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"Six years ago, when I started on this journey I only knew I couldn't keep on doing the same thing any more.

Today, 'May I join you' has become our unified question to the universe as we follow our natural attractions and step outside on to the GreenWave and sense the fullness of it merging with our minds, bodies and spirits.

I have come to 'know my self' in wonderful new, earthy ways that have allowed me to let go of past feelings of failure, defeat and delusional thinking because of my addiction to Industrialized thinking.

I live in a new paradigm, celebrating how life grows and changes in me and all around me, rather than building my life through false stories and associations to industrialized  stories and  ideas.

When I experience life through my senses, new seed thoughts sleep in me and grow into full awareness of the newness of who I am and always have been in the here and now.

I and the Earth are one in our breathing and living through the power of love coloring our now moments in a million different ways depending on how the sun light hits the water that sustains us and quenches our joined thirst for life here and now.

I love who I am becoming and I sense that each of you do as well. We are joined to the one thing greater than all of us and all the stories we have been taught to believe. We sense the truth of this oneness because it simply makes sense as it reverberates on our heart strings and swells into the sensuous dance of life on the green wave here and now."
- David Rogge

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Holistic Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature: The Accredited Greening of Common Knowledge.

A cure for our secret attachments to runaway climate change, mental illness and our disastrous extinction of species.  These symptoms are evidence that Contemporary Society is deteriorating itself and the web of life

You are invited to join hundreds of students who are working on organically sound sensory degrees and certificates in their personal fields of interest.

With profound gratitude we continue to have sufficient volunteer coordinators as well as work-study and funding programs for those who need financial assistance. Included in this email are practical next steps you can take to stay connected as a program contributor and/or student pursuing a degree or certificate.

NEWS: July 1, 2016. Because, since 1986, we have been reducing Chloroflurocarbon (CFC) particles that we placed in the atmosphere, the Ozone Hole is beginning to recover from the damage inflicted by these particles.  They were identified as the chemical "point source" of the hole and then we sensibly reduced them so that the life of Earth's balance and beauty could begin to fill the (w)hole.

PNC folks know that the same point source recovery is available with respect to the many additional injuries we inflict on our planetary and personal lives.

The point source of our disorders is our unreasonable 54-sense indoctrination, attachment or addiction to nature-injurious stories and technologies. These include that "objective thinking and science" omits senses, sensation and sensitivity facts because they are “subjective.” We suffer from the loss of these phenomenological truths. 

The remedy for our destructive point source is to create sensory moments in natural areas that let Earth’s balancing powers help us detach from our unreasonable nature-disconnected stories and be fulfilled by nature-supportive thinking that helps us walk in integrity with what we know to be whole life true rather than be hypocrites. 

Although its essence has been peer reviewed and published many times, the PNC Webstring Model and Natural Attraction Ecology that Dr. Mike Cohen's 2007 dissertation describes has always been controversial because it is natural attraction based.  As did Albert Einstein and many others, it theorized that a singular Natural Attraction Unified Field of the Universe was born in the Big Bang. 

Things have improved immensely since the Higgs Boson Unified Attraction Field was validated and announced on July 4, 2012.  This year, 2016, is its fourth anniversary of our independence from hurtful and inaccurate stories about the whole life of Organism Earth and our mutually supportive 54 sense relationship to it, in and around us. 

Genuinely experiencing the Unified Field helps us felt-sense recognize that 1) each of us is a human organism that can think with and tell stories and 2) Planet Earth is an organism of the eons that cannot speak or understand stories.

As seen with CFC reduction, when our stories assign our high-tech way of life to support life, Organism Earth and we increase our well-being.  With this in mind be aware that our i-phone 6 alone has more computer power than 120 million Apollo Rocket moon missions and that it can provide interpersonal communication as well as Internet contact world wide.

We live in and are part of an advanced Science and Technology universe.  We can use this to our advantage.

Two years ago Dr. Mike took an old “riding a wave” story from 1955 Gestalt Psychology and showed that the Gestalt wave is real. It is the Higgs Boson Unified Attraction Field Wave that we ride as it creates, moment after moment, the life of our Universe including Organism Earth and us.  Mike has entitled and made it a GreenWave Unified Field Equation: Your Whole-Life Love in Action: a social technology that quickly brings the totality of of life into mind in 54 sensory ways. He has combined the Equation with all of PNC as a tool that strengthens life's survival in and around us. It corrects the point source of our many troubles by letting Earth share its story with us about of how our lives can be balanced and beautiful. 

The GreenWave’s benefits have been set up as a United Nations Office of GreenWave Relationships proposal to eliminate the nature-disconnected point source of our troubles.  Already 20 percent of PNC participants are working towards making the GreenWave an integral part of their studies with us.  A few folks from different countries have expressed interest in becoming a UN representative for the GreenWave.

"In the life of our advanced science and technology universe you are alive and your life is like surfing the crest of a gentle wave. From it you can see the past but you can't influence it because you are now on the immediate moment of your wave. Ahead you can see the future but you can't be there to influence it now because you are on your wave.

Your wave only exists in the present, the now moment of the life our Universe and us.  It is the only time and place where we can be aware of the past, present and future, can speak and share information with them and then make changes for a better next moment."

The GreenWave helps us produce a growing, fiduciary community for and of GreenWave beings including humanity, the web of life and Organism Earth.  We welcome those who want to participate in this community strengthening global well-being as part of their degree. To accomplish this, one simply needs to discover their present “percentage of compatibility” with the wave. Then you help that percentage increase by spending time with folks anywhere to help them increase their percentage. 
Remember that in Nature, Time/Space and the GreenWave are identical. This means that our GreenWave percentage is what we really have in common with the whole of life and each other in every moment.  We have an enabling course, Eco 500A, that supports you learning how to do this by doing it. 

As volunteers Stacey and Leslie continue to follow their Green Wave attractions to inviting students to flow with this wave in specific degrees/certificate choices and they welcome those who want to assist them. Stacey - as Program Coordinator and head of the EcoArt Therapy program, is always available to help students who feel attracted this way to enjoy EcoArt courses and receive her personal mentoring in integrating Green Wave flows through EcoArt Therapy and practice in personal and professional settings <Stacey@connect2nature.org>. Leslie is available for general program studies - to support and accompany students working toward certificates, Masters and Ph.D.'s that are custom fit toward enhancing your professional concentrations and personal integration of Mike's work <Leslie.Whitcomb97@gmail.com>.

We all (Stacey, Leslie and Mike <nature@interisland.net>) work together as a contributing, non-paid Unified Field team to mentor all students with questions concerning administrative details, program steps and overall life process modeling of GreenWave beingness. We much appreciate those of you who presently volunteer as mentors to help us in this effort and welcome others to do the same.

Students who have strong GreenWave attractions get Eco 751 course credit and work study opportunities for applying it as it strengthens the GreenWave and them. They will be able to apply our Warranty to their work, have their own web page at ecopsych.com, a personal mentor as well as funding from our forthcoming GreenWave Foundation. All this and more can be added to any studies, venture or relationship of interest to you.

GreenWave purpose, description and links: www.ecopsych.com/greenwave.html

Discover and increase you GreenWave compatibility percentage: www.ecopsych.com/journalaliveness.html to
www.ecopsych.com/einsteinstart.html and its ten sections.

Apply the GreenWave as a point source cure for Earth Misery; www.ecopsych.com/zombie2.html

Read the challenge of Albert Einstein with the Unified Field www.ecopsych.com/journalgut.html

NEW! Be aware of GreenWave Equation common knowledge that makes the Equation more true in any moment than 2 + 2 = 4.    www.ecopsych.com/degreeinventory.html

See the revised writeup for the Orientation Course www.ecopsych.com/orient.html

Review your opportunities and requirements for GreenWave mutual support and Work Study: www.ecopsych.com/workstudy.html

Visit our updated website www.ecopsych.com

"I now know and feel the GreenWave difference. I am the difference, the vital importance for others and PNC of literally being on the same Wave (length)! I feel much more Alive!”
- Kelly M.

“In my work I have the joy of watching people start surfing the green wave along side of me in recovery. I love watching the light come on in their eyes as they begin to get their balance and start to sense the new direction of living by trusting our 54 senses and gaining heart and soul connections with nature that we all have, here and now.”
- Dave R.

Let us know your wishes.  What is your “Real World” GreenWave percentage that we all can help each other increase in each other as well as in folks who are excessively attached to the “Closet-Story World.”

What contacts do you have that might help the GreenWave United Nations mission.? 

Do you want to be a PNC staff member or public education mentor? Feel free to contact us  <nature@interisland.net>

Maverick Genius Owls and Howls,

Stacey, Leslie and Mike

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