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This page describes a button that strengthens a funded natural sensory science in action. The latter is an organic psychology tool that helps us improve health wellness and counseling by enabling our thinking and feeling to safely tap into the nature's grace, balance and restorative powers. Participants
benefit from and strengthen their hope and inborn love of nature as part of the great turning. They master alternative therapist coaching, stress release management and holistic spiritual psychology to reduce excessiveness via natural attraction ecology activities.


Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature

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Project NatureConnect offers nature-centered distant learning that enables you to add the benefits of nature-connecting methods and credentials to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies.

We honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines or personal interests. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Improve your economics and satisfaction through independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study and Ecopsychology.
  • Help people connect their thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing ways of nature.
  • Increase personal social and environmental well being.
  • Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the natural world to your life, community and meditation.
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"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." 

- Barack Obama 

OBTAIN A FREE BUTTON that helps you gain the joy of living in balance.  Increase your ability to think and relate using the self-correcting powers of natural systems in and around you.


-The world, including humanity, is held together in balance and beauty by the whole of life's natural attractions and their self-correcting ways.

-To our loss, parts of ourselves and Industrial Society have learned to tear apart important natural attractions in and around us. This dismemberment creates stress and disorders.

-A free button from Project NatureConnect enables us to help disconnected natural attractions reunite in and around us. This increases personal, social and environmental unity, happiness and well-being.

At no cost, folks in the USA may obtain the one inch diameter, pin-on button, below, simply by sending a self-addressed USA-stamped envelope to:

Button Order
Project NatureConnect,
P. O. Box 1605,
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
360-378-6313  nature@interisland.net
Optional: if you are so inclined, please include a donation to our Scholarship Fund or to help cover the costs of making the button available.

Non-USA residents and others are invited to download the button, below, and print it out for use in the activities (or send minimum $10 US currency, to cover postage overseas.)

You can wear the button and/or use it to help yourself and others benefit from natural attraction connections in yourself, others and natural areas.  

Here's the button: 



"GreenWave Felt-Sense Thinking"

A Mimbres culture pottery design, circa 800
A.D.New Mexico

Over two million people who deeply appreciate nature have visited our homepage, read our publications or taken our courses.  Each of them has become familiar with the image on the button. If you wear it, some extraordinary people may feel naturally attracted to say hello and share or exchange wonderful nature experiences with you. Others may be curious about the meaning of the image and inquire about it. It can serve you well as a conversation piece with folks with whom you hold very important natural attractions in common.

Wearing The Button:

- identifies you as an individual who respects and seeks peaceful and balanced natural relationships with people, places and things.

- helps you attract and build reasonable interactions steeped in nature's self-correcting and nurturing ways.  

- gives you the opportunity to discover, explain and explore the beautiful, mutually supportive ways of nature with
people who appreciate and seek them.

- help others get a free button if they want one.

About the Button

The image on the button, originally in black and white, was found on a bowl made about 1000 years ago by a member of the Native American Mimbres culture in southern New Mexico. This society
led a peaceful existence living in a valley that supported a rich diversity of wildlife.  They relied on balanced gathering, hunting, and some limited farming.

The button's image appears to fill not only the human body with nature in the form of a bird, but, in the image, the bird also fills the human mind. This begs the question "As members of Industrial Society we live excessively nature-disconnected lives. What fills our mind and influences our thoughts, feelings and psyche?" The button also brings to mind, "If we value a peaceful, richly diversified, environmentally sound existence, how can the grace of nature's restorative and purifying ways enter our psyche and improve the way we think and act?"  These questions are important because our thinking determines how we relate; it is our destiny.

Enjoy these activities with the Button:

1. Wear the button in public and see if or how people react to it.  Use it and its history as a conversation piece about relating with respect and support to nature in and around us.

2. Visit a natural area with the button and imagine that the picture on it is of your head and body.  In the natural area locate immediate natural attractions there, shapes, sounds, scents, colors, motions, feelings that you like. Try doing this with your eyes closed, too. Each time you discover a natural attraction, in your imagination, or your meditation practices, place that attraction in your mind and body. Also place that attraction as a substitute of the bird on the pin. For example, replace the bird with attractions you may find in a leaf, brook, tree, flower, star, mountain, or the wind. Or attractions to a sensation like gravity, temperature, nurturing, trust, beauty, or place. After 15 minutes, note how you think and feel.

3. Do the activities at
When you make attractive discoveries about nature while doing the activities
place those attractions in your mind, as described in 2, above, and place them in the person on the button, too.  Note how you feel as a result of doing this.

Whenever you choose to pin the button to your sleeve, you can look at it and re-live some of the renewing values and connections you experienced while doing the nature-connection activities.

If you are interested in learning and teaching this process in greater depths
with others and personally or professionally benefiting from the results, take our Orientation Course on line.

Reported Experiences:

"I took the Mimbres pin drawing outside and obtained nature community consent to sit and learn through nonverbal attraction connections. With my eyes closed, I pictured the Mimbres design in my mind. I heard the steady chirp of a cricket. It wasn't long before I realized that it was singing at the same beat as my heart. I grabbed my wrist and felt my pulse. Together we had the same rhythm. It was a very strange feeling. A jay sang one of their joyful sounding songs.
- I could feel the wind rise and fall.
- I heard the ocean sound that the wind and rocking treetops create and felt the wind tingling and caressing my face.
- When I looked at the Mimbres pin design with the bird, I felt more than human. 
- When I replaced the bird with the swaying tree tops, I felt comforted.
-When I replaced the bird with a falling oak leaf, I felt sheltered; with a grape leaf, I felt warm.
- When I replaced the bird with the purple bracelets of a beauty berry bush, I felt joyful.
- When I place the wind in the design, I feel the energy of the zig zags in the design.
- When I put the light of long shadows in the design, I feel whole and grounded."


I have to share that the Button has caused quite a bit of stir at my office! Very exciting.
I have been able to talk about the wonderfull training I am immersed in and the wonderfull things I have learned from the group and how much is has impacted the direction of my heart and how I have even stronger hopes and plans for the earth and my responsibility to the greatest thing of all: this planet and the direction it can go in.


I wore the button all week to work and to several evening meetings in my community.  At work I was involved in a week of training called primary leadership.  It is for Dept. of Corrections staff, mostly those in mid to upper level management positions plus some assistants and long time clerical workers. Some tried to interweave the birdlike object with what they called a human being - comparing it with the ying-yang illusions we've all seen and trying to switch from the white to the black image.  Several, mostly women, compared it to a woman as being the mother of mankind or humankind. 

One man asked if it was from a SW Native American archeological dig!  He thought he recognized the pattern from somewhere, but he couldn't quite place it.  Some tried to explain the colored designs around the central figures as mazes and trails attempting to reach the goal of being united as one (mankind and animals).

The button is so small I didn't think many would notice, but lots did.  It got such varied reactions I think I'll wear it whenever I'm entering any new group.


I took button to the city park this morning while I was out running errands.  It was fairly early and there were not many people around yet.  It is getting easier for me to gain consent - almost a natural thing now.  Experiencing the natural attractions with my
eyes closed is also becoming easier.  I felt numerous natural attractions vying for my attention and I  enlisted their assistance in letting me experience them one at a time.  It wasn't easy at first, but as I relaxed, they seemed to understand my need and gently  connected with me.  It had been raining the day or so before and the moist, earthy, rich dirt and grass scents overwhelmed by nostrils and olfactory nerve endings.  I could sense and feel it all at the same time! 

After I'd spent a few minutes recognizing some of my new friends I tired envisioning one and then another in place of the bird
in the Mimbres button design.  I could add temperature, nurturing and beauty, but my concentration was broken when I tried to add gravity and trust.  I tried again, thinking I shouldn't force myself or the connections.  Instead of replacing the bird, I ended up replacing the person in the design.  I'm not sure why.  I let it go and noticed an older Mexican lady observing me from next to a tree.  She asked, in broken English with my broken Spanish, what I was doing and commented that I looked relaxed and free here.  I showed her the
design.  Her face lit up, and she said she was pleased, "I would like such a picture."  I could not explain the total activity, but she seemed to understand that the bird and person were one being - in one body was how I understood her to be saying.  I think I made a friend and will look for her again in the park.


Walking on a sunny afternoon, I was led to a path in
the new park. My desire was to complete the summary
exercise although I hadn't completely read it or
understood the directions.

Cold air, warm sun. I felt a bit discouraged at the
view: a meager amount of trees sandwiched in between
new homes everywhere: this was called a park. I felt
inspired by the ability of nature to survive in the
spots we give it. This leftover space between the more
important homes; the potted plants on my kitchen
windowsill, plants growing out of crevices in really
big rocks. I wondered how it could work to plant herbs
and flowers along the path, who would give this
endeavor priority? I felt again a strong pull to
return to a job related to our natural environment.

Almost near the end of the path, I looked across a
thin stand of trees and saw a deer. I paused and asked
permission to be with the deer. I felt acknowledged by
the deer's continue presence and gave thanks. I felt
sad that there was such little space left between the
homes, for the deer to have a home.

Without thinking, I picked up one foot and paused
midair. The deer picked up a front leg and paused
midair, just like me! We both stood, a foot paused in
mid-air. Then I put my foot down, and so did the deer.
I didn't need to imagine, or visualize how the deer
and I were alike and connected. I moved with the deer,
as it moved with me. I was looking at myself.

When I got home, and read the instructions about using
the button, I noticed that my experience this afternoon was
perfect. Rather than consciously visualizing my attractions
to fit the motif of the Mimbres drawing, it just happened
that way. I moved with the deer, we were mirror images of
each other. Earth spoke, consciously answered my intention
to complete the exercise and showed me how wonderful
it is to be with nature, how nature and I are one.

So far one person asked me about the button, "What is
that," she said? "May I have your reaction first?" I
asked. She said, "Is it a bird, or a woman, or a bird?"
It s both I said, its about our connection to nature.
I felt she got it. The person said, "I really do like
these things, even though people think I don't."  I thought it was interesting that she mentioned what other people perceive of her nature connection.

I am going to continue to the wear the button for some
more responses.

I feel like this experience overall has validated my
understanding of how I relate to nature, and also give
me new experiences to enjoy. The validation has given
credibility to my experience, validation I haven't
received anywhere else in the world.  I feel some
things have changed about me, with regard to
expectations (world stories) in a way so that I feel
like remaining influences of what they say have been
replaced with the wonder I get from sensing and
feeling. Doubt has taken on a new and fairly limited
place in my life. And I noticed that my own internal
clocks are working beautifully, I feel even more in
the flow than I ever have before.


Today instead of riding, my horse and I decided to just take a long walk with it alongside each other. I pinned the button on my
shirt. This became a very powerful experience for me because that button kept  drawing my attention to it ever since I got it several weeks ago. It was a relief to be able to interact with it.

As we walked, I was aware of the  expansiveness of the fields and the sky above us....dogs barking....crows  calling to one another...all the beautiful wildflowers swaying among the tall  grasses....the smells of the rich earth....the damp, cool air....the pressure of
my horse's head leaning on my shoulder as we watched the other horses playing in  their fields....the warmth of her breath caressing my ear and cheek as she softly blew through her nostrils....

I held the button close to my heart....each  time I closed my eyes I could see it clearly on the screen of my mind....each time tears flowed....I found myself clutching it as though someone was about to tear it away....not the button so much as what it represented....I
realized how important all this had become to me.... and I held that button  because it was sacred....because it represents to me all that is  sacred.

Now that I am at home the button has become a powerful 'trigger'. As I hold it and close my eyes, I can almost smell the fresh air in the fields. Best of all, I can still feel those wonderful feelings I felt when I was close to my horse.


When I did the button activity I had a few comments on the pin. When I asked people what is in their heads they all responded with having to do a daily task. Only one person was thinking of anything remotely connected with nature, and that person wished to have snow for snowboarding.

The most interesting responses came from children who were quite impressed with the "birdhead." A friend's daughter said she thought it looked "like a bird turning into a person or a person turning into a bird." I explained that it came from a person who lived everyday with animals and in nature and she was very impressed and said wished she could live that way, too. The adults, however, who aren't already nature oriented, offered mostly "Oh" and didn't seem impressed or changed by the meaning or explanation I offered.

In participating in this course I've felt a return to wholeness.  I feel my activities to be more complete I am aware of the natural attraction webstring connections (web of life natural attractions) working in everything I do. My actions and speech have more purpose as I incorporate this awareness daily. I can use them in nature, as well as in the classroom. I am attracted to the vibratory life in others and this has affected my social interactions. I'm drawn to conversation that makes my webstrings vibrate in a positive way.

My uncomfortable attractions have, indeed, caused me to seek other webstrings that are attractive. In this I've found greater depth in my relationships with people and nature. Things I have sensed now have a new-brain explanation, and this contributes to this feeling of wholeness.

The button helped me recognize that I honor the roots of human meaning as grounded in the same order that’s perceived in nature. I am as much a part of nature as nature is of me. I interact with the soil, the air, the climate, the animals, the plants etc., of where I live. I am grateful for nature’s support that helps create a sustainable environment of which I live. My heart houses my soul, my spirit, senses/feelings, emotions, and passions, that motivate me to speak to understand/know resides in the body of my heart. By respecting sacred space and understand the validity of each life-form’s right to life . . . mine is honored.
I love the sweetness each day brings. I open my heart and connect to the well-spring of natural attraction love every day. How could I not . . . it is all and everything. Natural love emanates throughout all space, all conditions, and all things. Love is an ever-present omnipresent, pervading all things. Letting earth teach is a reservoir of good and cannot be invaded by any condition of the negative whatsoever. When we think of this energy, the pristine purity stands there for all time and the instant we think of the great vibrating, pulsating sense we become aware of it right within ourselves. We only need to tune into it and become one with it.
I am a person who understands truth is my protection and my spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional healings are understood through life’s experiences. I am strong and this alone will give me all I need at this time. Disconnected  from nature I'd feel well-drained instead of well-being. This button activity enhances myself worth by remembering my personal medicine and how to be my full potential."


When I first pulled out my button Franke and I sat and looked at it for quite awhile. I kept saying to myself what is this saying to me. I finally decided that for me it was saying that the oneness of man/nature is encircled by and connected to the webstrings of life. Then I went out to the bottom part of my garden. I sat down on a wet moss covered log. At first I found myself thinking nothing is attracting me here. Then I took a deep breath, asked permission to be there and learn. Then I smelled mustiness and looked down at the decaying alder leaves on the ground. Not much to look at, a pleasant smell and an example of life feeding life. Then I closed my eyes. The frogs are singing! It's breeding season. I love the music of the frogs. Sometimes they get so loud its like listening to a symphony. We had a dance one year at the community hall. I went outside and the frogs were louder than the rock band and its amplifiers!

I could feel the springy moss under my butt. Both were wet! Everything was still. No wind. No breeze blowing on me. Just slightly cool air. It felt milder today but still cool air on my cheeks. I could hear some sheep baaing in the distance. Mothers and lambs calling back and forth.

I opened my eyes and saw swamp grass -the bain of every gardeners existence. So I chose to look at it as beautiful. It is so strong, such a survivor. Even the goats don't eat it. It also shows where it is wet! Then I needed to pee. Another connection with nature. So I did and thanked a leaf for its help. Then I saw some moss growing up a tree. Usually when I see moss it's a blanket of moss. Here it was sending out the leading shoots up the tree. So not only the individual leaves were lacey but the shoots going up the tree also created a lacey pattern. I tried to put all these wonderful things into the button picture. But they didn't fit. So I expanded the button in my mind so that it encircled us all. and we were all within the circle of the webstrings and connected to the web of life. Then I realised I had gotten quite chilled and went inside. But I can still sense being encircled by the webstrings of life.

I am putting in my memory that the web of life is with me each moment of the day. I can see it and be in it and use the connections in all the things I do each day. It is becoming a practise not just practise.


I went out to my back yard with he button and asked the lilac bush, which is now in bloom, if I could sit next to it. I received the answer that it indeed would like my company. As I sat I admired the new blossoms of lavender framed by the green leaves and I thanked it for letting me share its beautiful flowers. When I closed my eyes I could smell the lilac perfume, not strong but lightly. It exuded a feeling of serenity which in turn helped me to become serene after my hectic day at work. The wind rustled through the bush making soothing music to my ears which also gave me a feeling of peace. Among its branches a small brown spider was sitting on its web. I sensed a little anxiety from the spider as it was worried about my presence. I reassured the spider that I was only there to connect to nature and not to bother or harm it. I felt that it understood and once more it felt like unity. I think had I not been able to reassure the spider that I would have left for a different spot but now it was ok to stay there.

Clouds were in the sky and it looked as though it might rain. It brought a dusk-like atmosphere to my surroundings. The birds were also singing and chattering and winding up their day looking for a roost for the night. I was thinking about the picture on the pin and what each of these webstrings would look like in place of the bird. At first it was hard, but it got easier when I closed my eyes as I could see in my minds eye rather than be distracted by the view. I shall list them:

1.  Lilac blossoms - for natures beauty
2.  Leaves - as leaves take in sunlight- to remind me to be as a leaf and take in nature's offerings.
3.  Lilac Fragrance - To remind me of the importance of my breath to nature and nature's air to me. (I am not sure how that picture would look.)
4.  Wind - to stay refreshed in nature's ways
5.  Spider - To be aware of all the webstrings that connect me to nature and it to me
6.  Clouds - That as clouds bring rain, nature can renew me
7.  Birds - That being aware of nature's attractions and webstrings can help me soar to new heights of awareness. 

I was truly amazed with how many things that I could picture as being in the place of the bird. It definitely made me feel very grateful to have taken this course. I wish I were a graphic artist as all of these things would make a great composite picture to describe my learning process and the new way I feel about myself. I sat there a while longer and thanked the bush and the spider for sharing the time with me and helping me with my project.


I think the quote that helped me in the reading as I did this Mimbres button activity was, "Deep within us we have the inherent biological ability to creatively think and relate with the natural balance and beauty of webstrings." I believe we see that in children before it is choked out of them by sitting in classrooms all day. Children always see wonder and beauty in nature that we as adults seem to zone out. We treat the "wonder and beauty" at the discovery of nature as something we grow out of as we grow up. It is sad to think that we walk this earth in such ignorance of the wonder around us.

Nature is a part of me that has always been there, the Ying/Yang.
All parts of nature can serve as a reconnection point as the stresses in life happen, fragrance, a bird, a flower, etc. Our connection to nature can help bring us into balance with the earth.

I wouldn't like to lose this connection with nature. It truly has brought a change in my life and the way I think about myself and my responses to the world around me. Placing my natural attractions to substitute for the bird  has definitely enhanced how I feel about myself and my ability to interact with nature. It has connected me even more strongly to nature as I did not know what I was experiencing or how to enhance it until I took this course.

The Mimbres Pottery Design button helped me visualize the ways nature was important to me. How the connectedness might look in picture form. It was very helpful to visualize each part of nature that attracted me in the activity.


One reason I live at 6000 ft is my non-attraction to hot weather, clear sunny,  stunning blue skies somewhere around 300 days a year, rarely over 85,  rarely under 0; nearly perfect for this body/heart/mind, but 95+ at over a mile high is hot!  After today's "session" I realize the value of this heat; it pushes me into the water; Clever, this earth!  Here at Juni Creek I know there is a place to sit, but do not know where that might be. I begin to walk up the middle of the easy flowing creek, not long ago a swollen torrent, remembering how exploring pool to  pool in the chilly water on a hot summer day still ranks with my most enjoyable days.

Looking upstream I see my sitting place, a small hole, 18 feet across at full flow, and now a mere 6 feet across. Cottonwoods canopy the rocks and other stream beings; the place I've come to sit, an easy chair size boulder at the pools edge. Easy chair not only in size, but also shape, the dance of time and water have sculpted this stone into a fine place for sitting. With a little imagination, this stone seat could easily furnish the home of the "Flintstones." A recliner, with big deep arm rests  and just the perfect height that my feet dangle in this cold mountain  stream.  Ahhhh!!! This is where I was meant to be!  Who else might  have sat here? Other humans? Perhaps. A human sized gnome  king? I hope so! The temperature experiment: feet,  dangling - cold; back pressed to stone throne - hot; in between - well, in between.

In the button experiment, the stone chair becomes the button center - present, rugged, enduring, truth in silence, truth  in silence, truth in silence! The old cottonwood becomes center - standing leafless, now a snag, 100 years to detritus. Exposed roots in its undercut bank - dark, tangled, gnarled roots shift to button center - mysterious, penetrating, anchored in the nourishment of darkness; fearlessness evoking fear. Butterflies take the button - light, free, flitting,  alluring fragility. Towering thunderheads seize the button - evolving, expanding, silent power, invisibly holding Thor's charged electric hammer. I close my eyes and everything deepens.  Far in the distance an ancient chorus sings through Juni Creek, no words, just sound, drawing me deeper, deeper, somewhere???


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"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

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