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VOLUME 1,  NUMBER 2011-2012                                                      Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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The Project NatureConnect Challenge Prevails: A Controversial Key Factor that Makes Nature Work Remains Uncontested.  

Our core natural essence has the power to account for, and deal with, its right, want and need for repair.  

- Anonymous Organic Psychology Program Participant

It has now been a year and nobody has met a powerful challenge put forth by Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., the Director of Project NatureConnect. He claims that this verifies nature's 'fundamental' for personal and global peace and balance, an essence that he has identified and that he teaches others to contact. It's the core of a learning and relationship process that enables us to reduce the point source of our runaway disorders.

The challenge Cohen presents is for anyone to identify any "thing," be it a noun or verb, that does not consist of natural attraction energy (NA) and its unifying and healing attributes.  No one has been able to identify any such "thing" that is devoid of NA.  This means that until a better explanation is discovered, the universal pulse of NA is the power that makes our sensory contacts in natural areas produce nature's purifying, healing and restorative benefits. 

Natural attraction is, every moment by moment, the core essence of sub-atomics, ourselves and galaxies. As such, it registers in human consciousness as at least 53 natural attraction sensitivities. To our loss, our indoctrination into the ways of Industrial Society renders 95 percent of NA and its beneficial attributes subconscious.  For this reason, we don't think like the balanced and renewing ways of NA work throughout nature to sustain the purity of its special perfection. 
From research that blends sensory and scientific observations, Cohen helps us experience how and why, since the beginning of time, the universe, including our biological and psychological self, has manifested itself, and holds itself together by the original Big Bang natural attraction to grow. That natural attraction factor continues to be attracted into becoming, moment by moment, all that is, like all that has been, since the appearance of NA some 14 billion years ago.  We know this is accurate for ourselves because we can experience it. We sense and feel NA as the desire for our body, mind and spirit to survive and repair itself. We register that all things are attached to each other.  Cohen predicts that the much sought Higgs Boson subatomic particle will be yet another early expression or manifestation of NA.  (See update on this December 10, 2012 prediction coming true July 4, 2012.)

Cohen has created the art and science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE), a tool whose unique process of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) helps anybody increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

NA is the essence of how nature works. It contains the elements of intelligence, consciousness, life, music, cooperation, balance, spirit and purification, along with 45 additional sensibilities.

Cohen finds that all things, including our 53 natural senses, are formed and held together by NA. This includes that we are naturally attracted to label things in order to know them via our natural literate powers.  However, our excessive indoor-life labels, media and "conquer nature" stories train us to disconnect our thoughts and feelings from nature's NA essence, in and around us. We create and suffer disorders because limited, half-truth information dominates our mentality and relationships. Our psyche has lost touch with nature's unadulterated, self-correcting and regenerative NA powers.


From the Journal of an Anonymous Program Participant

“Speak to the Earth and it shall teach thee.” 

-Job 12:8

Natural attraction is nature's essence. It is the compelling feeling in nature activities that helps you satisfy your need for sensory contact with powers. To accomplish this, it is important to ask permission and be accepted by a natural attraction in a natural area. 

As I sat on the sand and watched the ocean, nature attractively encouraged me to enter the water.  I floated on the waves and swam back and forth and thanked nature because by living in the now, nature sensory ways helped me to feel their peace and happiness.  I was seeking a signal of consent, that nature had confirmed its permission for me to be here, when I saw a school of porpoise swimming further out and surfing the waves. It just felt right.

Asking nature to continue exercising my sense of reason, nature reassured me that my sensory relationship to my 53 non-verbal intelligence, would naturally attract me to global-local-personal unity and help me deal with nature negatives.

When we connect to nature's natural attraction essence and honor our natural senses and feelings, we attractively attach to nature’s  wisdom. (NNIAL)

It makes more sense not to support the wrangling, on-going war against NNIAL, because the minute you choose to sense NNIAL and connect to nature, previously wrangled feelings are restored and sensory healing begins.

The kind of life and world do I want for myself is to continue to let Earth teach, and to always live in the now, connected to my natural sensory attractions, to account for love, life and my community.

A group of 5 of us were naturally attracted to do the Inca Trail.  We were filled with natural attraction energy as we waited for permission from nature to cross the bridge of the huge Rio Urubamba.  Permission was granted and using the guide lines of The Secret of Nature Trail, I asked nature for sensory data to help me build a sound social and environmental relationship for this community and myself.  They learned to thank nature with the gift to breathe, how to give nature a gift in return, as they exhale, especially on plants or trees. Regarding the gift of life one person asked, if she spent more time in nature instead of in an auto, would she always feel re-spirited.  I replied that if she did spend more time in nature, she would know NNIAL, connect to all her senses and nature’s wisdom, remove her stress, and feel peace and happiness.

Connecting others to natural attraction energy excites me, keeps me thinking in tune with nature, allows Earth to teach, and sensory connects me to resonate, feel and communicate in nature’s wisdom, ways and balance.  Thank you, Project NatureConnect.

The most important thing I learned was that natural attractions draw sensory nature-connected activities and gifting nature gives me a sense of peace and happiness while, in turn, receiving and giving nature’s gifts re-spirits me.

I was naturally attracted to the porpoise swimming in and out of the waves; the beauty surrounding me on The Inca Trail was a seamless continuum of me from beginning to end; and connecting others to natural attraction energy was unifying. If all this was taken away, I would feel my spirit had been severed from its source.

My sense of self-worth was enhanced by all my 53 non-verbal intelligences, and my trustfulness of NNIAL once again connected me to nature’s support, wisdom and balance. I was re-educated inside and outside by sensory attraction feelings.

“I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one”
-Edna St. Vincent Millay

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