A Warrantied Whole Life Art and Science Adventure

   The Revolutionary Wisdom of Organics
How to Tap Into the Extraordinary Core Powers of Your 54 Natural Senses
In a natural area, help your inborn ways of knowing grok* the balanced life of Earth. Happily apply pure science to improve relationships with self, society and nature. 
Document, sense and feel Einstein's Unified Field unconditional love that empowers you to do what needs to be done.

Education, Counseling and Healing With Nature Online
* Grok: validate how you are embodied in what you are strongly attracted to.



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Natural intelligence and mental health studies with Project NatureConnet include your life experience and prior education in combination with Albert Einstein's GreenWave Unified Field.
Our special whole-life interactive, human rights program offers,54 sense, core distant learning online. In a natural area it enables.you to add hands-on, problem solving, nature-connected processes and credentials to your career and interests.

Our leaders tell us what is wrong but they seldom give us the tools we need to reverse our disorders.  The art of Organic Psychology provides us with pure science methods and materials we can use because it is them.

Organic Psychology GreenWave-54 Online and Softcover Book or Course

Revolutionary Wisdom 
How to Tap Into The Extraordinary Powers of Nature's Unified Attraction Field.

The art of a pure science adventure to help the genius of our 54 senses grok the life of Earth and happily improve our relationships with self, society and nature.

Mission: to produce relationships that increase the quality of our health, economics and environment while reducing the expenses and corruption of

•    Education, therapy and mental health
•    Physical health, medicine, life and health insurance
•    Parenting, welfare and social services
•    Personal, social and international relationships
•    Environmental protection, sustainability and climate change
•    Individual, family and spiritual relationships
•    Politics, industry and employment
•    Community development and cooperative relationships
•    Nature-deteriorating philosophies and institutions.
•    Imprisonment and military service
•    Weddings, meetings and funerals


Have you ever had a rewarding childhood or other experience in nature?  If so, then you already love this book because you know that you would not want to have that natural joy torn from your life. Its pain and misery would produce insensitivities and disorders. It would go against your established human rights to life.  It would not be legal, ethical or moral. Now look around you. Note 1) this tragedy is happening and 2) this book empowers you to stop it.

Because contemporary thinking, science and justice are contaminated they excessively eviscerate the natural life of our planet and us.  Sadly, they contain a destructive warp that indoctrinates us to omit nature's wisdom and organic facts in our relationships. This failing makes us create our ever increasing "side effect" miseries of resource overuse, species extinction, mental illness, injustice, conflicts and excessive stress. 

Our leaders deny that this catastrophic warp exists and catalyzes our problems. They also deny that a 54-sense organic remedy for it is available. They won't admit that they do not know what to do about this fiasco, that they will not give us the organic remedy that we need to fix it.  They choose to be unaware that the remedy is readily available, that gives us the hands-on ways and means to stop the runaway disorders that injure the life we share with Planet Earth.

Every year we we increasingly need to hook up with another Planet Earth half the size of ours just to avoid producing additional earth misery.  Nobody knows where this other planet can be found no less how to connect it to us.

What our conflicted thoughts, stories, leaders and institutions ignore is their hidden commonality. In the name of progress and economic growth they teach us to excessively separate from, conquer and deteriorate Earth's web of life and that it includes us.

Project NatureConnect warranties that its methods and materials help anybody successfully reduce Earth Misery in and around us. In natural areas they enable our 54 senses to tap into, learn and teach Nature's self-correcting ways to ourselves and others. This always strengthens healing, counseling and relationships because the health of our planet is the health of our body, mind and spirit. To reinforce this wellness we offer organic relationship training, certification and degrees online attained through the tools this Applied Ecopsychology book provide. 

Creating unadulterated moments that let Earth and Nature teach is more supportive and sensible than hopefully producing expensive space colonies for the rich and famous. We invite you to join the nature-connecting expedition that the organics in this book offer you.

We are at risk because the limitations of material science and culture eviscerate defenseless nature in and around us while our socialization omits the art of preventing this tragedy.


As described above, we suffer because our conflicted thoughts, stories, leaders and institutions teach us to excessively separate from, conquer and deteriorate the wisdom of Nature, in and around us.  That foolishness stops right here and now. 

Because authentic Nature is the fountainhead of authority in how it works, every natural area demonstrates and shares how Nature produces its self-correcting balance and beauty simply because that's what it know how to do and is doing it. To beneficially connect with it only
read this course while you are consciously in contact with the most attractive natural area or thing available to you, backyard or back country. The more natural the better. A weed, insect, tree, pet or the local sky are fine when backyards, parks and other natural areas are not convenient.

Since the life of Earth is part of the life of Nature and you are in Earth's atmosphere and biosphere you are automatically part of its life.  Their life is your life, the life you right now breathe and experience that is being kept alive by them and vice-versa
. For example, plants give you oxygen and the carbon di-oxide you exhale helps keep plants alive. 

All you need to do now is validate that you are alive. If you are reading these words, aren't you?

The organic expedition this course takes you on recognizes that to be part of a system anything, including yourself, must be in contact with the system otherwise it would tresspass or separate from it.  Without you necessarily being aware of it you have 54 natural senses that are connecting you with the life system of earth.  Five of these senses are the familiar touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. The 49 others include thirst, gravity, hunger, community, excretion, reason, consciousness, respiration, trust and joy. Note that our runaway society doesn't teach us our 54-sense truth. However, we we can experience it so we know it is another vital fact of life that our great leaders have chosen to omit. It has been been published since 1978 if not long before.

As long as you are aware of the natural area you are visiting these 54 senses will consciously or sub-consciously provide you with nature's wisdom about what you read here. This will help you become more sensible and sensitive about the organic whole of life including your life. 

When you read something in this course, it encourages you to check out what you read by seeing if you can discover it occurring in the natural area you are with at that moment or later. Start doing that now.


The life of Nature is pure and sensible. It knows how to organize itself to create diversity, balance, cooperation, beauty and wellness without producing garbage,pollution or war.

This course's accuracy is built on these and other pure facts of life that our traditional thinking and relationships bypass:

1. Pure science produces pure truths because it includes felt-sense facts of life that are indisputable and omits mystical, supernatural and other unprovable phenomena.

2. Impure science contains warps or short-circuits that produce problems that it can't solve because it is limited by and bonded to these
warps or short-circuits.

3. Self-evidence is undeniable because we reasonably experience and register it directly on our 54 natural senses in balance. It is empirical because it derives information from nature alone

4. Scientifically, the life of Nature, Planet Earth and humanity is identical. What we do to or for Earth's life we do to or for our life and vice versa.

Scientifically, the life of the Universe has built and continues to build its own time and space moment-after-moment since its Big Bang beginning or before. 

6. The aliveness of the unified field attraction energy of the Universe, including Earth and us, only exists in the sequence of its momentary "now" reality.

In the pure abstract science of mathematics we symbolize this process by the  increasing sequence of the numbers 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.

When the core value of any number or relationship is adulterated so is the whole truth of mathematics because all numbers are attached to what precedes and follows them.

Similarly, when our stories misrepresent or disconnect us from how the life of how the unified field works, our thinking and relationships are destructively misguided and our problems arise.

7. We are excessively disconnected from Nature. On average, over 95 percent of our time is spent indoors and over 99 percent of our thoughts and feelings are estranged from authentic Nature.

8. We suffer emotional pain, stress and disorders whenever our stories excessively disconnect us from the way the unified field wisdom of Nature works, in and around us.

9. Nature and Earth are non-story, mute ways of relating. In contrast, most of our lifetime we are attached to think and relate through abstract stories about things rather than directly experience relationships with them.

10. Our 99 percent Nature-disconnected time is spent embedded in the  alienation from the natural world of our established central thinking, acts, technologies, spiritualities and, institutions. This contact produces the destructive competition, excessiveness, materialism, injustices, corruption, assaults and disorders that we suffer. We learn to deny that we have become 54-sense emotionally bonded to the causes of these miseries and we can't change ourselves or them until we transform these bonds into organic relationships. Information alone does not accomplish this. The pure science of Organic Psychology enables us to do it.

Discover and apply how and why

  • Objective facts are false when they are not whole life true.

  • Things go better with the Nature because it’s love of its/our life is an essence of happiness

  • The unreasonable application of science defines stupid.

  • Attraction is the essence of love.

  • All things are connected or attached by attraction.

  • What we find is attractive in a natural area is what is doing the attracting.
  • The core of Nature's wisdom is that attraction is conscious of what it is attracted to relate to.  It is attracted to become more attractive and stronger by producing the diversity of additional attraction relationships that are conscious of what they are attracted to.

  • The art and science of Organic Psychology empowers anyone to know the web-of-life as themselves and vice-versa.

  • Mysticism wielding the sword of technology spells disaster

  • We learn to deny that we must constantly act and grow from the energies of our 54 natural senses while they are in contact with the most attractive natural area or thing available.

Scientific research has determined that
  • The life of the planet we love and live in is at risk.

  • Our human life is also the life of the Web of Life’s plant, animal, mineral and energy kingdoms.

  • In the Web of Life the life of humanity is unique. It can narrate, think, verbalize, question and build relationships through abstract stories while the rest of the web does not have this ability.

It scientifically makes sense that

The life of Earth’s and our life's attraction to survive is not imaginary, insensitive or stupid.
  Rather, it registers that it wants to live.

It also registers that the world is falling apart because our intelligence is indoctrinated to invent, govern and attach the life of our sense of reason to scientifically unreasonable, nature-disconnected stories. These attachments make us become desensitized, nature-conquering robots.  They motivate us to excessively exploit and conquer the balanced integrity of the life of Nature and Earth’s Unified Field, around, in and as us. 

Because our nature-estranged stories mislead us,
resource depletion, species extinction, mental illness, excessive stress, addictions and many other disorders have increased almost 50 percent since Earth Day, 1970 and this rate continues to rise.

Moment after moment, we suffer from the separation created by our story world’s substitutes for our eons-old, direct, 54-sense contact way of loving, living and learning while in conscious contact with life of the natural world in a natural area.  Our scientifically inaccurate stories disengage our mentality and interactions from the balanced and beautiful way that the wisdom of Nature and Earth manifests itself as us.

Today, we need another Planet Earth half the size of ours to connect with our planet so it may return to its attraction balanced wellness. Nobody knows where this extra planet can be found or how to connect it with Earth.

Our massive separation from Nature by our stories is the source of our runaway disorders and corruption.  This can easily be reversed. All we need is to have enough natural intelligence left so that we want to reverse this destructive separation. Then we simply learn how to use the whole life art and science of Organic Psychology to energize into our consciousness our inherent 54-sense survival wisdom and happily reconnect it to the beautiful life of Earth’s self-correcting integrity in a natural area. That enables the natural world's wisdom to help us do what it does best.

It is crucial that we reconnect our nature-divorced thoughts, feelings, relationships and stories to the life of our planet. This is because the life of Earth is cooperatively unified. It consists of the power of Nature’s unified field to peacefully organize, correct and balance itself, including us.

The joy and benefits we obtain from wonderous childhood or adult experiences in natural areas demonstrate that genuine sensory contact with authentic Nature helps our stories support, rather than compromise, Earth’s integrity. This helps us happily strengthen Earth’s organic attraction to regenerate its optimums of life, cooperation and diversity whose unconditional unification does not produce garbage or rejection....everything belongs.

Albert Einstein’s GreenWave Unified Field Process (GreenWave-54) is an Organic Psychology tool. It enables our 54 senses to beneficially grok the essence of Nature’s life as Planet Earth and vice versa.

Grok means to understand and empathize to the extent that something becomes part of our sense of self-knowing that we exist in its embodiment as well as that we can sense ourselves as it being us. This is similar to "being at one with nature", how things in the web of life know each other through attraction relationships rather than by stories about them.


The purpose of this book’s expedition adventures is it to teach you to know how and why to use the Organic Psychology GreenWave-54 tool to help us address our problems. Without doing both we increasingly travel our wayward path.


As already stated, read this book while you are visiting or in contact with the most attractive natural area or thing available to you, backyard or back country. The more natural the better.
A weed, insect, tree, pet or the local sky are fine when parks and other natural areas are not convenient.

This is the life of the Unified Attraction Field symbol .   It represents nature's attractive diversity loving to form the balanced, cyclical, ying-yang infinity of the life of our 54 senses and the universe.

As you read this book, after any paragraph where you see this symbol for the Unified Field let the wisdom of Nature's life in a natural area help you validate what you read.
1) Find in a natural space where you sense at least one attractive example of the paragraph’s message taking place. Then

2) Grok the natural attraction using one or more of your favorite GreenWave-54 nature-connection activities that you will learn as the book proceeds.
For example

A. What attractive senses and feelings do I experience in the life of this area? http://www.ecopsych.com/MAKESENSEWALK.docx

B. Ask the attraction, "Who are you without your label/name?"  After it responds  ask it, or ask yourself,  "Who am I without my label/name?"

C. With the attraction you found, do the activity at www.ecopsych.com/giftearthday1.html

D. Ask yourself "What would I sense and feel if my ability to register this attraction connection was taken away from me?

Proceed to do this with the first paragraph of the introduction, below, and continue doing it as you continue this Organic Psychology exploration. It helps the life of Earth prevent you from misleading yourself and others by only giving lip service to what you think you know and then depending upon that same half-true source of information in industrial society that is increasingly producing Earth Misery.  The positive outcome that you experience from grokking is self-evident GreenWave-54 fact that empowers you appropriately guide your life experiences and helps others do the same.


Welcome and congratulations for letting your life organically be attracted to taking this GreenWave attraction adventure and the responsible unification that its Unified Field, 54 sense process (GreenWave 54) contributes to contemporary life.  The organic psychology art and science here happily gives you a whole life technology of behavior tool. It helps you safely stop the heartbreaking short circuit of our society further pulling the life of the world apart, including your life, while we are desperately trying to unify in peace.

This book best works for folks who have been educated to think with our society’s commonly held, evidence-based knowledge. This frees them to build relationships based on facts that they already know but whose full significance or application they may have learned to ignore. 

The  Source of Organic Psychology.

The whole life art and science of Organic Psychology has its special sensory source in my life experience and training. It is as if Eleanore Roosevelt, Louis Mumford and Felix Adler purposely loved me to be born in Sunnyside Gardens, a unique planned,
historic site community that they built in the New York City Borough of Queens in 1929 because, as Eleanore Roosevelt said, "People lose their humanity when they are too separated from nature".

In Sunnyside Gardens, as well as through my parents and several progressive summer camps, I unknowingly became aware that my left-handedness was part of my my nature. I rudely discovered this when I felt my elementary school unreasonably manipulating what I sensed and felt when they demanded that I write right-handed. This disturbed me. It was abusive to my natural integrity and it took four years of discomfort and arguments to finally have the school consent to let me write with my left hand using a fountain pen. That nature-supportive use of a technology changed my life. 

As part of my left-handed challenge I learned from Nature in and around me that our society's established ways were prejudiced against Nature. I learned that left-handedness was sinister or evil.  I also discovered that this prejudice could be changed through extended contact with and education about Nature's value and integrity. I learned this from being the Guinea Pig in making this change at the school and it remained and remains a central focus of my life. For this reason, as new evidence-based information and technology is discovered, I incorporate it in my personal and professional relationships, sometimes to the inconvenience of my friends and even myself.

Multi-Sensory Expedition Education Outcomes

In 1965 an unusual thunderstorm in the Grand Canyon convinced my long-term sensory contact with natural areas that the life of Planet Earth was an immense organism. There was nothing I did that it didn't do except talk.  It was like I and other people lived in it as cells that had the unique ability to speak and relate through stories rather than simply live out Earth organism's wisdom. That wisdom might let the value of my left-handedness speak for itself and for others whose social trespasses had been admonished. It was for this reason I designed and established a community of twenty folks who would dedicate themselves to together camp out on a nature-connecting expedition across the USA for a year. The purpose of their exploration was to discover if they could produce a balanced, consensual interaction learn-by-doing process. Each year each new group would reinvent the expedition process so, as it succeeded, each participant might know how to best live harmoniously with the life of Nature in the environment, each other and themselves.

It is important to recognize that in a short period of time, globally, in local areas everywhere, this same organic, small-group expedition education process can be  included in the eleven sections that the PNC mission addresses (listed above). In addition, these groups can globally learn from each other via the internet.

Guided by my living earth perceptions,
for 16 years every September a yellow school bus and its occupants embarked on a ten month living and learning expedition into natural areas. (Cohen, 1993a 9)  Outfitted only with camping gear and a small library, it carried twenty students, my staff and myself into a personal and academic growth utopia. It began my sleeping out under storms and bright stars year round; camping exploring and learning while enveloped in America's natural areas.

This all-season, consensus-governed, outdoor-living program that I founded in 1959, immersed its intimate school community in critical thinking, rich interpersonal experiences and natural wonders. Participants thrived in eighty-three different natural habitats, and from keeping their commitments to open, honest relationships with the environment, each other and with indigenous people(s), researchers, ecologists, the Amish, organic farmers, anthropologists, folk musicians, naturalists, shamans, administrators, historians, counselors, teachers and many others. The experience deeply connected our inner nature to the whole of nature.

As a result of our romance with educating ourselves this way, in the school community:

Chemical dependencies, including alcohol and tobacco, disappeared as did destructive interpersonal and social relationships.

Personality and eating disorders subsided.

Violence, crime and prejudice were unknown in the group. Academics improved because they were applicable, hands-on, and

Loneliness, hostility and depression subsided. Group interactions

allowed for stress release and management; each day was fulfilling and relatively peaceful.

Students using meditation found they no longer needed to use it to
feel whole.

Participants knew each other better than they knew their families or
best friends.
They risked expressing and acting from their deeper thoughts and feelings; a profound sense of social and environmental responsibility guided their decisions.

When vacation periods arrived, nobody wanted to go home. Each person enjoyably worked to build this supportive, balanced living and learning utopia. They were home.

All this occurred simply because every community member met their commitment to make sense of their lives by establishing relationships that supported the expedition and the natural world within and around them. We hunted, gathered and practiced such relationships; we organized and preserved group living processes that awakened our natural wisdom. We learned to regenerate responsible relationships when they decayed.

The secret to our success was to learn how to tap into and learn directly from the natural world, the life of earth within and about us. Through our 54 natural attraction sensations and feelings it taught our sense of reason how to trust the life of Nature, how to validate and incorporate its reasonableness. The highlights of this process included:

Starting the school year in a classroom that had nobody sitting in the front of the room desk . The staff, unrecognized, sat with the students facing the blackboards. In time students and staff started to ask each other what was happening and introduced themselves to each other. As discussion proceeded the group rearranged the desk chairs so the were now in a circle and folks could better relate to each other. That moment was when we started the school year.

All aspects of the program except driving the school bus and some administrative duties were self-organized and shared by all. This included governing by consensus.  Anybody could call an all-school meeting at anytime to address challenges or discontents that arose.

The daily and all-year itinerary was reasonably developed based on weather conditions, special connections and geographic logistics. It included spontaneous opportunities as they arose and it could be changed by consensus as new information appeared.

When a community member felt too unsafe or hurt the expedition stopped its operation and held a meeting.  That individual was invited, without interruption, to go around the group circle, speak their peace and tell each member what they sensed, thought and felt with the assurance that nobody would respond other than be attracted to thank them for risking sharing their pain and experiences. Their life became an immediate fact of life of the expedition.  They were nature, they were attractive and deserved to have good feelings.

All members benefited from this process as they helped the hurt individual understand and transform what disturbed them into group love and direction and this became the immediate school curriculum. That individual's well-being was the focus and support of their total expedition society that, by so doing, furthered its well-being.

The expedition operated like Nature works. Everything was worthwhile, belonged and could beneficially transform .  It was the family and process that stopped the world so people could get on.

The expedition was a reasonable combination of Kurt Lewin T-group encounter processes, Progressive Education and Alexander Wolf group therapy. It recognized that group members subconsciously registered a group as their family and often felt and acted accordingly so they could learn from this experience how to work with it wisely.

Our special high motivation survival goal was consistently affirmed: this was a one-year nature-centered expedition that could dissolve if it did not maintain itself appropriately. It was also the long-term goal and livelihood of some group members that went far beyond one year's duration.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

- Confucius

it is significant that in a short period of time, globally, within local areas, this same organic, small-group expedition education process can be included in the eleven sections that the PNC mission addresses (listed above). In addition, these groups can globally learn from each other via the internet.


From thirty years of all-season travel and study in over two hundred sixty national parks, forests and sub-cultures, I developed a learning process and psychology that unleashed our natural ability to grow and survive responsibly. By documenting that it worked repeatedly and could be taught, I earned my doctoral degree and the school became a small, accredited graduate and undergraduate degree program at several Universities.

To share my discovery with the public, in 1987 I encapsulated my nature-connected psychology as Project NatureConnect in a series of 154 sensory backyard and back country activities (Cohen, 1988, 1990, 1993). They have been used as an organic form of psychology in many courses and training programs for educators, parents and students so the latter may incorporate these revolutionary interactions in their work and lives. These simple, fun nature explorations benefit people of all ages and backgrounds. Uniquely, they revitalize the innate sensory communication and support between a person and the natural world, in and around others and themselves.

Organic Psychology natural area activities balance our lives by letting our 54 sense natural connectedness identify and be our common survival in balance cause. By reducing stress while motivating participation, the activities promote recovery from destructive habits, dependencies and dysfunction. Today professionals use them to augment counseling, twelve-step, hospice, stress management, conflict resolution, self-esteem, and environmental education programs (Cohen, 1993). They help us follow the suggestion in Job: "Speak to the Earth and it will teach thee.”

Because Organic Psychology honors the wisdom of the global life community, it enables that community to relate and grow harmoniously through the natural attractions of its attraction-field root. That fabric, which we each biologically inherit, unifies life relationships rather than further subdividing Earth into isolated academic and institutional cubbyholes. In reality and imagination organic psychology expeditions return us to our origins. There we critically measure information, procedures and behaviors by their natural attractiveness and long term effects. We then, moment by moment, responsibly organize and balance our relationships by helping our natural attractions unite themselves.


For sixty years I have pioneered and promoted the scientific value of creating moments that let Earth teach us what we need to enjoy the wisdom of nature's garbage-free perfection.  This has had various names assigned to this process as information advanced including
  • Trailside County School outdoor travel and camping
  • Expedition Education learning via the Regents of University of the State of New York
  • The life of Earth being its own organism, 
  • National Audubon Society Expedition Institute at Lesley University
  • Project NatureConnect in cooperation with Portland State University
  • Nature-connected 54-sense knowing and relationships,
  • Organic Psychology at World Peace University
  • The web-of-life Natural System Thinking Process
  • Natural Attraction Ecology at the Institute of Global Education
  • Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology
  • The Organic Psychology GreenWave-54 Albert Einstein Unified Field process and equation
These years and results testify to my stubborn dedication to Nature's welfare and that I experience it as a my peculiar integrity. I thank my parents, my associates and Eleanore Roosevelt for this precious knowledge along with the avant-guard individuals who continue to  participate in and support Project NatureConnect.


Take this informal inventory to discover your present knowledge of Organic Psychology basics and your ability to increase them.  Google things in it if they seem foreign or uncomfortable to you. However, please keep in mind that much Google information is warped by the Google author's nature disconnection.

How reasonable are you?
Discover the answer by using this evidence-based reality check. In this moment:

•    You are alive. (   ) yes  (   ) no

•    You are able to understand these words as they appear via this technology be it a screen, book or sound system. (   ) yes  (   ) no
This technology results from folks reasonably researching for evidence that disclosed if its components were dependable and its results repeatable.
(   ) yes  (   ) no

•    You are presently geographically located in, not on, Planet Earth, enveloped by the life of its biosphere and embedded under its miles of sunshine, air, clouds and stratosphere above and around you. 
(   ) yes  (   ) no

•    Scientifically, the life of our Universe, also known as Nature or the Cosmos, was born in the Big Bang.
(   ) yes  (   ) no

•    The life of Earth and your life are located in the same time, space and ways of the Universe because they are identical.  The main exception is that your life can create, narrate, understand and act-out stories while Earth is mute and can't do this.
(   ) yes  (   ) no

•    You can sense and feel that
1) you sense that you are conscious

2) that your sense of reason senses that it can be reasonable

3) that you reasonably sense that you want to breathe

4) you reasonably sense that you self wants to be alive in the next moment.

5) you reasonably sense that you want to trust people, places and things.

6) you reasonably sense that you want to be attractive and loved.

(   ) yes  (   ) no

A story you have may have learned says that the six senses, above, are not included in our alleged only five senses (touch, taste, smell, sight and sound).
 (   ) yes  (   ) no

You are reasonable enough to recognize, from the above, that the story that says we know the world through only five senses is not accurate. 
(   ) yes  (   ) no

You are reasonable enough to recognize that your reading experience, above, provided you with self-evident information that was more accurate than the story that says that we know and relate to the world through five senses 
(   ) yes  (   ) no

•    You are reasonable enough to recognize that although Nature communicates it does not accomplish this through the spoken or written word-verbalization, narration or literacy of our stories.
(   ) yes  (   ) no
•    The life of Earth and its eons is story-less. You have not, and no scientific evidence has discovered, members of the plant, animal, mineral or energy kingdoms, now or ever, narrating, vocalizing or writing words, sentences,  paragraphs or books.
(   ) yes  (   ) no

•    You are reasonable enough to recognize that Earth changed with the geologically recent appearance of humanity.  Humans were and are gifted with the ability to communicate and build relationships using stories.  Stories help us shortcut and mediate the way our senses first-hand experience how the world works. Stories abstract that experience. For example, the story about how you can quench your thirst by drinking water is different than actually drinking water. The story alone does not realistically satisfy your body’s need for water nor your thirst while the act does satisfy both without producing garbage. 
(   ) yes  (   ) no

•    We have created stories that enable us to build, attach to and live mostly in scientifically powerful, nature-separated and conquering, indoor societies. This emotionally binds or addicts our senses to nature-isolated methods and materials while it also disconnects us from consistent sensory contact with the wisdom of authentic Nature.
(   ) yes  (   ) no

Authentic Nature is the fountainhead of authority in how its whole-life, self-organizing and self-correcting ways work in balance, purity and beauty around and within us without producing garbage.  In the life of Nature,  everything belongs.
(   ) yes  (   ) no

The destructive effects of humanity for centuries excessively acting out our nature-disconnected stories in unbalanced ways are now obvious and measurable.
(   ) yes  (   ) no


The Art and Science of GreenWave-54 helps anybody improve their contentedness and relationships when their thinking, feeling and interactions include the common knowledge, above.

GreenWave-54 works sensibly by helping us be open minded to hidden yet self-evident facts, information and connections that our 54 natural senses gather as they learn how to grok the life of nature in a natural area.  This process extends our limited 5-sense sensibility to make, on average, 85 percent greater sense of our relationships with our planet, each other and our body, mind and spirit.

Reminder: The art and science of the Unified Field process (GreenWave-54) produces trustable facts because its evidence-based thinking and relationships exclude mystical, misleading or unsubstantiated stories. Its empirical source is nature, not fantasy.

The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.
……………………………………………………………                           …- Albert Einstein


Scientific research shows that contemporary life today is like Industrial Society has emotionally attached us to drive an advanced technology automobile that is producing a global catastrophe.

As we joyfully speed our fuel-loaded, steel missile down the highway we see that it will go into a group of families having a picnic in a beautiful natural area. Because we have not yet been taught how to fully activate the car’s organic braking and steering system, in anguish we hope and pray that the vehicle will stop as we fearfully scream “Oh my god” “stop” or “whoa,” as if the vehicle was a runaway spirit or horse. 

These reactions are unscientific and outdated. We know that they do not stop our advanced technology automobile and this is why we continue to wreak havoc on people, places and things including ourselves.

Many things that make contemporary society tick also make the world fall apart.

What we need to do is use the art of a whole-life organic science and technology that helps us safely grok the ways of a natural area and learn from it how its homeostatic and purification powers have beautifully helped the life of Nature develop and grow its peace and balance over the eons. This process enables us to energize these same qualities in our personal nature so we may consciously register, enjoy and apply them.

Scientifically, we are part of the life of Nature.  Its wonderful self-correcting ways simultaneously flow and operate around, through and in us all the time. However, because our society is excessively disconnected from Nature, our nature-estranged sci/tech thinking and advanced technology vehicle makes us injure or hide these guiding energies from our awareness so they are not available to us. On average, over 95 percent of our time and 99 percent of our thinking and feeling is disconnected from and unaware of the way the life of Nature works in and around us.

Organic Psychology helps us address our bizarre estrangement from the natural world of our planet.  It adds the wisdom our 54 natural senses and sensations as genuine facts of life that our entrenched scientific methodology must include as valid evidence so it can remedy and prevent our destructive short circuits. It gives you the ability to “grok” any authentic natural area or thing so we may learn to think, feel and act like the perfections of the life of Nature work. (Cohen, 2011). Societies that include people who help others make this happen don’t produce our runaway problems.

The special contribution of Organic Psychology and its GreenWave-54 Unified Field process

When we sever our life relationships from their roots in Earth/Nature, both deteriorate. The omission of contemporary life helping us grok the life of Earth and Nature scientifically demonstrates this. We cannot enjoy health and peace on Earth through healthy peace with Earth when the short-circuit process we use bankrupts rather than groks the life of Earth while we know that the latter is possible via GreenWave-54 Organics and its Natural System Thinking Process (Cohen, 2001).

Because the Universe only exists in the moment, the whole of something and its essence are the same thing.  Until humanity and its geologically recent story-way of relating came into being, the whole-life essence of Earth did not produce or suffer today’s miseries. Instead, it consisted of values that we unconditionally experience as we grok Earth’s essence today in natural areas. We can validate this destruction by observing and comparing the state of North America upon and after the arrival of Columbus and his culture, five centuries ago. 

By grokking Earth’s 5-billion year life along with its 14 billion year old essence in any natural area moment we strengthen personal, social and global well-being while reducing our disorders and expenses to heal and remedy its painful deterioration.

A previously stated, by applying Organic Psychology GreenWave art and science we can increase the quality of our health, economics and environment while reducing its challenging costs and shortcomings.

This is easily accomplished by funding individuals who want to learn, teach and promote GreenWave-54 Organic Psychology. It helps them make reasonable time and space for the natural attraction energies of the Unified Field to do what they do and have always done best, free of charge.

It enables all objective research to produce organic, whole-life science and technologies by incorporating our 54 natural senses as authentic facts of life about how the natural world works to produce its perfection, in and around us.

Establishing Organic Psychology locally stops the nonsense of distant political actions and institutional conventions whose travel and stay-over impacts further bankrupt our planet. Much stronger and more lasting solutions are available by creating local GreenWave expedition education communities that grok and grass root support local natural areas along with their human and environmental connections globally. 


The whole life art and science of Organic Psychology recognizes that the life of Nature includes all things since the beginning of space and time and this includes humanity and our nature-connecting stories.

The fundamental of scientific inquiry is to produce truth by evaluating reasonable evidence that omits the mystical.  Organic Psycholog enables you to accomplish this by connecting your body, mind and senses to the life of Nature, backyard or backcountry because, scientifically, the natural world is the attractive fountainhead of authority in how its wisdom works in and around us.

Whenever possible, when reading this book do it in or with the most attractive natural area or thing that is available to you.  A tree, aquarium, weed, pet or cloud will work if a garden, park or wilderness is not available.  Otherwise you will remain subject to what you are trying to correct because it is nature-disconnected. There are very few nature-separated or non-organic substitutes for the natural world that do not emotionally bond us to produce the harmful miseries we suffer and must reverse (Cohen, 2001).


This Organic Psychology GreenWave book enables genuine sensory contact with attractive natural phenomena in natural areas help you register my lifetime of research and authentic connections to Nature. As often as possible in the most natural area or thing available find at least one example of each of the below because you are born with them and they help you unconditionally 54 sense experience them. Whatever you experience is a self-evident fact of life in that moment. In this natural area you have the ability to identify and grok the real-life source and essence of Nature, in and around you and others.

In continual review use your inherent abilities to identify and grok the real-life source and essence of Nature, in and around you and others in a natural area. They help you unconditionally experience:

The life of Nature’s wordless wisdom beautifully speak for itself.
They help you unconditionally experience
The silence of the life of Nature take you to the core of love.

They help you unconditionally experience
The attractiveness of natural attraction being conscious of what it is attracted to.

They help you unconditionally experience
The greatest truth in your life is the sensation that you register right now.

They help you unconditionally experience
We are each naturally born to love and be loved.

They help you unconditionally experience
The life of Nature is the intelligence that unconditionally loved you into being.

They help you unconditionally experience
We live within, not just on, our living planet as its sanity flows through us.

They help you unconditionally experience
As it has since the beginning of the time and space that it makes, the natural world’s exquisite genius purely organizes, corrects and balances itself.

They help you unconditionally experience
The closest wilderness to you at any time lies within you. This means that you, along with everything else, are attached to all that came before and will remain attached to all that follows.

They help you unconditionally experience
All of the life of Nature and Earth lives and transforms into wordless forms of the life cycle that we learn to call death.

They help you unconditionally experience
Nature creates its pure and harmonic optimums of life, diversity and cooperation without producing garbage, excessiveness or abuse.

They help you unconditionally experience
The personal and interpersonal love and support from the life of Earth that you share and naturally deserve.

They help you unconditionally experience
The facts of organic psychology art and science bring to mind and validate what your heart already knows.

Chapter One

Are we on the same page here?

I guarantee this book’s accuracy will work for you. It is rooted in seven events that wonderfully blend together because they are all evidence based.

1) It recognizes that our lives depend on our advanced objective science and technology that for accuracy must omit the mystical. However, for total accuracy it must also must include undeniable self-evidence that our 54 natural senses register in natural areas as facts of life.

2) It includes self-evident facts from my eighty years of intimate relationships with the life of nature in and around myself and others, indoors and in natural areas.

3) It embraces undeniable facts that are obvious to you because you experience them, such as you are reading these words right now and that you are attracted to breathing.

4) It produces the beneficial results of year-long, expedition education community explorations of the life of Earth in and around us, a multisensory process I developed from 1965-1985 in the Expeditions' objective search for Mother Earth.

5) It occurs within the life dance of our scientifically substantiated Universe. Its 4 trillion degree, Big Bang birth some 13.8 billion years ago included a unifying attraction field that ever since attracts everything to everything else including the past to the future.

The Universe has continually cooled, diversified and created itself into its next moment of time and space relationships right to this moment.  Its dance diversifies into the world that, as part of it, our 54 senses experience and register.

6) The dance of Nature/Earth’s eons is unified by attraction in every moment. Like the mathematical sequence of 0-9, each and every thing is attached to what came before it and to what comes after it. Objective evidence collected during 85 years of research since 1925 has substantiated this universal fact of life theory. In 2012 that same painstaking process affirmed the elusive Higgs Boson origin of every moment’s unified field attraction energies and the time and space they produce.

7) The dance of the global life system communicates with us and vice versa for we are part of it and in order to be part of a system we have to be in communication with it. We GreenWave instinctively experience that communication as survival, as our attraction for the system and us to live.  Our whole life intelligence knows that if the life of Earth sickens or dies, so do we.

The seven anchors, above, enable me to warranty that the runaway vehicle analogy I earlier presented is an accurate portrayal of the growing catastrophe you I and children everywhere face today and long term:
Because we have not yet been taught how to fully activate our high tech vehicle's organic braking and steering system, out of anguish we hope and pray that the vehicle will stop as in fear we may scream “whoa” as with a horse or "oh my god!".  This activity and reaction is unscientific. It does not regulate our high tech car so we wreak havoc on people, places and things. 

Responsible scientific methodology has the ability to evaluate, reverse and control its effects so that they make sense and contribute to well-being. Without this attribute, science is a hidden weapon that we use to unfairly conquer and exploit the life of Earth.

The available GreenWave-54 deterrent for this catastrophe is not being applied. Instead, Industrial Society denies that the analogy is accurate as well as refutes that there is a scientific GreenWave Unified Field brake and guidance system for the car that we have learned to disregard. (See With Justice for All)

Who says what?

We are taught to ignore that the appropriate brake and steering system that we need is alive and well in the natural area that the car is destroying. 

We learn to disavow that the area’s GreenWave-54 brakes and guidance work because they simultaneously operate in us as well as around us in natural areas.

We are told to reject that all things are attracted to contribute to GreenWave-54 remedies as well as attracted to be guided by them.

Those who are wise focus on this fact: The folks who are teaching us to omit or disavow GreenWave-54 are the same folks who 1) don't know how to drive the car safely, 2) are profiting by selling us the car and 3) are daily increasing our earth misery catastrophe. Unless we have been brainwashed, how can we possibly trust or follow their information if we already know the adverse results?
These folks promise things like "more economic growth" while Earth misery Day clearly shows that the life of Earth is already bankrupt, that our deficit and misery increases year after year and that the Web-of-Life, including us, is increasingly the victim of this excessive spending.

Choosing instead to add GreenWave-54 to our lives feels and heal better. It helps us protect ourselves and each other from injury while we eliminate the core of the problem.

Some folks recognize that GreenWave-54 is prayer, hope and stress management in action.  Some honor the integrity of their GreenWave attractions by labeling themselves nature lover, agnostic, environmentalist, atheist, pantheist, humanist, ecoartist, scientist etc. However, because GreenWave-54 is illegally withheld, very few of them are aware that the art and science of GreenWave-54 education, counseling and healing with nature is a key supportive tool and unifying that they best add to every aspect of their life.

This book provides you with the GreenWave-54 tool that you can immediately apply. It gives you safe ways and means to get out of the juggernauting car and grok the life of that natural area to discover the central attraction/love of life that you hold in common with it. That unification is the brakes and steering antidote for our denial of our role in the falling apart state of the world. Whenever we don’t apply it our behavior continues to injure us as well as the environment.

Most scientists agree that our Industrial way of life is runaway.  It can’t stop increasing climate change, social injustice, relationship disorders, species extinction and mental illness without producing additional problems. Without using GreenWave 54 these same scientists don’t know how or why they and we continue to do this or how to cease. We emotionally and physically suffer today because this shortcoming is typical of our leaders, interactions, families and most of us, locally and globally.


Today our choice is clear because the effects of our car-on-the-loose are obvious.  Either we
1) continue omitting GreenWave-54 organic psychology from our well-intentioned training and relationships and go on producing today’s deadly runaway and immoral results or

2) we reverse this catastrophe by adding GreenWave-54 to everything we do and let our strengthened and supported GreenWave wisdom help us enjoy and increase the delightful unifying sanity of personal, social and environmental well-being. 

3) we abandon Earth and establish artificial human communities in outer space

Fortunately, a growing group of individuals are beginning to choose #2 and this book is dedicated to teaching them GreenWave-54 and strengthening their efforts.

GreenWave-54 works because it puts to work the unifying and self-correcting powers of the nature's attraction essence that exists in our daily lives every moment. It includes electricity, magnetism, gravity and sunlight along with our 54 senses that can register and monitor their effects. My peer reviewed book Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature describes this Natural System Thinking Process.  With Justice For All identifies why we omit it and our subsidized online Orientation Course enables you to experience and master it as a remedy for our disconnection (Cohen, 2007, Cohen, 2008 ).

With the discovery of the Higgs Boson natural attraction field announced in July, 2012 after eighty years of research, the source of our life-support deterioration along with the remedy for it was affirmed in the work of Project NatureConnect (PNC) and its Natural Systems Thinking Process. This was because the core of PNC has historically been that natural attractions or attachments are the strands and webstrings that make up every aspect of the web-of-life. Fifty years ago PNC also postulated that attraction was the core of Nature and the Universe and acted accordingly. (PAN 1981, ECHN 2007). 

The secret power and wisdom of our GreenWave-54 "instinct" is that scientifically the Universe, Nature, Earth and Humanity are moment-by-moment all attraction expressions and manifestations of the Unified Field. Nothing is unattractive or negative in or around us except the nature-disconnected stories that we attach our 54 GreenWave senses to. These stories deny or disrupt the all-attraction truth and value of whole-life science.

For example: A rubber balloon filled with a mixture of gases including nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide has its own wholeness. When you push in its rubber skin you stressfully separate the skin molecules by stretching them out.  At the same time you attract together the air molecules within the balloon to accommodate the push...and their crowded attachments stress them. Both the separation and attraction are "dance properties" of the balloon that your push energizes into action. Both are a pulse, positive supportive parts of the balloon's whole-life survival in coping with change from a push. Neither are negatives. 

If, over time, your story that pushes the balloon is not attracted to more attractive things in response to the stressed resistance signals it gets from the balloon, your story is then a negative because it injuriously stresses the balloon. It is not part of how the balloon normally operates to sustain its well being.
When the balloon is the life of Planet Earth and its attraction to survive, the consequence of our addictive and increasingly pushy, planet-insensitive stories is Earth Misery.

Presently, over ninety-nine percent of the stories that we use to normally think, feel and relate are disconnected from the way Nature works.

Our inherent GreenWave stories are appropriate because they are attracted, connected, sensitive to, and include signals from, the life pulse of Earth.  "hearteartheartearthearth"

With care you can trust the attractive value of any attraction you find in a natural area because it does not have and is not sustained by disconnection stories.
Be aware that harmful aspects to you of the attraction are not attractive. For example the attractive white berries on a poison ivy vine have their limits to you, yet they have their own contribution to the welfare of the ivy.

If when you grok Nature
you discover a negative sensation or story, you can be sure it is signaling you that you are misleading yourself and that you should reasonably change to a different or stronger attraction in the area or to a more reasonable story. This process provides you with up-to-date GreenWave information that instinctively cares about you because it is you. It provides you with missing earth wisdom that we all sorely need.
If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts
                                                                          - Albert Einstein

Your ability to grok the life of earth is like SIRY that you always carry with you to obtain GreenWave knowledge that happily helps you think, feel and act in constructive balance.

PNC recognizes that contemporary society is in denial. We deny that we addictivly educate ourselves to limited and misleading science and technology stories that motivate us to win an undeclared war against Nature and Earth. We lose this battle every time we win for although these stories seem to support our lives with immediate fulfillments, long term they make us further deteriorate our own life support system in and around us. We learn to deny that the remedy for this tragedy is GreenWave-54, a simple but advanced behavioral technology. It hands-on helps us create balance and sanity by invoking the Albert Einstein GreenWave Unified Field as a whole life art and science for educating, counseling and healing with Nature.

Chapter Two

Properties of The GreenWave

In the 1950’s a Gestalt Psychology counselor in one of my classes at Columbia University produced a diagram that portrayed how we only live, think and act in the present moment and how this is similar to surfing the crest of a wave. The image did not include our surfing today as being the contact at the crest of the now identified and Unified Field GreenWave-54. At the time that information was unsubstantiated.

Today, scientifically, on the diagram’s 54 sense wave peak "now" is where we are in the sensory, action-contact, present, the moment-by-moment now of life. The now is the Universe making its own time and space.

This wave diagram helps us visualize that only in the immediate crest peak Present can we experience, learn and act from with the real wave.  This is especially true as we begin to recognize that each of us is the wave being us.

We are only alive and supported and connected to the wave crest in the now.  For this reason we can only register and deal with the past and future as stories or memory sensations while we are in the present on the crest. This is the only time that everything is present including our thoughts, senses, feelings, stories, spirit and ideas from the past or future.  This holds true for those who believe in or experience God. They can only do this in and on the wave crest now.

Whatever 54-sense registers in the now moment on the crest is the greatest truth that you can trust or experience.  Everything else is a fiction or non-fiction story that may come into consciousness in the now crest moment.

In Organic Psychology the time and space aliveness of the nature-based wave is recognized as being the Higgs Boson Unified Attraction Field. It became the GreenWave-54 Unified Field Equation of the Universe that this book helps you learn, apply and teach in conjunction with training in the Organic Psychology Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP).

Since we may predict, but don't felt-sense experience the future until it becomes the wave crest present, a diagram of the GreenWave omits the future.


The omission of GreenWave-54 by counseling and education authorities creates problems and violates our constitutional and human rights to life, health, information and property protection (Cohen, 2016).  The more you directly sense and know the Unified Field and NSTP, the more you can sense, feel, identify and benefit from its GreenWave-54 process in any given moment. Some leaders give lip service to this, very few practice it no less teach it. For this reason, Earth misery dangerously increases year by year.

The GreenWave/NSTP combination produces unification by having everything be recognized scientifically for what it is, a continuum of the Higgs-Boson unified attraction field wave of the Big Bang that we can sense and feel in any moment.

The unified field is an organic connection force, a singular, immediate, natural interconnection system that is attracted to build its own time and space “wave” moment by moment. That primal attraction is green fire, our desire and love to live/survive, to continually follow Nature's attraction to reproduce itself in a more attractive way, moment-by-moment.

We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes. I realized then and have known ever since that there was something new to me in those eyes, something known only to her and to the mountain.

                                                                    - Aldo Leopold

The GreenWave illustration, above, diagrams that until proven otherwise all things are held together by the Unified Field’s attraction in the moment since the beginning of time. To date, no legitimate evidence to the contrary has appeared.

When we are in a natural area, by wearing “GreenWave glasses” we have the advantage of accurately sensing and experiencing the area and our 54-sense selves as the attractiveness of the universal attraction field in any moment. Sensing and feeling this increases our resilience and adequacy by 85 percent.

The above is similar to a cell being attracted to its individuality as well as attracted to being part of the organism it supports and vice versa.

The instinct of a White Blood Cell attracts it to attract invaders of an organism into being transformed by the WBC into things that support the life of the organism. This is recognized as the same instinct for well-being and cooperation of and by the organism it occurs in.

In Nature’s instinctive, all-attractive GreenWave process, no garbage is produced and, in ever-stronger diversity, the community sustains itself.  That’s why my expedition education programs worked no matter where we were during the year. We were following our original GreenWave attraction to be part of the program and support it.

My expeditions consisted of 20 inquiring individuals who were committed to creating close-knit, consensus-based, living and self-designing education for themselves through cooperative experiences while in contact with nature and the natural in a wide range of settings. These areas and their residents, human or otherwise, served as expedition resources and textbooks as well as our home while we were camping out in them throughout the seasons. As a group we provided the solidarity and power to support what was reasonable to us and enact it. For this reason we were each more balanced and effective than we had ever been in other community settings....except street gangs, but they were not whole-life reasonable socially or environmentally.

The program was dramatically successful in increasing well-being for all concerned while on the expeditions and this included the plant, animal, mineral and energy kingdoms of the web-of-life in comparison to when we were not on the expeditions.

Today NSTP and GreenWave-54 are attempts to achieve the same expedition accomplishment.  However, although they reach many more people, they don’t have the advantage of their participants experiencing small group, first hand interpersonal GreenWave-54 expedition contacts and group unity in natural areas as part of the process. To replace this omission, students write emails that share their in-common web-of-life and GreenWave experiences that they enjoy and learn from in their local natural areas, thousands of miles apart from each other.  It becomes participants making time and space for the Unified Field to support and help them unify. However, this is not nearly as powerful as being in a group that instinctively centers around being a GreenWave-54 centered family that helps us deal with the negative effects of our excessively nature-disconnected society or individuals.

My challenge has been to have GreenWave-54 contact by internet or telephone conference calls replace the expedition hands-on community experience that worked so well for our small groups in natural areas. This makes the adequacy of the NSTP and GreenWave process the critical element for achieving this goal.  It is a much more challenging task because first-hand expedition experiences are a far better unifier and teacher than shared-in-common written or spoken messages that only describe GreenWave experiences.  However, the online training makes it possible for those who master it to set up local expedition type GreenWave-54 affinity groups that meet at specific times or to help individuals become practitioners who advantageously add  PNC activities to any practice or discipline that they mentor. 

Greenwave-54 helps any one of us, at will, to fulfill our GreenWave attraction to enjoy and support the Unified Field.  It enables us to be individuals who know and call on its unifying powers to be involved in our relationships.  We can then act out being the missing GreenWave blend of time, space and people in a natural area because through GreenWave-54 we become them as we represent them. Then the Unified Field in and as us is attracted to speak to itself in others. That’s what made the expeditions work no matter where we were.  It was more than a map or model, alone, it was an unadulterated Nature experience.

GreenWave-54 reduces our emotional risks because in any moment it always adds stronger unification energy and rationale to what we already know. It helps our reasoning know that there are helpful, supportive Unified Field attractions in every moment and it urges these attractions to enter the scene and contribute what they can do best.

Riding the GreenWave we can validate that whatever we are attracted to in a natural area is what is doing the attracting. This is because the former is already established there before we can fully register it or begin to act from it.  This enables us to scientifically grock the life of Nature, Earth and the Unified Field and then, for good or bad, continue it in our newly educated image or beliefs in the next moment.

Being reasonably aware of and supported by the Unified Field gives us the ability to let it help us continue its life with “organic, behavioral technology, brakes and steering” in balanced and purifying ways in the next moment. That’s the fundamental thing that the GreenWave is attracted to do in ourselves and all other beings as well.

To actually do the above is the runaway car passengers’ prayers and hopes in action. Doing it transforms their fear and anguish into reasonable behavior. 

Scientifically accurate “doing” is a fundamental source and ally if we want to create unity in balance and beauty and not crash into the natural area family picnic.  Committing to learning how to do this is how and why my expeditions worked while we were together. To continue this, I offer conference calls and visits with folks who know they have dedicated themselves actualize their instinct to ride the GreenWave with each other at Project NatureConnect. This helps them in time establish local expeditions to enhance their lives and stop the runaway car.

The secret to why the GreenWave-54 equation works is that it unifies the anguished folks in the car with the folks at the natural area picnic along with every other part of the natural area and web-of-life in that place and globally. This is because all these members of the Unified Field are  instinctively GreenWave attracted to reasonably unifying to the benefit of all as well as to stop the high-tech car from disrupting this beautiful process.

The car adjusts when folks use GreenWave-54 because their total in-common love of life in the moment is a unifying singular dance and that’s what GreenWave helps us grok. It is the attraction essence of the Unified Field that uniquely includes all the atoms and energies of the car.

What many folks have not learned is that some of the atoms that make up the car or natural area, including each atom's sub-atomic attraction relationships, may have once made up the body of a person. It could have been Jesus or Mohammad or Moses just in case that makes a difference.

The challenge for a contemporary person is to recognize that the nature-conquering stories of our society pay and otherwise reward us to disregard our attraction to learn how to personally and globally manage the car in a balanced way. GreenWave-54 meets this challenge by helping us gain rewards directly from grokking the authentic life of Earth, backyard or back country. It is the expert authority and teacher in what it does.

In every moment, Earth’s life instinctively loves to support the totality of its eons in and around us and bring them more attractively into the next moment. That is its purpose and pleasure. It's GreenWave intelligence does this in grace and beauty because has no story that stops it.   With the exception of humanity, Planet Earth does not have excessively disconnecting stories. It's love of life is always there for us because every thing or event is attached to all that has gone before it and all that will follow.

Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.

- Rabindranath Tagore 1913 Nobel Prize (literature)


A. If at this point you are interested in strengthening your knowledge, resilience and relationships via increased GreenWave-54 expertise, you have enough information about it now to know that you will succeed in mastering it and adding its value it to your personal and professional relationships. You can do this free on your own as long as you remain aware that doing it without a supportive partner(s) limits its depth and effectiveness due to a lack of input from a human source that only a human being understands.

B. You can also accomplish the above in conjunction with a mentor and support group online and gain optional credit, certification or a degree that confirms your skill and training.  At this point you are eligible for work-study and financial assistance on this path. Visit www.ecopsych.com/orient.html to explore and apply for it.

Continue this free, immediate, personal Sensory Nature Unified Field GreenWave-54 training because your GreenWave instinct is to promote peace and sanity and it's easy to do that here in a good way.  Why wouldn't you want to do this?

The remainder of this book and course validates, reinforces, accredits and enhances what you now already know so that you can expertly apply it.

To continue Select Here for www.ecopsych.com/einsteinstart.html and call 360-378-6313 to let us know your questions and how we can help you.


Become whole life intelligent. Obtain a subsidized sensory aliveness Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature GreenWave-54 degree or certificate in conjunction with:

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