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My Horoscope Might Tell Me that I Must Look Further Than Our Stories to Enjoy Nature’s Truths.

How sensory natural attraction connections helps us bring on the age of Aquarius.

- Anonymous Organic Psychology Program Participant

Even though I am skeptical about the validity of metaphysics and astrological sign horoscope activities in today's world, and though I am an Aries, I might just as well be an Aquarius. It is another rainy weekend in Washington. Wait…. That was last week’s beginning sentence, too, and the week in Seattle we may be entering the zodiac sun sign age of Aquarius, the water bearer. Just kidding of course.

This week I had to make time cleaning up from the weather, especially the previous storms, to prevent future problems. For me, this meant donning my full plastic rain gear and knee boots and standing out in the rain for three hours spraying mud off of the road and out of our driveway so it would not clog our drains and cost us a fortune in the summer to have them mucked out. BUT, this gave me a perfect opportunity to continue to bond with RAIN. I also remembered myself when I was young. I used to stay out and bathe mostly in rain water, it was wonderful and nice, maintained my emotional fitness. I feel this attraction brings good memories and I am still working on enjoying the rain but I have to say I was neutral to slightly above neutral for this experience. And, no, I don't believe that's because Aries, not Aquarius is my astrology sign.

It was kinda fun standing out in the pouring rain, spraying water and keeping warm and not getting drenched while doing this activity. It was slow tedious work so I had plenty of time to think and reflect. I kept trying to establish connections with the rain and the experience. The one really cool thing that came out of my time was seeing the light and reflections in the raindrops gathering on my plastic hood, far more real than an Aquarius astrology sign. Many times when I was absorbed in my work I would see bright light off in my peripheral vision. I would look up assuming it was a car coming down the road but it was light prisming through the droplet on my hood. I enjoyed that even thought it was ‘distracting’ me from my work and mental fitness maintainance. I appreciated that this sign was nature itself reminding me it was there. 

I sure have a love / hate relationship with rain. The chapter I read in Reconnecting With Nature says that "Nature makes us uncomfortable in order to bring to our attention that it treasures our life as part of all of life. A discomfort signals that something we are doing is out of balance.” Need to continue to ponder this one. I liked it though.  The book continues, “If you feel the rainy weather holds some attractions for you, you may discover safe ways to remain outside. Then fulfilling your attractions to rainy weather will, in time, modify your story about the adverse weather conditions. We must look further than our stories to enjoy nature’s truths.”  This made sense. Rain…. Raindrops have a beauty. Prisms of light. I was surrounded by water, coming down from the sky, out of my hose, down the ditch... I actually had an OK time out in the rain. It increased my self-worth and trustfulness with a small step toward appreciating rain and I am getting used to rain again. You would think after living here for 45 years this should not be an issue, especially since raindrop prisms are beautiful flashes of light.

A tangible act of appreciation and thanks, such as mulching bare soil, watering dry plants, putting a potted plant in a new, larger pot with fresh soil, choosing an amendment/nutrient that is likely to be appreciated-- these are things I try to do for my plants and the creatures that live among them every day. While I may not get to every task every time, I feel responsible for showing my appreciation for Nature around me, in as tangible a way as it is there for me. I get fruits, herbs, the pleasure of green growing things and the atmosphere they give- I want to give back. That is a more real type of sun sign metaphysics or astrology. The pleasure and value comes from conscious sensory contact with authentic nature and real water, not the "Aquarius" types of spiritual zodiac signs.

This nature-connection activity fit in with my usual connecting activities- watering the yard and otherwise tending the outdoors. The latter act like a gardening horoscope for me. I think most most people here in the States take having water for granted, as most people have running water both inside and for yards. But I don't think most people really think about the sources of the water, of being considerate in its use. A lot of people here waste water, though many people also try to be careful. But ease of access without personal effort of sense of connection allows a lot of people to use it without thinking. Where I am, I have running water inside and out, and I have a hose that allows me to reach most of the yard, but I also use watering cans. And I save rainwater. I want the water to soak in deep, to encourage deep roots and better retention of soil moisture. So I will sometimes let the hose just drip in an area overnight, so that water soaks in instead of running off. I didn't always have a hose for watering, and then I did it all with watering cans. Which I still use. I like to sense the effort it takes, and I feel more connected, even if I don't carry water every time. I like to appreciate things.

I had checked the soil of some of the new trees, and it was becoming dry around some. I was so grateful to have these new trees living with us, and I wanted them to thrive. So I brought them water, I'm Aquarius, the water carrier.  And I thought they might want extra nutrients because my soil is poorer than they were growing in, so I gave them fish emulsion, does that make me Pices? And I touched their leaves, looked around their growing space, to see if I might improve it for them. In one area I will prune back some branches of a nearby tree that died, so that the new tree(a pine) will have more light.

This is another kind of connection to Nature. I see where a need for healing exists in the tree and in people, too. Not all addictions are to substances, some are emotional addictions, that distract from actual connections. It is sad that though my parents work in holistic health, they and many of our friends still lack the practice of using nature-connecting activities and senses. The activities are not always easy, but they are what heal and bring great rewards. That is where a lot of my natural attractions are, to helping others use sensory contact nature activities to gain the connections to work through challenges in these areas. I'lI bet that idea is in every horoscope in some way. I think reconnecting- gaining better awareness of our connections- helps our imbalances, including hoarding and being overweight. They are some of many imbalances where emotional disconnect and distraction is prevalent.

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