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Part Two

The History and Application of GreenWave CRL-51  


Put PART ONE to work. Help you relationships, expertise and livelihood enjoy organic wellness

It makes sense that by bringing our 54 natural senses into play the stories and experiences in this book integrate our life with the life of nature in a natural area. This occurs because in congress our 54 sensibilities detect stimuli on mechanical, thermal and chemical levels that strengthen human and global well-being and survival in balance.

Traditionally, our 54 senses and their beneficial effects are scientifically overlooked yet their restorative powers are irrefutably self-evident and beneficial facts of life. Most of us have experienced this to some extent while in a natural area, even just for a short time. Our body mind and spirit registers these benefits directly. We temporarily feel relaxed, renewed and belong. We are who we were naturally born without being socialized by nature-disconnecting stories that warp or injure our senses.

Our lives presently suffer because our 54 senses gift to our life in balance is the key omitted element of our doctrines, philosophies, institutions, nationalities, psychologies, economics, relationships, academics, sciences and spiritualities.

By enabling us to experience and validate the how, what, why, when, where and meaning of our 54 natural senses, the process of this book unifies humanity with itself and the natural world on personal and global levels. 

In this book's procedures attractive truths reasonably find and bind like magnets naturally attract each other in universal ways. For this reason we offer subsidized doctoral degrees to individuals who are already experts or leaders in their fields, disciplines or hobbies and who want to use this nature-connecting course process to make their skills become organic. In this essential improvement and to the benefit of all, these individuals help reverse rather than increase the earth misery catastrophe that our society continues to create. 

If you think you are interested in an 18 month, subsidized, online, GreenWave Organic Power Therapy degree call 360-378-6313 for further information.

Most of what you will sooner or later need to know or learn for your degree is the heart of this book. It is Industrial Society's missing link to peace on Earth through peace with Earth.


Have you ever had a rewarding childhood or adult experience in a natural area?  If so, then you naturally revere this book's contribution to well-being. This is because that nature-connection helped you consciously enjoy part of your inherent, natural, unadulterated self and you would not want to have the joy of that love torn from your life. The misery of that injurious separation would produce conflicts, insensitivities and disorders in and around us. It would go against your established human rights to life.  It would not be legal, ethical or moral.

Unbelievably the nature-disconnection tragedy I describe above, is increasingly eviscerating life today on personal and global levels. Our established thinking claims that the source of this disaster is unknown and a countermeasure for it is unavailable. That is inaccurate. The organic whole life art and science of revolutionary wisdom enables you and your livelihood to help remedy this dilemma and help others do the same.

Chapter 10 

Applying GreenWave-54 in a Group

Through the GreenWave-54 Organic Psychology of the Natural Systems Thinking Process in this book, any attraction in nature, backyard or back country, that we become conscious of can help us bring Nature's revolutionary wisdom into our lives. A weed growing through the pavement can do it. A park or a potted plant can do it. For example, I participated in a hurried, almost stressful training program for people whose differences kept them arguing and in conflict amongst themselves. They had little interest or time to hear an explanation from me of the unifying and healing benefits of the GreenWave 54 reconnecting with nature process so they omitted it from their agenda. In the midst of this hubbub, a young bird flew into the meeting room through the door. It could not find its way out. Without a word, the behind-schedule, quibbling meeting screeched to a halt. Deep natural attraction feelings for life and hope filled each person for the moment. For ten minutes that frightened, desperate little bird triggered those seventy people to harmoniously, supportively organize and unify with each other to safely help it find its way back home  through  the entry door.

Obviously, neither a teacher, preacher or politician was present to educate these leaders about the value of the bird's life and supporting it. Although it said not a word, the bird, nature itself, was that educator. Non-verbal sensory attraction factors within the integrity of its life touched these same factors in the lives of the leaders. That contact sparked into their consciousness their inherent natural feelings of love in the form of nurturing, empathy, community, friendship, power, humility, reasoning, place, time and many more of our inherent 54 natural senses. That reconnecting moment with nature engaged and nourished a battery of their natural sensitivites and sensibilities. These inborn natural intelligences led a contentious group to support rather than deny the life of a bird, and to bring new joy to their personal and collective lives for a short period. Yet when they accomplished this feat, they cheered their role, not the role of the bird. They felt like hero's for the moment for setting it free and congratulated their humanity for its wisdom and compassion in this effort. In their story of the incident, the role and impact of the bird went unnoticed. They returned to the hubbub of the meeting as if nothing special had happened. They completely overlooked that the bird had united them while it was there, something they continued not to do without its presence.

I wanted to say something about the effect of the bird but I didn't. People would have scoffed. They would have said that what happened was not important or useful for it was uncommon to have a wild bird interrupt their lives. It was their "human spirit" that they applauded, not its origin and existence in nature even though several Native American groups were part of the training program.

Most people can see that reconnecting with nature during that incident brought a special joy and integrity to their lives. The individual and collective benefits were evident. It is the continual lack of such natural attraction contacts that creates our disorders. People feel distraught, yet helpless, about Earth's life and their lives being at risk, like the bird. Yet, if you use this book's GreenWave Natural Systems Thinking Process, even an aquarium or pet can produce the same benefits. I've seen it unify couples, families and individuals in conflict with themselves or others. It is an organic, unifying CRL tool.

We produce and suffer Earth misery because we excessively attach ourselves to exploiting nature so we lose the integrity of its benefits. Did Part One help you learn how to reunite with nature to regain them? That is the heart of the matter that GreenWave-54 addresses. Using the Zipper Tool  would have been appropriate for the meeting because it utilizes tangible contact with nature, in backyards, parks, even with potted plants, a bird and wilderness, too. There was a park near the meeting site where we could do, own and teach simple nature-reconnecting activities. They could have shared their conscious sensory contacts with attractions in authentic nature to elicit an essence of cooperative life relationships. This would have enhanced the meeting's goals for unification.

Like playing hide and seek, the GreenWave activities are fun and interesting. They provide, at will, the nature-reconnected moments missing from our lives. People can make them happen anytime because they know the "rules" of each activity. The process is uplifting and responsible. It helps us nurture as many as 54 natural senses we genetically inherit and share to bring about homeostatic consensus within and around us.

An Expedition Challenge: Place one of your hands in a bowl of very hot water while their other hand is placed in a bowl of very cold water. After a minute, plunge both their hands into one bowl of lukewarm water. In that moment, the hand coming from the cold water signals your consciousness that the lukewarm water is hot, while the hand coming from the hot water signals that the lukewarm water is cold. Senses are not making sense, for time subconsciously adjusts our sensitivity to environmental variations. The sense of reasoning is frustrated and shifts into curiosity and wonder.

Without conscious knowledge of the events leading to this activity’s sensory discrepancy, a person can learn to mistrust their natural sense of temperature along with their self confidence, or falsely think water has miraculous properties. Through additional moments of time, the addition of other sensory input from accurate information and reasoning, makes a person aware of all the circumstances. We learn something about our sensory nature and learning. This demonstrates the importance of knowing in 54 multisensory ways, yet we excessively discriminate and disregard the sensory information available from tangible sensory contact with nature.

With respect to how we relate to the world, how differently we know it if we are brought up connected to nature versus disconnected from nature. Our disconnections presently have us over our heads in hot water.

1. Find a safe attractive area and spend 3 minutes getting to many sense know it with your eyes open
2. Shut your eyes and and spend 3 minutes getting to know it with your eyes closed.
3. What differences did you find between 1 and 2
4. If you were blind for years and then able to see, what temporary confusions might you experience when visiting this same natural area?
5. How does this apply to the reality of SUNNEH-NNIAAL-54 in our cultural life when 99 percent of our sensing and feeling time is disconnected from it as a natural area?

Applying GreenWave-54 with an Individual

"GreenWave-54 is one of the methods whereby we can give people immediate reward experiences with environmentally healthy behavior. I have found, in leading Project NatureConnect events that, just as you say, it builds a sense of community, and mutual support. Perhaps most important, it helps people learn to trust their own senses and trust in the natural world."

Mike Cohen says we can do some of his activities with a potted plant, and I actually had one client where this was shown to be correct.

My client had been in a motor vehicle accident and had multiple injuries that prevented her from getting out and about.  She was in chronic pain and was having severe anxiety attacks. 

There was a nice potted plant in her living room (I think it was a dieffenbachia, but I'm not sure).  I described how we are in a mutually-supportive role with plants -- they provide us with oxygen and we provide them with CO2.  I suggested that when she was feeling anxious she should breathe with the plant, exchanging gases and and recognize that they were being mutually supportive.  As she did so, I could see her visibly relaxing.  Within a few minutes she reported that her anxiety was gone and her pain was somewhat reduced. 

Over the next few weeks she successfully used this technique whenever she was anxious.  As her physical abilities improved she began spending time in the garden and then began gardening from her wheelchair.  Her anxiety was completely controlled without medication.

I don't know what she bonded to or with, but she developed a sense that the
plant (and later her garden) was her friend and that they were in a
mutually supportive relationship.  This feeling was able to help her
overcome her anxiety."

John Scull, Ph.D. Neuropsychologist"


An Expedition Challenge:

A. What attractive senses and feelings do I experience in the life of this area?

B. Ask the attraction, "Who are you without labels and names?"  After it responds  ask it, or ask yourself,  "Who am I without labels and names?"

C. List the differences and similarities in the responses you discovered in B

Ask yourself "What would I sense and feel if my ability to register this attraction connection was taken away from me?

Enhance your knowledge. Experience the self-evident facts at 

Additional Information:

  • SEVMRATCI the most interesting felt-sense attractions from doing this section. Identify the senses that were involved.
  • Supportive Reading and Activities: in this natural area read the next three or more statements in With Justice for All
  • Journal Respond Form: For personal growth and reference use this form to describe the value of this section.

The next chapter describes the process and effects of taking our normal yet excessively nature-disconnected lives on a year-long, evidence-based, nature-reconnection expedition that helps its members deal with and reverse the Earth misery that we all suffer one way or another.

The expedition was an objective search for Mother Earth.  For a ten months it brought our old stories, injuries, feelings and memories into the pure science experiences of our 54 senses in the GreenWave present while camping out in 84 different natural habitats from Newfoundland to California. Much of the art and science of Organic Psychology was discovered on it.

You can to some extent participate in the year long expedition as you read about it, by inserting the EXPLORE NOW: VALIDATE  series, above, to attractive hightlights you find in Chapter 11, below, as well as discover and strengthen more connections with your companion natural area.

Chapter 11

An Expedition Process Summary

Revolutionary wisdom continues a successful, moment-by-moment, learn by doing exploration process that was established in 1965 and that is described here. As it is doing right now the book and path makes you aware of itself. At this point it says that
  • It is 54-sense self-evident that globally and personally we are suffering today's earth misery on many fronts due to our society's excessive disconnection from the life of earth's eons of loving natural relationships in and around us.

  • The core of most problems personal, international or global is our 54-sense emotional  attachments to stories that  conflict with each other.  We may be alble understand what a conflicting story say but if we are attached to a conflicting story, it does not change and the new story can push our buttons when we hear it or it is applied to us.

  • This situation does not change until a unifying factor comes into play or one side of the conflict is conquered/removed.

  • Reasonable and caring people need to use the art of organic GreenWave-54 science as a unifying tool to help them stop this catastrophe because it is caused by its omission.

  • Question yourself. Is it self-evident to you that you are a caring individual and that you want to continue on this learning-by-doing expedition path? If so, we encourage you to proceed and call us if you need further information. 360-378-6313

Multi-Sensory Expedition Education Outcomes

The  Source and History of Organic Psychology and GreenWave CRL relationships.

The whole life art and science of Organic Psychology has its special sensory source in my life experience and training. It is as if Eleanore Roosevelt, Louis Mumford and Felix Adler purposely loved me to be born in Sunnyside Gardens, a unique planned, garden community, now historic site,  that they built in the New York City Borough of Queens in 1929 because, as Eleanore Roosevelt said, "People lose their humanity when they are too separated from nature".

In Sunnyside Gardens, as well as through my parents and several progressive summer camps, I unknowingly became aware that my left-handedness was part of my nature. I rudely discovered this when, at age six, I felt my elementary school unreasonably manipulating what I sensed when they demanded that I write right-handed. It disturbed me. It felt abusive to my natural integrity and it took four years of discomfort and arguments to finally have the school consent to let me write with my left hand using a, then taboo, fountain pen. That nature-supportive use of a technology changed and guided my life. 

As part of my left-handed challenge I learned from Nature in and around me that our society's established ways were prejudiced against my Nature as I discovered that left-handedness was sinister or evil and I could be treated accordingly.  I also found that this prejudice could be changed through extended contact with and education about Nature's value and integrity. However, I learned this by being the Guinea Pig in making this change happen at the school and that experience has made it remain a central focus of my life. For this reason, as new evidence-based information and technology is discovered that improves our relationship with the life of our planet, I incorporate it in my personal and professional activities, sometimes to the inconvenience of my friends and myself.

  • SEVMRATCI the most interesting felt-sense attractions from doing this section. Identify the senses that were involved.
  • Supportive Reading and Activities: in this natural area read the next three or more statements in With Justice for All
  • Journal Respond Form: For personal growth and reference use this form to describe the value of this section.

Expedition Process:  Earth Alive

In 1965 an unusual thunderstorm in the Grand Canyon convinced my long sensory contact with natural areas that the life of Planet Earth had to be an immense organism because there was nothing I did that it didn't do and vice-versa, except talk.  It was like I and other people lived in it and as part of it as cells that had the unique ability to speak and relate through stories rather than simply live out the wisdom of Earth's life. That wisdom might let the value of my left-handedness speak for itself as well as for others whose lefty or other trespasses had been admonished by our society's established ways. It felt like I had found another, more loving society and I developed a fiduciary relationship with it. For this reason I designed and established a learning community of twenty folks. It made space for individuals who would dedicate themselves to together camp out on a nature-connecting expedition across the USA for a year. The purpose of their exploration was to discover if they could produce a fiduciary, consensual interaction, learn-by-doing process that was in balance with the natural world. Each year each new group would reinvent the expedition process so, as it succeeded, each participant might know how to best live harmoniously their life with the life of Nature in the environment, each other and themselves.

  • SEVMRATCI the most interesting felt-sense attractions from doing this section. Identify the senses that were involved.
  • Supportive Reading and Activities: in this natural area read the next three statements in With Justice for All
  • Journal Respond Form: For personal growth and reference use this form to describe the value of this section.

Guided by my living earth perceptions, commencing in 1968, for 16 years every September a yellow school bus and its occupants embarked on a ten month living and learning expedition into natural areas.  Outfitted only with camping gear and a small library, it carried twenty students, my staff and myself into a personal and academic growth utopia. It began my sleeping out under storms and bright stars year round; camping exploring and learning while enveloped in America's spectacular natural areas.

This all-season, consensus-governed, outdoor-living program that I founded in 1959 immersed its intimate school community in rich organic critical thinking, interpersonal experiences and natural wonders. Participants thrived in eighty-three different natural habitats, and from keeping their commitments to open, honest relationships with the environment, each other and with indigenous people(s), researchers, ecologists, the Amish, farmers, anthropologists, folk musicians, naturalists, shamans, administrators, historians, counselors, teachers and many others. The experience deeply connected our inner nature to the whole of nature.

As a result of our romance with educating ourselves this way, in the school community:

Chemical dependencies, including alcohol and tobacco, disappeared as did destructive interpersonal and social relationships.

Personality and eating disorders subsided.

Violence, crime and prejudice were unknown in the group.

Academics improved because they were applicable, hands-on, and fun.

Loneliness, hostility and depression subsided.

Group interactions allowed for stress release and management; each day was fulfilling and relatively peaceful. 

Senses that had been injured in childhood were recognized as being vulnerable to individuals who, due to similar childhood injuries, were less sensitive to the vulnerability of these senses. Connections with natural areas replaced these vulnerabilities in both parties and increased unity.

Students using meditation found they no longer needed to use it to feel whole.

Participants knew each other better than they knew their families or best friends.
They risked expressing and acting from their deeper thoughts and feelings; a profound, fiduciary sense of social and environmental responsibility guided their decisions.

When vacation periods arrived, only a few wanted to go home. Each person enjoyably worked to build this supportive, balanced living and learning utopia. They were home.

All this occurred simply because every community member met their commitment to make sense of their lives by establishing relationships that supported the expedition and the natural world within and around them. We hunted, gathered and practiced such relationships; we organized and preserved group living processes that awakened our natural wisdom. We explored how to let Nature help us regenerate responsible relationships when they decayed.

  • SEVMRATCI the most interesting felt-sense attractions from doing this section. Identify the senses that were involved.
  • Supportive Reading and Activities: in this natural area read the next three or more statements in With Justice for All
  • Journal Respond Form: For personal growth and reference use this form to describe the value of this section.

The secret to our expedition's success was to learn to tap into and learn directly from the natural world, the life of earth within and about us. Through our 54 natural attraction sensations and feelings it taught our sense of reason how to trust the life of Nature and how to validate and incorporate its reasonableness. The highlights of this process included:

  • Starting the school year in a classroom that had no individual or authority sitting in the front of the room desk. The staff, unrecognized by some, sat with the students facing the desk and blackboards. In time students and staff started to ask each other what was happening and introduced themselves to each other. As discussion proceeded the group rearranged the desk chairs so the were now in a circle and folks could better relate to each other. That moment was when we started the school year.

  • All aspects of the program except driving the school bus and some administrative duties were self-organized and shared by all. This included governing by consensus.  Anybody could call an all-school meeting at anytime to address challenges or discontents that arose. This process became the core of the curriculum.

  • The daily and all-year itinerary was reasonably developed based on weather conditions, special connections and geographic logistics. It included spontaneous opportunities as they arose and it could be changed by consensus as new ideas and information appeared.

  • By agreement technological assistance and dependence was limited so that the community depended upon nature and each other for information and satisfactions. Technologies were limited to the bus, camping equipment, cameras and a small library, no radios, TVs or tape players.  The only media player allowed was a tape recorder that played back to us interviews, songs, music and reactions to and from our expedition experiences.

  • The group was a justifiable combination of Kurt Lewin T-group encounter processes, Progressive Education and Alexander Wolf group therapy. The latter recognized that group members subconsciously registered a group they were in as their family at home and often felt the joy or hurt of the latter and acted accordingly. In doing so in the nature-connected expedition family, we learned from this experience how to CRL express and guide our relationships with nature's 54-sense wisdom.

  • When expedition members found that some of their senses were injured or weak they discovered that it made sense to temporarily ride on the senses and feelings of others who were healthy in these same areas. This continually made the expedition group a unified whole and helped individuals restore their own balance through bonding connections with attractive natural senses of individuals in the group and attractions in natural areas that surrounded us.  An expedition was organized so that in its membership a wide range of injured sense challenges supported and educated it and them.

  • In reality and imagination each member of the community, including its staff, was roped into each others' lives for the year as would be a mountain climbing expedition that reasonably organized and maintained itself to survive by helping its environment survive. This enabled us to sense and feel our true relationship with the life of Earth and its web members because, without today's "ticket to Mars," we are each on an expedition to, in balance, enjoyably support the life we share with our planet home and each other.

  • Our special high motivation survival goal was consistently re-affirmed: this was a one-year expedition that could dissolve if it did not maintain itself appropriately. It was also the long-term goal and livelihood of some group members that went far beyond one year's duration, (For myself it was sixteen years).

Again, it is significant that in a short period of time, globally, within local areas, this same organic, small-group expedition education process can be included in the eleven sections that the PNC mission addresses (listed above). In addition, these local groups can globally learn from each other via the internet.

The National Audubon Society identified the Trailside Country School expedition education program as the most revolutionary form of learning in America and selected it to be the official Audubon alternative education program out of 116 programs that were considered. It became the National Audubon Society Expedition Institute in 1978.

  • SEVMRATCI the most interesting felt-sense attractions from doing this section. Identify the senses that were involved.
  • Supportive Reading and Activities: in this natural area read the next three or more statements in With Justice for All
  • Journal Respond Form: For personal growth and reference use this form to describe the value of this section.


Starting in 1960, from thirty years of all-season travel and study in over two hundred sixty national parks, forests and sub-cultures, I developed a learning process and psychology that unleashed our natural ability to grow and survive responsibly.  By documenting that it worked repeatedly and could be taught, I earned my doctoral degree and the school became a small, accredited graduate and undergraduate degree program at several Universities.  I have helped that experience further grow and develop since 1990, by, for 26 years daily climbing a local wild mountain overlooking the sea (that is 27,000 miles, 62,000 hours) and sleeping outdoors, year-round, since 1969.

To share my discovery with the public, in 1984 I initiated the National Audubon Society International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism?" and in 1987 I encapsulated my nature-connected psychology as Project NatureConnect in a series of 154 sensory backyard and back country activities (Cohen, 1988, 1990, 1993). They have been used as an organic form of psychology in many courses and training programs for educators, parents and students so the latter may incorporate these revolutionary interactions in their work and lives. These simple, fun nature explorations benefit people of all ages and backgrounds. Uniquely, they revitalize the innate sensory communication and support between a person and the natural world, in and around others and themselves.

Organic Psychology natural area activities balance our lives by letting our 54 sense natural connectedness identify and be our common cause of survival in balance. By reducing stress while motivating participation, the activities promote recovery from destructive habits, dependencies and dysfunctions. Today professionals use them to augment counseling, twelve-step, hospice, stress management, conflict resolution, self-esteem, and environmental education programs (Cohen, 1993). They help us follow the suggestion in Job: "Speak to the Earth and it will teach thee.”  They go deeper and more sanely than most psychological and psychiatric practices.

Because Organic Psychology honors the wisdom of the global life community, it enables that community to relate and grow harmoniously through the natural attractions of its attraction-field root. That fabric, which we each biologically inherit, lovingly unifies life relationships rather than further subdividing Earth into isolated academic and institutional cubbyholes. My extensive time engaged this way enables me at will to snuff out my story way of knowing and fully enjoy unity with the natural intelligence that loved me into being..

In reality and imagination the art and science of organic psychology expeditions return us to our origins. There we critically measure information, procedures and behaviors by their natural attractiveness and long term effects. We then, moment by moment, responsibly organize and balance our relationships by helping our natural attractions unite themselves.

Various Labels

For sixty years I have pioneered and promoted the scientific value of creating moments that let Earth teach us what we need to enjoy the wisdom of nature's garbage-free perfection.  This has had various names assigned to the process as information advanced including
  • 1959 Trailside County School outdoor travel and camping
  • 1977 An Expedition Education learning program via the Regents of University of the State of New York
  • 1965 Organism Earth: the life of Earth having its own, self-correcting homeostasis
  • 1978 National Audubon Society Expedition Institute at Lesley University
  • 1990 Project NatureConnect in cooperation with Portland State University
  • 1990 NSTP: The web-of-life Natural System Thinking Process
  • 1990 Nature-connected 54-sense knowing and relationships,
  • 1986 Organic Psychology at World Peace University
  • 1991 Integrated Natural Attraction Ecology at the Institute of Global Education
  • 2005 Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology
  • 2013 The Organic Psychology GreenWave-54 Albert Einstein Unified Field process and equation for Eco-Art, Eco-Yoga, Eco-Soma and Organic Therapies.
These years and results testify to my stubborn dedication to Nature's welfare and that I experience it as a my peculiar integrity. I thank my parents and Eleanore Roosevelt for this precious knowledge along with the exceptional individuals who continue to participate in and support Project NatureConnect.

WARRANTIED FACT CHECK: Visit the warrantied fact list and insert dates on new facts that you learned or know to this point in the book. Place a check mark on facts you previously dated that you feel have been reinforced or extended.

A. If at this point you are interested in strengthening your knowledge, resilience and relationships via increased GreenWave-54 expertise, you have enough information about it now to know that you will succeed in mastering it and adding its value it to your personal and professional relationships. You can do this free on your own as long as you remain aware that doing it without a supportive partner(s) limits its depth and effectiveness due to a lack of input from a human source that only a human being understands.

B. You can also accomplish the above in conjunction with a mentor and support group online along with onsite and gain optional credit, certification or a degree that confirms your skill and training.  At this point you are eligible for work-study and financial assistance on this path. Visit to explore and apply for it.

Continue this free, immediate, personal Sensory Nature Unified Field GreenWave-54 training because your GreenWave attraction is to promote peace and sanity and it's easy to do that here in a good way.  Why wouldn't you want to do this?

The remainder of this book and course validates, reinforces, accredits and enhances what you now already know so that you can expertly CRL apply it.

To continue Select Here for and call 360-378-6313 to let us know your questions and how we can help you.

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.

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