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Answers to Comprehensive Exam questions based on self-evident and empirical facts that are validated in Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) Applied Ecopsychology experiences, books, courses and articles.

Individuals receiving degrees or certifications in ECHN should have a working knowledge of information on these Reference Pages:

    1. Webstrings  webstrings1000.html
    2. Four vs five vs nine leg thinking  nineleg.html
    3. 54 natural senses   insight53senses.html
    4. Self-evidence is pure truth journalpeak.html
    5. GO to GG counseling.html
    6. Web of life model ksanity.html
    7. Ecology based on natural attraction  http://www.naturalattractionecology.com
    8. Big Bang natural attraction seed attributes  mjcohen22.html
    9. Warranty of key information accuracy  journalwarranty.html
    10.  Uncomfortable natural senses (25-27) are attractions mjcohen22.html
    11. Disconnection role of Institutions and Socialization  box.html
    12. Nature is non-literate and non-dualistic Dance  journalessence.html
    13. Who or What are you?  thesisquote6.html
    14. Twenty axioms  http://www.naturalattractionecology.com
    15. Seeking Consent  amental.html
    16. The toxic CRL triad journalessence.html
    17. NNIAAL earthstories101.html 
    18. New Brain  counseling.html
    19. Old Brain    counseling.html
    20. Higgs Boson significance journalstfrancis.html
    21. Tropicmaking  index.html or ksanity.html
    22. Nature and Dualism  journalessence.html 
    23. Labels misrepresent nature  ksanity2.html
    24. Source of and rationale for good feelings    http://www.naturalattractionecology.com 
    25. Nature as Higher Power nhpbook.html
    26. How and why the course activity transformation process works.  transformation.html
    27. Relationship of God to the natural attraction universe "seed"  mjcohen22.html
    28. The source of greed, addiction, abusiveness, depression, disorders  box.html
    29. What are empirical facts?  ksanity.html
    30. Webstring attachments to stories and technologies. journalessence.html
    31. Prejudice against nature  prejudicebigotry.html
    32. Institutions capture natural senses journalinstitution.html
    33. Are the numbers one and zero true?  ksanity2.html
    34. Program History: left-hand diversity, Sunnyside Gardens, Progressive Education  ksanity2.html   history.html
    35. The Big Bang Universe is alive universealive.html
    36. Corruption of the human dancer and the dance opnaeinfo.html
    37. Humanity and the flowing river dance of natural attractions mjcohen22.html
    38. The dance and pulse of natural attraction  earthstories101.html
    39. The Einstein GreenWave Unified Field Equation journalaliveness.html
    40. A Grand Jury Investigates the Einstein Greenway Unified Field Equation projectnatureconnect.net
    41. Shortcut to the List of Steps to Degrees and Certification  www.pncsteps.com

    Whole Life questions for our Literate Body about its relationship with our Non-Literate Other Body/Planet Earth

    ANSWERS FROM MICHAEL J COHEN, Ph.D., Founder and Director of Project NatureConnect ECHN courses and programs since 1965.

    1. What is the most accurate and trustable form of information? Why?

    Answer: Personal experience because it registers directly on one or more of our 54 natural senses.

    2. What is the greatest truth in your life that you can trust? (Clue: the answer is not God, love, honesty or nature.)

    Answer: Information and things we experience/register in the immediate moment for that is the only time our natural senses operate.

    3. What is the key factor that makes humanity different or separate from nature?

    Answer: Humanity can operate and relate using inaccurate or nature-disconnecting stories.

    4. How and why doesn't nature produce any garbage or toxic waste?

    Answer: Nature is attraction based. All things in the natural world are attractive and belong moment after moment so no garbage is produced.

    5. How can you/we be sure that Planet Earth is our Other Body?

    Answer: Our "story body" can ask our "other body" to disconnect from Earth by not breathing. If the feeling that follows attracts us to re-connect with Earth by breathing again, it signals that our other body is part of Planet Earth.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    6. What is the point source of contemporary society's environmentally and socially destructive ways?

    Answer:  The senses of Reason and Consciousness becoming attached to nature inaccurate or nature-disconnecting stories

    7. How do we know if Nature and Earth are intelligent?

    Answer:  It is intelligent to find life attractive and support it and that is what they do.

    8. What is the difference between a fact, a thought and a feeling?

    Answer:  A fact is a story that is reasonable and when actualized it does what it says it would do.  A thought is a story or feeling, true or untrue.  A feeling is a sensation that tries to motivate or modify behavior.

    9. What produces the wanting void in our psyche, the discomfort, greed, and loneliness that fuels most human and environmental disorders?

    Answer:  Disconnection from fulfillments in nature.

    10. Why do we deny that we are addicted to stories, technologies and relationships that separate us from nature's balanced ways and restorative powers?

    Answer:  Disconnecting from our own life support system is so stupid that our intelligence denies that it has done this and that prevents us from experiencing the pain of our shame.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    11. If we learn to be who we are, what factor in modern education teaches us to produce today's unsolvable problems?

    Answer:  Being rewarded for and attached/addicted/bonded to thinking and living out nature-disconnecting stories.

    12. To be part of a system, you have to be in communication with it in some way. We are part of the global life system and vice versa; how does it communicate with us and we with it?

    Answer:  Through 54 natural attraction senses and sensations

    13. What is the essence that makes nature’s perfection work?

    Answer:  Natural attraction, Love, Life, Unified Field, Big Bang

    14. What is attractive about fear, stress or pain?

    Answer:  It attracts us to seek greater attractions and support

    15. Where does death exist in nature?

    Answer:  There is only a transformation and transition recycling of life; death is not attractive

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    16. Does nature have a direction or purpose?

    Answer:  To support its life including Earth's web-of-life.

    17. What are five steps to letting nature help you reduce destructive attachments

    -Find your strongest attraction in a natural area;
    -get consent to visit it, then thank it;
    -discover what other attractions or stories come into consciousness;
    -validate them and their good feelings;
    -sleep on the experience.

    18. What value is there in safely feeling closer nature?

    Answer:  Supportive attractions come into play and register.

    19. Do we deserve to have good feelings? Why?

    Answer:  We are personifications of our natural attractions and their origins in the Unified Field/NNIAAL. Good feelings in natural areas rewardingly signal that we are in a mutually beneficial relationship with attractions there.

    20. Why do we continue to assault nature and people when it doesn't make sense and we don't like doing it or its effects?

    Answer:  We have lost webstring contact with parts of nature and people so we insensitively trespass them for fulfillments to replace this loss

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    21. Can one be sane if they are a good citizen of an insane society?

    Answer:  Only when they are helping society make webstring contact with nature to become more sane.

    22. What is consciousness and who invented it? 

    Answer:  One of the 54 natural attraction senses that displays experiences and stories on its screen when they have enough energy to register there.         

    23. Do miracles happen in contradiction to nature?

    Answer:  No, if you examine them closely they can be seen as many of our 54 webstrings in action.

    24. What is the relationship between nature and the human spirit?

    Answer:  They are identical sensory feelings except that the human spirit can also register as a story

    25. Since nature produces no garbage, is nature unconditional love?

    Answer:  Yes on a macro level so that it includes all of the web-of-life.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    26. How and where do you collect self-evidence?

    Answer: By experiencing and validating it as it registers on your webstring senses.

    27. Can you cite a model, community or process that successfully produces sustainability?

    Answer:  Any setting in nature that included humanity and has not been adulterated.

    28. How do our senses know that Planet Earth a living organism?  Is it?


    n any given moment all things in the Universe are identical as natural attraction manifesting itself as the Universe. For this reason, if any one thing is alive in a moment, all things are also alive. Any moment that a person knows they are alive means Earth and the Universe are alive including the Unified Field.
    -When we match ourselves to Organism Earth, we find there is nothing that we do that it does not do except speak through word/stories (abstracts).

    29. How much of our ability to sense and feel do we inherit from nature?

    Answer:  All of it with the exception of our inaccurate or nature-disconnecting stories

    30. What is the relationship between our increasing personal social and environmental problems?

    Answer: They all are symptoms or functions of our inaccurate or nature-disconnecting stories

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    31. What makes Natural Attraction Ecology be a pure and whole, rather than limited, objective science?

    Answer:  Its essence is its attraction to accepting 54 natural attraction sensations as being facts that are as real as material facts.

    32. Where do we physically live in the solar system?

    Answer:  We live in, not on, Planet Earth, under its atmosphere and flying life and in its biosphere.
    33. What is time in nature?

    Answer:  The immediate moment.
    34. How do we know if Nature is alive? (Same as 28)


    n any given moment all things in the Universe are identical as natural attraction manifesting itself as the Universe. For this reason, if any one thing is alive in a moment, all things are also alive. Any moment that a person knows they are alive means Nature and the Universe are alive including the Unified Field.
    -When we match ourselves to Nature, we find there is nothing that we do that it does not do except speak through words.

    35. What is natural homeostasis in nature and how does it work?

    Answer:  Homeostasis is all things being in diversity and balance to most adequately support life in ways that all things belong.  It is a compromise between being attracted to the Unified Field and to new attractions that arise.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    36. Why do we excessively conquer or exploit nature?

    Answer:  We believe and are attracted to gaining satisfactions from harmful, nature-disconnected stories

    37. Why is it best to identify nature as a dance?

    Answer:  To avoid thinking of parts of nature's resonances and vibrations as being repulsion/repulsive or dualities.

    38. Does duality exist in nature?

    Answer:  Only in human nature-disconnected stories and acting from them

    39. What is the difference between nature and life?

    Answer:  The whole universe is alive; they are identical.

    40. What is NNIAAL

    Answer:  An acronym to help us immediately acknowledge and relate to nature as as the truths of it namelessness, immediate, intelligence, aliveness, attractiveness as a Unified Field and Planetary form of love.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    41. Are the Higgs Boson and NNIAAL identical?

    Answer:  Yes.

    42. What is an Earth Avatar?

    Answer:  A person who knows themselves to be and acts as a personification of Earth's Unified Field

    43. What is the difference between nature and the Standard Universe?

    Answer:  There is none.

    44. In our Other Body natural attraction Dance when is nature repulsive?

    Answer:  When it expresses itself in humanity as nature disconnected stories and acts.

    45. In the macro Natural Attraction Dance of the Unified Field, what are the names given to its micro pulsating resonances and fluctuations.

    Answer:  The attractive music, rhythm, vibrance and sway of the dance

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    46. What is the purpose and contribution of “Validating?”

    Answer:  Being consciously aware of the personal truth and global veracity of a fact or experience

    47. What is the significance of “Tropicmaking”

    Answer:  Recognizing that our attractions tend to build artificial Tropic-like replacements of the tropics that become excessive and out of synch with non-tropical areas.

    48. Why are webstrings often subconscious and how do we bring them into awareness?

    Answer:  Because they are discomforting when we are conscious of them after they have been injured or rejected by being bound to nature-disconnected stories.

    49. How many natural senses do we have? Can we think with them? How?

    Answer:  54 and we can think with them by energizing them into our consciousness when they are safely connected to and supported in natural areas

    50. How many natural senses can you name that you can know and learn from?

    Answer:  54 when I read them from a document.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    51. How does nature within you know how to relate responsibly to nature in others and the environment?

    Answer:  By expressing and acting from its genetic attraction makeup that it shares with all other things.

    52. If life has a purpose, what is it?

    Answer:  To support life.

    53. Is our innate ability to sense and feel of, by and from nature?

    Answer: Yes, it is how we are in communication with nature and vice versa through the varying intensity of 54 diverse natural attactions

    54. Do our formal education or leaders competently address the above questions?

    Answer: They are aware of them because they are them but profits from tropicmaking have changed them into attachments to stories that omit, explore or conquer nature and produce the stress of discord in and around us.

    55. Why don't our cultural stories and dollar bills produce self-correcting diversity, cooperation, balance, purity and beauty, like nature works?

    Answer:  On average, over 99 percent of the way learn to think and feel is disconnected from and out of tune with these attraction properties of the Unified Field.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    56. Do our unsolvable problems result from the difference between how we think and how the nature's Unified Field works?

    Answer:  Yes, because we have the ability to think in abstract story attachments that omit or are
    scientific falsehoods about nature

    57. In nature, why don’t two plus two equal four?

    Answer:  Unified Field attractions are constantly changing as it grows more attractive time and space aliveness moment by moment, so "1" is never the same. One is the Unified Field that is everywhere so zero does not exist either since nowhere is there nothing.

    58. Where in nature do you find life abstracted?

    Answer:  In our solar system in Planet Earth in Humanity's sense of Literacy as far as we know to date.

    59. What in Nature is not conscious on some level?

    Answer:  Attraction is conscious of what it is attracted to. This means some degree of consciousness is always everywhere.

    60. What parts of Nature are prejudiced against Nature?

    Answer: Attachments to stories that misrepresent of disconnect us from the Unified Field.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    61. What is the relationship between natural attractions and consciousness?

    Answer: Attraction is the Unified Field attracted to be conscious of what it is attracted to.  The sense of Consciousness is attractive but does not, of its own, have a direction other than its attraction to be more conscious.

    62. Is nature a form of perfection people can achieve and if so, how.

    Answer:   We are born as personifications of nature's perfection and can learn via ECHN to think and act like Nature works by consciously connecting our 54 natural senses to Nature, backyard or backcountry.

    63. What is the element that produces environmentally and socially destructive economic relationships?

    Answer:  Attachments to Nature-disconnecting stories.
    64. Since we are part of Nature, what is the major difference that makes us destroy the environment while everything else in Nature usually strengthens it?
    Answer:  Attachments to Nature-disconnecting stories.

    65. How can we restore to our thinking the missing 49 sensory intelligences that contemporary society has buried in our subconscious?

    Answer:  Engage in 170 different ECHN activities that help us make time and space for the Unified Field to correct and restore itself in and as us.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    66. Why does contemporary society often identify a person's love of nature as "escapist recreation and fuzzy thinking" rather than "peaceful, reasonable and cooperative re-creation?"

    Answer:  Our thinking is educated and rewarded to attach to nature-conquering tropicmaking stories

    67. What are four additional words that mean exactly the same thing as "natural attraction"?

    Answer:  Love, Life, Unified Field, Big Bang  (and God if God is Love).

    68. What is the essential contribution of the Unified Field Equation?

    Answer:  It is a cultural singularity, a blueprint of words that help us re-connect our 54 natural senses to the wisdom of any moment's Unified Field time and space.
    69. What is the value of identifying and relating through singularities?

    Answer:  When they are consciously connected to the Unified Field they are decisive, free of and immune to dualistic meanings and attachments that are confusing or detrimental.

    70. What special value do Scientific methodology, the Big Bang, numerical logic and the Unified Field have in common.

    Answer: They are each an established and reasonable logic sequence of natural attraction events or concepts that we are attached to and whose stories we can act out to increase well-being.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    71. What are the benefits of recognizing that God is love and is found everywhere?

    Answer:  It makes God identical with, rather than separate from, the Unified Field and its benefits to the Web of Life and Societies in conflict.

    72. What is the contribution of the GreenWave approach to the Web-of-Life model?

    Answer:  At will it directly connects a person to the unifying attraction powers of the Unified Field in and around them and others.

    73. Are the effects of applying scientific facts a valid way of measuring them?

    Answer:  Yes, the effects are just as much reasonable facts as are anything else.

    74. How does empirical thinking show that the Universe is alive?

    Answer:  In any given moment all things in the Universe are identical as natural attraction manifesting itself as the Universe. For this reason, if any one thing is alive in a moment, the essence of all things are also alive.

    75. What sense makes sense of the other 53 senses by Validating experiences?

    Answer:  The sense of reason when it is conscious of them.

    Go to a natural area and find examples there of the two most attractive of the five answers above.

    76. Why does Scientific Methodology omit the contribution of sensory subjectivity?

    Answer:  Sensory "subjectivity" is Nature always changing so it does not offer lasting standard conditions of pressure, temperature, motion, energy, attraction, intent, space, motivation or time that Science needs to measure it as a singularity.  This omission deprives objective Science and Technology of the means to come into balance. It is remedied by scientific methodology including 54 natural attraction sensations in natural areas as facts of life that are part of any equation or decision. Then objective science becomes, or is also, whole life science.


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