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To increase well being and reverse global warming, our grant-funded methods and materials help you safely tap into the beneficial grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems within and about you.

Backyard or backcountry, use the hands-on application of ecopsychology to strengthen your effectiveness and reduce stress and disorders. Add the joy of nature's sunlight and beauty to your relationships.

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Do the Right Thing; Increase Well-Being: Learn How to Create Moments and Jobs That Let Earth Teach Us the Secret We Forget to Remember

Nature-connected remedies, antidotes and cures help us enlist the aid of natural system attraction energies to reverse personal, social and environmental disorders.


The bad news today is that we now observe in reality the alarming past predictions by scientists about the detrimental effects and disorders that arise from Earth's global warming. These problems result from our abuse of natural systems within and about us.

The good news is that there is hope. A secret remedy is readily available in our personal life and job. In fact, it is secret only because we have, for decades, learned to ignore its presence and sensibility.

The secret recognizes that how we think and feel is our destiny. The courses, career education and degree training outdoor meditation and grant programs it offers acknowledge that our psyche is out of synch with the self-correcting ways that nature has worked to produce the perfection of its unpolluted eons.

To remedy this problem, online, the secret empowers us to make money as we put our body mind and spirit in synch with nature's ways, as of old. To this end, a natural system holistic counseling science helps therapists and coaching personnel, as well as others, produce spiritual stress relief, peace and environmental hope. This results in a global increase of personal, social and environmental well-being as well as debt solutions.

Below are basics of the Organic Psychology known as the Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP). Online or on-site, they help people solve the personal, social and environmental problems that result from the difference between the nature-disconnected way we learn to think and how natural systems work.

The heart of our unsolvable problems is psychological. We are in denial. We deny that we are addicted to a story that says for us to live we must conquer, exploit and subdue nature and Earth, including our natural human nature. Every other part of nature survives in balance through a natural law of attraction that unites builds and sustains consensual, mutually supportive relationships. Organic Psychology provides a mental health alternative, a solution that empowers us to think and act similarly by enabling us to tap into natural systems within and about us. Our job becomes to learn how to invite the regenerative healing powers of natural systems to flow through our nature-separated thinking and help us address our denial disorders and debts. We begin by recognizing that:

1. Nature can be seen as a unifying natural law of attraction process. It organizes, preserves and regenerates itself to produce optimums of life, diversity and balanced cooperation without producing garbage, madness or death as we know it. Nature's way of expressing natural attraction love prohibits the pollution, abusiveness and stress that deteriorate contemporary life. This news has long been known.

2. We are born part of and attached to nature but we learn to spend 99.9% of our conscious time and thought detached/disconnected from it. We learn to dismember our psyche from its origins in natural systems and their peace. Our mentality silently suffers its profound loss of contact with its nurturing sensory and sensibility roots in nature's ways and intelligence. However, any word or incident that reminds us of our psychological dismemberment breaks the silence. It triggers the emotional pain of our separation from nature into our consciousness and we feel it. As reflected by the state of the world, indoors or outdoors, our mentality is guarded, stressed, ill, wanting and destructive due to our conscious deficiency of nature's peace, wisdom and beauty. An alternative is necessary to increase our mental health and wellness.

3. When we provide material, social, or money rewards for nature-disconnecting stories and technologies, we become psychologically bonded to the latter and their detrimental effects. Things that experience these effects suffer from them.

4. The web of life is a peaceful global ecosystem of which people are part. To be part of a system one must in some way be in communication with the system.

5. The Natural Systems Thinking Process enables a person to restore their inherent 53-sense ability to consciously register, enjoy, and respond to communication with nature. It accomplishes this by helping us bring into our awareness the webstring attraction loves that we share with the web of life and how to make sensory contact with them in natural areas, backyard or backcountry.

6. People experience webstrings as sensory attractions, uncomfortable sensations are webstrings that attract us to seek additional webstring attractions and continue to participate in the life process of the web.

7. Attractiveness is an essence of love and it is conscious of itself. When people think in consent and connection with webstrings they experience an attractive global consciousness that furthers unity at every level of endeavor.

8. There is an age old purpose and non-verbal process that sustains nature's web of life and its members, including people. That purpose and process is profoundly attractive. It is to support life in balance. In this regard there are no known substitutes for the real attractions in nature. People must connect with genuine webstring attractions or suffer from the imperfections of the meditations and other substitutes we create for these connections.
Since there is no substitute for nature, the real thing on a maco level, if a person is not in conscious connection with webstring attractions, that individual is probably playing God in some way without the wisdom to do so.

9. Because we are socialized to conquer, exploit or subdue nature, in order to reconnect with nature, relationships with any and all natural things must be established by gaining consent from them and they must be measured by their effects on global life in balance.

10. To reverse our present global warming, imbalance and discontents, continuing, thoughtful, shared, sensory contacts with webstring attractions in natural areas reconnect our thinking with nature's ways. This invites the grace balance and restorative powers of natural systems to flow through the life of our psyche and recycle our mental pollution. This transformation helps us produce more sensitive and responsible personal, social and environmental relationships.

A person can learn to trust and use NSTP as a holistic counseling science, one that helps us produce unity and balance. Spiritual coaching personnel and other therapists use grant money for NSTP to produce stress relief and environmental hope.


The NSTP Process:

There are eight specific action components to NSTP, below, that make it succeed. Like forgetting to put a tire on one wheel of a car, the omission of any of these components prevents NSTP from working properly. It also deludes us into thinking we are on the right track.

A. Validate that in your circumstances it is reasonable for you to learn about the webstring model by experiencing it through a webstring activity. Validate that the activity has an attractive rationale, as per the information above.

B Go to the most natural area that is convenient for you, the more natural the better, and do the activity there.

C. Understand and use the "Getting Permission Activity" to find an attraction in the natural area that gives its consent for you to visit it in a safe way

D. After obtaining consent from the natural attraction to do the activity, do it.

E. Journal what natural attractions you sense, think and feel during and after the activity. What memories does it bring to awareness? Use the guidelines on page 50 of the Web of Life Imperative.

F. By email or in other ways share what you have written in your journal with another person who has done the activity and can share their experience with you,

G. Share with the above person what you found attractive in reading or hearing each other's activity experience.

H. Share with friends and associates what value you found in the activity and how you feel about it.

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Accredited nature career holistic education and job courses, organic learning degrees and alternatives; earn extra income money and increase wellness, spirit and hope.

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally receive from natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


Benefit from learning to repair the natural psychic pulse within and around us. Add the sensory ecoscience of Organic Psychology to your life and livelihood.




"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein.




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