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Our Addiction Catastrophe and its Resolution

We are all addicted to something because, to our loss, in contemporary society our body, mind and spirit are excessively disconnected from their origins and purity in nature. This separation hurtfully pollutes our thinking and relationships. We feel the pain and we addict to artificial things that relieve it, things that have destructive side effects. We suffer our personal and global problems because we are addicted to their detrimental source.

Help the world come back into its natural equilibrium and happiness.  Learn how to think, feel and relate with Nature so that its recycling powers help us address our addictions and transform them into constructive, organic relationships. Make time and space for nature’s dance, in and around us, to increase well being as we learn to be better dancers.

On average, over 95 percent of our time and 99 percent of our thoughts and feelings are disconnected from and out of tune with nature’s perfect ways. This injures and stresses our congress of 54, in-balance, natural senses including trust, community, beauty, reason, belonging, time, literacy, music, consciousness and hunger for air, water and food. (,

Deprived of Nature’s wisdom, our mentality is stupefied to use addictive pain reliefs that produce Mental Illness, Drug, Alcohol and Fossil Fuel abuse, Social and Environmental Injustice, Climate Change, War, Pollution, Poverty, Crime, Ignorance, Excessiveness, Greed and nature-disconnected Science, Psychology, Therapy, Religion, Media and Education. These are seldom found in Nature. 

Disconnect from nature by holding your breath. Notice that, moment-by-moment, pain and stress build from thwarting your natural attraction to air.  You can take OxiContin or Barbituates to subdue this or other discomforts; the chemicals are, however, toxic, addictive, expensive and short-term.  Instead, you can re-connect with Nature by inhaling air.  This is an organic, more sensible, safe and natural response. It removes pain and increases happiness, well-being and thankfulness to and for the air (spirit) and the environment. It restores the Earth by feeding food and water to plants when we exhale.

We deny that we are addicted to outdated, nature-disconnected ways and knowledge from the Archaic and Middle Ages; that magic, prayer and miracles are inadequate in dealing with the trespasses of today’s technologically addicted personal and collective mentality. We deny that we are each like the human spirit with a crossbow trying to stop a high-tech army tank and its nature-disconnected crew.  Our denial that we suffer this disaster prevents the unifying ways of Nature’s Standard Universe, in and around us, from fulfilling us and correcting our addictions to the falsehoods that create of our personal, social and environmental disorders. Due to our denial, Earth and we are increasingly ill and at risk.  No matter how rich or poor we are, most of us say we need 15 percent more money.

To greedily profit from its sale of artificial reliefs, Industrial Society aggravates our nature-disconnection stress in order to addict us to more reliefs. It seldom bonds us to mutually beneficial connections between nature and ourselves.

The free, anti-addiction art of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) is a scientific natural-attraction remedy for our nature-disconnected prejudice and disorders. This social technology enables us to create powerful sensory moments that let Earth teach us what we need to know, backyard or backcountry. These moments genuinely reunite our painfully addicted 54 inherent natural senses with the healing, purifying and self-correcting energies of authentic nature and its wisdom. Pain, stress and greed subside; reason, happiness and well-being increase.

The logical and practical solution for our dilemmas is to include the ECHN process in all our disciplines and livelihoods.  Do your part. Visit Be reasonable, rather than addicted. Add ECHN to your life and livelihood and help others do the same. It’s online, accredited, and funded, a whole life, sensory vehicle that you ride instead of conflicting cubbyholes that you endure.

Because we deny that we are addicted to nature-disconnected information, we do not address this prejudiced addiction. Our denial prevents us from using effective nature-connected remedies immediately that have lasting benefits.  ECHN works because although addiction is an unreasonable, overriding love, the fundamental nature of love is the fundamental love of nature.

We cannot save the world without restoring the emotional sensory attractions between Earth and ourselves. It is sensible, not shameful, to recognize that we do not love to save what we do not love.

Explore the hidden organic remedy for addiction:


The ability to engage nature in stopping addiction been described in Cohen's book Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN), the article "The Magic of Something From Nothing" and other PNC books, web pages and online course responses that increase personal, social and environmental wellness. 
Taking the PNC Orientation Course online is the best way to learn this skill.

There are 160 Other Body connection activities that help us habitually
re-connect 160 disconnections from nature and help think like the perfections of our Other Body work. Each resemble playing "Hide and Seek" and validating what your discover about yourself as part of nature and your truths as you find them.

Visit the many links at our Survey of Participants to view the results of ECHN

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