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  • Active health improvement alternative skill-development for holistic career education training and jobs in health counseling and spirituality.
  • Accredited distance learning college courses and online degrees that recycle our polluted thinking, disorders and relationships.
  • Nature-connected, hands-on support for human services, healing and sustainability in people and natural environments.



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Project NatureConnect: accredited holistic active health improvement courses, degrees and alternatives for sustainable career education, training and distance learning jobs.






































Revolutionary Active Health Improvement: Learning, Counseling and Healing with Nature Online Offers New Hope.

  • Learn to use and teach Organic Psychology for health improvement through practical, hands-on, accredited career education and training in Applied Ecopsychology.
  • Create moments that let Earth help you increase personal and global well being and peace
  • Obtain the power and skills to responsibly meet your fondest hopes and dreams.
  • Add a profound and sustainable health improvement science to your personal and professional life. It is a holistic process that you can use and teach to improve the well-being of yourself, humanity and the environment.

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.....A Natural Health Course Participant's Report:

"What have you been doing?" the doctor asked me as he reviewed the results of my medical tests. He couldn't imagine what would account for such dramatic and active health improvement since my last visit! I smiled because I knew.

"I don't know how to account for this!" the optometrist said looking at the results of my eye exam. He was puzzled. "Your vision has improved by a whole diopter. That kind of health improvement just doesn't happen." I smiled because I knew.

"I moved to the mountains," I told them. Of course, I was pleased to hear the doctors' good news, but truthfully I wasn't surprised. A year prior I had visited friends of ours who have a cabin in the Los Padres National Forest and from the moment I arrived I knew this is where I needed to be for active health improvement. At the time I didn't fully understand the compulsion I felt to get to those mountains. I'd always been a city girl and my husband and I still loved our city life.

What I didn't know and wouldn't know for some time was that my city life didn't love me.

We talked of moving that first weekend and even began looking at houses, but it represented a huge change. Was such a move really practical? Well, my body didn't care if it was practical or not. From that first weekend I ached to go back. I craved those mountains. I had to get back there, if only for a weekend. It felt like my life depended on it. I was compelled to do whatever I needed to do to be there and wouldn't let anything stop me. Had I gone mad? What was wrong with me?

Once we'd made the move from our Santa Monica condo, I knew there was nothing wrong with what I had been feeling. Instead there was plenty right. Nature was healing me.

I had been ill for over a year and had no idea that my lifestyle and my environment were making me sick and had been for a long time.

Only after discovering the field of organic psychology while writing my first novel, did I learn that my experience with nature's healing power is by no means unusual."



."This is the course that every civilized person will be required to take if we are to reverse our runaway disorders."

- Raymond Sierra, Counselor

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ccredited holistic health improvement courses and alternative degrees for sustainable
career education, trainin
g and distance learning jobs.


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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All organization programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.



Results of the application of Organic Psychology to a wide range of disciplines and interests:

In the center section of the pages, below, you will found reports from online Course Participants about the application of Organic Psychology to:

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"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 95 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally receive from natural systems and their eons. Our hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


Benefit from learning to repair the natural psychic pulse within and around us. Add the sensory ecoscience of Organic Psychology to your life and livelihood.






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"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

- Albert Einstein.