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SUNEH-54 Alive

Two bodies (V2B)


Objective Science

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"NNIAAL + V2B ="


Be All You Were Born To Be

Because our intelligence omits using 90 percent of our 54 natural unifying and restorative sensory functions, our unbalanced ways stress the world, make us want excessively, and place us at risk..Sadly, as we survive in our Society using nature-disconnected intelligence, unknowingly we learn to violate Earth, each other and ourselves.

Bio: The Ultimate Intelligence Test Inventory

The final Ultimate Intelligence Question you will learn to master is this:

In any given moment how can I and others come into peaceful balance and increase personal, social and environmental well-being by learning to apply the art of this Albert Einstein sensory, self-empowerment equation:

"NNIAAL + V2B = the Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54"

This equation is Certified Organic: see the notarized Project NatureConnect Warranty. It is easy to understand and apply for some folks and for other it's like E=mc2. No matter what you are, your percentage of enabling ability will increase in time, to your benefit.

The equation simply consists of acronyms for the core of Project NatureConnect programs.

Inquire now if you want to obtain academic or professional CEU training credit for completing the test or for incorporating it in your livelihood. 360-378-6313.


From 50 years of people making direct sensory ECHN contacts with the natural areas of our living "Organism Earth", the following science-based discoveries about the GreenWave and ourselves have been established from first-hand experience and a preponderance of empirical evidence beyond reasonable doubt.  Links to explanations of the following 34 points appear throughout the pages that follow. Each of these 34 points adds to your power as part of the Unified Field Equation when you apply it.

  1. Evidence Based Truth
  • Self-evidence is undeniable, true and trustable in word and deed because it registers consciously and directly on our 54 natural attraction senses. It does not need to be proven. Evidence based on empirical logic is equally reasonable.
  • Both forms of evidence scientifically validated the Big Bang universe in 2012 A.D.

    Natural Attraction
  • The attraction of part the Pre-Universe to materialize itself created the Big Bang and its Higgs Boson to produce the life of the Universe and its unified attraction field.
  • The 1) universe and its 2) unified field, 3) life, 4) spirit and 5) love are synonymous names for 6) natural attraction.
  • The Universe is attracted to expanding as a vibrating, immediate moment, attraction dance. Every part of it is homeostatic: an attraction that is conscious that it is attracted to connect with new dancers to strengthen through diversity as well as strengthen its conscious attraction/love to support the central Unified Field.
  • Repulsion between dancers does not exist. It is a misinterpretation of being, instead, an attraction to a more attractive dance in the moment.
  • Dancers that we call Humanity inherently have 54 natural attraction senses whose sensations are natural attraction facts. Each sensation is a motivation for fulfillment and its happiness so their unifying powers with enthusiasm register, guide, balance and heal relationships.
  •  Science works because consistently, like the 0-9 sequence of numerals, everything is attracted/attached to all that has gone before it and remains attached to all that follows it into the next moment of the Green Wave.

    The Universe Alive
  • All things are alive including attraction/love, our Planet and the Universe.
  • The purpose of life is to support life because life/survival is attractive.
  • Death does not exist rather is an attraction to transform into another form of life.
  • Humanity lives in, not on, Organism Earth. We are part of its metabolism and spirit.
  • Every dancer is a Unified Field Avatar. Each of us is an Earth Avatar i.e. an Einstein Equation Ambassador or Practitioner.

    Non-Literate Organism Earth
  • Other than humanity, no dancer on Earth is an articulate/literate/story teller.
  • All natural things are naturally nameless, it is humanity that gives them their names and creates their stories, right or wrong.
  • The bias of Industrial Society's story gives very few rights to Nature. This rewards people to trespass and exploit natural area dancers.

    Universal Consciousness
  • Everything contains an intelligent consciousness. It is intelligent of natural attraction to be aware of its attractions rather than disregard their sensory signals.
  • Nature's dance consists of conscious, wild, attraction-based, optimums of self-correcting life, diversity, balance, fairness, cooperation, sanity and purity. Nature does not create excessiveness, greed, garbage, stress, corruption, depression, madness, abusiveness, dependencies or conflicting stories for they are not attractive.
  • Any moment in human consciousness consists of either Nature-disconnected stories or 54 natural attraction connected thoughts, sensations, feelings and their stories.
  • The fittest survive in Organism Earth because they are the best builders of attractive, cooperative relationships.

    Space-Time Continuum Sequence
  • The past and future do not exist in the Universe because it only exists in each present moment that it builds.
  • There exists in humanity only immediate attraction relationships or stories, scientifically true or false, in any given moment.
  • The number "one" does not exist in Nature except in any single moment since all of nature is dancing, flowing and changing moment by moment. There are no standard conditions in Nature so "one" is not possible. There is, however, the continuing singularity of Attraction (love) that is conscious of what it is attracted to.
  • The number 'zero" does not exist in nature since attraction bonds for and between things exist everywhere. Nowhere is there nothing in Nature.
  • Objective science and technology are destructively runaway because in any given moment they omit the guiding energy and sensory facts of our "subjective" 54 natural attraction senses in congress.
  • Time in Nature is the attraction to live by supporting life.

    Destructive Negatives

  • The only exception to all the above are unscientific, inaccurate, nature-disconnected or mystical stories that deny the importance or rationale of the information, above, and of surfing the GreenWave. They produce unbalanced results.
  • Contemporary people, on average, spend over 99 percent of their time engaged in felt-sense thinking and feeling that is neither in tune with or makes conscious sensory contact with Nature.  
  • Unscientific or supernatural stories may be true in some other, presently unknown or imaginary Universe. They are invalid in our felt-sense thinking and relationships on Earth until they become validated through scientific methodology as the latter defines the Big Bang universe and contemporary life.
  • By adding 54 natural attraction senses to the accuracy of Objective Science, its destructively runaway powers can become a Whole Life process that uses its self-organizing abilities to produce balance, healing and peace.
  • The purpose of Project NatureConnect's Einstein Unified Field Equation is to offer warrantied methods and materials that help people create moments that let Organism Earth/Gaia teach us what we need to know.


If you find this test is too challenging, try this one instead.

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Your 54 Natural Attraction Sense Discovery Picture: Self Meet Yourself!

From sub-atomics to galaxies and beyond, all things in SUNEH, including yourself, are bonded together and to each other by strong or weak attraction. Find attractions you can see in the full Self Meet Yourself practice area picture below (It's an image, not the real thing).

(Scroll down until the full picture, from top to bottom, appears on your screen. Widen the picture by widening the browser screen.)

Use the 54 Natural Attraction Sense list as a reference.
What attractions in this picture can you identify that are operating in real life, in and around you? You can sense them in the picture because 54 senses in your body, mind and spirit recognize their representations in the picture.
- What do you think you could see, smell, taste, hear, or touch that's in the picture?
- Can you sense, community, place, trust, temperature, thirst, motion, color, love, play or rhythm occuring in it in reality? 
Later, go to an authentic natural area to genuinely sense, feel and discover further who you are through your attraction senses in contact with their natural origins there, moment by moment.

This is a picture of you riding the Wave.

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