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VOLUME  2  NUMBER  2012-2013                                                               Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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Is our nature-disconnected socialization arresting our happiness and human potential?.

Dear Visitor,

Do leaders or students have the intelligence needed to solve the critical problems that face us today?

Can we identify present and future individuals who are intelligent enough to want to learn and apply Natural Attraction Ecology, the sensory nature-connection process that increases IQ?

I invite you to consider the above questions with respect to a new study described in the release, below.

  Michael J. Cohen
,  Editor, OP/NAE Journal

For Immediate Release:

SANE: Intelligence Study finds IQ is Raised Through Sensory Nature Connection Methods and Materials

San Juan Island, WA.  January 4, 2012.  Two new articles in the January issue of the Journal of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology start the year of 2012 on a good note with respect to our ability to act more intelligently.

 "Sensory Attractive Natural Eco-intelligence (SANE): A New IQ Development" by Sandra Kolbl-Holman, Ph.D. notes that ancient philosophical foundations as well as contemporary psychology believe that human intelligence includes the ability of an individual to adapt to his or her environment.

"Ten Reasons Why You Might Want to Try Ecopsychology in 2012," by a licensed addiction counselor explains how and why to make SANE happen.

Both authors are workers at the Project NatureConnect and Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology, directed by Dr. Michael J. Cohen. They address the question of whether increasing ecological (eco) intelligence shifts, recycles or removes impurities within general intelligence and IQ and how anyone can make this happen for themselves and others.

Nature's "ecointelligence" differs from human intelligence in that, for example:
  • Nature knows how to make milk, or make carbohydrates from water, carbon dioxide and sunlight. This intelligence is yet unavailable in our science and culture. 
  • Nature has shown the intelligence to globally create and sustain optimums of life, diversity, balance and cooperation without producing garbage or pollution or the excessive abusiveness, dysfunctions and disorders that often deteriorate Industrial Society and its members.
  • The fact that quiet time in a natural area often reduces stress and renews our psyche demonstrates that nature can heal us and therefore must be intelligent. 
  • Many cultures show that as part of nature, humanity biologically inherits sufficient ecointelligence to sustain our survival in mutual supportive ways with our planet.
Our traditional general intelligence and IQ denote the ability of an individual to adapt, learn, understand, or deal with new or trying situations.  They also denote the skilled use of reason, the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (such as tests).  The lack of or the gift of intelligence may affect success or failure or make some people perform better in relationships or at school or work.

Until this SANE study, no research has identified ecological intelligence as general intelligence nor have studies been done to determine whether reinforcing ecointelligence decreases or shifts impurities in general intelligence and IQ. The SANE study consists of strengthening the ecointelligence of children and adults and observing the effects on the general intelligence and IQ of participants in the study.

Findings from three years of observation showed some type of main effect within general intelligence that was attributed to ecointelligence removing, shifting or recycling impurities in general intelligence and IQ.  In children and adults this translated into an intelligence of understanding and adaptability in their human-built and natural environments.

SANE study results included:
  • - Parent-child interactions were more respectful and kind while teacher-child interactions reflected curiosity, wonder, respect and interest in the teacher's or leader's instructions.
  • - Impulsive and distracting behaviors in children decreased...they listened more and observed more and showed more compassion, help, acceptance and generosity including with individual challenges.
  • - There was more interest in natural attraction behaviors, respect, and gratitude along with desire for and keen nonverbal connections to nature.
  • - Classroom interactions became less stressful with less impulsive and distractive behaviors and more willingness to work at daily tasks such as math or writing after nature-contact moments.
The pioneering mission of Project NatureConnect at Akamai University and the Institute of Global Education is to enable our thoughts and feelings to tap into nature's restorative natural attraction energies that flow in, around and through us.  The online program's subsidized, UNESCO approved, accredited training courses and degrees help us activate 53 natural senses that we inherit in order to sustain conscious contact with the life-nurturing attraction energy of the eons found in natural areas, backyard or backcountry.

Read the SANE Organic Psychology Journal Article:

Read the "Ten Reasons to Try Ecopsychology" article:

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A Glimpse Into the Sensory
ECHN Process of Sharing and Growing With Nature's Intelligent Healing Powers 

"Inhaling only when holding the plant leaf that produced the oxygen was a beautiful immediate moment of connection."

I love the rhythm of this, Caroline!

I also appreciated and was aware of my survival instincts and desire to live which is important for me to remember, having had severe depression in the past and having lost connection with these senses before.  I would like to share this activity with others who going through depression.

Wow – can I relate to this! What an amazing concept and what an amazing way to affirm the joy in life. I find that my depression becomes more acute in the winter time – especially here in Wyoming where it is so very cold that at times it is dangerous to go out. Even breathing with one of my many houseplants I would imagine would help to alleviate the S.A.D. Symptoms, and I intend to try this. Thank you so much for pointing this out.

Finally I went to a tree that I love so dearly. It is the most wondrous species of tree I have ever seen and I often show friends the joys of lying down and looking up at its tubular, trumpet-like fragrant flowers. I like to observe this tree from all angles and connect with it using many senses – colour ( white, cream merging into peach), the delicate fragrance and feeling the fascinating forms of the twisted branches.  I repeated the exercise and when I placed my arms around a large branch I felt more than just relief, I felt nurtured, loved, supported, sustained, stabilized. I felt fortunate and humbled that I was giving something back by breathing carbon dioxide (to re-spire ) to this inspiring tree.

Oh – I want to be there under this tree with you! I believe that I've seen pictures of this type of tree, but I've never experienced it for myself. I found the multiple names to be very interesting and very telling. So many times indigenous remedies and spiritual modalities are vilified by Western culture, and the extreme dichotomy of the two names of your tree are a very profound example of this. It is interesting how industrial society warns often of natural remedies and connections being “dangerous” and “unpredictable,” and yet all of the chemical things that have been developed are over-the-top dangerous and unstable... for example, all plastics, even the “safe” plastics, will break down into a toxic state eventually. I won't even start on pharmaceuticals. It saddens me, and I can only hope that the movement toward a trust in Nature and in the amazing, perfect systems that God has provided for us will come to be mainstream in the near future. Stay positive, Kim!

You are a natural poet, Caroline! “to re-spire this inspiring tree” - beautifully said. Your words are an inspiration to me as beautifully expressed, profound connections to Nature.

Many people wait for heaven, imagining great natural beauty there, but this tree reminds me we can have this on Earth if we revere and respect the planet and its ecosystems and stop destroying this beauty.

This is a very touchy subject, I've found. I am sometimes left confounded as to a response when confronted with certain beliefs. I have a brother in law who, when I was trying to explain that we do not have a flat-screen (or any television) because for every pound of electronics to be produced, over 800 pounds of toxic wastes are produced. He became offended by this and told me angrily that this world is an illusion and that it's not his problem if people are spiritually unable to realize that everything is an illusion and that he refuses to sacrifice “having a good time” to support others' illusions. ???!!!! I didn't know what to say to this. It is some kind of ignorant (forgive my judgment) twist on Buddhism, but how to explain to a person who is so hostile while defending their rights to “having a good time” by demanding that this world isn't “real?” I'm sorry that this story is so negative, but perhaps you or Dave or one of our readers has some suggestions, because I detest arguing and debating, but I do express my beliefs and passions when it seems appropriate – I wish to always be gentle about that, since I appreciate people being gentle with me.

This exercise has emphasized the value and intelligence of air, the interconnection we have with all living things through air and the spirituality of it: “psyche and spirit are ancient names for air” (p64, Reconnecting With Nature, Mike J Cohen)....The value of air and the miracle of our ability to breathe and give back to our environment and our desire for purity.

I love this, Caroline – it is so very profound. It is amazing to contemplate how air does, truly, connect all beings and how spiritual this connection is. I feel tingly considering it – you really do have a way with words, Caroline.
I must interject something humorous here, maybe to make up for the sad story I shared above. One of my brothers is fond of telling people, when they're having a glass of water, that they are drinking dinosaur pee. It's rather the same concept, only kind of icky-funny to think about :).

The desire for purity. This is something that I agree we all have, but I believe that this desire must be atrophied or sleeping, much like natural webstring connections, in most people of our society. I love NSTP for its ability to awaken these very authentic characteristics in us, and, as usual, it gives me the desire to continue developing my own personalized modality for sharing this.

The value of connecting to the “atmospheric matrix” and the importance of our bonds to the natural world.
Beautiful. The atmospheric matrix – oh, I love that so much.

I value my own truths more and am less susceptible to society's stories and labels and have learned that it is valid to question them by the results they produce.

I am so happy to read this, as I feel the same way, more and more, the more I connect with Nature and the more I allow webstring connections to re-awaken within me. Thank you so much, Caroline, for sharing your beautiful experiences with us this week.


I have come to treasure the silence and often do my connecting in this early morning time for that reason.

:) It's neat that you and Caroline share this, and rather funny that I am the opposite and I love the silence of the late, late night for the same reason! I guess I'm just not a morning person. I'm more like one of those giant-eyed fuzzy creatures that prowl slowly around in the night – like a sloth ;).

I miss the green this time of year too but I have a beautiful white pine that I planted 2 years ago that smiles at me when I go out the back door now.

Ah – I can see your pine in my mind's eye. I am lucky to have a stand of pines kitty-corner from my house to contemplate when I am missing the green – although I have to say that where I live it is mostly brown and light, drought-resistant green year round. I have never been to your part of the country, and I am finding myself very intrigued by your descriptions. Sometimes I think that we should share pictures of where we are, even though I know that one must connect with real Nature. It might still be fun to share some images with each other of what we are looking at each day.

I just slip shoes on and step out and experience the cold embrace.

I do this sometimes, too, unless it's too windy. It's amazing how quickly that cold penetrates, isn't it?

But alas, It is but through our stories that we will connect, or is it? Am I able to somehow sense the warmth and beauty of your story as you share it with me as I know you and build this relationship with you?
Cold or warm, spring or winter we stand under the same sun and moon and we we one with this great opportunity to live today. I exhale and the leaves around Caroline inhale just as much as the leaves around Kim and me. We are one in this wonderful living organism and that is coming through to me more clearly every day and the realization is dawning as Wooly Rhinos share experiences and stories together about our experiences as we just simply "GO TO NATURE". HOW PROFOUND. How simple, how natural. how warm when I am cold, how cool when I am hot when I sense and know our connectivity to all that is.

Oh, Dave – how true it is! I feel the connection, too, to you and Caroline – it's so neat how “internet” friendships can become authenticated by Nature's loving touch. I never would have believed this to be possible a year ago! Your comments regarding the sun and the moon remind me of the time that I spent a month in England and West Europe on an Art History tour, in college. My sweet Daddy made sure to send post cards and letters two weeks in advance to some of the hotels I would be staying at, and we spoke a few times on the phone (this was before cell phones). I will never forget in the letter he sent me telling me a specific time and date to go and look at the moon and he would do the same so that we could think about each other looking at the same moon even though we were so far away from each other. It brings tears to my eyes to this day, 14 years later, to remember it. My Dad, by the way, is and has always been a very Nature-connected man (my whole family are “crunchies,” in fact, but my Dad and my youngest brother Kevin and I are the most extreme!). Nature bonds us together. How profound, indeed! We breathe Earth, she breathes us, and we breathe each other, even over our distances! I'm sending you a puff of 16 degree air right now :).

Thank you so much, Dave and Caroline, for being online in this course with me! I am feeling a bit of anxiety about the week of Yule/Christmas as far as postings go (my three brothers and their families descend upon Red River at that time, and it can get chaotic!), but I think it will be okay once we get there.
I am wishing you both the profound peace of Nature, and all of the marvelous webstring connections that are to be had!

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