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Friends of Natural Systems Membership
An online, holistic, environmentally sound educational organization whose members help improve personal and professional relationships at home, work or school.



Member and Participant Involvement

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Enjoy the well-being produced by learning to think and co-create organically with natural systems within and about you.

Take a giant step for reversing destructive natural system dysfunctions in our psyche and the prolific suffering they cause people and the environment. Enable yourself to make a difference in increasing the well-being of industrial society.

Take advantage of free personal or professional holistic health education and job, internship, career, funding and discounts that support the well being of all of life.


Background Synopsis

Our society's limited ways of thinking result in needless social and environmental disorders that unnecessarily produce our suffering. Learn how to help overcome the exploitative cultural forces that, motivated by profit alone, reduce our ability to make happier social and environmental choices.

Natural systems intelligently self-organize and correct themselves to support, modify and purify each other. They do this in regenerative ways that leave nothing out; everything belongs. They balance and enhance life, health and spirit. With few exceptions, we are natural systems. We have this ability. To increase our personal and environmental well-being we need to nurture and apply it.

To your benefit, Friends of Natural Systems gives you, free, an organic sensory tool that you may use and teach. The tool enables you to help connect our polluted industrial thinking and feeling with the grace, balance and restorative powers of natural systems in people and places.
(Financial contributions to grant programs are welcome but not required. The grants, to the benefit of all, give members greater expertise in the use of these tools }


To Become a Member-Participant in Friends of Natural Systems.

(NOTE: PNC Orientation Course participants are automatically eligible).

In sequence, familiarize yourself with the
(1) Overview Links below.

Optionally read the (2) Descriptive Information until you feel you know enough to want to participate in Friends of Natural Systems and reap the benefits. You may have already read some of these pages.

Read the (3) Understandings for Member Participation and when they are agreeable:

Complete the (4) Form to become a participatory member via our global email list.


Now, bookmark this Membership Page so you may easily return to it. Then visit

1. Overview Links to Review

A. Goals and Science

B. Walk the Talk

C. Improving Industrial Life

D. Natural Systems Process

E. The Secret Ingredient

2. Optional Information and Experiences

F. An Exploratory Activity

G. Opportunities Available

H. Additional Articles

I. Psychological Elements
...of Global Citizenship


3. Understandings of Member Participants

1. I am familiar with the Overview Links A-E (above).

2. I understand that the purpose of Friends of Natural Systems (Friends) is to increase the happiness, health and resilience of each member, and other individuals, by increasing the well being of natural systems within and around us.

3. I understand the object of Friends is to use and teach natural attraction ways of thinking and relating that support natural systems in the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, including humanity.

4. As a member or participant I agree to help myself and others "walk the talk" and meet the purpose and object of Friends of Natural Systems.

5. I understand that, as described in Walk The Talk, many natural systems innately register in our consciousness as senses or feelings that heighten our thinking, intelligence and survival potential. I recognize that our nature-conquering lifestyles often drive these senses into our subconscious and that this loss restricts our thinking from making greater sense of life and our lives.

6. I will post and respond to the mailing-communication list in attractive ways that strengthen natural attractions I find there and that I find in other people, places and relationships.

7. I have learned that natural systems are attraction based and that negatives are seldom attractive. I recognize that negatives and their discomforts are nature's way of saying, "Seek and relate to more fulfilliing natural attractions now."

8. To further support natural systems, I will help people in Friends improve our relationships by increasing our ability to build them with natural attractions that we share.

9. I will increasingly learn, and help others learn, about and join Friends to further establish a global consciousness that includes the intelligent natural system energies of the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms.

10. In order to keep the list from being repetitive, I will include in my email the specific sentences or paragraphs I may be responding to, and will delete all other previously-posted material.


4. Become a participant in Friends of Natural Systems

Participant's page http://groups.yahoo.com/group/naturalsystems

TO JOIN: Simply send our list this blank email
It will automatically place you on our email list. Through the list you will be in communication with all participants and receive a welcome letter with instructions.
You will always be able to unsubscribe from the list.

Note: You may work on your first email to the list now. It should:

  • - Include at least your first name or nickname and that you are familiar with 1-10 above.
  • - In less than 300 words describe a good experience you have had in or with nature or natural systems.
  • - In less than 300 words describe any special interest or need you have with regard to your participation on the list.


Help strengthen a personal and global well-being organization

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Holistic, environmental, natural system friends;
Tools for participant member healthy planet and spirit relationships ,

P.O. Box 1605, Friday Harbor, WA 98250
360-378-6313 <email> www.ecopsych.com

The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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All organiztion programs start with the Orientation Course contained in the book
The Web of Life Imperative.








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