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Project NatureConnect testimonials and validations from truth-out witnesses and primary resources fuel the value of our distant learning programs. They enable you to add efficient nature-connected science, genetics, experience and credentials to mold your skills and interests. Reported ecopsychology testimonies articulate that we honor your prior training and life experiences by providing grants and equivalent credit for it.

You may beneficially introduce accredited Applied Ecopsychology coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most story teller activism and new thought subjects, global experience or personal interests (see the bottom of this page).

    * Help people remedy their disturbances, thoughts and feelings with the grace balance and restorative powers of nature's web of life.
    * Increase income through Ecotherapy effects for stress-relief management and imagination.
    * Strengthen personal health assistance, social and environmental self-esteem/well being and global warming reduction
    * Add the sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your beliefs and community.

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Remedy Our Great Error: Enjoy A Radical Sensory Leap Into the Health and Peace of an Organic Tomorrow

"We are biologically conceived as children of Mother Nature to suckle the loving breast of her health, balance and beauty.  Upon our birth into Industrial Society, it weans us to suck instead its plastic nipple on a bottle of whiskey.  For the remainder of our lives we suffer the destructive effects of the whiskey until we connect with nature's power to help us replace our whiskey-nipple addiction."

- Michael J. Cohen

The history of the eons,
since "the Big Bang," consists of wordless, self-organized, sub-atomic relationships that, based on and fueled by natural attraction energy, grew to become the universe we know today, including us.
On Planet Earth, more than thirteen billion years after the beginning of time and nature as we know it, humanity began to build relationships through its gift of language.  Our species created a never before seen, story-governed way of life on Earth.

Enamored by our self-conceived success, our stories created an attractive, but inaccurate, story about themselves and us.  This false story said that humanity's ability to think via abstract "artificial tropic-making" stories was a more intelligent and efficient way to survive than the way nature's inarticulate attraction relationships worked.

Leadership. By providing people with sensory rewards, the strongest story tellers became and remain leaders who indoctrinate or addict their listeners to our society's often misleading, self-aggrandizing, nature-conquering yarns. These accounts encourage lifestyles based on our excessive exploitation and conquest of nature.  They overwhelm nature's homeostatic purity because nature is defenseless.

Nature has no rights and it remains non-literate. It can neither understand us nor communicate with us through articulate or written language.

Nature does communicate with us through 53 natural senses that we learn to demean and ignore.  For example, nature's sense of thirst intelligently tells us when and when-not to connect with the water cycle. In addition, it rewards us with good feelings for doing what it urges. It quenches our thirst.

Our nature-separated story process keeps us out communication with nature's inarticulate but self-correcting health and wisdom.  We are taught to keep nature's "inconvenient knowledge" buried in our subconscious mind and in our genetics.  This entombment permits our overwhelming nature-destructive stories to continue to mislead our thoughts and feelings about how we can survive in sustainable balance, wellness and peace with nature and each other

Most of us have lost our identity and sanity to the juggernaut of nature-estranged half truths that daily flood our media world.  We are indoctrinated to become consumers or desensitized "sheeple."

Responsible Leadership? To quell the dissatisfactions emanating from their nature-deprived and hurtfully stressed inner nature, our leaders continually indoctrinate the world with stories that produce additional greed, inequality, profit and power.

Our central way of thinking socializes us into our radical troubles. They emanate from the "progre$$ is to conquer-nature" story of Industrial Society.  They mold us out of our peaceful humanity to become adulterated cultural objects, consumers and constituents. 

Madness: Acting against our better judgment we are addicted to produce disorders of the body, mind and spirit never before seen on Earth. 

Today, on average, over 99 percent of our thoughts and feelings are rewarded for being disconnected from nature. Our psyche is knowledgeably programmed by nature-disconnected stories to use 150 percent more resources each year then our planet produces. This is madness.

Radical problems demand radical solutions.  The remedy for our dilemma is to engage in the accredited art and science of  Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN).   Through conscious sensory contact with nature's powers, backyard or backcountry, ECHN helps us create moments that let Earth teach.  This allows nature's renewing ways to address our addictions, to embrace us and help our psyche  transform our destructive personal, social and environmental bonds into responsible and rewarding relationships. 

ECHN empowers us to hear nature's "story."  It is irresponsible to substitute for or ignore it. We must re-integrate it into our body, mind and spirit.

ECHN helps us enjoy wholesome satisfactions and sustainability. It helps us make sense by making direct sensory contact with authentic nature, backyard or backcountry. It works because Nature is the unadulterated fountainhead of authority about its genius and powers. 

Short Circuit. To continue to obtain fulfillment from our inadequate stories and our substitutes for nature, increases the problems we are trying to solve. 

Simply put, act organic. Benefit from the the values of learning how to therapeutically hug a tree instead of just reading about doing it or buying a plastic tree. Help others do the same. 

The benefits of ECHN are documented on Project NatureConnect's survey pages and their links.

ECHN helps us increase personal, social and environmental well-being.  To disregard it is to continue the problems we face.

Your Choice.

1. Remain bonded to the conflicts and turmoil of our half-truth, mediated, story world that stresses you, others and our living planet.

2. Learn how to re-bond your life to the unifying attraction essence of nature that has loved life into being and lovingly supports all of life, including yours.

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"I love the wind in my hair! My next big purchase will be a
bike! I just moved to Austin and am working downtown. I live only a 15
minute bike commute to work in a cubicle all day- but from this course I am very much looking forward to the purchase and big change in my lifestyle.

My mom once told me that anger is a secondary emotion. That hurt or
sadness is a primary emotion that leads to anger. I think it is very
hurtful that people don't care enough about the environment. Maybe
feeling this hurt rather than anger is a remedy that will bring us closer ot the way
the unconditional loving Spirit must feel

I think it is incredible that you have never lived somewhere where
you feel completely disconnected from the earth. Maybe the Universe is
trying to teach you about how sickening it is for the majority of
humanity in which all they know is disconnect from Earth.

Constructed nature is like the error or the fountain in the park.  It reminds me of "They paved paradise, And put up a parking lot."

Where i live, acres and acres of rolling hills and fields have been plowed down for townhouse and condo complexes. Seems like everyone around here is in a SUV or large pick up truck - getting out on a bike is always a great thing.

Balance is a fragile thing - sounds like you have a pretty good sense of awareness and have been really trying to maintain your natural attractions

There is a growing amount of light pollution here but we were able to get the telescope the other night and look at the moon and we caught a glimpse of Venus and Jupiter. It was a great opportunity to reconnect with the larger universe. 

It sure is hard seeing the world as a natural resource when you are stuck in traffic. I have always struggled with the whole idea of driving for hours to do an outdoor activity. In the paddling community, there are a group of people who can list off the extreme and remote places that they have been to but don't take advantage of the local lakes, rivers, and ocean paddling opportunities. I've been very lucky to explore lots of small rivers, lakes and creeks near my home. It may not have the radical name recognition or wow factor as some of the great trips but it is a lot of fun and it gets me out on the water and its peace.

My children are a big part of my journey and they are great at
pointing out birds and providing lots of opportunities to connect with
nature.  I think that's the key: we need to make seeking out organic natural
attractions part of our day to day routine so that they are continuousl

There is a hill in our city and the hill is covered top to bottom in houses.  I
predicted I wasn’t going to be completely enlightened by all the natural
beauty but I was.

The things that called to me were the seeds hanging from a tree, a very large pelican, a series of sloughs, many white egrets along and the sunshine.  I was also very appreciative of the people who, like me, were out enjoying nature too.

I probably rode about 8-10 miles.  It was nice.  I really enjoyed myself.  I like the wind through my hair.  I liked being efficient, on top of highway 101 sitting on my bicycle.  I was a bit angry, angry that driving so much has become so commonplace, angry when I see a brand new SUV on the streets in an age where we have cars that fuel on electricity alone.  I felt proud, proud to not have contributed to this mess for the afternoon.

Does identifying Earth as a dead natural resource or a wisely balanced living atomic organism make a difference in what you think, feel and how you act/relate?  I am noticing at this point that I am going through a severe deprivation of nature.  I have been riding my bike and walking as much as possible but there are still several times during the day that I have to drive my car.

Every now and then, we need to experience something that will help mold us to see beyond ourselves as “cultural objects” and a part of a much larger, more than human world.  I was lucky enough to have another experience like that recently. Following up on my encounter with the snowy owl, I took a day trip with my children to one of the local mountains to go sledding. There were a large group of crows playing in the trees. Once again, I asked for permission to be with nature's species. I felt a strong attraction to the crows and reported that I felt an incredible sense of peace and belonging as I spent most of the afternoon watching them play in air and trees.  Once again, I articulated my thanks to them for sharing their day.

The above activity really helped me transform, to connect with nature in an open
relationship based fashion. This is a clear contrast to my previous misleading goal and accolade driven way of thinking.  I am starting to understand the difference as a story teller between being in nature (driving to a specific location to do a specific outdoor activity) and truly connecting with nature (experiencing the web strings that hold us all together first hand). I am not sure how many other people were able to connect with the crows and the trees and other elements in the same way that I did on that day.  By learning to let nature teach and indoctrinate me, I am finding more and more opportunities to go beyond the adulterated societal roles and inaccurate expectations that we carry on our shoulders each day.

On the way home from work today, I went for a walk in a park that was on my way home.  As I started the walk, my thoughts raced with concerns about my health and the challenges of returning to work.  I stopped in a clearing and asked for consent to be in natural setting and took a few minutes to clear my mind. I could feel the wind, hear the water splashing over rocks, smell the trees and plants. Slowly, as I relaxed more fully, I was able to connect with more senses – I became aware of the chickadees and squirrels that I could not hear or see before.  As I walked along, I saw nurse trees supporting new growth and salmon carcasses providing
food and nutrients – everything was in balance.  One of the great benefits of this course is that it is helping me to understand the cultural impact that these moments have in connecting me to the more than human world.  Taking time for hikes and other natural attraction activities should help me maintain balance in my personal and professional life while strengthening my connection bonds to the natural world.

In British Columbia, there is a growing movement to privatize the generation of hydro electric power. The official position of the provincial government is that they cannot afford the infrastructure costs associated with these consumer projects. Of particular interest is the largely unregulated “micro dam” developments that take place on small creeks, streams, and other waterways. Like most people in British Columbia, when I first heard about these developments, I did not think about it as it did not affect my day to day life in a measureable way. That changed when I started to hike and paddle on some of the affected waterways. The ecological damage is nothing short of catastrophic – forests being mowed down to build power lines and roads, the flooding and the devastating impact on vulnerable salmon populations and other species.

Just typing these notes reminds me of how much it hurt to see these pristine places permanently destroyed for private companies to profit on “cheap resources”.  Since that time, I have been active in efforts to create awareness of the true costs of these developments and how they affect all of us. As we travel further into this course, I am feeling not only a need to recognize and embrace natural attractions but a real need to preserve natural environments as well. The key point here is how we define things: a natural resource is one thing but a beautiful and fragile natural environment is something else – even if they both occupy the same place and time."

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