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A readily available, but secretly hidden, cure and preventative enables us to transform our personal, social and environmental disorders into responsible, whole earth relationships.

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Project NatureConnect testimonials and validations confirm the value of fundamental distant learning programs that enable you to add nature-connected science, experience and credentials to your skills and interests. Read living proof ecopsychology testimony that demonstrates how we honor your prior training and life experiences by providing grants and equivalent credit for it.

You may take accredited Applied Ecopsychology coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most subjects or personal interests (see the bottom of this page).

    * Help people remedy their illiterate disturbances and unfair thoughts and feelings with the grace balance and restorative powers of nature's web of life.
    * Increase income through literate Ecotherapy effects for stress-relief management and sustainability.
    * Strengthen personal health assistance, social and environmental self-esteem and well being along with global warming reduction.
    * Add the sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your God beliefs and community.

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Whole Life Intelligence:
A readily available, but secretly hidden, cure and preventative enables us to transform our personal, social and environmental disorders into responsible, whole earth relationships.

The Problem

As you read this sentence, you are conscious of its words and phrases not its individual letters. Now that I have alerted you to this missing-letters phenomenon, you may have become conscious of the individual letters in this sentence.

You may also note that our education and training since early childhood has indoctrinated us to habitually register words and phrases, not an individual letter.    Soon single letters here will again disappear from your awareness.  In fact, this may have already happened.

The History of our World

When we were children, it was our society's approval of us to be readers, along with the shapes, colors, sounds and delights of letters (and the likes of alphabet blocks)
that first attracted us to identify individual letters and enjoy doing this.

As we matured, the established thoughts and stories of Industrial Society urge us to be able to read. 

Reading has immense value and we certainly wouldn't want to change or hurt this literate ability.  However, if we did want to change it, it would require us to develop a very special tool or process or technology. This is because information, and/or our will-power alone, seldom gives us the ability to change our strong habits, socialization or addictions. We simply just can't decide to see individual letters continuously, we are "indoctrinated" or "addicted" to do otherwise. 

Habitual thinking and behavior explains why you are probably not seeing individual letters right now.  Unfortunately, it is also the reason that we can be unbalanced or unfair, the reason that we may stay on an unreasonable course even though we are horrified by its outcomes.

We are unable to remedy many harmful habits and disorders simply because we can't transform how we think, feel and act without obtaining responsible assistance.

Responsible assistance is aid that does not take unfair advantage of our helplessness and cause further disorders.

Responsible assistance for our major disorders has been readily available for decades. However most of us, including our leaders, are in the dark ages with respect to thinking with it and passionately using this assistance to help us build responsible relationships with the environment and each other.  Like an individual letter, they have been programed not to register it when they see it.   

Responsible Assistance and Answers, Here and Now

We are part of nature. We inherit its self-correcting, healing and restorative powers, in and around us.  These powers produce nature's optimums of life, diversity, purity, peace and cooperation.  They accomplish this without producing garbage or our runaway abusiveness, greed, pollution and health disorders.  

We produce and suffer most of our disorders simply because, from womb to tomb, our society severely disconnects our body, mind and spirit from the way nature's non-literate (pre-literate) powers work. It substitutes for them with stories that are only partially accurate, stories that don't contain nature's healing and restorative ways.

Disneyland prides itself on being a fictional fantasy, an illusion about life.

Similar to Disneyland is the way that Industrial Society, including you and me, live within the blinders of a fictional fantasy. We have been addicted to destructive, short-sighted illusions about how nature works and its value.

As we impose Industrial Society's detrimental "conquer nature"
fantasy on nature in and around us, we suffer the toxic stress and misfortune of its impact on nature, in and around us. 

Our conquer nature story powerfully undermines our natural inheritance, the seemingly miraculous ways that
nature creates and sustains its purity, balance and beauty, in and around us.  

If Earth could speak it would no doubt say that that with respect to the pure and balanced, life supportive way nature and its eons work, Industrial Society appears to be designed by Goofy and
Donald Duck.

Similar to helping us re-discover hidden individual letters and their value, the Applied Ecopsychology science of Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) helps us identify, connect with and benefit from the way nature works to produce its homeostatic perfection in our human body and in Earth, our other body.

Our Contemporary "Dark Age"

Our "educated" and established thinking is unable to help us live in the optimums of life, diversity, cooperation, peace, purity, balance and beauty that the undisturbed natural attraction world enjoys. This suggests that we are indoctrinated to wear blinders to nature's extraordinary natural attraction information and intelligence that we inherit and that is available in and around us.  This information is identified in 20 fundamental axioms that are the foundation of Natural Attraction Ecology. They identify nine major NA observations, below, that we indoctrinate ourselves to omit in our everyday thoughts and feelings. Due to this omission, we suffer many disorders.

The Axioms appear to be radical and as controversial as the discovery that Earth was a sphere, not flat, or that our planet circled around the sun and was not the center of the solar system.  However, the Axioms are based on empirical evidence, on things that are, at present, irrefutable because they register directly on our 53 natural  senses, including our sense of reason:
  • Planet Earth along with its spirit is an intelligent and conscious living organism. 
  • We deny that we are deeply prejudiced against nature.
  • Life is attractive. The purpose of life is to support life.
  • The essence of materials and energy is natural attraction, and it includes our 53 natural senses.
  • The natural world does not produce garbage, all natural things are equally attractive and important.
  • To be part of a system a thing must be in communication with the system and vice versa.
  • Nature's plant, animal and mineral community and its energy are non-literate yet conscious, intelligent and mutually supportive.
  • Nature is a perfection of its own whose vital sensitivities we inherit but we painfully conquer. We bury these senses in our subconscious in fear of feeling their pain again.
  • The process of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature enables our thoughts and feelings to make restorative sensory contacts with the power of nature's essence, backyard or backcountry.

The Fundamental Core of Nature's Powers

Nobody has met the long-time challenge by Dr. Michael J. Cohen to refute the NAE claim that natural attraction is the essence of nature's eons of mutually supportive interactions at sub-atomic, personal, global and universal levels. 

Similar to the vital roots and values of hidden individual letters, the sensory art of NAE's Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature process (ECHN) is the hidden, yet readily available and responsible means to help us remedy, prevent and transform our disorders.

If, at some point in time, you think your consciousness is ready to take personal or professional advantage of NAE and ECHN training courses and degree programs, we invite you to enroll in our online Orientation Course.  In all possible ways it and we will support your desire to make a significant difference and help others do the same.

All the information you need to learn more about NAE and ECHN is available via www.SaneEarth.com and our Annotated Articles page.  However, the best way to learn the procedure is by engaging in it. This gives you "the genuine ability to swim," not just a story about swimming.  Folks who know just the story often drown when they wade over their heads
into Industrial Society.

A sample of the course process is found at our online nature trail.

The fundamental core for obtaining responsible assistance is simple: "Hug a tree." When expanded the "hugging a tree" process includes to:
  • Follow you attraction to learn how to create sensory moments that let Earth teach.
  • Invite nature and its powers to help you transform the destructive attachments of our 53 natural senses into responsible relationships.  
  • Enable yourself and others, at every level of endeavor, to use organic psychology. It welcomes nature to compost and recycle the detrimental pollutants that Industrial Society has introduced into our body, mind and spirit.
The fundamental evidence is readily available: If you have every enjoyed the benefits from some quiet time spent in a natural area, you know full well that, backyard or backcountry, reconnecting with nature works.    



"It was another beautiful day in paradise! The summer sun is beginning to bake the earth on the cliff side of the lake; seed heads are now being released and are floating on the surface. The breeze enabling this dispersing is the same breeze that feels delightful on my skin. Small insects flit over the ripples, and damselflies, agile in their flight are mating and swooping down onto the water in their effortless style. I swam along the edge of the lake, finding a cove to glide into.  (I feel like I am there with you!)  While in this magical water world, I observed the rock face that juts out from the water and the colorful life growing upon it. I thought about the basic intelligence of nature and her webstrings, and felt reverence for the process of eternal renewal. The rock, where it was crumbling, now supports little plant-life that in turn, attracts and feeds little creatures. I am reminded of the quote from St. Basil, “Wherever you may go, the least plant may bring you clear remembrance of the Creator.”  I am so very thankful that I am able to be a part of this magnificence.  (I acknowledge attraction to this as well! Do you think there actually such a thing as a "least" plant?)

I am learning that the expansion I experience when my consciousness takes in the encompassing greater scheme of nature and its workings is critical for my well-being. I am also learning to increase my sensitivities so that I may make more opportunities for this expanded consciousness. When reading through the seventy statements used for our Eco IQ test, I am overwhelmed by the voices of wisdom throughout the ages. The spiritual importance of their united messages is very inspiring to me.

If this experience were taken away from me, I would feel sadly out of whack. I require these webstring attractions to continue on my life path.  (WONDERFUL! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone acknowledged this!!!) My activity gave me feelings of vibrant aliveness. I love, trust and carefully respect nature. This gives me a geological/historical earth perspective which supports the oneness with nature that I seek.

A key word for me is educare, ”to draw out from within.”  Another is profound beingness. (---I Love this Nancy!  I am so attracted to this word EDUCARE!  I feel so strongly that this is an important concept to teach!)

When I am true to my nature, and feed it by embracing the natural environment, I reverberate unconsciously to others health and receptivity.

I awoke early to start my day by greeting the outside world. I have put into my trustable, uncontaminated thought/feeling room/space in my mind the notion that I am not alone in my quest; that there are wise teachers from across time and culture to draw upon.   (I am right here with you Nancy!  We will walk arm in arm!  LOVE!!! ")

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