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Project NatureConnect offers you core distant learning in natural health and therapy schools that enables you to add fulfilling nature-connected holistic medicine methods and credentials to your skills and interests. We honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent credit for it.

You may take accredited coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most subjects or devoted personal interests. (see bottom of this page)

  • Help people remedy disturbing thoughts and feelings through the natural health grace balance and restorative powers of nature's web of life.
  • Increase income by attending online natural attraction therapy schools that teach holistic medicine stress-relief management.
  • Strengthen missing personal social and environmental self-esteem/well being.
  • Add the sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your needs and community.

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Universal Attraction Energies Strengthen Natural Health, Therapy Schools and Holistic Medicine Online Training Programs

"Nobody has accurately described a thing, place or relationship that, since the beginning of our Universe, has not, or does not consist of the power of natural attraction to bind things together, to bind them in ways that strengthen the whole-life perfection of nature's purity, balance and beauty."

- Michael J. Cohen

"Scientific study has determined that from the beginning of time, natural attraction has held atomic nuclei together,"
notes Michael J. Cohen, author of "Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature."  In a recent press release he says, "Natural attraction has also held atoms together, along with everything else in the Universe. This prime natural attraction and attachment process has attracted the Universe to expand and become more attractive."

Natural attraction is the life force, a form of holistic medicine that sustains our planet's global life community and its optimums of life in cooperative balance, diversity and beauty.
It is a prime source of the natural health that we enjoy.

“I believe that the universe is one being, all its parts are different expressions of the same energy, and they are all in communication with each other, therefore parts of one organic whole. … The whole is in all its parts so beautiful, and is felt by me so intensely in earnest, that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine.”

-Robinson Jeffers

"Our great problem is that we live extremely nature-separated, indoor lives," says Cohen. "Over 99 percent of our thinking and feeling is disconnected from, and out of tune with the self-correcting and restorative ways of the natural attraction energies found in natural areas."  It is for this very reason that a quiet walk in a natural area usually calms our psyche and renews our ability to think and feel clearly."

"Anyone who has had a good experience in nature may recognize that the contacts we make there consciously provide our thinking with a natural attraction truth of the eons. Taught in therapy schools and online, its sensory, connective and purifying powers can help us correct the destructive falsehoods that we learn about nature. These falsehoods hide from us the daily contributions and value of nature to our life and all of life. As described by Edward Abby, this is even true in death."

The pioneering mission of Project NatureConnect is to help our thoughts and feelings tap into nature's renewing attraction love that flows in, around and through us.   Some participants in the project have called its application of Ecopsychology the "Unified Field Theory in action."  Its effects may be seen in the student field report validations that are included, below.

"At our most elemental we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness."

- Lynne McTaggart  
  The Field: The Quest for the Secret of the Universe

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VALIDATION: Two journaled Field Reports from anonymous Project NatureConnect students

The natural good citizen in me.

"I went out into my large yard which is becoming very interesting with natural wild spots and veggie garden with lots of wild things sprung up in them.  I followed my attractions and was invited to keep looking by several attractions, when my eye was caught by the leaf of a dandelion which suddenly waved in a bouncy way.  When I looked there, I saw that several of my tomatoes plants had produced another ripe tomato (I harvested what I thought were the last of the tomatoes two weeks ago), which is very exciting.  I went closer and was attracted to my tomato plants, but continued to take in the beauty and attractions of the immediate area, when suddenly one of the tomato plant spoke to me so loudly in my mind that I was really rather taken aback.
'Come to me!  Me!'  It said.  A feeling of grinning, hopping up and down, powerful energy, rushed up in me.  I asked for permission to interact while giggling in my mind (because I had just been almost dragged over to interact with it).  It said yes, most definitely.
I put finger and thumb on either side of one strong stalk and was blown away by the energy coming from this plant.  It was so strong that it was too strong to touch directly this way.  Touching it directly gave me an electrical “buzz” so strong that my fingers were uncomfortable with the intensity of it.  The plant seemed to be grinning.  I let go of the plant and held my hands a comfortable distance away from the stalk.  I continued to experience what seemed to be communications from the plant.  I noticed that some of the smaller branchlets were dying off as these last tomatoes were coming to fruition.  It felt as if the branch with the ripe tomato said, “We are especially strong right now.  Our energy is at the full force of production.”  I smelled the strong, astringent smell of the tomato plant.  It was intense and powerful.  I was aware that part of the respect I was experiencing was respecting my own balance and comfort in relation to the interaction.  The plant was comfortable with me touching or stroking it, but my fingers would have been overwhelmed.

I went around to the other side of the plant, and saw two beautiful green tomatoes.  Without thinking, out of my attraction, I cupped my hand below them- and then realized that I had not asked permission and felt as if the tomatoes were feeling their space being invaded without permission.  The feeling was one of instant discomfort in my solar plexus, with a visual image of pulling my hand away and feeling better.  In the image, the green tomatoes seemed inflamed or irritated when my hand came closer, and then neutralized when I pulled my hand away.  All of this happened in my mind and my senses in an instant.

I apologized for the intrusion and pulled back, cleared myself, and then asked for permission to touch the tomatoes.  They agreed with a friendly feeling.  It struck me how different it is to interact consensually with life-forms that we would like to eat.  Consensual harvesting feels like a love-fest- with the feeling of 'I’ll eat you up!'  the way we feel with babies who then giggle with glee.  I went back to the little ripe tomato and asked if it wanted me to pick and eat it.  It said, “Yes, please!  Eat me!”  It was wonderful.  I thanked the tomato for teaching me so much, and it responded with a warm reply.

'I choose to live in voluntary simplicity when possible because I’ve found that it makes sense in multi-sensory ways.  That’s fulfilling so it feels exceptionally good.'  I am becoming increasingly simple, too.  I love it!
'The Reconnecting With Nature factor simply asks the new brain to be reasonable and make space to let the wisdom of natural senses and feelings contribute to our lives.  When that occurs we unleash the supportive love that makes the whole world kin.'
'There is a tremendous economy sitting before our eyes in becoming healers of each other and our planet.  The many savings and rewards of doing so could gracefully replace the expensive technological fixes we are now addicted to.'
I believe we are the beginning wave of such a shift.
The most important things I learned from this chapter and activity are that living a simple life in nature deeply attracts me.  I am definitely in a process of moving to this lifestyle. I can clearly feel when I am doing something out of balance.  I used to pretend not to understand, but really I did.  I've gotten much better at trusting and accepting when someone or something declines my request to interact.  It feels good to act according to my instincts.
Nature has helped me discover that I am a person who gets good feelings from interacting with plants and from being forgiven when I make a mistake and that I get good feelings from being part of a consensual food chain. I identified the natural good citizen in me."

Let Nature show me what it will

Even though our most basic human needs are fulfilled by our planet, as a society, we have drifted away from Nature centered thinking. This straying from our origins has created a disconnect from Nature that saturates every aspect of our existence.

One aspect where the effect of our removal from Nature is especially poignant, is in our education system. Too often, we are taught while gathered in a structure intended to shield us from our environment. Dr. Cohen interprets this as our education bullying, "us to lose awareness of our sensory connectedness and support from the global life community" (Reconnecting With Nature 44). Students are shown pictures of important places in our history, while ignoring the important place just beyond the windows. Sasha incorporated the power of authority and word choice when describing how some children are brought up to see Nature, she relayed, "parent fed interpretations of it..`that dirty`, `that's bad`, I shouldn`t play there`. I am also aware that the language I use can easily shape their world." So while we can memorize information or repeat processes, I believe that the highest level of learning can only occur while being allowed and even encouraged to be satisfied by fresh air. When our simple and complex needs are being met naturally, we are free to explore the content and possibilities of our minds.

Academic endeavors are further enhanced when we are in the beauty that has inspired thousands of years of poetry, or are witnessing the decomposition of fallen leaves. For so many things we are supposed to learn while navigating our educational careers, Nature can show us! And the splendor of witnessing the power of Nature certainly trumps any text or lecture I have come across.

This course has significantly contributed to my approach to and understanding of learning. In addition to this, one of the most powerful ideas I will keep is how I understand death. Allowing Nature to fill voids in people is a way to process or handle loss. Placid expressed this as, "reconnecting with nature heals the human mind." When we are open to it, Nature can comfort us by filling in the holes in our hearts and souls. And in its wisdom, this fulfillment does not leave anyone else lacking, "natural attractions and their collective wisdom ensure growth in balance" (Reconnecting With Nature 126). For me, it is a feeling of peace and hope, a silent message that everything is going to be okay and already is okay if you can get see past the sadness. Mel shared one of the ways she continues to tackle her loss and while visiting water, found "connection through nature." And through her experiences she has even produced some hope noting that, "there may be so much more to discover in the world than I had ever imagined."

There is some mystery waiting to be understood. It involves the energy that is around and within us, it continues to be life when our bodies cannot sustain anymore. This course came to me when I needed it, and has helped me see the death of a body as the beginning of a different life. One I will only understand when my time is up, but I think of dying as a release of our spirit back into the pulsating forces around and within us. Maybe when our bodies give up our souls, we just become a part of everything natural. This sentiment makes me feel better. Amanda expressed optimism and the value of staying present when she contributed, "Observe nature in the present moment, often, and relationships can only improve." This evaluation benefits me, for I have some degree of relationship with people and pets I can no longer see. I have been able to relate to the Earth in an entirely new way. It is a profound shift that is deep and meaningful to me.

The activities presented in the text and reflections of my group members, expressed the importance of trust. Kat showed her draw to decrease her disconnection from Nature, "I am working on trusting my webstrings and seeing the world as it is, not as it is told to me." For me, starting to trust myself and Nature, as well as my experiences in Nature serves as a new and exciting beginning! It is a foundation of experiences to be built on, "Spontaneous following and enjoying natural attractions enhances your new brain’s ability to trust sensory messages from the natural world via your inner nature" (Reconnecting With Nature 186). Understanding that when I feel something about a person or place, it is a valid occurrence and a gift from Nature that should not be ignored. Even when I cannot verbalize the sensation, it still has value.

Kat describes the mystery of some feelings, "Why are we attracted to certain things? It must be our truth!" When I try to discount or minimize that value it is disrespecting myself and my planet. I connect with how Amanda expressed this notion by stating, "Nature doesn't come down on itself, and that's how I want to be." So while some of my feelings are attractions may strike me as abstract or out of place, they are really just, "facts that in nature are nameless but are as real as Earth itself" (Reconnecting With Nature 102). That is powerful validation.

Staying focused on Nature centered thinking is a journey, and a switch in how I process information. This course has lead me to explore the intricacy of Nature, experiencing it is the only pathway to understanding our kinship with our planet, "You cannot simply ask people to love the Earth and, out of that love, act in behalf of life and balanced relationships. The plea seldom produces action" (Reconnecting With Nature 162).

This course has started the beginning of my letting go of Nature disconnected thinking, and has provided the opportunity to feel embraced by the supportive connections in Nature. By taking more time outdoors I have created opportunities to follow my attractions there. Mel acknowledges this separation from, "I am learning to be free from the webstrings of society, and better connected to those intended and provided by nature." I have began to practice some ways I could integrate my deep respect for Nature centered thinking into casual conversations, but have not been able to convey even one droplet of the amazing journey waiting to be discovered. It is wonderful that Placid has not had such trouble getting tongue tied, "I have also started testing the little skills of NSTP with my office mates during lunch breaks so that they too can learn about this wonderful lesions about reconnecting with nature."

For me, the biggest value of this course is that while I am unlikely to understand it all, I am committed to let Nature show me what it will!

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