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Stop the Madness: be an antidote for its root.

Special Edition

The Earth Avatar Track in
Applied Ecopsychology

Courses, Certification, Degrees, Careers

The Earth Avatar Track

Strategies and Approaches

The challenge of being an Earth Avatar is to create or discover ways to get folks involved with you as a person who has two bodies, your literate body and your non-literate Other Body/Planet Earth.

The basic strategy is to help your friends and community recognize that as human beings your biology and psyche are the same and that you can help them discover and connect with their Other Body/Earth along with the benefits of learning how to do this.  Each situation is different and your/our challenge is how to get them interested or involved.

As you discover ways to make contact and help folks recognize that they have two bodies that might be useful to other Avatars, or that you want help with, share your situation with all or some members of the Earth Avatar group so we can all grow from them.

I seldom have folks not be interested in the subject when I mention that I'm doing a study or survey about folk's reactions to me stating that I have two bodies and what do they think or feel about the subject. You can then use what seems appropriate for a specific situation from the THOR book, even by starting with folks reactions to its name. "Are you aware of The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power?"

Some additional things that may work for you if you modify them for your situation:

Work from reminders such and CRL NNIAAL 54 senses TwoBody to Somebody

Place a short model in your mind and use it as a blueprint jumpoff such as

Eating the Apple from the forbidden Tree of Literate Knowledge got us kicked out of the non-literate Garden of Eden as outlaws. We are seriously injured/hurt from the kick as well as from our isolation and outlaw self-image. Rather than know how to live in harmony with the Garden, we have conquered most of it and converted it into a Zoo where we first are caged and then get trained and paid as zookeepers

Our antidote, backyard or backcountry, is to learn how to obtain consent from the remains of the Garden to return to it and bathe in the happiness of its restorative powers. This helps it teach us how to live in 54 sense balance with its purity in ourselves, each other and the environment and change the Zoo.

Pick on yourself as being stupid or bad and take the blame for problems and disorders and how you are successfully working with yourself to change this. Others may identify with this as I do this in the letter, below, and a release. You can use it by inserting your name or making it third person and have it describe me 

Dear Editor,

May I take this opportunity to introduce myself and my work to you.  I’m Doctor Michael J. $#!+)@-For-Brains. 

I’m writing you because, out of their fear of pain, folks call me the derogatory $#!+)@ name once they recognize that as a human being I am identical to them.  I inadvertently incite this negative reaction whenever I demonstrate beyond reasonable doubt that although Planet Earth is my body in the Standard Universe, I'm trained to know, think, feel that I have two distinct bodies and that Planet Earth is my Other Body. 

The demonstration makes folks realize that our Living Planet must be their Other Body, too. This triggers anxiety because our stupidity and its effects are painfully obvious. As we abuse our Other Body we wound ourselves and vice versa.

To avoid their denial, stress and shame for how they injure their Planetary Self, people describe me as being out of my rational mind.  This allows them avoid the unethical and immoral idiocy that they recognize as parts of themselves and society with respect to the way they treat their/our Other Body.  It’s far easier for them to simply paint me as a being a freak or nut case.

My legal identity is Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.  Some people think that I am an Ecopsychologist, others are not so sure.  You can decide that for yourself.
From 50 years of sensory research into how nature works, by helping them consider self-evidence I teach folks that if they don’t acknowledge that they have two bodies they are not doing all they can do to reverse the critical personal, social and global disorders that we cause and suffer. 

We already know that the purifying, self-correcting and balancing powers of our Other Body/Earth, in and around us, have naturally sustained Earth’s perfection through the eons and that our living planet biologically includes our human body, mind and spirit.  

It is how we “normally” feel and act in Industrial Society that is causing our disturbances because our side effects injure Nature, including our inner nature, our Other Body.

You might ask yourself this: have you ever better, and with increased love, felt and thought more clearly during a quiet period that you have spent in an attractive natural area? If so, you have experienced undeniable self-evidence: a nature-connecting, Other Body sensory remedy that, when applied correctly, can have the amazing ability to help us improve our well-being at every level, including our Other Body…and the remedy is free.

I warranty that The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power enables you and your associates to powerfully reduce personal, environmental and global disorders and help others do the same. Am I just crazy-making or is it reasonable for me to ask you to consider this organic remedy and contribute to well-being everywhere by sharing its special value with others?  Why not at least check it out?

I look forward to hearing from you regarding this request or to answer your questions. Meanwhile, could you do the world a $#!+)@ favor and publish or edit the short 96 word press release below?

NOTE 1: Hackers, don’t waste your precious time, $#!+)@ is in no way similar to my password.

NOTE 2: The Oxygen we breathe is the $#!+)@ of most plant life.

For Peace,

Micheal J. $#!+)@-For-Brains

For Immediate Release:

$#!+)@-For-Brains Professor says Planet Earth Is Our Other Body and Identifies A Hidden Organic Remedy For What Ails Us

Friday Harbor, WA, January/15/2014

A $#!+)@-For-Brains Professor at Project NatureConnect has proven beyond reasonable doubt that “Planet Earth is our other body,” in his new book and website “The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power.” Dr. Michael J. Cohen’s warranty there states that free online books, courses and degrees that add our “Other Body powers” to any profession or relationship help establish peace and reduce stress along with many other personal and environmental disorders. This ‘miracle” results from invoking an enjoyable nature-contact process that strengthens sustainability and social justice by using innovative sensory tools that help any individual increase personal and global well-being.  360-378-6313

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About the Author

Recipient of the 1994 Distinguished World Citizen Award, Applied Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D., is a Program Director of the Institute of Global Education where he coordinates its Integrated Ecology Department and Project NatureConnect.  He also serves on the faculty of Portland State University and the Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology whose program he initiated and has directed since 1990.  In 1965, Dr. Cohen discovered that Planet Earth acted like a living organism and based on this he founded sensory, Gaia based, degree granting Environmental and Expedition Education outdoor programs independently and for the National Audubon Society and Lesley University.  He conceived the 1985 National Audubon International Symposium "Is the Earth a Living Organism," at the University of Massachusetts and established the science of Organic Psychology in 2005 and Natural Attraction Ecology in 2008.  He is the Editor of the Journal of Organic Psychology and Natural Attraction Ecology and an award winning author of ten books dealing with Applied Ecopsychology including "Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature," "The Web Of Life Imperative,"  "Reconnecting With Nature" and, new,"The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power."  Dr. Cohen is also an accomplished folk song artist and contra dancer who presents traditional music programs using guitar, banjo and accordion for the U.S. National Park Service and Skagit Valley College Road Scholars on San Juan Island, Washington.

Special NGO consultant United Nations Economic and Social Council


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