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Use the hands-on application of ecopsychology to strengthen your effectiveness and friendships. Help reduce stress and increase well-being in people and the environment. Add the supportive sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your relationships.

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  • Online Adult Education skills for holistic healing education training and jobs or an organic hobby in health counseling and spirituality.
  • Accredited distance learning continuing education CEU courses and degrees that help clean up the pollution in our thinking and relationships.
  • Nature-connected, hands-on support for human services, healing and natural sustainability in people and environments.
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Holistic Adult Education Funded: Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature Online.

  • Learn to use and teach Organic Psychology through Adult Education for practical, hands-on, holistic counseling and healing through CEU training in Applied Ecopsychology.
  • Add the sunlight of nature's grace, balance and restorative powers to your education and career. Receive credit for your life experiences and increase their meaning.
  • Add a profound and sustainable adult education science to your personal and professional life. You can use and teach this natural job or hobby skill process and improve the well-being of yourself, society and the environment.


An Adult Education Course Participant's Report:

"A basic problem that adult education addresses by teaching Organic Psychology (the organic application of ecopsychology) is that although humans are an integral part of the intelligent, self-sustaining living system that is our planet, the stories told in western culture have led us to ignore and act against this truth. Consequently much harm has been done to the planet and simultaneously to ourselves.

Many people have understood that we need to change our behavior with respect to the natural world. But change cannot come about using the same kind of counseling, training and language tools that caused the problems in the first place. In fact, much teaching, preaching, and theorizing that are not holistic have led to relatively little change because our language and culture assume that we are separate from nature and guide our actions accordingly, even when fighting on behalf of the natural world. We of the disconnected cultures need positive intrinsic motivation and healing skills to contact our nonverbal substrate directly and deliberately - to contact what is, prior to our culturally sanctioned interpretations - in order to bypass the assumption of separateness and discover for ourselves the more functional (or congruent) principle of interdependence. Once this becomes the basis of our awareness, change will flow naturally.

This course led us to discover how our everyday speech and thinking carries and perpetuates a "nature-disconnected" way of being. For instance, using the word "resource" in reference to water, species of fish, forest, minerals, etc. takes these phenomena out of their complex interdependent living context and reduces them to dead interchangeable value-tallies. While this has led to fantastic short-term economic gain for a few people, it does not take into account the health of the whole or of future generations.

Attitude shift
The course includes an exercise that helped us uncover the enormous qualitative difference in attitude and possible actions when one shifts between considering, e.g., a forested area as "resource" versus contacting it directly in a nonverbal, multisensory way. For example, Alice said:

"I think by seeing the insignificance and yet the perfect inter-relation between each tiny part of our world, we can see that nothing is a dead natural resource. Everything is living and trying to continue as a balanced organism."

As we learn to see the world this way it is obvious that it is complete lunacy to keep exploiting and destroying natural elements."

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

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"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 95 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally receive from natural systems and their eons. Our hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


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"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

- Albert Einstein.