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Is our nature-disconnected socialization arresting our ability to think clearly?

Sensory Attractive Natural Eco-intelligence (SANE): A New IQ Development  

- Sandra Kolbl Holman

PLEASE NOTE You may click here for a short synopsis that highlights this article's findings: SANE: Intelligence Study finds IQ is Raised Through Sensory Nature Connection Methods and Materials

Abstract - The scientific degree study investigated a paradigm shift and the real balance effects of an emergent, theoretically sensitive framework of understanding addressing two facets of intelligence, g (as delineated by Spearman) and IQ (as defined by Binet).  Its thinking explores whether or not a sensory, attractive, holistic, nature-ecological intelligence (SANE) reduces impurities in general intelligence, both g and IQ.  Qualitative data found was guided by grounded theory, focused upon SANE, and combined with nameless attractive intelligence psychological education (NNIAL).  Data were collected from g and organic Natural Attraction Ecology literature through and eco-psychology field test observations.  Conclusions are (a) that NNIAL is supported through Natural Attraction Ecology health, (b) that SANE emerged as a green, ecological intelligence construct that reduced impurities within g, and (c) that by removing a pervasive prejudice against nature, our understanding can rethink what defines intelligence in the cleverness of our psyche, brains, capacity and aptitude.  The main research reason and implication of the study findings is their expansive contribution to our knowledge of what it means to be intelligent in an emerging global community.

   Recent discovery developments in the fields of ecology, ecopsychology and intelligence have led to a new paradigm shift within intelligence. Sensory attractive natural eco-intelligence (SANE) thinking is a component of a new theoretical framework, which represents this new paradigm shift within intelligence. An academic degree in this current paradigm shift connects nature and intelligence.
   Ecological intelligence (SANE) in the new theoretical framework is viewed as part of both general intelligence (Spearman, 1927) and multiple-intelligences theories (Gardner, 1983/2003). It would reason that ecological intelligence within NNIAL as described by Cohen (2011), and ecological intelligence as described by Goleman (2009) coalesce into a single, more holistic theory and test of ecological intelligence (SANE). Therefore, SANE as the more complete ecological intelligence construct contributes depth to g, representing a purer construct of general intelligence.

   Ecological intelligence (SANE) is a cognitive model of a purer construct within a new theoretical framework, which encourages continuous participation and continuous review making it a superior delivery approach, and more effective in promoting knowledge acquisition, unlike traditional means. Project Nature Connect (PNC) activities are an example of this cognitive model in action. Furthermore, SANE offers a better global and universal approach to measuring IQ.

   Because of our prejudice against nature (Cohen, 2011) and our disconnection from nature and NNIAL (Cohen, 2011), a growing knowledge gap is found to threaten the link to ecological smartness, which defines everything without discrimination, attributes, or biases. The discovery of sensory attractive natural eco-logical intelligence (SANE) in the cleverness of our psyche, brains, capacity and aptitude is our connection to nature’s preprogrammed general intelligence.

    Known physics and neuroscience domains point us to billions of sensory inputs that go unprocessed every day, because we are disconnected from these sensory inputs or biologically incapable of processing them.  Our indoor lives have isolated us and insulated our minds from our access to a sensory ecological intelligence (SANE). Imagine an individual exercising his or her mind through ecological intelligence within Nameless Intelligent Attractive Love (NIAL) to the extent that the mind and body are able to reach their utmost intelligence, wisdom and healthiness.

     The newly awakened sensory inputs build an established “smarts bank” for solving daily problems.  This smarts bank, therefore, identifies a measurable and non-discriminating general ecological intelligence (SANE) that meets the burden of a universal construct.  And where does this general ecological intelligence come from? The primary source is nature.

     Nature is everywhere.  It is above our heads and below our feet. It thrives in the invisible pull of gravity and the webstrings of life that connect us all.  Nature is the innate, preprogrammed ecological intelligent disposition that lives within all individuals.  Nature and our inherited and preprogrammed general ecological intelligence is what we leave behind when we head indoors.  Nature is understandable and sensible in any language and culture.

   What attributes characterize SANE? Sensory attractive natural/nature ecological intelligence (SANE) is: an attraction intelligence that lets us know where to direct our attention and pulls us from anywhere to an attractive part of nature; an ecological grounding; a universal knowledge of what is real and natural; a part of a concept that spans time from all beginnings to infinity; a global nature intelligence that survives cross cultural biases; an understandable and loving part of emotional intelligence; an embodiment of all 53 natural sensory intelligences; a construct that intensifies NNIAL (Now Nameless Intelligent Attractive Love); all natural connections and interconnections within a person to his or her own body, brain, and emotions; 53 natural sensory intelligences within spirit, sense of place, the ground he or she lives on, the sky over his or her head, the nonhuman and human beings that live in his or her area, the global community and beyond; an ancient, natural wisdom processes rewired or re-awakened by letting the Earth teach us; an awakening of nature webstrings within ourselves; a nature-centered conscious and unconscious awareness; an ability to adapt within our natural environment through NNIAL growth; a true measurable and general nature intelligence; a nondiscriminatory factor of smarts; a measuring beyond IQ attributes and school-smart components; a non-prejudiced-against-nature construct; an ability to adapt within an environment; use of appropriate coping mechanisms and problem solving skills; increased levels of processing natural attractions and sensory inputs; a preprogrammed, collective intelligence that creates cognitive adaptations; and a non-blank-slate approach to birth. Sensory attractive nature ecological intelligence (SANE) is our genetic NNIAL inheritance and expresses a general intelligence.

To date, no research has identified ecological intelligence as general intelligence.  The present Findings does just that, it demonstrates ecological intelligence (SANE) as a general intelligence.

  How are these present findings significant to the field of Ecopsychology?  The most apparent significant outcome is a re defining about how general intelligence and ecological intelligence (SANE) is measured and normed. It stresses the importance of tapping into the universal essence of NNIAL and the general intelligence within SANE to understand the sentient intelligence that Cohen (2011) identified over 50 years ago. Nature, then, becomes the universal translator of SANE offering endless practical integration/application possibilities in our daily lives, some of which may include new therapeutic models, different teaching modalities and better cognitive assessment criteria.

  The full and original SANE study is available at

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Sandra Kolbl (Koelbl) Holman
B.A., M.Sc. is a recent Doctor of Philosophy graduate of Akamai University and is an active, contributing member of Project Nature Connect. Kolbl Holman has over 35 years academic research experience, has taught Statistics, won numerous scholarly awards, and has her roots in energy medicine and counseling for close to 30 years.

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