planet Earth, including us, have continued to hold in common the attractive unifying space, time, life and wisdom of the Universe and its eons.  This, today, includes our unique science, technologies and ability to relate through stories.

The life of Earth today also includes how our 54 natural attraction senses can register and build balanced and beautiful relationships without our stories. This is pivotal because what any of our 53 senses find attractive in nature is story-less nature within us doing and registering the finding.

It is our socialized, nature-disconnected stories that make our attractions estrange us from Nature's homeostatic balance, purity and beauty.

Detached from Nature, our relationships are
out of tune with Earth's life and wisdom.  This disastrous mental unbalance teaches or addicts us to spend, on average, over 99 percent of our lives thinking, feeling and relating through powerful scientific facts that further separate us from and are at odds with how "subjective" Nature works. This culturally rewards us to excessively build our indoor world and injure Nature's plant, animal, mineral and energy kingdoms even when we don't want to.

The pain and loss produced by our sensory removal from the unity of global life underlies our personal, social and environmental disorders. This is why reconnecting our 54 senses with their home in Nature's homeostasis happily restores our balance. Uniquely, it creates moments that let Earth's teach us what we need to know.


Thank you for your interest in further discovering how much "Einstein Intelligence" you may have and/or your desire to strengthen your maverick genius. It will help you and others think, feel and relate one giant step further into increasing the personal, social and environmental well being of healthy biodiversity than does the nature-disconnected way we presently operate. The latter is a way that produces rather than reduces our disorders

The Giant Step:

It is a giant step to be educated enough to recognize that in our advanced science and technology world you are alive and your life is like surfing the crest of a gentle wave. From it you can see the past but you can't influence it because you are now on the immediate moment of your wave. Ahead you can see the future but you can't be there to influence it now because you are on your wave. 

Your wave only exists in the present, the amazing now moment of the life our Universe and us.  It is the only time and place where our intelligence can be aware of the past, present and future, can speak and share information with them and then make changes for a better next moment. This is because the life of the Universe, including our Planet and us, makes its own time and space, moment-by-moment wave.

Our 54 natural senses only operate in each Now moment, they are expressions of the Unified Field that come into our awareness.

All things in the life of the Universe only exist in the present moment of it, the Now of life that includes our stories, sensations and knowledge.  Learning to "felt sense think and speak in natural areas on the wave" enables us communicate with the whole of life and its history as part of each moment of our Universe's Unified Field attraction network. In the "Now" aliveness of that wave no single thing or event stands alone. It is attached by attraction to all that has gone before it and it will remain attached to all that follows it and attraction is conscious of what it is attracted to. That is how it knows what and what not to attach to. Its aliveness has created an attractive Universe and our planet. In real time in natural areas this lets our 54 senses psycho-emotionally connect and attractively dance with all past leaders, deities, stories and relationships while we update them with new facts from today's art and science. This unification empowers each of us to mutually love and support our planet. Using nature's wisdom we increase well-being.

Scientists have found that attached particles that are light-years separated from each can change their behavior simultaneously. What happens to one instantly happens to the other. In this sense they are part of a universal singularity moment and they are connected to and on some level conscious and in communication with all aspects of themselves. It means that the maverick genius in us can make change occur quickly when connected by our senses to itself in others and the environment. This intensifies and comes into our felt-sense consciousness when we connect within the framework of small groups or with just another individual in a natural area. Then we can sense the love and sensibility of the wave in each other.

if you are student of the whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) the concept of "surfing the wave" is the major new thing presented in the GreenWave Equation.   The rest of it consists of acronyms for things that are common knowledge or part of our long established and uniquely warrantied ECHN studies.

The GreenWave Vehicle

The Equation and process of Surfing the Wave is a special researched science-based sensory vehicle, an advanced social technology tool that helps us think and relate like the self-correcting balance and beauty of the life of Nature works.  The Vehicle is known as The
GreenWave Unified Field Equation: your love of whole-life in action
. It works because has its own distinct, self-evident purpose, blueprint, parts and and energy sources. There is no other vehicle like it. 

For the GreenWave vehicle to operate successfully we must only use its matching scientifically designed methods and materials.  The parts or skills needed for other vehicles won't work, just like we can't steer a Ford with the reins and bridle for a horse. To do so would crash the the car and injure us and we are already doing that. The point is to stop and do things that make more sense. We don't stop today's high-tech car by saying "Woah."

Using inappropriate parts for the GreenWave vehicle increase
Earth misery rather than reduce it.  The wave needs a standard commonality for all its members in order to unify the wonderful peace and diversity of Earth's life. It is a unifying diversity language of its own that one must learn to understand and communicate with/in it.

Diversity includes humanity's wide variety of conflicting stories that without speaking "GreenWave" while riding the GreenWave too often produce clashes in and between us as well as with the web of life.

GreenWave vehicle takes into account that nothing else in the web-of-life uses or understands our language stories.  This makes the integrity of the non-literate natural world, in and around us, like Billy Budd. He was executed unjustly because he could not communicate his truth adequately.  Sound familiar?

GreenWave Facts:

This Intelligence Inventory is an "Einstein-smart" wave exploration for any individual who recognizes that this singular fact is self-evident:

The fact that you are reading these words right now is obvious. It needs no proof or defense. It is unadulterated truth.

This fact is extraordinarily reasonable because self-evidence is undeniable. It's purity registers and it is always available in any moment, directly into our body, mind and spirit through some or all of our 54 natural senses including at this moment our senses of sight, reason, consciousness, motion (scrolling, cursor, eye movement), literacy, color, trust, gravity and place, all surfing the wave, in the Now of this universal time/space moment, on this page.
  • Without us having additional senses our sense of consciousness could not fulfill its attraction to register the world and help itself/us survive.
  • As exemplified by the sensation of thirst, on cellular and atomic levels, sensors (senses and their sensations) in an organism, large(Earth) or small(nanobe), are receptors that are attracted to detect stimuli.
  • When the information, including feedback, that our senses register is out of balance, they become the main homeostatic driving force for change that promotes life in balance. Their detection process is a fundamental source that functions on mechanical, thermal, chemical, quantum and pilot wave levels as it promotes the survival of life.
  • When our senses are not adulterated or limited by nature-disconnecting stories they can be depended on as supportive self-evident, recovery and balancing tools that are part of every space/time moment.
  • When we are in a natural area each unadulterated natural sense is the integrity of nature within us seeking, registering and balancing with the integrity of nature around us.

You can trust self-evidence when
you understand, as did Albert Einstein, that his sense of reason finally helped him deny the Steady State theory of the Universe. He realized that the Big Bang time/space continuum sequence of Universe-expansion was more rational and evident than the alleged continual appearance of unexplainable phenomena from unknown sources. This was not simply theory or academics.  It is scientifically how we and Earth are united, moment by moment, similar to thinking like a billion year old slime mold.
"The only source of knowledge is experience."

        - Albert Einstein

The Big Bang theory became a completed fact in 2012 with the discovery of the Higgs Boson, and with gravitation waves
in 2015. It includes the fact that, like a river, the essence of the Universe is a single, sequential, continuing, universe wide-and-deep attraction-energy flow, moment after moment. The Universe is attracted to continually create the life of its own attractive time and space until in some future time it is attracted not to. As part of this process we have 54 natural attraction senses that register the moment and make us aware of it.

The singular dancing essence of everything in any Time/Space moment moment of the Universe is significant. It means that all things are identical in this regard including Earth, you and me. We are all at an attractive core oneness dance with Nature and each other, moment by moment. As human beings, we are each our own unique personification or personhood of Nature as us attracted to participating in the dance of this moment into the next moment while remaining us.

Our sense of reason registers that if you and I know we are alive in any moment, we also know that all things in that moment are identical as parts of the Universe.  Logically and reasonably this means that, the essence of all things must also be alive in our moment of conscious aliveness.  These things include spirit, Planet Earth, our 54 senses and the Universe itself.

This supports the recent and ancient observations that Planet Earth, "Gaia" is a living organism. It is self-evident.  It also signifies that our Universe is alive and was born as the aliveness of the "Big Bang."

If we and Earth are our attraction to be/live/survive/grow, so is the attraction of the life of our Universe to
be/live/survive/grow moment after moment since its beginning. The same is true for the life of our Planet.

All the above may seem academic until we recognize that rather than just using 5-10 senses there is greater strength from biodiversity when our alive 54 natural senses sensibly register each moment; they love and reason in balance at any moment at some level: they make profound sense, 54 sense sensibility.

Scientifically, we must incorporate all valid evidence in our stories to think and live sensibly. In addition, we must walk our GreenWave talk.

The fossil record shows that Humanity, its ancestors and their stories have been on Earth for six million years.

What was the life of Earth and the Universe like ten million years ago without our stories and with respect to Earth Misery Day?  Wasn't everything rooted in non-story intelligence then? What force then was present that found value in eradicating half the species on Earth in fifty years and could not stop; that cubby-holed everything into nouns, verbs and belief system stories that fought and eradicated each other; that knew which if any god, religion, political party, social class or economic scheme was best? 

The essence of eons of human-less Earth was the balanced aliveness and diversity of moment-by-moment space/time attraction to being conscious of what it was attracted to.  Few, if any, of today's garbage, pollution, injustice or story-based abusiveness such as rape, murder and war existed because the stories that cause them now didn't exist then, and continue now to exist as wilderness, the natural and its values.

Reasonable thoughts and acts must measure and adjust themselves by their effects once they are known. That describes the balancing heartbeat process of homeostasis. Acting like a pilot wave, it is the process that the GreenWave vehicle enables us to enact by consciously helping our story selves plug us into the non-story intelligence that we are and that we share with the self-correcting life of our Planet, in and around us.

Einstein recognized that since the expanding Universe was unified, its sequence had to have or consist of a unified field that held it together in balance. For the remainder of his life he tried to prove this with a physics equation. He was unsuccessful in achieving this goal because the essence of the Universe is a whole life act and relationship that came into being 13.7 billion years before human-made equations were invented.  The essence of its singularity was present then as now. Equations produced by humanity came billions of years later.

For the following 58 years after Einstein's death in 1955, research by scientists culminated in the Higgs Boson discovery in 2012.  It shows that you and I and our Planet are the part of the attraction-based, space-time continuum, Big Bang Universe that we call "Mother Earth" and/or "Nature." Moment by moment we live in the Living Universe and in Planet Earth, beneath Earth's living atmosphere and as part of its biosphere, bio meaning "alive."


Our story way of knowing portrays time as an identifiable sequence of events while the life of story-less Earth and Nature, in and around us, knows time as unifying singular attraction of all things in each moment.

In the Now of each moment, Einstein's alive unified field dances in, around and as us on the Wave. The life dance is a self-organized, total universe, interconnected, pure, balance of matter and energy that since its Big Bang beginning, has been attracted (loves) to make and transform into it being its own time and space, moment after moment. Particles on one side of the Universe can change and similar particles on the other side immediately change with it as if the two were a single particle or that the universe itself is a single, alive attraction consciousness, moment after moment.

By riding the attraction wave of the Earth, every individual can consciously connect with and speak from its unifying attractiveness because our senses register it as themselves in 54 different ways. Doing this locally can make wonderful changes occur because the attractions are concentrated in the local community. This is like Panpsychism and its "all things have an element of individual consciousness" in action because Attraction is conscious of what it is attracted to.

Our unique individual selves personify the life of our planet and universe as us in its flow moment after moment.

Each moment is a singular, unifying, life-dance of the Universe event that includes all aspects of the Universe except one.  The one is any story that excessively disconnects us from the dance.

Actions or stories that are attached to the moment have a living earth anchor that can unify them.  This explains why mathematics and self-evidence are trustable and work. Their design and sequence, parallel, convey or are the central life-moment in action.

Folks who have strong attachments to riding the life-dance of the wave find that it takes them to where they sensibly want to go.

Life is attractive. The purpose of life is to support life, to survive, to live in the next moment, be you a person, place or our Universe.
- Project NatureConnect

"In a natural area the GreenWave Equation enables our 54 senses to reasonably bring the dance of past leaders, religious figures or mystics in step with Industrial Society in any moment.  This unity gives us the presently missing ability to understand and deal with the catastrophe of our excessive nature-disconnection because we are simultaneously dancing in tune with geology and physics laws, with Moses, Jesus and Mohammad and with the rhythm of scientists, wellness or folks we disagree with. We resonate with and make sense of friends or criminals, past experiences, wisdom and any other nature-supportive story that comes to mind."
- Mike Cohen

Introduction Section B:

Register Scientific Truth

Today, a new, whole life unifying and balancing equation helps people felt-sense experience the Universe and themselves as self-evident real. They do this rather than only intellectualize it, give it lip service, or take other peoples' word for it.

Anybody can gain from the Equation by understanding this simple but accurate whole-life model of the universe and us actively relating:

The Albert Einstein Unified Field Green Wave: your love of whole-life in action

How to know and participate in the Big Bang Universe through the self-evidence of the Einstein-Cohen Sensory Unified Field.

Reality Check: What is the Wave?
ur homeostatic, 54 sensory way of us knowing supports our real lives because scientifically speaking, every moment on Earth each of us and the life of Earth is Equation-surfing the crest of an intelligent leading wave of an alive Blue Ocean that rolls into the future.

This Blue Ocean is the wise and pure Universe/Nature/Us in its self-organizing, space-time moment of "now" on our planet.  Our experience when we visit a natural area is it and us being and riding the wave from our birth forward. Moment by moment, the dance of each immediate-moment of the Wave creates its own new time and space as it becomes its future planetary moments. This process in the last 300,000 years has intelligently evolved into this moment's wave with you and me as fiduciary parts of its totality.

Riding along with ancient everybody and everything else on the wave, you and I are late newcomer children of the Ocean's life and each moment after moment as we Equation surf the crest of its Wave into the future.

The crest is "now", where and when the blue ocean is now closest to the Sun, where it mixes with yellow sunlight so it is green and bright instant after instant, as is the life of our body, mind and spirit
as part of it and natural enlightenment.

The Big Bang Universe Wave Diagram

In the scientific story this diagram presents, each of us becomes a small part of our nature, our living senses of Reason, Consciousness and Literacy experiencing our aliveness in this Now "moment as we read these words.

The story gives us a sensory aliveness equation surfboard or raft represented by a star (* or
) that we can choose to ride so the destructive parts of our advanced science and high tech life become a seamless continuum of Nature and benefit from its self-correcting balance and beauty while our personal lives support it doing this.

On the top of the diagram, we are riding the living combination of our 
orange surfboard * combination of our Yellow Sensation of Aliveness  and  red Now Moment Greenwave Connection

Our nature-connecting ride on the surfboard enables our stories from it to build mutually beneficial, fiduciary relationships with the life of Nature and its biodiversity, in and around us.

The Past:
From our "Now" crest of the GreenWave where you stand on your  Now moment Equation surfboard (*) you can see behind you what has happened. However, you can't be there or do anything there now because you are in the present. Your 54 senses register the story of the past on the GreenWave crest of space and time in the life of the present Now moment.

What you see has already happened. It is now a story, not reality. Reality is that you are registering and perhaps building relationships based on that story of the past in the alive GreenWave of the present.

The Future:
You can see from your  Now moment Equation surfboard (*)  that your future will occur but you can't be there now or change it then because your 54 senses register the possible story of the future on the GreenWave crest of space and time in the life of the present moment.

Reality is that you are in, registering, and perhaps relating or projecting to that future story, in the present.

Your Power:
You are aware that the only time you can know, sense, feel or act with regard to the life of the past, future or present is the
Now moment Equation surfboard (*), on/in or as the pure GreenWave and how its life may have modified in any given moment.  Even those that know God can only do so in the present moment.

Your Society:
From your 
Now moment Equation surfboard (*) you can see that there are many other people riding the same planetary GreenWave that you are on now.  What they are doing or their stories are saying is what your 54 senses are registering from them in present time and space along with registering the rest of the GreenWave, too.

Your living sense of Reason can choose to pay attention to what their stories say and do, or not, as well as act upon it. This is because it is happening on your  Now moment Equation surfboard (*) of the GreenWave. You are "being there." This is the only time your life is empowered to make things happen or change.

In addition,
GreenWave wisdom and experience can help you in the moment because its life is purely present as itself and you in the moment without possible distortions from your story abilities because the real GreenWave is not a story. It did not become one until some parts of humanity created stories, right or wrong, that represented/abstracted the GreenWave in words and symbols in the past 250,000 years.

What You Know Now:
From the GreenWave at this moment you can 54 felt-sense see that if society's brown
Nature Disconnected Fiction Stories mislead you, your next moment on the wave will be misguided and misdirected as will all your future wave moments until you correct the error in some moment.

Nature Disconnected Fiction Stories disconnect themselves from the reality of the life of the Greenwave Universe including your life. This makes them a form of death that can cause death in our advanced science Universe.  It's like driving an automobile without being trained or licensed.

You can see that how you affect the
GreenWave Unified Field in any time and space moment determines how the life of the GreenWave will shape its time and space, in and around you and others, in the next moment after moment. As you get this information unadulterated from the GreenWave itself you become the Wave being conscious of itself on Earth in word and sentence language stories.

You know that the life of Planet Earth is just one minuscule part of the total living Universe and its unified field Blue and Green Wave.

Within our Planet's part of it, it is self-evident that your
living GreenWave senses of reason, consciousness and literate-articulated stories are empowered moment by moment to surf the GreenWave crest into the future in the most reasonable and intelligent way possible. This includes you building and maintaining a sensible  Now moment Equation surfboard (*) "Einstein Unified Field Equation"  that will help you understand and ride the life of the GreenWave more effectively without injuring it.  It well help other folks do the same with their unified field, but 54 different color-preference, surfboards. 

What You Can Perceive:
On your Equation surfboard, you can see from the wave crest that the life of the Ocean of the past on Earth has deteriorated since it expressed itself as
humanity and our attachments to stories that are Nature Disconnected Fiction about the GreenWave. 

Since Industrial Society and the life of advanced science and technology has appeared, the power and impact of our
adverse GreenWave-disconnected stories has significantly increased. They have been strengthened by the excessive use of conveniences like indoor areas, electricity, mass production, mechanical demands, agricultural life, air transportation, electronic communication, computers etc.

The unified living Ocean's purity has been stressed with story-made chemicals, plastic and excessive relationships that the
GreenWave has never seen.

This powerful increase in stress has strengthened humanity's unbalanced, hostile
Nature Disconnected Fiction Stories and relationships that eliminate habitats and species, upset the climate and peace and undermine the unified perfection of GreenWave integrity of Earth in you and me.

In the now moment you can sense that your survival on the life of the Green Wave is based on what the aliveness of your 52 senses are conveying directly to your senses of Consciousness(#42) and Reason(#43) as you think and feel as part of each GreenWave crest space/time moment. The senses of Reason and Consciousness more powerfully bind with your special sense of articulate Literacy/story(#39) of the moment.

The aliveness of these three natural senses, Consciousness, Reason and Language (CRL) are your personal, self-evident truth and intelligence in words and stories applied to you benefiting from your
GreenWave Equation surfboard, non-story, self-evident experience of the ride.

In the now moment on your living surfboard you can look back as well as presently see that Humanity is the only thing on the GreenWave crest that organizes itself around language stories. Whenever the stories do not sufficiently connect our body mind and spirit with the GreenWave we lose conscious contact with the loving intelligent, balance, healing and peace powers of GreenWave life. This happens because as Planet Earth the GreenWave is not a story. It does not understand them and it is extremely vulnerable to their power in any space/time moment. Too often we impose them, inaccurate and unabated, with the strength of our nature-disconnected money, technology and prestige desires.

The Problem We Now Can Solve
In contemporary society, now and historically, as we ride the
GreenWave life of the moment two things happen.
We socialize ourselves to think, feel and relate to Nature- Disconnected Fiction Stories of the past and the future.  We habitually or addictivly bring into, and pay attention in each GreenWave moment, to our story errors and their consequences.

Our socialization often omits our balancing sensory process of the non-story GreenWave on the  Now moment Equation surfboard (*) present. We are "normally" out of touch with its/our reality 99 percent of the time.

NOTE: Socialize is simply a more acceptable term for Brain-Wash and Institutionalize

The present is when we are Now as part of the unifying moments of time and space of the Universe, as, on and in our planet and us.

Nature Disconnected Fiction Stories strengthen and continue in the present and future until we act out the Now moment Equation surfboard Einstein Unified Field stories that genuinely connect us to our  GreenWave aliveness using the ways and means of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN).

The Solution:
Sensory self-evidence from the unifying
GreenWave  Now moment Equation surfboard (*) dance strengthens our inherent 54 sense way of knowing the world and increases the well-being of all parts of the GreenWave including our genetics. This is because in the present all things are one singular, unifying, identical attraction energy aliveness, every instant, moment after moment and we are each our unique personification of it.

Any moment spent indoors with stories and images that are excessively separated from sensory contact with the GreenWave in an authentic natural area is an artificial moment disconnected from, and foreign to, the ancient and pure ways of the GreenWave and its natural, non-story origins. Rewards from, addiction to, or excessive artificial moments like this living in our inaccurate Nature Disconnected Fiction Stories produce disastrous effects.  Research shows that such is the case today.

You, Recovery and Change:
When your 54 attraction sensibilities tune into or are attached to injurious or inaccurate
Nature Disconnected Fiction Stories from other folks about the life of the GreenWave or your surfboard, they separate your body, mind and spirit from the perfection of the universe GreenWave, in and around you on Planet Earth. You suffer accordingly. You have lost contact with Nature and the aliveness of its "higher power".

Making new, uncontaminated
Now moment Equation surfboard (*) story contacts with the life of the wave corrects this mistake by creating new, pure moments of information that include input from the authentic GreenWave and its self-correcting ways.

This is usually finalized while you are sleeping after conscious ECHN GreenWave contact has taken place. That's when your present story world is asleep. Then, unhampered by now-sleeping false stories, your self-evident, 54-sense GreenWave experiences fill new paths you made in your mentality while doing ECHN GreenWave-connection activities.

You wake up thinking and feeling differently. Change has occurred for the better with respect to living in balance with the GreenWave in people, places and things. For this reason, some individuals use  Now moment Equation surfboard (*) Einstein Unified Field contact with the GreenWave as a source of higher power.  This is a key process for reasonable change to take place to improve how we think feel and act.

You strengthen and establish the helpful GreenWave process for yourself and others by communicating it to other people in you life. That make you and the GreenWave process a contributing part of contemporary life.

Useful Knowledge:

To fully benefit from riding your
Now moment Equation surfboard (*), you must understand the how and why of the life of the Unified Field equation so your senses of consciousness, reason and literacy can logically and confidently think with the equation and intelligently explain and apply it at any moment through accurate stories. Through this process, more surfboards may be built in mutual support with other human surfboard riders and all other plant, mineral, animal and energy members of the web-of-life.

Other Web of Life members, including people, may not understand your native language or personal story, however the good news is that in any present moment everything in the Big Bang Aliveness Ocean can sensibly speak, hear and relate to the dance of the GreenWave and its NOW balancing and self-correcting wisdom of the ages that they inherently have held in common since the beginning of time.

Every time you choose to "surf" the GreenWave you place yourself in conscious sensory contact with the essence of every story or theory that exists, every leader and every serenity you may seek. They come with the GreenWave means to apply and unite them reasonably with respect to the whole of life in balance.

The more times and GreenWave participants you participate and share with, the more supported you and they are in accomplishing this goal. This is because the essence of all things and the essence of the Unified Field is the non-story, 53 sense essence of the unadulterated life of Earth in a natural area.

DIAGRAM: the Grand Unified Blue Wave Field and its Sunlit

aliveness that we can surf in any
immediate moment - - -  

with the Einstein NNIAAL Equation
percent of intensity. In that moment the surfboard can modify or replace preceding
human sensations and stories - - -

that have adversely influenced the
life of Planet Earth - - - 

and our lives.

Big Bang Universe evolution:  the attraction-unified sequence of the moments of the life of the Universe over the past 13.7 billion years.

Whole Life Summary:

To come into the well-being aliveness of attractive, whole life balance it is reasonable that our objective thinking and science stories include the ways and means of us riding the balancing, multisensory GreenWave of the Universe in the Now. Einstein's Sensory Unified Field Equation lets us do this as we live, educate, counsel and heal with nature in the immediate Now moment Equation surfboard  GreenWave


Introduction Section C:


While you are riding your space/time GreenWave surfboard in a crowded elevator, a woman steps on your toe so you protectively push her off and explain why. She tells you her Nature-Disconnected Story, "I'm being paid $10,000 by a Candid Camera advertising agency to film our feet.  You can have half of the money if you don't make me move."

You stop pushing.

Your body has acted like it is a balanced sensory GreenWave of its own, being a hologram of the wave. Its unified powers have your toes connected to your heart and fingers and it gives you an intelligence that attracts them to register each other immediately in your 54 senses and then act from their blended intercommunications to the benefit of your whole self. Their toe pain signals you to find some more satisfying attractions. Now, this reasonable intelligence of yours is engaged in, and reacts to, a questionable, somewhat irritating "economic future" story from a stranger.

In this scenario, your ride on the universe GreenWave suddenly contains an economic story that may or may not be good for your personal surfing. This makes your future shaky and unbalanced.  However, your body, as well as Planet Earth can obtain help from the GreenWave to deal with the woman's story and new unfolding moments. You consciously connect in a natural area with the GreenWave and its message to you through your Now moment Equation surfboard Einstein's Unified Field, described below.  Just connecting alone reduces stress so you may think more clearly from additional information the connection may provide.

Even the reasoning ability of a moron knows it is self-evident that we can't think, feel or act intelligently if we are working with hurting, flawed, misleading or corrupt information gained from just 5, rather than the aliveness of our inherent 54 natural senses/sensibilities/sensitivities of the Universe GreenWave.  We can't solve vast problems with half-vast thinking and feeling

Nature Disconnection:

Moment after moment in contemporary society, on average, our stories teach us to spend over 95 percent of our time indoors, separated from Nature.

Moment after moment, over 99 percent of our thoughts, sensations, feelings and relationships are out of tune with Nature's 54-sense balancing and purifying ways of the GreenWave, in and around us.

As a result of our excessive disconnectedness from the GreenWave, in each new moment on the GreenWave today we are similar to being the separated, frustrated and aggrevated floating white tips of icebergs  that were once happily and supportively together as a land formed glacier.

These imaginary icebergs portray what we need to know about our excessive separation from nature. In reality they would be whole life "as happy as icebergs" as when they were whole life "happily combined in the Glacier."

In this metaphor the white tops of the Iceberg are given our human ability to reasonably talk to each other about, and yearn for, how they/we must peacefully be closer together again in unity, as of old in the Glacier, and act wisely in the next moment for the mutual benefit of keeping each other cool and in supportive community. However they/we ignore that we can't accomplish this because we don't recognize or address this fact: 90 percent of who we are, (as icebergs and in reality), is our
unseen but established, frozen, unchangeable and inaccurate past separation stories and their effects. All are hidden invisible in the water below.

We have been trained to lose sight of these disconnections and not be conscious of them in our GreenWave-disconnected present.  They include stories and feelings about our hurtful childhood experiences and their psycho-emotional wounds that lie in fixed postures below our "sea/see level." They are stuck there because we don't want to feel their discomfort. Meanwhile they are attracted to be felt-sensed by us at times because they want to protect us from entering hurtful situations similar to those that produced them.  GreenWave connections enable us to avoid such situations by immediately transforming them into person/planet supportive relationships.

When we are
GreenWave-disconnected we can't and don't see how our past stories and experiences bump into and irritate each other (push our buttons) and prevent our unification. For this reason we don't choose to let GreenWave connections help us deal with them by replacing them with updated, more accurate stories of the present. Until then, we and Earth suffer. 

The unseen iceberg bumps are like an unknown (subconscious) life force whose potential pain if it surfaces into our awareness prevents us from walking our talk.  Therapy helps us address this discomfort. However, over 99 percent of therapy processes do not include Nature's unified
GreenWave connections, powers and contributions. For this reason Nature-isolated social answers continue to produce fears and pains we have yet to identify, no less address, so our Earth Overshoot miseries continue to grow.

Including the readily available ECHN Einstein Unified Field Equation in each new
moment is vital if we are to:
  • float into and make conscious sensory surfing contact with GreenWave aliveness and its unified healing powers as it exists in the ocean, ourselves and each other in the present moment,
  • help the GreenWave update itself and melt our differing, "below see level" stories and past experiences into the unified GreenWave 54 sense present. Then we have the power to reasonably adjust them and blend them together for the betterment of all web-of-life members,
  • come to our senses, all 54 of them and
  • reverse our destructiveness.

Introduction Section D:

The purpose of this intelligence inventory and its warranty is to help you determine how much you are already, or can learn to be, GreenWave-wise enough to beneficially 54-sense recognize that:

1) The art of Nature's balance, integrity and peace, in and around us, is violated or injured by outdated or inaccurate stories and acts that are disconnected from or unfairly exploit Nature and its GreenWave.  We suffer accordingly.

2) In reality we spend far too much of our lifetime addicted to rewards, including money and prestige, from nature-disconnected stories and their destructive personal and global results that each of us presently endures.

3) When our excessive disconnection from Nature causes us problems, authentic reconnecting with Nature's
GreenWave equation helps us solve them.

Scientifically, Natural Attraction of the Unified Field is the essence of our Big Bang Universe blue ocean and GreenWave, including our ability to live and love. It is our excessive separation from Natural Attraction love and its unifying intelligence dance that produces our disorders due to love-deprivation.

5) The art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) enables us consciously 54-sense connect with the authentic nature
GreenWave, and remedy the many love-deprivation disorders and discontents that we suffer.

6) Our objective science process must become a whole life science by incorporating the "subjective" self-evidence facts registered by our 54 natural attraction senses in congress while riding the
Now moment Equation surfboard GreenWave in natural areas.

If it does not seem intelligent to seek new sensory information by returning to the ways of ancient Nature's GreenWave, think about what the physicist Nigel Goldenfeld says, "When you are facing in the wrong direction, progress means walking backwards."

Intelligence Evaluation: What is your most reasonable choice for your next moment?
(  )
GreenWave connections or
(  )
Inaccurate, GreenWave disconnected stories

You can easily make the right choice for yourself, moment after moment and strengthen you ability to do this as you do it.

You can learn how to plug yourself and others into our present moment sense of reason and the aliveness of its natural and knowledgable
GreenWave intelligence.

"Compared with most organisms, slime molds have been on the planet for a very long time—they first evolved at least 600 million years ago and perhaps as long as one billion years ago. At the time, no organisms had yet evolved brains or even simple nervous systems. Yet slime molds do not blindly ooze from one place to another—they carefully explore their environments, seeking the most efficient routes between resources; they can solve mazes. They do not accept whatever circumstances they find themselves in, but rather choose conditions most amenable to their survival. They remember, anticipate and decide. By doing so much with so little, (Little? Really? Ed.) slime molds represent a successful and admirable alternative to convoluted brain-based intelligence."

Nature International Journal of Science

Everything in the web of life, including the Slime Mold, Elk and Glacier relate through the same reasonable, immediate
GreenWave intelligence as do some human societies that know how to consciously connect with the GreenWave and have not produced our problems. See additional examples of this.

We know that the intelligent
GreenWave is in our genetic makeup as well as our body mind and spriit at any instant. This is because the Big Bang Universe, being an alive, step by step, sequential, space-time building process, moment after moment from the beginning has a dependable and trustable scientific anchor in Einstein's unified field.

The anchor is that in the aliveness of Earth and the Universe no single thing or event stands alone.  All are alive and each thing is consciously attracted/attached/loves all that has gone before it, and it will remain attracted/attached/love all that follows it. This includes body mind and spirit relationships, stories, senses and memories. Attraction unifies in each
GreenWave moment in story-less ways, including the attraction of the sense of reason to be more reasonable. Attractions are conscious of what they are attracted to and reasonably transform into more attractive attraction relationships, as was the case in the pre-story world.

The GreenWave is the researched essence and story of our science-based Planet and Universe. It is as logical, pure and accurate as the numerical sequence and truth of 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 integrity often used in establishing scientific facts and producing our technologies.

There is an original "attractive-growth and strength by adding diversity" relationship between all the numerals to support each others veracity. It is an attraction that is born in the difference between 0 and 1. That attraction is what makes computers and the Slime Mold "smart." Either something is logically right or wrong with respect to the goal. With the Slime Mold the goal is to support its attraction to survive.

Zero is the unknown "no Big Bang yet." One is the Big Bang and its boson/attraction "God Particle" desire to be born and to in moment by moment sequence, grow into the material Universe we know today 13.7 billion years later, including our unique individual personhood sensitivities, and stories as a personification of it.

(In the GreenWave model process continued backwards, before zero could be some of whatever "beings" that were being attracted to manifest themselves and live in a material and attraction energy way that produced the Big Bang).

The numerals represent ten "digits" (fingers) the GreenWave was attracted to evolve in us to increase its strength.

Now moment Equation surfboard anchor can be applied to correct GreenWave-disconnected stories as well as validate connected ones as long as its integrity is kept intact. Changing the scientifically reasonable value of any numeral or fact deteriorates our personal and planetary whole-life integrity.
  • We genetically inherit our ancient GreenWave Slime Mold's intelligence, its innate, non-literate ability to reason by sensing the attractive, survival-of-our-life difference between 0 and 1.
  • However, our present-day nature-disconnected education, counseling and politics seldom respect the GreenWave, connect to it or give it credit for its gifts to us as wise cells of our living planet.
  • Instead the outdated or inaccurate stories of our established authorities teach us to conquer the GreenWave/Nature/Earth, injure it and make us bury it alive and wounded, in our subconscious. That destructive "hidden iceberg" disconnection bump is the source of many stresses, discontents and disorders that we suffer.

Riding our
"in the Now" GreenWave 54-sense intelligence helps us realistically deal with our destructiveness moment by moment. It enables us to change what needs to be changed as mutually produced, “Thank you for your love and care,” good feelings are produced and enjoyed by Nature's unified field, in and around us.

Spend some quiet time in or with the life of a natural area, even a potted plant, now and note how you change in time. Think of good experiences you have had in natural areas and the balance and beauty they restored in you.  Does this influence how you feel. Can you directly thank
the natural areas and their unified field dancers for this?

You can trust this special intelligence test inventory
, its outcomes and its exceptional Warranty. This is because it is entirely based on self-evidence, from a maverick genius's 50 years of feelings and facts gained either from direct, sensory life experiences while riding Nature's
GreenWave in natural areas or from "empirical evidence," a preponderance of logic and scientific facts about Nature's GreenWave that are beyond reasonable doubt until proven otherwise.

For this reason, what this test reveals is your personal truth, your whole truth and nothing but your truth as a natural being, as a moment by moment
GreenWave-connected participant of and in it at any moment in time including this one.

We are troubled and in trouble because we have been indoctrinated to omit
, on average, our personal Now moment Equation surfboard GreenWave-ride truth for 99.9 percent of our life. Our stories make our ride nature-disconnected. We spend less than 12 hours of our entire lifetime on or in tune with the GreenWaveOur preponderance of disconnected moments produce and ingrain our ignorance of how nature works and our "iceberg bumps."

The Einstein Sensory Equation Intelligence test is guaranteed and dependable because it also includes a Personal Honesty Factor. It is only valid and/or educational if you obey this Factor and do not proceed to the next statement in the test until you are aware of and have written down the percentage that a visited Intelligence Inventory Statement is attractive and agreeable to how you think and feel. That helps you scientifically recognize the posture you are bringing into and shaping the next moment.  It invites that moment improve it by the Unified Field making it more attractive as well as you being aware of this.

Introduction Section E:


References for this Unified Field Equation Inventory are located at the bottom of the
Beginning Page.

If you plan to continue this GreenWave ride to explore Einstein's Unified Field Equation, be prepared to consider some whole life discoveries you may make.

Be sure to note that scientifically a clear distinction between life and death has never been determined. This is because in the resonating heartbeat of the life dance of our Big Bang Universe life and "death" continually change into each other. 

The important thing that objective science has omitted is natural attraction, the "subjective" sense and sensation that life feels more attractive than "death" when you are consciously alive.

On our living planet all things and energies are simply slower or faster forms of life and its cycles.

Each thing, be it animal, plant or mineral, consists of its long-term Unified Field attraction or love to transform, transition, compost or recycle into other forms of life that sustain and strengthen the central life of the total planet community. Nothing is left out in this process.

The essence of minerals, atoms and energies are alive because the Now Unified Field is alive. From the time of their first appearance they have been the basic elements of more diverse life through the eons. Every 5-7 years, moment by moment, every atom in our body is replaced by other atoms and energies from elsewhere. This same heartbeat process goes on with everything else in the web-of-life at various speeds.

The fact is that 10-15 times during a normal human lifetime we slowly become the Planet and it becomes us.

On our living planet, what we call death is a slow speed of life. The GreenWave Unified Field Dance is the heartbeat of our Planet and Universe that was born alive in the Big Bang. Its 1) lasting central love to exist through the eons combined with its 2) immediate love to follow new attractions in each moment is Nature's usually unexplainable homeostasis that produces its balance and beauty.  The more diverse the dance is attracted to be, the stronger its core of loving to be becomes. 

Riding the GreenWave reasonably enables us to tap into and register the sensibility of the heartbeat homeostasis core that we usually learn to overlook in the moment. When we speak its sensations and include them in our stories we are the heartbeat as us in that moment. The usually omitted natural intelligence facts that the stories contribute help us build balanced and happy relationships to the benefit of all.


From 50 years of people making direct sensory ECHN contacts with the natural areas of our living "Organism Earth", 34 science-based discoveries about the GreenWave and ourselves have been established from first-hand experience and a preponderance of empirical evidence beyond reasonable doubt.  Links to explanations of the 34 points appear throughout the pages of this Inventory. Each of the 34 points adds to your power as part of the Unified Field Equation when you apply it
Select Here to visit the 34 point summary of all the information that is validated and warrantied in the equation.


Introduction Section F:

What To Do:

This inventory can be an important measuring device and progress indicator
as you progress in the PNC program or your life. 
Do it at your own rate of speed. If necessary use just its summaries once you understand them by skimming the material. For deeper learning, do just one section of the test per day minimum, including reading its "unreasonable B response link" and then sleeping on it. In general, just follow ideas that are attractive to explore further.

A. Be sure to complete and save the percentage results strength indicator that appears, in green, at the end of each Intelligence Statement

Now and/or later, you can respond to the whole statement. through its green indicator and update your percentage for any section of it. This is the statement that appears in each section of this inventory:

Percentage-wise, the strength of my attraction/agreement with this statement is ______ percent (insert number 0% to 100%). Keep a record of your percentage for this statement for use later on. It helps you identify yourself in a fiduciary relationship with Earth and other folks who are riding the GreenWave 

Then, spend some time with a nearby attractive natural area, be aware of which of your 54 senses attractively connect there and see what happens.

B. When you complete the inventory, go back to Statements 1-10. Add up and write down your TOTAL percentage points and then divide it by 10. Use this score to help you determine your growth and increased expertise as time goes on. 

Note if your strength of agreement percentage has changed in any of the Statements from when you first acknowledged it.  If it has become higher it suggests that by doing the test you increased your Ultimate Intelligence as you activated additional senses and sensibilities, gained additional experience and information here and elsewhere in the ECHN program, moment-after-moment. That's how nature grows and works.
(PNC funds high Ultimate Intelligence individuals to help mentor PNC participants and strengthen Bio/SUNNEH-54 aliveness.)

C. The test inventory is self-educating because each statement in it is accompanied to by a reference link that will help you better respond to it. Some points are repeated several times as their original reference information may have been made days before and thus forgotten.

D. The final Ultimate Intelligence Question you will learn to master is this:

In any given moment how can the maverick genius in yourself and others come into peaceful therapeutic balance and increase personal, social and environmental well-being by learning to scientifically apply the art of this Einstein-Cohen sensory, self-empowering GreenWave Surfboard equation for whole life justice:

"NNIAAL + V2B = the Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54w"

This equation is made up of Acronyms for the ways and means to ride the GreenWave. For example, Unified is the Unification powers of unifying with the GreenWave; 54 is our 54 natural senses; CRL is our senses of Consciousness, Reason and Language.

Applying this equation to any experience forever strengthens the benefits available from the Greenwave in any moment.   It is the same as knowing that your life is lovingly conceived and supported as a unique 54 sense personification of Nature's Unified Field aliveness and its self-correcting attraction relationship, love dance.

Stories that misleadingly disconnect you from the Unified Field produce the unbalanced relationships that you and the web-of-life suffer. You can at any time reasonably bring all things back into balance, including yourself, by safely GreenWave reconnecting your 54 natural senses to the Unified Field and relating from that experience to the Greenwave dance in other people places and things. Your stories help you become a dancer in its community, rather than a misguided manager of it.

The central focus of most equations and formulas is the symbols that are inserted into them to convey concepts. What is usually overlooked is the significance of the equation's  +  -  =  symbols. They are the 54 sense heartbeat attraction dance of the GreenWave that unifies the equation symbols with the life of the Planet.  When you GreenWave an equation, as a fiduciary you make folks conscious of this omission so their reasoning can include its value.

This equation is Certified Organic: see the notarized Project NatureConnect Warranty. It is easy to understand and apply for some folks and for others it's as challenging as E=mc2. No matter who you are, as you study it your percentage of ability to benefit from it along with your happiness will increase. For some folks this has already happened between when they started reading this page and this present moment.

NNIAAL + V2B = the Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54


+ (GreenWaved with the)

Valdation of 2 Bodies (story body and story-less Earth body)
= (seamlessly GreenWaves as the)

Unified Field (Higgs Boson/Gravity/Electromagnetic/TOE)
Conscious Reason Language triad senses (#42, #41, #39)
the natural attraction strong-weak-strong-weak wisdom Dance of
Bio (life)/Scientific Universe, NNIAAL Nature, Earth, Humanity
54w webstring natural attractions senses's diversity and strength.

Read its simple Giant Step again. Doesn't it make sense?


If you find this inventory is too challenging, try this one instead.

If you want to determine your Eco-Sensory IQ, select here

If you want to accompany this inventory with a free course and textbook to read more about its topics, complete this page and let us know your GreenWave percentage for it.  Then, select here to obtain it only after this selected introductory page makes sense to you.

If you want to read the results of other fiduciaries riding the Green Wave, select here

Introduction Section G: 

Your 54 Natural Attraction Sense Discovery Picture: Self Meet Yourself.

From sub-atomics to galaxies and beyond, all things in the Universe, including yourself, are bonded together and to each other by the constant pulsing dance between strong or weak attractions in the moment that your senses operate (homeostasis). This is especially true for the attraction dance to diversify for strength in conjunction with the attraction to support the core of the Unified Field. 

This homeostatic dance is like the flow of a river. At any moment its water is either attracted to the shore or is attracted to be part of the main flow or both. This produces the dancing attraction balance of the river that supports its core life as well as the life of its bays, pools and shoreline. 

The whole-life attraction flow of the river is the singular integrity of its dance. It is not a duality, it is natural homeostasis, a global-life "more attractive/less attractive" heartbeat pulse that maintains balance to fairly and peacefully promote reasonable optimums of life and diversity without producing garbage.

At the end of each section, as below, find attractions you can see in the full
Self Meet Yourself practice area picture (Remember, the picture is you being an image that you understand, not the living reality of the whole life GreenWave in a natural area).

(Scroll down until the full picture, from top to bottom, appears on your screen. Widen the picture by widening the browser screen.)

Using the 54 Natural Attraction Sense list as a reference: what attractions in this picture can you identify that are operating in real life, in and around you? You can sense them in the picture because 54 senses in your body, mind and spirit recognize their representations in the picture.
'What we are looking for is what is looking.'"
- St. Francis of Assisi

- What do you think you could see, smell, taste, hear, or touch that's in the picture?
- Can you sense, community, place, trust, temperature, thirst, motion, gravity, color, love, play or rhythm occurring in it in reality? 

Now go to an authentic natural area and let attractions there invite you to genuinely sense, feel and discover further who you are through your 54 GreenWave attraction senses in contact with their natural origins there, moment by moment.  See how you experience the above there. Using the 54 attraction sense list, write down each sense that you discover is operating and bringing the natural area experience into your consciousness so you can integrate it in your thinking and speak it to others. What you find attractive in nature is what (nature in you) is doing the finding. This process liberates your senses so you can be more sensible. Even doing it with a potted plant or pet can be helpful in this regard.

The GreenWave Unified Field Equation: your love of whole-life in action


1. A human being is a 54 sense living organism whose unique sense of language (#39) can create stories, speak and understand them and build relationships around them.

2. Planet Earth is a highly sensitive living organism that, minus humanity, can neither create nor communicate through stories and is vulnerable to thoughts and acts based on our story inaccuracies.

3. Without using our stories Earth's biodiversity builds, communicates and relates via the thousands of natural attraction energies of Nature's self-correcting ways.

4. All things only exist in the now moment dance of the GreenWave Unified Field. While dancing we can transform into 54-sense wholeness our outdated nature-disconnected falsehoods and scientifically limited-sense "objective" stories that ordinarily mislead or stress us and cause us to produce our disorders.

5. Scientifically, whenever we are aware that we are alive all things of Earth are also alive and unified by 54 sense attraction because everything is that moment's whole-life GreenWave attraction to live. This awareness includes our nature-disconnecting stories so in a natural area the life and wisdom of authentic Nature can re-connect with these stories and produce the future in balance.

6. In the Now, the essence and wholeness of all things is identical and is connected, with the exception of nature-disconnecting stories that remove us from the Now. The GreenWave genius of continually thinking like Nature's works is vital because any natural attraction we find in nature is Nature in us doing the finding. Each attraction is an unadulterated sensory connection with the balalnced integrity of the eons, now and tomorrow.

7. Habitually incorporating the GreenWave in our 54 sense thinking and relationships increases the fiduciary benefits of personal, social and environmental well-being.


All things only exist in the present moment of our Universe, the GreenWave Now of life that includes our stories, sensations and history.  Learning to "felt-sense think and speak on the GreenWave" enables us communicate with the whole of life and its history as part of each present moment's Unified Field attraction of our Universe and us. The "Now" aliveness of the GreenWave attaches our felt-sense thinking to the profound wilderness experiences of past leaders, deities, stories and relationships. It updates them with our knowledge of the present, then unknown as we dance with them. Doing this empowers us to increase personal, social and environmental well-being, today and tomorrow. Things go better when we relate to the GreenWave in each other and everything else.

Now record your fiduciary percentage for this introductory page statement, above.

Percentage-wise, the strength of my attraction/agreement with this INTRODUCTION PAGE statement is ______ percent (insert number 0% to 100%). Keep a record of your percentage for this statement for use later on as a fiduciary. Occasionally note if and how it changes as you continue with the Inventory. 

Spend some time with a nearby attractive natural area, be aware of which of your 54 senses attractively connect there and see if that influences your percentage.

NOTE: be aware, but don't necessarily do now, the supportive Equation Action activities listed, below.  Whenever you do them, keep a record of what happens as you can use it as part of our courses and degree program


(Scroll up for the GreenWave Introduction)

Action: Doing the Equation

Activities to Strengthen your "Self Meeting Yourself."

As time permits do the activities below in conjunction with the remaining 10 parts of this GreenWave Equation Inventory.  You can use and get credit for your results in Project NatureConnect Courses, Certification and Degree Programs. 

A link back to this green activity box will appear after each Section of Equation. As time and interest permit, do the activities below for each section of the equation and/or for the whole equation. 

Write down and save what is suggested in the section along with what you value about it.  This material will save you time and money as you can use it again in our GreenWave courses, certifications and degree programs.  Call for details with respect to your goals 360-378-6313


SYNOPSIS: From sub-atomics to galaxies and beyond, all things in the Universe, including you and your natural senses, are bonded together collectively, and one to another, by the heartbeat dance of strong-weaker strong-weaker strong-weaker natural attractions. Your senses register 54 of these connections.

You and the world significantly benefit as you increase the inborn ability of your body mind and spirit story to know your life as a unique personification of the heartbeat dance of the Unified Field.  

Get real. Be authentic.

Dance the wisdom of "green in green accuracy (GG)," not the dualistic confusion and stress of "green in orange accuracy (GO)." (option: learn about GO-GG Select Here)

Each of the activities, below, makes a contribution but is incomplete if you don't share your results with a supportive person, preferably someone who has had some experience in the GreenWave process. This human contact verbally continues how the GreenWave supports itself via its non-verbal community support. It can be done at home or online with others. It is a key part of our online interactive courses.

Doing this is the heart of the GreenWave self-correcting process. (as exemplified where Paul believed he read the ink color correctly even though he said the word "brown" while seeing the color pink in the GO-GG activity)

If you want to share with interaction individuals email or call 360-378-6313 and ask to join a GreenWave support group.  If you are already on a course, ask some of your classmates to be your response partner for the activities. A funded CEU online class is always available.

Ride the GreenWave.
  In an attractive natural area,
backyard or backcountry:

Sample a GreenWave activity experience by selecting hereDiscover and explore its values. It is best to do this activity each time before you do any others  Note that there are several other activities linked to the bottom of that page that you can do. They also are linked below here, so you can do them later.

Do strengthening activities for
"What our 54 natural senses find attractive in nature is what is doing the finding." Speaking this truth contributes it to the honesty of our story world:

For five minutes or more quietly walk through this natural area and continually repeat "self meet yourself" to accurately GreenWave register each attractive non-story natural contact and connection you make as you sense them. Note worthwhile discoveries that you make from doing this. 
Similarly repeat this activity while continually repeating "attraction" to accurately GreenWave label and register each attractive natural contact and connection you make as you sense them. 

Also do this repeating "nameless" and "Unified Field" or "GreenWave" to help you sense that these attractions are not stories or language functions. They are unifications that your senses feel and register, no different than the nameless beauty of the Planet, the wordless song of the wind or slime mold intelligence.

Label human-built things you may find on your walk as the story-influenced Unified Field by saying "story " or "blueprint" or "artificial."   Note discoveries that you make from doing this, how you feel may change.

Label pollutants, garbage or excessiveness that you may find on your walk as "nature-disconnected". Note worthwhile discoveries that you make from doing this.

The more you value and apply the GreenWave Equation, the better will be your ability to benefit directly from its Consciousness, Reason and Language/literacy senses (CRL) core function as follows.

Discover your GreenWave connection in this moment by selecting hereRegister and explore its values. Do this activity again whenever you choose and increasingly benefit from it.  Write and save a description of what senses came into play and the effects of doing this on you.  What you write can later be part of your application for funding, advanced standing or facilitator livelihood opportunities at Project NatureConnect.

Validate Your Experience:

Whenever you find an attraction in a natural area or the nature of another person engage and validate your senses of Consciousness, Reason and Language to powerfully blend and express themselves in an informed way to others who might appreciate and grow from them.

The procedure is:
1) Gain consent to visit a natural area, including a person's inner nature,
2) Find an attraction(s) there or give it time to find you.
3) From the 54 sense list say or write the name of the self-evident senses, sensations or sensibilities that register.  Do this as well for other attractions that show up in this experience.   This produces "genius level"  CRL labels and stories that you and others can use to replace the excessively nature-disconnected stories and things that our senses have been hurtfully attached or addicted to. 
4) have your CRL make space in the GreenWave to speak and share this experience with the CRL in others who appreciate it and whom it might help.

Understanding and using this core activity helps you become a genius fiduciary ambassador of Nature's universal homeostasis because what our senses find attractive in nature is what is doing the finding and balancing. Reasonably speaking and sharing this experience contributes its self-evident truth to our stories and relationships.

Find a consenting natural attraction in a natural area and for two minutes ask it "Who are you without your name?  Speak for it. What does it say?  Then for two minutes ask and answer the same question of yourself. "Who am I without my name?"  Do you discover any similarities?

Find some of your 54 senses in this natural area that are named/labeled on the 54 sense list and one by one thank them for connecting you to your origins in the life of the Unified Field that you personify. Can you identify your sense of
- #12 gravity,
- #18 motion,
- #34 emotional place/community/belonging/trust/thankfulness,
- #42 reason
- #43 consciousness,
- #45 aesthetic sense, appreciation of beauty, music, form.
- #53 spiritual/sublime love.
Note worthwhile discoveries that you make from identifying your senses/sensibilities in a natural area.

Get consent from a natural area to ask it "Where do you stop and I start?" What does it say?  Do you start where you can ask questions and tell stories and it can't?

If you have a high GreenWave Percentage and your CRL includes a form of "Godness" that is in our Universe, in a natural area get consent from the area to label attraction moments there:
as your name,
or your God's name,
or you or God without a name. 
Use "goodness" if "Godness" is not attractive ("good" meaning to the benefit of all).  Note discoveries that you make from doing this.  

A powerful and immediate GreenWave activity that exemplifies CRL is the online Nature Trail Select Here

"The short-term stress-reduction effects of a quiet GreenWave walk in the park clearly demonstrate that most people have an inherent sensory healing attraction to nature. However, long-term, it usually escapes the way they are trained to think. If they search for it for a thousand years, they may first find its peace.

With this program, I learn how to daily walk out my back door and immediately connect my thoughts and feelings with the colorful purity of a rainbow...with the intelligent, calming life-dance of the trees, the grass, the song of the wind...the clouds.  This is an undeniable fact and experience, not my imagination, so it lasts.  My reasoning senses the original truth of my natural attractions. This makes it sensible for me to respect and genuinely relate to nature's renewing balance and beauty in a fiduciary relationship.

I love how these ecopsychology activities help nature's vitality consciously flow through me at will. Connecting my natural senses with the enchanting wisdom of our living Planet and its unified field increases my honesty, clears my head and opens my heart.

The perk of my livelihood is that I am paid to teach others the science of this eco-intelligent path to well-being."

"I am 42, a single parent and a surviver from my past. I have had many battles and sought all kinds of therapy but found that my band-aids kept coming off. I realized , when my son had begun his difficult journey, that I could no longer seek those who gave me these band-aids. I prayed for help. I got sick. The doctors were baffled. I was housebound. I lost my financial security, I lost some control over my body, I was scared. I moved beyond myself. I looked out the window. I saw peace, calmness, beauty, the wonders of mother nature. I began to explore my awareness. I became peaceful, calm and for the first time I felt beauty within, thus, over time, allowing others to feel this. My life changed, my thoughts changed, my feelings and perceptions changed. My son was in a difficult environment, I was entering a new one, a truly divine one. It helped me with my son who is now exiting his harsh mental environment, and now we both can move into a magical one. I now realize that no one has taken anything from me, I have me I always had me."

If you think you are holding stories that make you question, demean or dismiss the value of GreenWave-54 attraction energies, discover if scientific studies can be of service to you

Do it now. Obtain training, credit of a degree by online GreenWave reconnecting your 54 natural senses to the Unified Field


Most of our stories in Industrial Society disconnect us from the values of the GreenWave Dance. They are false information because the Dance is not a story, it is an act. Words that express and support the Dance help us walk our talk in balance.

The contribution of the whole life art and science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) is that its story reconnects with the GreenWave our lives' disastrous separation from the GreenWave in and around us.

The ECHN story is to do activities that enable us to CRL re-connect what is disconnected. Each activity strengthens and makes available at any time the benefits of a GreenWave connection. We become more whole from consciously sharing Organism Earth's intelligence, not being its master or steward.  The activities can be prescribed to correct disorders or used as exercises or rituals for maintaining connection.

You can get credit for doing them in your Degree or Certificate program .

Additional Free Activities:

Nature in Mind

Good Feeling Source

Right on the Button

Self-Discovery via Self-Evidence

NOTE: Do you have a skill or profession that you have mastered and want to be awarded a Certificate, Ph.D. or other funded degree for, in 18 months or less, making you and your interests uniquely GreenWave organic If so we can help you.  Email or call Project NatureConnect  360-378-6313.

An educator, farmer, politician, engineer or bartender with a GreenWave Ph.D. makes a world of difference for the degree improves their lives as well as helps others and the life of Earth do the same in a fiduciary relationship.

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