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Reprint of the Introduction to
the book "The Hidden Organic  Remedy: Nature as Higher Power"


Accredited, 187 pages, soft cover workbook; a Warranty guarantees its accuracy 


The beneficial “miracles” performed by science and technology for the advancement of the human condition deserves our applause for a job well done.  The success and daily progress of today’s artificial way of life is amazing, something never before been seen on Earth. On one hand, it deserves our great thanks for its wonderful benefits and the well-being it has created on many levels.  On the other hand, the excessive corruption, destruction and suffering produced by its “side effects” must also be acknowledged, no less harnessed.

For two thousand years profound thoughts and feelings have identified our nagging personal and global side-effect problems. Wonderful ideas have been offered as solutions for them.  What has been missing is a practical process to implement our best thinking, a therapy tool that enables us to do what we know is reasonable and necessary to do.  This tool must be a trustable antidote for our corrupt mentality and relationships if we are to increase personal, social and environmental well-being.  Nature as Higher Power is a major contribution and support in this regard. It is an easily applicable social technology that gives us the means to address the heart of what ails us.

At this late date we yet to identify the underlying source of our corrupt ways, no less engage in an effective process that corrects it.  The dysfunctions and disorders that accompany our great achievements indicate that, unlike nature itself, we have a monumental short circuit in the way our society works. We have lost contact with nature’s wisdom. We are becoming more and more addicted to the artificial means we invent to replace it, and they can’t. Our non-organic creations produce damaging side effects in our body, mind and spirit, no less the environment. 

We must learn how to think and act organically, like nature works. Using Nature as Higher Power gives us that ability because it is organic.

Like all species, we were born with the biological ability to love and live in balance with the purity, wellness and integrity of Earth.  A warp in how we think and feel has separated our psyche from the organics of the natural world.  It has unbalanced our planet and us to the point that, being biologically identical, we are both at risk.  It is as if our misguided mentality has placed a Toyota-only computer in a Chevrolet.

A corrupt mind is a terrible thing to waste so we don’t.  Instead we profit from the crooked, unbalanced ways our socialization (indoctrination) has instilled in our outlook. We also profit from selling questionable remedies for the hurtful personal, social and environmental dilemmas that our corrupt thinking causes.  In addition, we suppress a practical organic remedy for Industrial Society’s rape of our body, mind and spirit so as not to impede the unethical profiteering in our economic growth.  As Upton Sinclair observed:

"It is difficult to get people to understand something when their salary (or other reward) depends upon them not understanding it."

We seldom recognize that individually and collectively Industrial Society practices identity theft on a global level. It has legalized its embezzlement of our inborn self, our naturally pure and balanced genetic wholesomeness, under a distorted banner of freedom. This banner is unfair. It does not give the happiness of nature’s balancing and purifying ways any legal or moral rights, no matter the depressing disorders, pain and destruction that this omission produces.

The use of corrupt information is the heart of our dilemmas as well as the heart of our inability to stop them. For this reason, Nature as Higher Power (NHP) comes with my written Warranty (Appendix A, 20) that unequivocally identifies organic information in it that is not adulterated.  It strongly suggests that organic NHP processes and information be reasonably integrated with any other information, relationship or belief system to reverse our dilemmas.

NHP is only for folks who know that they live in the science-based Standard Universe of the Big Bang and want to learn how to obtain help from and for its ways.  We suffer our disorders because many of us physically live in the organics of our Standard Universe but we have learned to think and act from the false or imaginary ways of unreal places and relationships. This is like fueling a standard automobile with water instead of gasoline; it produces many problems.

The working model that this book offers is based on empirical facts that demonstrate the validity of its process. It does this under the most challenging circumstances, at a workshop with incarcerated, substance-addicted individuals in a correctional institution.  However, it also helps any interested person learn how to relate in ways that increase personal, social and environmental well-being in most situations. It guarantees that its information is organic reality, free of adulteration, more true and dependable than knowing that the tide will rise and fall. It provides critical preventative and restorative assistance when used as higher power or as an Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) tool anywhere at any time.

I am qualified to issue my Warranty because by living most of my life in natural areas I and others have, without drugs, alcohol or destructive excessiveness, successfully learned to think, feel and relate based on genuinely connecting with the ways that nature works and teaching others to accomplish this.  It is no scientific secret that, until proven otherwise,
  • Everything in nature is non-literate except humanity,
  • everything is attracted or attached to everything else and is continuously cycling, recycling, changing and purifying so garbage and pollution are not produced.  I
  • the sun rises and sets and rises again,
  • Planet Earth is round and acts like or is a living organism,
  • gravity holds us to the planet
  • like the crest of a wave everything only exists and changes in the immediate moment. 
  • micro relationships appear different than macro relationships,
  • we inherently can learn and relate to the world with more than 5 senses,
  • air is breathable, water is drinkable, flowers are colorful and the unclouded daytime sky is blue.
Yet, today, we challenge, rather than embrace and depend upon, these organic truths as a source of higher power, no less as fundamentals for our socialization. This demonstrates just how fraudulent our thoughts, feelings and relationships have become. Their corruption has robbed us of the beneficial natural roots of our being.

We are in trouble because our social foundations are warped-thinking stories yet they are directing our technologies and education.  By omitting nature’s guiding sensory energies from our science, education, relationships and spirituality, the way we administer our complex, high-tech society is like having a lobster running the control tower at O’Hare International Airport. 

We habitually learn to think and feel in conjunction with our excessive nature-disconnected and artificial stories and techniques that produce our side-effect problems as well as produce our inability to solve them. We even go so far as to question using nature’s truths as our higher power or as a valid sensory source of information and guidance.  This is like the belief that drinking whiskey to forget our troubles will cure our alcoholism.

We have become hurtfully addicted to disconnecting from nature and to our nature-disconnected leaders. NHP enables you to make more complete sense. 

- It empowers you to actively validate and put to work pure organic relationships and knowledge that it helps you discover while you help others do the same. 
- It provides a fair, no nonsense way to connect with the drug-free happiness and wisdom of higher power in Nature, Spirit and the Divine.
- It gives you the means to make happen now what our socialization has long ignored, as shown by quotes and their dates through the ages that NHP includes.

The process the book offers also integrates seamlessly with God beliefs that you may hold. You may choose, as an extension of them, to be a Pantheist (Einstein, Thoreau, Lao Tzu, Sitting Bull, Emerson, Lincoln, Whitman, Chief Seattle and Beethoven were Pantheists). NHP empowers you with a tool to organically do what has yet to be done, to act reasonably from classic observations like:

"I believe in God, only I spell it Nature."   - Frank Lloyd Wright  circa 1932

"For what else is Nature but God and the Divine Reason that pervades the whole universe and all its parts."   - Seneca the Younger circa 25 A.D.

I have designed this book as a hands-on means for a leader or parent to introduce the joy available by using a powerful natural antidote that reverses disorders and addictions (18).  The process works best if the leader is already trained to be literate and comfortable knowing that they and nature are one, that Earth is their other body.  This enables them to personally share the wisdom they have gained from dealing with past trespasses against their other body, Earth, in and around them.   
Organized as a workbook, NHP is extra effective because space for immediate notes, questions and drawings that it encourages you to produce, accompany a text that energizes you to produce them. The text is in the form of a recent workshop that introduces a long-term Organic Psychology ECHN program and that includes the reader as a participant in the workshop. Leader, reader and participant are on equal terms.  All pull together as an educational expedition whose purpose is to gain the wonderful feelings and wellness that arise as we come into balance. This produces a high-energy ecstasy of unity that overcomes resistance to this important process.

NHP works because it enables you to enlist nature’s healing and purifying powers along with their bliss as your ally all the time. In addition, it helps you continue with an online Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) program for further improvement or training that can lead to an academic degree or professional certification as a practitioner (  You can become an expert in how to connect with nature. The world will surely turn to you for personal and professional assistance as the hurtful effects of our disconnection continue to take their economic and environmental toll. This nature-connection advantage is already working for ECHN students.

(The book’s NHP workshop is accredited and offered for special on-site leadership training with Dr. Cohen and others on San Juan Island, Washington and elsewhere, by appointment. 360.378.6313)

NHP can be a companion volume to Natural Self Discovery by Pamela Hoke. It is modeled after, and can be offered successfully as a one-day introductory program by presenters who are familiar with its material and who openly share their life-experiences as their personal truths. Otherwise, it takes longer for the process of validating its facts.

Fact by fact, references to easily accessible Internet pages for further information are numbered in the text as well as on an associated work page and to the Reference page XXX in Appendix G.

NHP is based on the results of research that provides additional information at: 
Cohen, M. J. 2008, Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature  Illumina Publishing.

Project NatureConnect: The Miracle of Something from Nothing

Project NatureConnect: PNC Warranty: Singularity in Action

Project NatureConnect 2007, Natural Attraction Ecology

Project NatureConnect: Nature Connected Health and Wellness Research

Project NatureConnect: The Organic Psychology of Global Citizenship books

“The Web of Life Imperative”   “Reconnecting With Nature”  of the ECHN Orientation Course:

The process of Educating Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) empowers you to act from these classic observations:

"We are dysfunctional socially and environmentally because we are cut off and isolated from the world of nature and the natural."

- Albert Gore  1989

"I believe that the universe is the manifestation of its attraction to be and to grow, that all its parts are different growths and expressions of the same original attraction. They are all in attractive communication with each other and, thereby, parts of one organic whole.  The whole has designed itself in humanity to register in at least fifty-four natural attraction senses. All parts of the whole are so beautiful, and are felt by me so intensely, that I am compelled to love it and to think of it as divine."

- Robinson Jeffers  circa 1950, extended.

* * *

The remaining three hours of this workshop are experience based: Visit, call or Skype
Mike Cohen for the experience.  Make arrangements to be eligible to receive a copy of the of the book The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power;
Create Moments that let Earth Teach: How to Decontaminate Our Polluted Thoughts and Relationships

The substance of the workshop experience has been described in Cohen's book Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN), the article "The Magic of Something From Nothing" and other PNC books, web pages and online course responses that increase personal, social and environmental wellness. However, just reading about the experience rather than being it and sharing it first hand with Dr. Cohen are not the same.
  Taking the PNC Orientation Course online is the best alternative if you can't visit.  Often its a requirement before you visit.

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