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GREENWAVE: Why wouldn't you want to think with the intelligence of our Planet's whole life biodiversity and Einstein's Unified Field? 

Reflecting on the Organic Psychology of Global Citizenship

     - Sarah Jones

    After participating in Project NatureConnect's orientation program and spending time over the last week reflecting on the information that has been presented and discussed, one point stood out for me, and it’s from here that I believe the rest of my learning follows:

"Nature can be seen as a unifying attraction process that organizes, preserves, and regenerates itself to produce an optimum of life, diversity, and balanced cooperation without producing garbage, madness or death as we know it.  Nature’s way of expressing love prohibits the pollution, abusiveness, and stress that deteriorate life"  (WLI, 104).

Narrowed down, through the Natural Systems Thinking Process, living is possible from a truer, more natural core which stems from love.  And how is love detected?  Nature shows love as a unifying attraction that excludes nothing.  Where there is love there is inclusivity.  How different this is from our current material, social, and financial ways of living!  The inclusiveness of nature and its way of being continued as a unifying theme as I reviewed all aspects of the course material, including topics I put in my “protected box,” my before and after scores on the course material, dialogues with the group, and a few extra readings done in the book Reconnecting With Nature.

For me, the concept of a natural inclusion takes on a variety of forms, but most strongly is the feeling that when I look outside or I step into nature, I see neither anxiety nor loss.  Our society has become so expendable that it seems everything is “throw away.”  Nothing – no relationship or even person, plant, animal, or mineral seems to carry an innate value or is safe from humanity’s disjointed need to move on to the next best thing.  This expendability violates nature’s tenets of inclusivity through balance and cooperation.  Society lives under a constant low-level sense of anxiety, due to larger and sometimes subliminal messages of being unwanted.  Yet, this is not so within natural systems.  Here we find an unconditional love being exuded in every moment, a love without discord, waste or judgment.  The caste system of secularism and the religious threat of annihilation in no way meet our need to have that exclusionary anxiety abated, as we only find the true abatement through the loving inclusiveness of natural attractions.

    The second item that exemplifies this natural sense of inclusion is the use of non-verbal communication.  It may be that the spoken word is the most limiting of all means of communication.  Just like children, we must first learn to listen to this new language before attempting its transference – so often the desire is to do the opposite, and believe in humanity’s mastery where humanity is only a newborn.  Though it is true this non-verbal intelligence is a part of humanity’s psyche (as part of nature), the desire, through love, must be present before the learning can really begin.  The peaceful, non-verbal serenity of nature always brings me to a place of non-anxiety.  As I said earlier in the course in an email reflection, just being with the earth as it non-verbally lives and moves reminds me that our verbal chaos is not necessarily a sign of true life.

    These beliefs were reflected in my scores from the Important Values in NSTP Experiences.  In all cases my scores were higher in the retake, but three changed the most:
•    An increase in being known as an interesting person and attractive to other people who are responsibly enjoying a natural area (5 to 10),
•    A desire to share with others the joy and wonder found when in contact with attractions in natural areas (7 to 10), and
•    An increased feeling of true self as a purer, more beautiful being and finding this to be true of other people and species, too (7 to 10).

The increase in scores on these particular questions indicates my increased understanding of nature’s inclusivity.  It’s easier to now see myself (and to desire to see myself) as a part of the larger system, and as a valuable contributor.  Coexisting with this adjustment is the desire to also see others as having equal value, beauty, and purity as myself.  From this stems a desire to communicate this love not with words, but with actions that resonate the joy and wonder of our natural lives.

Finally, though it would have been optimal to go through more of the Reconnecting With Nature, text than I did, the first three chapters certainly set the tone for the course, with its reflections on life-supportive relationships (18), integrity and regeneration (22), and trusting in our immediate experiences (24).  For me the key learning point to the readings that I did was this:
…people are attracted to being happy, but cannot find happiness.  They relishresponsible relationships, but cannot build them…when people become consciousof nature in the immediate moment…participants thoughtfully connect with nature’s incredible wisdom, beauty and integrity.  Responsible, enjoyable thinking and relationships, on every level, result from this attractive process (27).

Once again the theme of unification, love, and inclusion is present.

    The course Organic Psychology of Global Citizenship has been both mind-opening and familiar at the same time.  The concepts and themes we’ve discussed are certainly life altering, but when it comes down to it, there’s just the inner sense of “oh, yes, I’ve known this all along.”  From this sense of remembering we can garner the courage to look just a little further down the path, and then perhaps just a little bit further.  Looking to the natural systems of the earth as our guide, we are able to see that there is nothing to fear and only everything to gain as we capture the strength to include all of what we previously considered foreign, alien, or even strange.  Love, unification, attraction, and inclusivity are more than just abstract terms, they are senses of the heart that can be cultivated and nurtured to create peace where perhaps we’ve been taught that there is none.


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