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Thinking and Learning With all Nine Legs



"If you count a dog's tail as one of its legs, how many legs does a dog have?"


Problem Solving with Natural Systems:  Overcome Natural System Dysfunction (NSD):

  • Creatively use logical Earth and whole-life relationships.
  • Learn how to address the deep, unrecognized prejudice and cultural bias in our nature-disconnected thinking.

Strengthen the effectiveness of

-Complimentary Medicine
through "nine-leg" environmentally based education.


If we are not using critical and creative thinking that offsets our destructive cultural biases, unknowingly we are part of a major life, midlife and earth crisis and we feel the erosion of hope.

We cannot solve our most challenging personal and environmental problems by thinking and relating with the same prejudice and limiting process that causes them.

The How and Why of "Nine-Leg" Thinking:

How to identify and address the underlying conflict in the destructive way we habitually learn to think, act and relate to the world.

Why we produce our discontents and life crisis even though we don't want to and it doesn't make sense.


As I returned home from my hike, the school bus stopped at the corner and dropped off two young girls from first and third grade. We walked down the country road together and as we talked about how they liked school. I made the mistake of asking them if they learned mathematics there and they said they did. Although I soon wished I hadn't, I asked them if they could answer a simple math question that I had seen on a critical thinking math aptitude/intelligence test. This logical reasoning question is used to help determine our mathematical ability or our competency to qualify for the rewards of better job, higher salary or greater prestige and self-worth. Here's the question:

'If you count a dog's tail as one of its legs, how many legs does a normal dog have?'

With smiles, both girls proudly responded "five" and looked at me as if I had asked a dumb question.

'Yes,' I replied, "And have you ever seen a real dog? How many legs does it have?"
'Is its tail one of its legs?'
'No, silly,'
'Well then, isn't your mathematics answer incorrect, doesn't a real dog only have four legs?"

As they thought about my question, sadness filled the girl's faces. They thought they got the question wrong or that I said they were wrong. The younger girl was about to cry, and a tension built in each of us.

I was mortified about what I had done and about to apologize for confusing them when, as if by magic, a dog with a cropped tail walked down the road toward us. Both girls excitedly smiled and shouted 'Four and a half is the right answer, its four and a half.' As they quickly walked away from me to pat the dog, I was so thankful that it had come to the rescue. It should have received a hero's medal.

The next day, when the school bus arrived, I noticed that the girls were met by their mother who drove them home....probably to protect them from me, some crazy guy who was harassing them with stupid mathematics questions.

The incident helped me recognize that the stress situation that I put the girls in is the same stress that faces each of us in industrial society from the day we are born. We learn to habitually think, act and relate to each other and the world as if a dog has five legs. We are socialized to "as if" thinking that is malligned. We, in turn mallign each other and the environment.

It is no surprise that most people answer 'five' when I ask the "5-legged dog" question. We are indoctrinated or addicted to this answer by our education, training and conditioning, in this case mathematics.

However, there is another reality at work. It's the nature of our planet, Earth, and the solar system. Its natural grace, self-correcting intelligence and restorative natural attraction powers normally produces dogs with four legs, dogs with tails that are not legs. 

Nature's reality also produces the way the world works as an optimum of life in diversity and balance, as a web of life with a perfection of its own that does not produce the pollution and disorders that result from our "tail is a leg" thinking.

We are born into and are part of nature's reality. It gives us the common sense to recognize that a warped, but habitual, "tail is a leg" way of thinking is wrong with respect to life in balance. That wrong underlies the "unsolvable" personal and global troubles that we suffer in Industrial Society. In this regard, we are no better than a goat directing air traffic at O'Hare International Airport.

The "five legged dog" critical thinking question presents a logical reasoning challenge. Of course, "five," is the correct answer on a math examination if you want to score high and get ahead with a higher salary and prestige. Intelligent people say "five" because it is valid in mathematical systems and contemporary thought.

Mathematics is a helpful and creative way of thinking, a problem solving method that is stringently trained and rewarded by industrial society. It even affects our self-esteem. We are like the two elementary school girls. For example, how comfortable would we be if people discovered that we think 1 + 1 = 5?

We feel, look and are treated badly if we are not mathematically adept because we are out of step with our scientific technological world. In it, 1 + 1 = 2

Most of us don't solely use mathematically logical creative thinking to live our lives. For problem solving, our natural sense of reason can consider what we know from our genuine contact with a real, normal dog, too. That's when our multitude of 53 natural attraction senses and their sensibility come into play: for example, our inherent natural senses of sight, touch, motion, color, texture, language, sound, smell, reason, consciousness, community, trust, contrast and love, to name just a few.

Undeniable truth consists of phenomena that registers directly in our consciousness through one or more of our 53 natural attraction senses.  It is fact based on empirical evidence. The fact that you can see this sentence right now is irrefutable, "4-leg" knowledge because it registers in you through your sense of sight, color, reason, literacy and consciousness.  This fact is not subject to interpretation. However, if it is labeled as "reading," "information," or "a happening" and you relate to it via the label, various intepretations, belief systems or indoctrinations can come into play. They usually distort the original truth. They can change a dog's tail into one of its legs, reality into imagination.  

If the preceding paragraph seems sensible to you, it is a fact because it has registered in your sense of reason, especially if you have thought about it and thereby repeated its message several times without developing conflict with one or more of your other natural senses.

Using his or her natural attraction senses, even a very young child who does not know math can determe that a tail is not a leg. A child's sense of consciousness and reason can accurately register that a tail is located, moves, feels, looks, smells, acts and has a different name than a leg.

Each of our 53 natural senses applied to a normal dog provides us with additional information. Each helps our critical and logical thinking sense of reason make more sense and more informed, sensible, problem solving decisions.

In concert, our multitude of natural senses enable our inherent creative thinking to identify and register a different truth than that of 5-leg thinking. Natural thinking recognizes from experience the fact that a tail is different than a leg, that a dog has four legs, not five, no matter what is correct in mathematical logic, no matter what is accurate in our society's "as if," story on an aptitude test. Four legs is nature's natural attraction reality, no matter how Industrial Society socializes us to think.

Our excessively nature-disconnected society too often builds itself on 5-leg thinking and stories. It rewards us, including paying us, to habitually think with these stories. This overwhelms and suppresses our natural 4-leg ways of sensory thinking and feeling into our subconscious. It produces the crisis of Natural System Dysfunction that frustrates and injures our 53 natural senses and underlies most of our stress, disorders and troubles. It disables us from consciously registering and thinking with sensory attraction signals from natural systems within and around us. These senses are natural attraction "communiques"  to update us on what is happening in the moment in our relationship with the flow of nature through us.  The interplay of these attraction sensitivities is the way nature works to produce its perfection and invite us to embrace it. We inherit, and we are, their grace. However, an unreasonable prejudice against nature in Industrial Society, for profit, socializes us to conquer and exploit nature by convincing us to think like a dog's tail is a leg.

"The unreasonable bias of Industrial Society is a five-leg story that we are not part of nature, that our planet is not alive, that we do not share the integrity of its life, and that we don't need to do onto Earth and nature as we would do onto ourselves."

- Michael J. Cohen

Conflicting Realities and our Discontents

Research in Neuropsychology has established that our natural, four-leg dog, sensory way of knowing and problem solving is our old brain (Cohen 1995). It is the way that non-literate nature and its systems throughout the eons, along with our inherent inner nature today, know, without words, how to sensitively sustain the world in its natural grace balance and beauty. We can register the sensation of thirst without knowing its name, how to spell it, or how to use it in a sentence.

In nature, our old brain's intelligence nurtures us to fulfill our 53 natural attraction senses and their intelligence, to seek and enjoy natural good feelings of greater wellness and balance. This is nature's way. It naturally produces dopamine.  We enjoy this phenomenon even on just a short walk in the park.


Out of Balance

The "four-leg dog" old brain makes up 90% of how our mind and psyche work. However, our cultural bias prejudicially disconnects us from nature's ways. It socializes us to habitually think with our old brain for less than .01 percent of our lives.

We are trained, for problem solving in Industrial Society, to use, think and feel "adequately" with the bias of our "A dog has five-legs," our "as-if" way of knowing. As the two school girls demonstrated, we develop emotional bonds to the dogma and labels of our society by our seventh birthday. This 5-leg ability centers around our recently evolved "new brain," the Neocortex. It only makes up about 10 percent of our mentality.

It is our cultural story, a "we must exploit nature for survival" prejudice that extensively trains our new brain so that it dominates over 99.9 percent of how we would naturally think and be conscious throughout our lives. Our exploitation of natural systems and their flow, within and about us, often becomes a source of midlife crisis and most other problems. This results because our prejudice to exploit nature for economic rewards has become a "normal" addiction. It has addictively pushed us far past what we and natural systems need for survival in balance. Our demands for "more of everything" trespass our ability to survive in peace.

"From the masses to the masses'
The most Revolutionary consciousness is to be found,
Among the most ruthlessly exploited classes:
Animals, trees, water, air, grasses."

- Gary Snyder


"We must stop denying that we have created and live in a 5-leg lie. We base our lives on a grossly inaccurate fact. It's misinformation is the heart of global warming as well as most personal and social troubles. Fortunately, we can easily correct this dilemma once we come out of our denial that it exists.

Here's what's wrong. There is an underlying short circuit in our thinking: we learn to "five-leg" believe that we live on the surface of Planet Earth. We don't. We live in our planet, ten miles deep in its biosphere that flow around and through us, in the web of life that includes Earth's natural systems, atmosphere and sunlight. We "four-leg" sense and feel this.  Our senses of distance, motion and color help us 4-leg know we are below clouds, birds and air, rain, auroras, etc. Since they are part of the Planet, we must be in it, not on it. 

We survive as part of the life, flow and cycles of nature's plant, animal and mineral community. It is us, we are it. Every seven years the flow replaces every atom in our body. Radioactive isotope studies show that 98 percent of our 'personal' atoms are replaced by the biosphere every two years.

Our thinking is our destiny. We suffer our troubles because we are living a vicious lie that leads to many other distortions and that disconnects our thinking from nature's ways. Our mentality and psyche lose the self-correcting, balance and restorative powers of nature. We can't afford to do that."

- Anonymous Course Participant



 "If you count a normal dog's tail as one of its legs, how many legs does a dog have?"

The old brain inherently senses and knows four, as does the dog and the rest of nature and the eons.

Our society's cultural bias trains, rewards and conditions our new brain to mathematically think five. This problem solving prejudice produces conflict, stress and life crisis in our sensory old brain and nature's balanced, non-polluting ways. Although often overwhelmed, they know the answer to be four.

Old Brain = 4-leg dog = nature's sensory ways of harmoniously knowing and relating

New Brain = 5-leg dog = socialized, biased ways of habitually knowing and relating that often conquer or exploit nature.

From womb to tomb our cultural bias applauds, rewards and conditions us to habitually know the world through the prejudice of 5-leg logic rather than 4-leg facts of life.

The truth of the matter: a tail is not a leg. However, the prejudice of our new brain thinking has also convinced itself that only it contains intelligence and that it is superior, that its 5-leg way of thinking and problem solving can best produce survival and manage the world.  When we consider the destructive effects of this thought, we recognize that something is missing or very inaccurate in how we think and feel.


"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not (5-leg) fish they are after. As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality."

- Albert Einstein

"Men have become the tools of their tools."

- Henry David Thoreau


Four-legged awareness

No matter how conceptually clever we are with our biased five-leg dog thinking, it is our four-leg sensory awareness that grounds our lives in the reality of natural systems and how they work within and around us. Again, that reality knows any normal dog has no more than four legs and no matter how you look at it, a tail is not one of them.

What is true for our thinking to accurately determine the realness of a four legged dog, is also true for the determining the realness of our life on Earth, of our relationships with plants, minerals and animals, with other people and our natural self.

Our disorders, discontents and midlife crisis arise because when it comes to supportively relating in balance to nature and its systems around and within us, we rarely think in 9-leg (4-leg plus 5-leg) ways of critical or empirical thinking.

Nine-leg thinking offsets our Industrial prejudice and bias against nature. It is readily available.

A major problem we face is that we live extremely nature-separated lives. On average, we live over 95% of our lives indoors, disconnected from how nature works. Less than 12 hours of our entire lifetime is spent thinking in tune with the grace, balance and self-correcting powers of nature. This conditions us to become prejudicially biased against nature's intelligence and wisdom.

"Upon arrival the play of fresh wind waves and color on the rocky shoreline filled our senses. A loving feeling of awe and belonging suddenly unified us when only minutes before we were angrily competing for status and to be 'winners' "

- Project NatureConnect participant


Prejudicially limited critical or creative thinking is detrimental. For example, it might be logical to kill or hurtfully stress a dog if we make it run too fast or far because we think that it has five legs.

But, isn't that what our bias is doing to us and to the environment? How often do we fund our 5-legged ways and thereby overwhelm 9-leg common sense.  How often do we, in metaphor, applaud our ability to dream up things like a 5-legged dog and then suffer the consequences of disrupting the health of the gene pool and ecosystem by genetically engineering a dog to have five legs? 

The destructive results of our problem solving prejudice speak for themselves with respect to our 5-leg relationships to emotional, psychological and biological natural systems, to life midlife, and otheer crisis within and around us. We suffer from its distortions.

"We have repressed far more than our sexuality: our very organic nature is now unconscious to most of us, most of the time, and we have become shrunken into two dimensional social or cultural beings, aware of only five of the hundreds of senses that link us to the rich biological nature that underlies and nourishes these more symbolic and recent aspects of ourselves.".
...- Norman 0. Brown
...Author of Love's Body

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The differing values and attributes of
- natural-sensory thinking,
- abstract thinking and
- whole thinking

It is a grave mistake for us not to take seriously the difference between natural sensory (4-leg) and abstract "as if" story (5-leg) ways of critical and creative thinking, along with our learned prejudice for the latter. The schism between their different means of registering the world often produces our discontents and life crisis, the destructive relationships, stress and conflict within and around us.

Natural sensory (Four-leg ) knowing is a magnificent psychological and physiological phenomenon with deep natural system sensitivity roots into the eons, the heart of Earth. It registers in the older lymbic brain that makes up 90 percent of our psyche. It brings our widely diverse multiplicity of ancient natural senses and sensory ways of registering the world into our immediate awareness so that we can think and relate with them.

We are biologically, psychologically and spiritually built to know and relate to the world through our natural senses, as does the rest of nature and its natural attraction sensitivities.

Abstract story thinking (Five-leg) knowing produces important awareness through our cultural bias to creatively think with abstract theories, imagination, labels and stories. However, like a movie playing in our mind, they are each a shortcut to reality, not reality itself.

Our mind movies are never reality, they are pictures of it or stories about it. They abstract reality into three of our 53 natural senses: language, reason and consciousness. These three senses connect with each other to produce the movie in the newer frontal neocortex of our brain.

In our abstract story thinking movie, a sentence that makes us conscious of something that is reasonable is considered a story that is "true" or "a fact." However, when we do not also seek information and think with our 4-leg natural sensory ability, our abstract, 5-leg, "truth" results not only in personal desensitization but in the biased separation of our thinking from the balancing reality of Earth's natural systems and their self-correcting powers within and around us. This profound loss in our thinking produces the destructive side effects and life crisis of our artificial world. These are troubles that we can not readily solve with nature-disconnected thinking alone.

"An actually existing fly is more important than a possibly existing angel."
.....- Ralph Waldo Emerson

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
.....- Albert Einstein


Whole thinking (Nine-leg) knowing combines 4-leg and 5-leg thinking to our benefit. It produces a whole-life, integrated, intelligent and balanced re-connection between interconnected natural senses and systems and our abstract thinking abilities. It also brings to our consciousness our inherent attraction to the grace, beauty and restorative ways of natural systems. This love, to our benefit, offsets our cultural bias and its detrimental effects. It helps nature help us relate and co-create more harmoniously and sustainably with natural systems in ourselves, each other and the environment.  For example, when building a road, the shortest and least expensive distance between two points may be identified, but if it goes through a beautiful natural area that is protected, or through a cathedral, what we sense and feel about them tries to guide us to go around them. 

Whole Thinking is Normal and Natural: Brain research by Dr. Wilder Penfield and others demonstrate that when an area of the brain is stimulated, the subjects report that they become conscious of specific past places or situations as well as of the senses and feelings that are part of that experience. Our mentality, by design, stores and thinks with both experiences or stories and the sensations that accompany them. To separate one from another reduces our thoughtfulness and produces dysfunctional thinking and relationships. Scientists and Philosophers tend to do this by dismissing our senses and feelings as being "subjective" "fuzzy thinking" or "granola."


""Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

"Our task must be to free ourselves from (our) prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

.....- Albert Einstein


The heart of our many problems and discontents 1) that we know and treat natural systems within and around us inappropriately because our prejudice incorrectly registers them in our thinking as a "5-legged dog." and 2) we don't believe in or use a process that helps us correct this error. In his quote, above, Einstein identifies our problem but he neither identifies nor gives us a process or tool that helps us address it. This finally catches up with us.  We recognize that this conflict leaves us dissatisfied and troubled and this motivates us to find our natural roots and feel better.

"As a mother and counselor I have been feeling stressed and pressed for time. I have been juggling time ever since my kids were born. So much of my daily interactions are around taking care of others, especially their pain. Or as a parent dealing with mundane tasks or having to be a disciplinarian.

I walked to sit by a small pond and was especially attracted to the wind, watching it dance across the shimmering water. It was playful, joyful, and suddenly I wanted to make something beautiful. I arranged a broken piece of birch tree limb, some bark with little lichens, a few acorns and a pine cone, and created a "thank-you to nature" gift on a rock beside the pond.

The important message for me that I took from this experience was how much I need to thank and revive the playful, joyful, creative parts of myself. I began making different choices about how to prioritize my time and where to put my energy. In doing this, some things have fallen by the wayside at times; a balanced checkbook, an over clean house, more garden weeds. But am starting to feel better. I have a lot more energy. I'm more interested in my work and I have a deeper connection with my husband and kids."
Project NatureConnect participant


"A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature."

-Henry David Thoreau


"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein

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Solving a Core Problem

A described above, the five-leg bias and prejudicial limits of critical and creative contemporary problem solving and thinking produce our greatest disorders. One of these disorders is that, being logical, our five-leg thinking can not tolerate its awareness of the unreasonable suffering that its nature-disconnected ways cause. It escapes this pain by going into denial of the problem. It refutes that its 5-leg sensory disconnection from natural systems within and around us is prejudiced, biased, addictive or limiting and that it produces disorders. It's bias defensively claims instead, that our mentality and intelligence is far superior to that that of other species and the global ecosystem, even though the results of how we are trained to think don't feel right or make sense. That is a way to describe delusion or halucination.

Dealing with this problem consists of using a distinct nature-reconnecting, 9-leg art and science. Engaging in this whole thinking tool enables us to first let nature revive our numbed natural senses. This heightens our critical thinking,  our multisensory awareness of natural systems around and within us and others. This enables our every thought and relationship to connect with and benefit from registering nature's regenerative balance, beauty and grace.

The greater sensibility of the 9-leg thinking process enables us to let nature's powers help us free ourselves from our bonded prejudice and bias for our destructive ways and against natural systems. Our reward is that we enjoy sustainable relationships that support all of life and benefit from Earth's well being.


"Hey, I may be dumb but, you know, I'm also rich. That is because I'm so dumb that I gamble all the time and I only make one bet.

I bet that a person who is not using nine-leg thinking to solve a problem is actually helping to cause that problem and they don't even know it.

The reason I'm rich is because I win that bet every time."

- Alfred E. Newman <grin>




Some Basics of Love

(Before reading further please recognize that it is the bias of our five-leg thinking that is doing the reading, not our inherent sensory connections with natural systems, for the latter are non-literate and are not connecting with nature on this screen. Our prejudice against nature may feel ill-at-ease with this page's critique of how our 5-leg thinking is in denial and how it omits the way nature's global perfection works so successfully.)


Most scientists recognize that just as our arm is naturally attracted, or "loves," to be attached to our body, all people are biologically, psychologically and spiritually born of, part of, and naturally attached to nature, our planet, Earth. This includes being emotionally attached or bonded to Mother Nature and Mother Earth through our natural senses, just as a child is also bonded to its human parents. These senses are expressions today of the natural attraction continuum through the eons that has held together the universe and all its components since the beginning. 

We are born with an innate natural attraction sensory love of nature's plant, animal and mineral kingdom, of sunshine, food, water, soil, air, community, cooperation, spirit and beauty--that we hold in common with each other and all of nature. This is why most children love to play in nature. The name we give to this deep potent and rewarding love is survival.

"A four-leg experience put the shock of my unexpected job loss in perspective. The job loss left me extremely drained of energy but in a nearby park, I experienced both the physical and the mental healing effect of nature. As I drew near a strand of shade trees, it quite literally reminded me of being held in my mother's arms as a very young boy. It was as if the area was saying to me; come to me, let me hold you so that you can rest. I lay down and fell asleep under those trees. When I awoke I sensed how each thing around me was connected to the others for its survival, how we're all part of Nature, relying on one another. I knew I would be OK even though my job had ended.

Change is constant and I'm not going through it alone. The natural world has been surviving much longer than I have, so why not follow my attraction to learn from it."

- Project NatureConnect participant


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Five-Leg Effects

Our stringently learned "five-leg dog" new brain's extreme disconnection from thinking with our inherent old-brain "4-leg dog" way of knowing, causes serious limitations in the way we relate to ourselves, each other and the global ecosystem. It is as foolish as hiring a lobster to direct the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal."

- Albert Einstein

"What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?"

- Henry David Thoreau


"The loss of nature's wisdom and purifying powers in our mentality makes us continually want so there is never enough. We presently 'want' the world's resources at a pace that outstrips the planet's capacity to sustain life in balance, as we know it."

- Michael J. Cohen


Because our critical and creative indoor thinking and psyche have very little genuine, sensory 4-leg contact with authentic nature, we desperately need a process that helps us increase our conscious sensory contact with natural systems.

The world and its people are seriously at-risk. It makes the greatest sense for our super-trained "5-leg" thinking and problem solving to learn to see the value and logic of connecting with "4-leg" sensory old brain ways of knowing in order to make better sense of our lives and reduce our troubles.

Project NatureConnect is a tool that teaches us how to recognize 4-leg and 5-leg thinking, and how to bring them together. We benefit ourselves and the planet by learning to use a 9-leg thinking process to appreciate it. Knowing the world this way helps us keep in mind that a dog's tail is not a leg.

"People who have had a beneficial experience in nature but whose bias does not let them practice the nine-leg art and science of strengthening that experience, and think with it, have been socialized into denying their own truth. They and the world suffer accordingly."

Organic Psychology instructor

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Four-leg connections combined with our five-leg thinking enable us to enjoy restorative 9-leg experiences and relationships that help us co-create more harmoniously with nature's healing and renewing powers within and around us.

An online 9-leg learning technique helps us make better sense of our life, and life on Earth, and reduce our most challenging troubles --personal and global. This is essential, for prejudicial short circuited thinking usually short-circuits its ability to figure out what short-circuited it.

"I am going through a breakup with my partner and am thinking about things that are most important to me. I am finding a great difference between my intuitions and my instincts. My instincts, which include my senses tell me to stay with my partner. I am still so attracted to Renny in many ways. But the rationale of my inner intuition tells me that I need to move on. In the natural area I visited, I was attracted to a group of trees, and I remembered roaming in the woods before I was with Renny, and that lost sense of freedom and autonomy.

Focusing on my senses in the wild allowed me to temporarily be away from my attraction to Renny. Being connected to the Earth brought many senses to mind that helped me evaluate my connection to my partner and how it was serving me.

I think I am getting too "attached" to Renny. Meaning- my time of learning and growing with my partner is over, but I cling to the relationship out of a need for connection. Out of a lack of deep connection with the Earth and people, I find someone that I can cling to and hold on to. What I discovered I really need to do is let go and work on building deeper relationships with people who I am not in love with and be with the Earth.

I find that being connected with all possible aspects of nature dissolves my addictions and allows me to be free and think clearly. It teaches the part of me that attaches to things that have become less sensible to let go and be free, and to let myself change and grow."

Project NatureConnect Ecology Student



"We need the tonic of wildness."

"In wildness is the preservation of the world."

- Henry David Thoreau

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us -universe-, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. "

- Albert Einstein


"No matter the original source of natural attraction energy, here's my challenge to you:
Show me a thing, place or relationship that, since the beginning of our Universe, has not, or does not consist of natural attraction holding things together in ways that support nature's purity, balance and beauty.  

I don't think you can show me the above because it's a 5-leg distortion. It doesn't actually happen in nature.

The integrity of natural things is intact because natural attractions maintain them this way.  

If all things consist of natural attraction in action, surely our 53 natural attraction senses are a continuum today of the attractive workings of natural attraction through the eons until this moment. For example, the natural attraction sense of thirst turns on and off to bring water into, through and out of us in a balanced and nurturing way for all.

Our disorders arise simply because we have excessively disconnected our society and mentality from conscious sensory contact with natural attraction that flows through and around us and natural areas, backyard or backcountry. 

There is one 5-leg exception to the above. However, it is not natural. It is the 5-leg story that denies natural attraction is an essence of nature and life.  Our denial  gets us into the troubles we suffer. It applauds us for our thinking's omission of natural attractions and their wisdom from our thoughts, feelings and relationships.

Nine-leg thinking and feeling helps us address this detrimental flaw in our lives.

Within and around us, our use of a tool that helps us genuinely reconnect our mind to nature's balance, beauty and healing powers enables our thinking to reduce our troubles and increases our love of nature. This is significant because we protect and save what we love."

- Michael J. Cohen

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Cohen, M.J. 1995, Counseling and Nature: A Greening of Psychotherapy THE INTERPSYCH NEWSLETTER volume 2, issue 4 March, 1995. Contains additional reviewed journal references. [Also re-published in
U.S. Department of Education ERIC, Green Education, Reconnecting With Nature (Ecopress), and Web of Life Imperative (Trafford).]

Cohen, M. J. (1993) Integrated Ecology: The Process of Counseling With Nature. The Humanistic Psychologist, Vol. 21 No. 3 Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Cohen, M. J. (2003) The Web of Life Imperative: Regenerative ecopsychology techniques that help people think in balance with natural systems. Victoria, British Columbia, Trafford


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Outcomes; unedited: empirically knowing ourselves and the world in a nine-leg way.


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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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The Web of Life Imperative.
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SYNOPSIS: Revolutionary alternative holistic programs Benefit from natural, hands-on, funded, mid-life career crisis courses and career education training jobs and degrees online. Increase your personal and environmental well-being.

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