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Many individuals note
that the time they have spent in natural areas has energized their spirit, renewed the joy of their aliveness and cleared their mind.  It is self-evident to them that this connection has amazing purifying and restorative powers; it renewed or enchanted their thoughts and feelings in a good way.

Industrial Society takes the beneficial powers of nature for granted, or demeans, exploits or conquers them with hurtful and unbalancing results personally, socially and environmentally. 

Quality time in nature is seldom validated in scientific or spiritual circles as being moments when the dance of nature within us is connected to nature's dance around us.

In contemporary thinking, nature is usually not recognized as being "The self-perpetuating, attractive dance of aliveness since the beginning of time." However, most of us are aware of nature this way on deeper, felt-sense levels.  This is because the dance is Nature's nature and it lets us know this on its natural terms, in and around us.

The sensory way of knowing nature's dance is normally foreign to our daily lives because, in Industrial Society, on average, over 98 percent of our time, senses and thinking are literate and are indoors. They are destructively separated from, and out of tune with nature's non-literate dance of the eons.

When we measure labels, stories, courses, degrees and our socialization by their long term effects, it becomes obvious that they, along with the facts they use, are corrupt. We know this  because we can see that their outcomes are corrupt with respect to living in happy sustainable balance with each other and nature's dance around and in us. This corruption must be corrected if we are to increase our personal, social and environmental well-being.

Today, the sensory science of
Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) empowers us to strengthen nature's ability to genuinely blend with our psyche.  Doing this helps us recycle the corrupting pollutants that have been introduced into our nature-disconnected thoughts, feelings and relationships throughout our lives.

NAE accomplishes this "unbelievable" anti-corruption feat through an Organic Psychology (OP) whose eco-art of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) enables us, backyard or backcountry, to create moments that let nature's authentic dance teach us what we need to know to come into balance with our living planet and ourselves.

NAE gives us the ability to remove the warp in our nature-disconnected glasses that prevents us from consciously registering, thinking and feeling with nature's
self-perpetuating and attractive dance of aliveness. It replaces the warp with a sensory focus that embraces nature's dance as the fountainhead of authority and education in how nature works.

The Journal of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology article entitled "A Peak Fact: Natural Attraction is Alive Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth," describes the irrefutable veracity of NAE. It shows that like a self-inflating balloon, in non-literate ways, the natural attraction energy of the Big Bang has, through the eons, manifested itself as Planet Earth, and self-correcting, natural attraction, material and non-material relationships, sub-atomic to inter-galactic.

The Peak Fact OP/NAE article and its links scientifically affirm how, moment by moment the natural attraction process of the standard universe concretely expresses itself as nature's dance, in and around us, including as our happiness, thoughts, feelings and sensitivities. If we are part of our Universe, how could this not be so?

The article explains, for example, that, as part of the universal natural attraction process, your attraction to the words you are now reading and their story here, in this moment, is a seamless continuum of the Big Bang and its growth into greater and greater diverse attractiveness over the eons. This is true for all the naturally balanced attractions that you and I experience. The article also verifies that this is the same reason that time spent in natural areas produces the irrefutable benefits described in the opening paragraph, above.

The OP/NAE Journal is designed to help its readers address the momentous challenge of transforming the corrupt ways we learn to think and feel into constructive relationships that increase the well-being of self, society and the rest of the natural world.

Most of us learn to overlook and disbelieve that the excessive disconnection of our thoughts and feelings from the natural attraction joy and essence of nature's dance, in and around us, is the cause of our greatest problems. We therefore don't believe that reconnecting our mind, body and spirit back to the dance of authentic nature is not only possible, but that it makes a powerful contribution to doing what we must do before further deterioration of the dance critically injures us and our planet mother.


Until proven otherwise, since the beginning of time, all things, sub-atomics to the universe, including humanity's body, mind and spirit, have been unified in pure, balanced integrity by nature's natural attraction dance. This means:
  • Everything in the universe is a dancer.
  • Whenever we excessively separate our thoughts, feelings or actions from the dance, we corrupt it and ourselves. This produces problems that the dance and we can't solve.
  • Natural Attraction Ecology is the art and science for creating moments that let the dance reconnect us to itself.
  • No surprise, solutions that don't do what NAE helps us do produce additional personal, social and environmental problems.

Life in unified harmony? How do we expect to stick together with each other and the web of life if we throw away the attraction glue?  How can we produce concrete unity and solutions without the concrete?  Shouldn't there be a class action suit against those who are omitting the truth of NAE from information or support for the the well-being of person and/or planet?

Disbelievers are invited to consider the facts via two powerful online sources linked to the Journal article along with their resources. They are helpful in reversing the core of our misguided thinking crisis:

Learn More:

Organic Psychology Orientation Course: Benefit from empowering, online, your livelihood and prior experience to become more resilient, validated, green, holistic, environmental, sustainable, natural, nature-connected, healthy, spiritual, organic and peaceful.

Achieve a Degree or Certification that strengthens your contributions as a counselor, healer, teacher, environmentalist, coach, therapist, spiritualist, leader or health and wellness mentor. It provides built-in work/study, financial assistance money for those who need it and a free online course.

You may obtain an Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature Applied Ecopsychology degree or certificate. It permits you to offer and charge tuition fees for including accredited CEU units in conjunction with your occupation or training.

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Other OP/NAE Journal articles and our Website Index will help you:

-Discover how to increase your success and happiness by strengthening personal, social and environmental well being.
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-Honor your prior training and life experience; learn how we provide financial assistance and equivalence credit for it.
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-Recognize that, due to a misguided way that we learn to think in Industrial Society, we and nature's global life community suffer the fraud and corrupt thinking that produces disorders.
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-Address the loss of well-being that results from our thinking's excessive exploitation of nature's dance and attraction energies, in and around us.
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-Realize that the origin of our runaway disorders is Industrial Society's refusal to admit that it is unreasonably disconnected from nature's dance in natural areas.
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-Note how our excessive conquering and exploitive relationship with nature's healing powers, in and around us, makes us dysfunctional and produces many disorders.
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-Make a potent contribution to person and planet well-being. Be paid to learn and teach a green-wellness, budget-reducing remedy for our destructive prejudice against nature and its hurtful effects.
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-Obtain a simple problem solving tool that helps you connect your thinking and feeling with the dance of nature's wisdom, in and around you.
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-Explore how nature's web-of-life community dance has the attractive self-correcting ability to restore itself, be the injury a bulldozed landscape, a scraped knee or our stressed psyche.
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-Observe how nature can't help us correct our disorders when our thinking is prejudicially socialized to disconnect us from nature's ability to help us.
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-Become more aware that we are naturally born into, and part of, the global ecosystem life community, that our body, mind and soul are designed to be in natural attraction tune with, and nurtured by, the living earth throughout our lives...and vice-versa.
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-Validate that to be part of any system, one has to be in communication with it and that to this end, we inherit from nature more than 50 natural senses.. For example, when in a natural area, our natural attraction sensations/senses of thirst, motion, trust, belonging, color, place, taste, music,  temperature, beauty, consciousness and community are all natural system connections and communications that we beneficially experience.
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-Know that we are naturally designed to consciously register our 54 natural senses and thoughtfully balance our lives with nature through information from them.
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-Be thankful that each natural sense helps us make greater sense; that each is an attraction to support life...a deep, inherent love of nature...a natural feeling and spirit.
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-See that, to our loss, we learn to dismiss rather than to energize, validate, honor and think with our natural senses, moment by moment.
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-Be conscious that we suffer our greatest troubles because, on average, our society's unwarranted prejudice against nature has habituated us to disconnect over 98 percent of our time, thinking and senses from nature's renewing ways. This profound loss leaves us wanting.
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-Note that when we want, there is never enough. This makes us feel that we are not enough. Our wanting spawns our greed, stress and lack of self-worth along with our excessiveness, abusiveness and fraudulence.
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-Register that our denial of our prejudice against, and excessive disconnection from, nature's self-correcting web of life is our underlying problem.
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-Reduce our destructive bias. We must reasonably learn and teach how to genuinely reconnect our thinking with the natural attraction energies of the web of life. We must increase and strengthen our familiar, attractive, mutually-supportive connections with nature's restorative powers, in and around us, backyard or backcountry.
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-Experience the beneficial outcomes of activities that help you genuinely connect with nature so you may trust them.
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-Reduce our disconnection from nature's benefits. This program enables you, moment by moment, to authentically reconnect to our natural origins, to increasingly think, feel and relate in balance and beauty, like the wordless dance of nature's perfection works.
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-Know how to prove that we need to reconnect with nature's dance in and around us.  Any good experience we have already had in nature -like a quiet "walk on the beach"- is the self-evident proof.
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-Always keep in mind that the purity of life in balance through the eons is the indisputable evidence and proof of itself.
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Learn More:

Orientation Course: Benefit from empowering, online, your livelihood and prior experience to become more resilient, validated, green, holistic, environmental, sustainable, natural, nature-connected, healthy, spiritual, organic and peaceful.

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Achieve a Degree or Certification that strengthens your contributions as a counselor, healer, teacher, environmentalist, coach, therapist, spiritualist, leader or health and wellness mentor. It provides built-in work/study and financial assistance for those who need it.

You may obtain an Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature Applied Ecopsychology degree or certificate that lets you offer and charge for including accredited CEU units in conjunction with:

Applied Ecopsychology,
Weight Loss
Holistic Leadership,
Organic Psychology,
Unitarian Universalist,
Mental Health
Climate Change
Earth Day Activities
Retreat Centers
Energy Medicine
Natural Systems
Child Development
Dog Cat Pet Care

Eco-Art Therapy
Massage Therapy
Therapist Training
Wilderness Therapy
Human Services
Social Work
Life Coaching
Personal Coaching
Integral Therapy
Hospice Caregiving
Home Schooling
Creative Writing
Life Experience
Jesus & Wilderness
Herbal Remedy
Life Science
Violence Prevention
Outdoor Education
Continuing Education
Anger Management
Energy Healing
Healing Touch

Hope & Life Relationships
Stress Relief Management
Natural Health and Wellness

Child Development,
Spirit & Spiritual Development
Administrative Services
Continuing Education
Complimentary Medicine
Native American Indian Ways
War On Terrorism
Multiple Intelligences
Environmental Education
Body Mind Spirit
Tai Chi
Climate Change

Recovery from:
Addiction disorders
Eating Disorders
Sleeping Disorders
Attention Deficit Disorders
Anxiety Disorders
Food Disorders
Nature Deficit Disorders
Abuse, Addiction, Loneliness
Midlife Crisis
Global Warming

Enjoy further information about Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology:

A major code has been cracked for increasing well-being at most levels of endeavor, and its implementation through NAE is impeded by education associations and many industries since it is an inconvenient truth.  A class action suit by folks whose well-being is denied by lack of access to NAE will make a world of difference and funding for it is available. People don't begin to think about dealing with a problem until confronted by it. NAE is a key solution to key issues and it is being suppressed. 






Project NatureConnect
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to the United Nations Economic and Social Council and Akamai University
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Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

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