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Laughter and Disappointment in Nature for a  Spirit Midwife, Priestess, Woman, Mother, Teacher and Sacred Ritual Seeker

 Hello all, am Alice, 38 years of age, a seeker that lives in Cottonwood, Arizona with my husband and my almost 9 year old son.  I work with my husband at home (we have an Internet development company.)  I am a Mother, a High Priestess of the hearth!

 Since I began forging my own spiritual path, in my late teens, I have always had the insight that Nature is my bible.  I look around me, I see that the trees are letting go of their leaves, and I think, "Aha.  It is time to let go."  I see a daffodil burst through the earth in the spring, and I think, "Aha.  It is time to burst through, and reveal myself."  I see the big sky, and the infinite twinkling diamond stars, and I think, "My goodness, the universe is much too big to take anything too seriously and then suffer disappointment."

 Nature was my first teacher, and is my most consistent teacher.  As a woman I love to celebrate the rhythm and cycles of the earth, the year, the month, the day and of my own cycle.    I facilitate women's circles, where we come together to connect deeply with each other and to connect to the rhythms of the earth.  With heart-based sharing, ritual and ceremony, we create a sacred space where we can dance with the mystery of life.

 I remember when I first read Joseph Campbell's idea of "following your bliss," back in my early 20's, I thought, "Yes.  I am totally going to do that."  And then I thought, "Just as soon as I figure out what the heck is my bliss!?"  As a seeker I feel like, almost 20 years later, I am finally circling around my bliss.  I love Spirit!  I love facilitating circles, I love creating ritual and ceremony, I seek working with people one on one as a sort of Spirit Midwife.  Creating a sacred container to witness and hold the space for an other's spiritual process.  Truly, it is my bliss, and in my most connected moments, I don't even feel like "I" am doing the work. I am humbled by the feeling of something moving through me…this process has become my bible.

 At the same time that I am more and more present to my bliss, I have also been more present than ever to my feelings of disconnection.  I am also noticing that although I claim to want connection, I have many habits that feed that sense of disconnection.  I have been cultivating these habits of disconnection for a long time…  they are my protection, they are a rhythm that keeps me safe, they keep me in a place where everything is "fine."

 But it's not really fine, is it?  So, I am attracted to this course because I deeply desire to seek and connect more and more profoundly with my woman self, with the earth, with others, and with my bliss.  I am attracted to the laughter and healing that Nature provides, unconditionally, and with so much love.  As a priestess, I deeply desire the Earth to know how much I love and appreciate her.  I am wanting to be more of a spirit midwife and bring healing ritual to those that I work with, and realizing healing begins at home.  I am looking for more aha tools, practices, insights and connections that I can bring to my circles, and to my one-on-one work as this midwife.  I am saying Yes, I am a seeker, I am willing to do the work, willing to look at hard truths around my sense of disconnection.

 I am committed to seeing this process through, I am committed to this course and insight it helps me find, and I am committed to each of you. I am committed to holding, and to being held.  You can count on me, without disappointment, to do the work, and to share the assignments.  I am deeply grateful that we are together in laughter and tears on this journey.

This nature-connecting process teaches that all of nature is based upon attraction (love); it teaches there is no judgment in nature; it teaches connections with the total of our senses rather than in some limited intellectual way; it teaches that nature exists in the moment; and it teaches that there are no negatives in nature. These, and many more simple life facts, are parallel to spiritual principles and ritual, and I trust them.

 The awakened consciousness interacts with surroundings in a responsible way---from the heart--and always with Hope. Moving (through PNC) to a deeper understanding of the pure potential we can burst and create for others in a world clearly in need of an understanding of responsible action, we can become catalysts, through education, for the support and nurturance of Nature, the living global community and Earth Mother herself. With even just a thimbleful of courage and with laughter we can reconnect with our innate capacity to heal ourselves and honor life and 'all of our relations' including the great forests the rivers and seas: the mountains and eagles and whales and deer and little lichens and four-leaf clover... and rejoice in rainbows and dance in moonlight and sing together by campfires as we sleep out under the stars and as a human species finally come into our wisdom phase---"

The results of this program attract me as they speak directly to this healing journey I am on as a priestess and seeker at the same time. The statements speak directly to the Possibility that arises when we embody that heart-connected place, through experiencing the rhythm of One-ness.  It feels scary to admit, but yes:  I deeply want connection, peace, fun, joy, hope, bliss, fulfillment, well-being, light heart, rejoicing in rainbows, embodied spirituality.  I desire it deeply as a bible for for my woman self.  I desire it deeply so I can give those gifts to all those around me.  I desire it deeply for the Earth.  I am so saddened by "current events," saddened by my disappointment with "Life out there", and I seek more Healing, to allow for my more authentic, connected, loving expression and insight to come through.  For my own good, and the good of all Life.



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