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VOLUME  2  NUMBER  2012-2013                                                               Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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Why Determined or Advanced Consciousness Individuals Choose to Participate in a Sensory Nature Connection Program.

- Anonymous Project NatureConnect Participant

Since only people with what might be called a "unique or advanced level of consciousness" are attracted to participate in the online Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature program, I thought it might be valuable for readers of the OP/NAE Journal to know what these rare individuals are thinking and feeling.  To this end, below, I present the answers of some participants to this question. 

What participants seem to understand in common is that the Earth or Universe has its own perfection and when we are quietly open to it in a natural area, it beneficially affects our body, mind and spirit.  The ECHN explanation for this is that over the eons, since the beginning of time itself, moment by moment the universe/nature has organized itself through the non-literate, attraction callings of its web of life members. 

Humanity of late came upon the scene on Earth with the ability to produce fictional or accurate stories that describe relationships, without having to actually participate in these relationships.  This abstract, nature-disconnected literate way of thinking often produces inaccurate stories. They, in turn, misguide our thoughts and feelings and make us create disorders. 

Because, for survival, we emotionally depend upon our stories, when they are harmfully disconnected from, or mislead our thinking about how nature's self-correcting ways work, we follow a destructive life path for our psyche. This occurs for nature, too as we impose our false story on local and global natural systems.  The systems seldom can help us out of this mess because they are non-literate. For this reason, the systems can't relate to what we are thinking and feeling, nor we to them.  This results in the disorders that we suffer. 

ECHN is a remedy for this dilemma because it provides us with activities that help us create non-literate, sensory moments that let Earth teach. We learn from this setting what Earth's intelligence recognizes that we need or desire to know to sustain harmony
"I am sitting, listening to the crickets, the ambient neighborly voices,  and the city hum, watching the fig outside my window dance with the westerly wind and feeling a real gratitude that I can share my perceptions and experiences honestly with a group of supportive, conscious and delightful people!

I think the ‘bird in the room’ example is the perfect way to introduce this profoundly simple and effective system. What I have clearly felt so far from my interaction with Mike, his writings and the entire PNC community is that this is a way of perceiving/being which is fundamentally guided by freely and unreservedly giving attention and respect to the ultimate teacher of all beings, our Mother Nature. The reconnecting activities, writings and student feedback are repeatedly validating my trust in natures guiding wisdom and I am often aware of the immense potential of this education to enable our species to regain balance and harmony. I understand that giving attention to the wisdom of natural webstrings (connecting to the flow of life) and communicating this to myself and others is the most effective and profound way of balancing the new and old brain ways of knowing and of living a life that is intimate, connected and free rather than being trapped in separation, anxiety, fear and pain. My experience consistently substantiates that the most profound and effective realization of what is ‘true’ and ‘real’ comes when we penetrate our direct experience with awareness and in this, our greatest guide is the very substance of our Self, what we call ‘nature’.

"I, too, am looking forward to participating in this course. I recognize and appreciate the intention for clarity, consistency, and community support in a project such as this, and I am committed to fulfilling my agreements to all of you, 

I have been a shiatsu practitioner for 7 years, and been attending Quaker Meeting for ten years. My past experiences which have led me here include obtaining a degree in graphic design, the study of marcrobiotics and herbology, canvassing for Greenpeace, homebirthing and homeschooling my sons. My bodywork practice is based on ancient Chinese principles of health being dependent on our harmonious relationships with nature and with each other, and I am very much wanting to bring this realization to my clients .. the experience of their own internal environments .. beyond just helping to relieve their immediate aches and pains.

I was blessed to live on a piece of land for 11 years that afforded me a clear view of the rising and setting sun, and rolling storms that would come up over the ridge from the south. In this place, I had access to fields, meadows, a pine stand, and a precious spring … all of which were the stomping grounds for me, my husband and our four sons. We often walked .. 130 acres of property in the midst of semi-suburbia … through the woods, along the trails, during any season, including snow storms. That was my favorite memory – standing in the pine grove looking up at the silent snowfall in the upper branches. Also, the last weeks of my fourth pregnancy – walking the whole of the property on early autumn days … feeling connected to all of life, feeling appropriate and clear. Times of day and changes of season were so apparent and obvious in those years, marked by the sun and foliage and bird calls, rather than a calendar or a clock.

Also, being in the holistic community, I have come across many people seeking guidance and wisdom, and relief from pain, discomfort and vague sense of disconnection in their lives. While trying not to be judgmental of the paths or offerings of others, I have often wondered if some of the 'higher guidance' offerings of many holistic healers have overlooked the truth of their own bodies and of the planet we inhabit, resulting in a state of groundlessness for both the therapists and their clients. I was thrilled to read the statement: "Balance and harmony are not only a place to be but an action to take..." as I am very much attracted to the idea of practical application! I have been searching for a clear means of reestablishing the communication between my with their physical world (and their own bodies) ... learning how to discern and trust their own senses for what's appropriate for their health and well-being. When I read that some of the previous participants had experienced relief from chronic physical and emotional pain, as well pain, fear and stress,.. and the recognition that these things were nature's way of telling us we don't have sensory support in this moment,  I knew I had found the missing link I had been searching for. For myself, as someone who is constantly questioning the cultural paradigm, I often feel like I'm struggling with establishing a structure based on something real, so I was particularly attracted to statements such as 'self discipline is taught gently in the program,' and that the program provided a tool for almost immediate grounding and centering.

I felt attracted to the path Elaine is on... somewhat different from my own, and yet, inclusive of aspects like wellness and counseling, and a recognition that the emphasis nature was absent from her training. I feel like I can share in her amazement at all the varied and wide-reaching experiences people had with this program. I've seen for some time the futility in helping stressed people try to adapt to an insane way of living and so, in particular, I am attracted to one of the same statements she was: "One individual stated that PNC gave him/her the key to real life again instead of using “all the wrong fixes” to fill “the nature-separated void” in his/her life.  I am very encouraged to learn is a useful and accessible tool that can move individuals and our planet towards health and wellness."

I'm looking forward to working with you all in this Orientation
course.   I would like to state that I am committed, and you can
trust that I will support each and every person’s participation, post
to the group on time, and complete the course with everyone.

As I review Michael Cohen’s website, I resonate with much of what he
says and realize I would like to and need to be more connected to
nature. When I am outdoors with the plants, animals and trees, I feel
happier, healthier and become a better person. In my free time, I love
to camp, hike, walk along the river and watch the fish, birds and
other organisms in nature.  My parents introduced me to camping when I was a little girl - we took annual trips and I fell in love with the outdoors.  I believe it’s time for me to get back to what fills my
inner child and adult with joy and wholeness.  I would like to explore
my connection with nature in greater depth and learn how it can
further transform me.  

In 1990, I received a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on Human Movement. From there, I became a Wellness Coordinator for five years – two years for the Internal Revenue Service and three years for the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).   I helped develop the first USCG Wellness Program and managed it throughout the seven Northeastern states.  As an independent wellness consultant, I developed health and wellness programs at the University of Oklahoma for the Native American community and Pacificare Insurance.  I have a Master’s degree in Counseling and am a
Nationally Certified Counselor.  I was an Ombudsperson at a university where I counseled and coached staff, faculty and students with confidential issues as well as the Associate Director of the Office of Equity and Compliance for several years.  As a certified yoga
instructor I have taught several groups since 1997.

I am now at a point in my life where I find myself reexamining what
truly has meaning for me and how I can contribute to the world we live in. Applied Ecopsychology sounds like a new, exciting and powerful area to me.  Connecting with nature has never been emphasized in any part of my education and is an area, I strongly believe, that is important.  One of my professional goals is to help empower women and teach them how they, too, can grow and heal themselves and others through nature.

I am overwhelmed by the impact PNC has had on individuals and the
world.  Areas of impact discussed in the survey that are important to
me and reflect my beliefs and desires include: increased personal
peace, positive daily effect on thinking, relationships and quality of
one’s life, and learning that nature is continually available
emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically.   A challenge of
mine is to love myself on a consistent basis, improve my self-esteem
and have an attitude of optimism - I am excited that these areas have
had positive outcomes for individuals.  I am especially excited to
learn that PNC has helped one of the individuals reconnect with nature
and awaken his/her feelings of fun, peace, love, joy, support, and
vibrancy in life – these are areas I would like to have awakened in my
life.  I am also interested in becoming more of an activist for the
environment and find that I feel overwhelmed and hopeless with the
destruction that is occurring on earth.  I feel more hopeful learning
that PNC has helped an individual cope with similar feelings and move
forward in his/her activist work.  I was moved to read the profound
effect PNC has had on students who were greatly disadvantaged - they
stated, “By protecting and nurturing this ecosystem we find the
strength to open our minds, hearts, and souls for the survival of our
Mother Earth and ourselves."  I feel much more hopeful, learning that
one of the individuals believed PNC is an effective vehicle to bring
about global peace – a strong desire of mine.  With my counseling
background, I hope to help those who struggle with self-esteem,
self-empowerment, despair and other challenges in life. 

I was amazed to read the power of PNC and that it has helped individuals recover from chemical addictions including smoking and alcohol, depression and destructive social relationships. One individual stated that PNC gave him/her the key to real life again instead of using “all the wrong fixes” to fill “the nature-separated void” in his/her life.  I am very encouraged to learn is a useful and accessible tool that can move individuals and our planet towards health and wellness.

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