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VOLUME  2  NUMBER  2012-2013                                                               Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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I am Mad for the Form and Drama of Multiple Vibe Sensory Adventures on Natural Lands.

Sustainability results from my radical taste and amour for greater attachment to nature.

- Anonymous NatureConnect Participant

As I thought about everyone's sustainability adventures along the various rivers in different locations, I remembered that about a mile from my house is an area where they have made a park near an old mill. The area along the river was one in which the Works Progress Administration (WPA) had done some radical masonry work. Here I feel one of the 53 natural attraction senses in the literature, a great vibe saturation of sense #45, the Aesthetic sense, including creativity and appreciation of beauty, music, literature, form, design and drama.

There many areas like this river around Bethlehem. So, I decided to stop by the river after work to take a walk around and satisfy my amour and taste for the results of discovering nature attachments.

I parked over in the lot and crossed over towards the water. I started to walk around towards the river's edge and zipped up my coat as I felt #7. Sense of Temperature and temperature change. As I am walking near a tree and somewhat off the path I see something that catches my eye. Its fuzzy and grey and suddenly I feel a bit of #27. Sense of fear, dread of injury, death or attack. The form is a dead squirrel. But then as my stomach settles down from my throat- I see that it isn't even very dead- well it is- but it hasn't been for long. As this puzzles me slightly on curiosity of why this creature is dead, I notice that its entrails are a bit strewn. I begin to realize sense #22. Hunting, killing or food (food for thought?) obtaining urges. Not of my own. To sense the hunger of other species so that we do not become prey.

Then I feel #10. Hearing including resonance, vibrations, sonar and ultrasonic frequencies. I can almost feel the silent beating vibe of wings above. I look up to see a beautiful red tailed hawk. The odd part is that this all happens in a matter of seconds I barely slowed my step until looking upward. I was really in the spirit and flowing
if the lands, moment by moment. I felt immediately attracted toward this bird. I wanted to understand and see him better. I casually walked toward a tree maybe 20 feet away and sat down on one of his giant roots that form the base of the trunk to lean against him. Then I realized the little black spots there were moving and skootched myself further down the root away from these little bugs. The root was surprisingly comfortable. I touched the root with my hand #14. Feel, particularly touch on the skin. And felt my own #15, Sense of weight, gravity and balance upon the root. I tried to thank him for allowing my radical nature amour to join him in his resting area and knew I needed to let go of my own #51, the sense of excessive stress and capitulation in the literature describing what we register in nature for our sustainability. 

The drama of the trees greatness and earthiness seemed to just absorb it through my fingertips and bottom as I exhaled the rest into the air. As this happened I looked up to see that the Hawk had landed on a limb of the tree above his squirrel. It then became aware of my own #5. Sense of awareness of one's own visibility or invisibility and consequent camouflaging. And realized that the sunglasses atop my head must appear as quite the big eyes starting up at the hawk- I promptly removed them, and put up the hood of my black jacket. I slouched and wanted to appear and put off a vibe that did not seem at all aggressive. The Hawks #21. Appetite, taste or hunger for food, water and air. must have been a suppression force far greater then her concern for me and she glided down atop her prey. Wow! Amazing. As I watched her in awe- I decided to try to take a few (ok maybe a bunch) of pictures with my phone. As I watched I became aware of her awareness of surroundings. And watching her I felt honored seeing that she did not see me as a direct threat. Even though she kept her body mostly facing me and understandably so from her standpoint. But still there was #34. Sense of emotional place, of community, belonging, support, trust and thankfulness. You could see her very aware and paranoid watching to the right and left- with concern- but not towards me. I watched her eat and then felt her extreme sense of concern of something that I was unaware of- she hopped atop her squirrel, spread her wings and off the two went. It was somewhere between radical, beautiful and humorous- as the fluffy tail flopped around in the air below the great power of her wings. They both disappeared into the trees. I thanked the tree and its surroundings and the hawk and continued my adventures.

I felt an attachment and fidelity to the flow of the water and #23. Humidity sense including thirst, evaporation control and the acumen to find water or evade a flood. I walked to the waters edge leaned against a tree and looked over to see the trees roots protruding into the water like a coral reef. The sediment of the river had gathered on them and I found it so enchanting.  The sound of the water rushing was a resonating sound of its own. I didn't really come up with my own song but my breathing became the sound of the water- there was the oxygenation of both the organisms within the water and fish and a parallel of the sound and feeling of breath in the rhythm in my own need for air and sustainability.

I continued on my walk around up over the bridge and as the #31. Sense of time came upon me, I decided I better head home. And yes, I just had to go put my hand in the water before I left- I was actually a little surprised it felt as warm as it did. But I just had a taste of this feeling I knew I would be back soon. After a few minutes from returning home my husband came in in a foul mood from work- YUP, you guessed it… Out of fidelity for him told him to change his clothes and put something warm on and get into the car. I wouldn't tell him where we were going but he obliged me anyways. As we arrived he realized we were going for a walk and got out of the car, I took his hand and started to tell him of my earlier adventure. After about 10 minutes, I asked him if he felt any better, looking at me he smiled, said Yes, Thank you, and gave me a hug. I am mad for him and although I don't think he really understands PNC still, I said to him- this right here is what its really all about… that's why I knew its what you needed… he smiled took my hand and we continued our walk.

Thank You Nature!!!

One of my classmates wrote, "I asked 'the carpeted floor' and 'a rocky coastline' for permission and help with a similar activity experience.  I closed my eyes for each and stayed within a four-foot square.  At first the rocky coastline allowed me to sense; pain, then coolness, then warmth, into soothing, sensing balance and energy flowing from Earth, into oneness with the rocky coastline.

Asking the 'carpeted floor' for permission to help with this activity was a little more difficult than I thought it would be.  It was more like a suppression of distaste. I understand what this activity in trying to allow ourselves to sense ‘objects until they completely become multisensory attraction relationships, and not just recognize them a 'material object' literature story.  The thing is…I am unable to sense many attractions from the floor, if any other than…soft (the carpet), hard (sensing through to the concrete slab underneath all the padding), cold, lifeless.  In my adventures, I sense nowhere has this carpet even asked for permission to be here…now.  Albeit, I do appreciate and care for the carpet (yes, these are attractions).  However it is in a townhouse, in a community, on land that was manipulated by machines to form it into unnatural tiers.  I can remember with fidelity back to when this land was orange groves for as far as the eyes could see.  But now, a mere 20 years of man’s unyielding will and wrangling, this area has gone mad and manifested into the perfect cookie-cutter community…and my carpet.

In regards to how these two things operate in respect to the global community or “indoor” and “outdoor” people…bear with me for a second…the different relationships these two foster are, to put it, “night and day”.  As the planet becomes more and more populated, even past the point of a sustainable equilibrium, these bodies have a desire/will to live in so-called civilizations and societies (or ‘concrete jungles’).  Disconnected from almost every aspect of nature, and our natural selves, we are mad for “extremely” comfortable conditions.  We walk on concrete, we drive on concrete, and our shoes are designed for optimal comfort and insulation from terra firma.  This has evolved to the point where there are medications designed to eliminate the waste that has built up into debilitating crystal-formations in the feet.  Ironic isn’t it.  If we (humans) were only able to overcome our fears and discomforts, like walking barefoot in nature, even just for a few minutes…perhaps, no…there wouldn’t be a need for these so-called cures.  We are mad and we only need to free ourselves from ourselves for awhile.

-“Much of our pain comes from being attached, to staying in one sense and getting hurt when civilization abuses it.  If I know a natural sense by name, I can know it “green in green” in my new brain and make new-brain sense by calling upon another attractive sense.” (Dr. Cohen, p36-1)

-“When with the sensory natural world, go with the natural attractions and callings.” (Dr. Cohen, p36-2)

-If our buried senses never have an opportunity to experience nature’s wisdom, then how will we ever truly be able to not only take care of our selves, but also those who live within the environment we and others live…we must free our senses.

I am a person who gets good feelings interacting with natural attractions versus manmade objects and who allows his senses to guide him trough this journey. I get good feelings when allowing my sensitivities to be free in nature.



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