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Benefit from Albert Einstein's Organic Love Equation.

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- Ride Nature's Green Wave Crest.
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Self Evidence

* 2. You are here now


SUNEH-54 Alive

Two bodies (V2B)


Objective Science

Our Estrangement

Whole Life Science

Habitual Confidence


Apply Equation
"NNIAAL + V2B ="


Be All You Were Born To Be

Intelligence Statement 2:
Self-Evident Personal Life

Symbols (in red) addressed on this page:
"NNIAAL + V2B = The Unified CRL Dance of Bio/SUNNEH-54w"

You are alive and your life knows it. If you are not sure take this test then return here.



You know that you are alive because it’s self-evident, the dance of your 54 natural senses is working and felt-sense registering your life relationships as you ride the GreenWave. Pinch yourself; you can feel it. In addition, you are reacting to things. It is undeniable that you are reading these words right now as well as breathing. It is reasonable and incontrovertible that dead bodies can’t do any of the above.

Select what you think is the most intelligent response, A or B:

A. I know that this statement is true for me
Percentage-wise, the strength of my attraction/agreement with this statement is ______ percent (insert number 0% to 100%). Keep a record of your percentage for this statement for use later on.    

Spend time with a nearby attractive natural area and see what happens. Does the visit affect your percentage number?

Go to B, below if you want more information on this topic

Proceed further

B. Select: this statement does not seem reasonable to me. I will quit here or consider more information from this link and then perhaps return and continue

Reminder: this test is valid and/or educational only if you proceed after recording your agreement percent for this section. Too challenging? Try this path instead.

Your Self-Evident Aliveness Discovery Picture: Self Meet Yourself Riding the Wave Crest

Scientist have shown that our body is made of, and kept alive by, things from the plants, animals, minerals and energies dance that make up the global web-of-life community on our planet.  What things that do this can you see or imagine in the full Self Meet Yourself "practice for real life picture" below?

(Scroll down until the full picture, from top to bottom, appears on your screen. Widen the picture by widening the browser screen.)

Later, go to an authentic natural area to genuinely sense, feel and thank things you find there that possibly help your body, mind and spirit stay alive.

Validate Your Experience:

Whenever you find an attraction in a natural area or the nature of another person engage and validate your senses of Consciousness, Reason and Language to powerfully blend and express themselves in an informed way to others who might appreciate and grow from them.

The procedure is:
1) Gain consent to visit a natural area, including a person's inner nature,
2) Find an attraction(s) there or give it time to find you.
3) From the 54 sense list say or write the name of the self-evident senses, sensations or sensibilities that register.  Do this as well for other attractions that show up in this experience.   This produces "genius level"  CRL labels and stories that you and others can use to replace the excessively nature-disconnected things that our senses have been hurtfully attached or addicted to. 
4) have your CRL make space in the GreenWave to speak and share this experience with the CRL in others who appreciate it and whom it might help.

Understanding and using this core activity helps you become a genius fiduciary ambassador of Nature's universal homeostasis because what our senses find attractive in nature is what is doing the finding. Reasonably speaking and sharing this experience contributes its self-evident truth to our stories and relationships.

Action: Doing the Equation:

Activities to Strengthen your "Self Meeting Yourself" in a Natural Area. Note the section number you are on here now so you can return here via "back" "history" or bookmark this page's address

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