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Read and Think of the Lorax as a Valuable Nature Healer: A Fantastic Way to Reduce Emotional Hurt and Upset From Grief

- Anonymous Student Project NatureConnect

Reading this nature-connection activity seemed like a fantastic opportunity to allow myself to commune by opening myself up to everything, to emotionally read a broader spectrum of nature than what we commonly think as we look around us. It was like the Lorax told me to respect nature, to reduce aggravation and 
low self-worth/esteem by beginning to do the activity by first asking for consent from nature for me to visit with a natural area.

I asked an entire area, including the sky, sun, and wind for permission to commune with, learn with, and obtain healing from it. I felt a stupendous, response, and I was very happy to feel the sun and the wind on my face. It was even above freezing at the time, which was very comfortable.

I had been thinking about something disconcerting that really upsets me, and I then I went on to say “who are you without your name” to all of the natural elements that I was attracted to, which included a small, skeletal lilac bush, the sun, the wind, and two beautiful Russian Olive trees. I decided to use “who are you without your name” because I feel a stronger effect, personally, with that phrase then when I simply say “nameless.” It seems more inviting and valuable of a response from the nameless.

After enjoying magnificent connecting with Nature for a while, I moved on to repeat and contemplate “melding” while connecting with the same elements. I felt a profound sense of joy whilst doing this, and I was unable to even remember how to feel the aggravation, sadness and upset of my earlier considered thought. To reduce this disoriented me. It became quite disconcerting, I felt insecure as the chosen thought is very much at the forefront of my mind at this time in my life. For a moment, I had a tinge of regret about doing the activity event though I felt better.

I felt especially attracted to one of the Russian Olives, and I walked over to the tree, asked the tree if I could have its consent to touch it, and, upon receiving permission, proceeded to place my left hand upon the soft, papery bark. I felt, as I continued to repeat “melding” a momentous sense of “Sleeping. Dreaming.” I sensed the enjoyment the the tree and I both felt under the strong sun (even though the sun isn't exactly warm in the winter here, it is still very beautiful to feel), and I felt this to read that the tree was (as I know is ecologically accurate) in a state of hibernation.

Russian Olives are so strong and hardy, they are one of the very few trees in this area that will grow without being nurtured in some way by humans. Maybe they are the Truffula trees of the Lorax.  The trees that I enjoyed by reading them during this activity are trees that I have known for many years – 25 years, Rich history and sense of belonging. to be exact – and that I have visited many times, as they are growing not far from my parents' house (and my current house). I love them! I expressed this to them, telling them how beautiful and amazing they are, and after a few minutes I switched out my left hand for my right and focused on sending the tree pure, healing, nurturing energy. I like to do this very much, my former regret vanished and it feels very humbling.

I thanked the area very sincerely, and then walked home.

From my reading of Reconnecting With Nature I have been attracted to:

“Each problem is Nature's cohesiveness calling attention to a disconnection” (Cohen, pg. 115).

I have found that my emotional problems are, indeed, paths to reconnection with my own true nature and opportunities to heal.Yes!

“To make valuable changes, we need to regain support” (Cohen, pg. 115).

At this time of extreme change in my life, Nature connection is vital to my emotional wellbeing.  I am finding this so critical for my well being as well. Awareness is growing in us for one, I am sort of wondering if this season is just simply "slower" and more methodical in our journey with nature. We savor every little taste because we are so deprived by the fullness of the other three seasons. I "search" for my connections harder it seems. I don't know if I could undertake this amazing challenge without my newly awakened webstring connections to reduce the hurt so I can handle it.

I read, “...when we act destructively with regard to Western people and property, our society calls it war. When we act destructively with regard to Nature and Nature-centered people, we often call it progress” (Cohen, pg. 121-122).

“Our fulfilling natural connections with ourselves, others, and the land teach us ecological literacy” (Cohen, pg. 122).

I feel that this is the only true and authentic form of ecology – consensual, honest natural connections, made with integrity, which then lead to the most intimate understanding of ecological systems. Exploitation, dissection, and distancing cannot produce true understanding.

I learned that I have to follow my own bliss and not take others' hateful declarations to heart, because that only gives them the power over me that they crave. Honestly exchanging energy with Nature is the fastest route to mental healing that I have experienced personally.

Grief needn't be shameful. Allowing a natural flow is ideal. I have come to see grief as gift. It means we shared strong feelings if grief is causing me to have guilt and regret. Grief is such a "natural" part of our existence in today's society, yet do the flowers grieve at the bowing of each one that lies down at the end of it's life? I think nature is teaching us to live more into the now of life. We live with regrets and they get us. We live with peace and joy surrounding or coming into our grief and we open ourselves up to what ever is next. I try to strike a balance of nourishing my self in times of grief by allowing myself to hurt then surrounding myself by others that I know love me and care how I feel. I open myself up more and more to the vastness of the sky and creation.  It is fantastic that the more open I am, the more I grow through my grief.

I discovered that energy flowing in, through, and out, back and forth between consensual beings, brings wholesome, non-judgmental healing. Surrendering to the sweet, purifying wind energizes the human Totality authentically and innocently. Emotions are natural messages to the soul. Allowing Nature to assuage emotional pain is the most logical and the most intuitive thing that a person seeking healing can do.

I have, in the past, been very prone to obsessing over what other people think of me and my choices. I find it easier and easier to trust my own callings the more connected with Nature I become. This activity helped me identify and re-educate that insecure part of myself.

When wrangling occurs against a person's naturally inspired dreams and destiny, Nature shines bright upon the True Path.

I believe that low self-worth/esteem is a very common occurrence in our society and that it is very common for people to try and undermine each others' confidence. Sadly, misery does love company and will do much to get more of it. I believe that this activity works wonders in processing these types of challenges and I plan to use it frequently in my own struggles for autonomy and wholesome self-assurance.

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Project NatureConnect  Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology
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