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Project NatureConnect offers holistic, natural solutions and remedies that enable you to transform past and present environmental socialization and brainwashing encounters.  You benefit from real solutions Sociology that produces peace health and wellness identity norms. You can teach it and add it to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies

We honor your prior training and life experience by providing sustainability grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional online CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most transition and transformation disciplines or your personal interests in solving problems. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.

    * Improve your income and satisfaction through new social cultural sustainability study and Ecopsychology activities for transitions.
    * Help people connect their heart, values and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing powers of nature transition services and new solutions that remedy linguistic and media addiction.
    * Increase personal social and environmental sub culture well-being.
    * Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the Organism Earth's natural solutions to your life, job and community.

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This Applied Ecopsychology, holistic degree and training course program, consists of learning and teaching lessons about nature-disconnected brain wash thinking and mind control that too often produces destructive cults and cultural identity.  A mentor or mentors help exchange messages and observations in an online accredited process that increases critical thinking in conjunction with cultural change information.  Master how nature works to increase globally balanced thinking norms.

The shared course work heightens natural individual and community solution contacts to afford sustainability through connection with authentic nature and its powers to reverse the culture shock of nature-disconnected thinking. This is an antidote for brainwash. It strengthens personal, social and environmental well being and helps us transition to personal and environmental sanity.

The program's real solutions provide unadulterated sensory contact with the flow of nature's grace, balance and restorative powers, in and around us, backyard or back country. Its professional and personal transition services address destructive socialization bonds and attachments.

The Rosetta Stone Process of Natural Attraction Ecology

- Michael J. Cohen

Our mind does not need to understand how or why an automobile works in order for us to benefit from the car's use.  If we recognize a car's contribution to our way of life and we know how to drive safely, that's enough. 

We feel fine about driving because we have learned to trust the know-how of the inventors, manufacturers and safety inspectors of the automobile. We also trust our society's acceptance of a car as transportation so we are comfortable with it. Advertising reinforces its value and our economics depend upon it. We feel secure because we have the tools and knowledge to repair it.

The continual rewards that a car provides socialize us (think "brainwash") to use it for transportation, often excessively.

Driving an automobile is applauded and "normal." However, it pollutes the environment, it causes thirty percent of air pollution, much of it at street level where we breathe.  We become attached to the car and its styling, it can be addictive. Automobiles
kill and injure over three million people each year in the United States. That's more than the total of all the wars the USA has ever been involved in.

Our reaction to Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) as a social technology and a science, is quite different than our reaction to a car.  Although the application of NAE increases personal, social and environmental well-being, it is new, confronting and guarded from being part of our central culture and its runaway conquest of nature.  For this reason, to learn how to use NAE for personal or social transformation, we must not simply be familiar with its activities. We must, in addition learn to master how and why it works so we may be rational about it, trust it, and help others become comfortable with it. Accomplishing this feat produces an appropriate structure and conceptual scheme in our mentality. As we establish it, we can hang, trust and integrate our activity learning experiences in our consciousness. It is worthwhile if for no other reason than it enables us, individually and collectively, to stop our our excessiveness and addiction to things that harm us.  

Reasonable trust is established when an individual recognizes that the way NAE conveys how nature works emanates from their own personal experience with it, from their self-evident sensory contact with nature. Such contact offers greater validity than the observations and theory of some stranger or article from some other time or place in our nature-disconnected society.  No surprise, the stranger's words seldom convey nature's workings accurately just like a book can't fully teach us how to swim…we must also get in the lake and let contact with it help us, too.

NAE conveys how nature works

NAE is based on observing and experiencing the undeniable, such as the fact that you are reading these words right now.  The undeniable includes recognizing that all things that are together are held together in relationship by attraction, sometimes called "attraction energy."

If attraction was not present, a thing or things would fall apart on their own, and they don't.  When things do come apart, they are attracted apart by greater attractions.  For example, you are somehow attracted by rewards (real or imagined), or attracted by the avoidance of discomfort (real or imagined), to reading these words at this moment. Otherwise, you would be doing something more attractive to you.

On our living planet, Earth, life as we know it consists of diversity, of attractions that have organized themselves to operate for strength and survival as wide range of "things," cycles and relationships. 

As exemplified by water and the water cycle, every part of a cycle supports the whole cycle through mutually supportive attraction interactions that purify the cycle. In addition, each kind of cycle is attracted to support and compost impurities in every other cycle. This makes nature's cycles become more attractive and attracted to grow and purify additional cycles, along with "things" like plants, animals and minerals.

The end result is that, on Earth, the flow of all things bound in and attached to the beautiful dance of natural attraction is, moment by moment, like a streaming river.  Nature's dancing attraction river is attracted to organize itself and organically grow into mutually supportive optimums of life, diversity and cooperation that sustain the natural world's purity and peace. This is how the river dance, through cooperative and mutually supportive dancing by all its dancers, also preserves and strengthens itself.

It is the self-correcting, renewing and restorative process of the river dance that we call "nature's perfection."  It is perfection because, in the dance, garbage and pollution are unknown.  Also unknown are the excessive abusiveness, isolation and disorders that we suffer in contemporary society.

Because the Dance and its currents are attracted to continually flow through and around each other, moment-by-moment the river is never the same. It only exists in the immediate, in the "Now" of the time and space of life that the Dance creates in every moment. Consider this profound, trustable, singular fact of life if you are seeking something to be sure about: you can never put your hand in the same river twice.

On our living planet, all things, including us, are attraction creations of the Dance of nature's flowing perfection.  It is wise, attractive and beautiful in the now, and so are we as part of it. 

The attraction dance of the river grows by manifesting itself as the vast variety of natural things that make up the natural world.  One of them is us. For this reason, we register and know the world, including ourselves, through at least 53 inherent natural attraction senses that we share with their origins in Dance and its developmental history through since the very first moment of time.

We are wanted and we belong because, molecule by molecule, we are attractive parts of the river, as are all things.  In this attractive way we are each kin with the river dance community members and each other. For example, we find the DNA of plants and animals in our genetic makeup. Our DNA, along with the rest of our material selves, consists of atoms from the river that we return and replenish from the river, daily. The existence of the life of Earth is 4.5 billion years, however, the genome of the dance of life is 10 billion years, and it took life 7 billion years to reach the complexity of a bacteria 3 billion years ago.

Since we are one of the currents in the river dance, it and its renewing ways flow around and through us.  This explains how and why bulldozed forests as well as our scraped skin, know how to heal themselves and grow back to where they need to be as contributing parts of the whole of life on Earth.

Dealing With Disorders

To understand how to increasingly remedy most of our disorders, including environmental degridation, we must recognize that we have invented and live by a nature-disconnected brainwashing story. This linguistic/literary way of knowing motivates and instructs us to profit by building a dam across nature's river and making money as we stop its flow.

The story tells us that we want to benefit from stabilizing the river so that we don't have to deal with its ever-changing currents. We do this no matter how it may adversely impact the dance of other forms of river life. Our dam story says that other ways and inhabitants of the river have no rights because the dam we build creates a special lake, our lake, a “human supremacist” lake.  In it, the stillness of the water is predictable so, in the lake-corral that we build, we can label, profit from and exploit its beings and relationships....including each other.

From womb to tomb, our mentality is encouraged to think, feel and be socialized to grow in the relatively stagnant, story-lake that forms behind the self-serving dam we grow in our psyche.  We become story dependent dam builders.  The dam puts a profit motivated toll station between ourselves and what we want. It also irritates us so that we want to stop the irritation.

The life of our mental lake is stagnant in comparison to the vibrancy of life in the river. The vital flow of the river is vastly reduced by the mind-dam that society programs us to construct in our mentality.

Most of our remedies for the disorders caused by our living in our artificially formed lake involve using the reduced artificial qualities and technologies from the lake for healing.  However, they don't nearly equal the combined preventative and purifying powers of nature's unadulterated flowing river and the purity of its dance.

The way that we attempt to resolve the problems caused by our socialized bonding to our sluggish and polluted lake is similar to throwing pebbles in the lake.  This article is one of them.  We cheer each corrective wave that they make, but, as if in jail or a zoo, we are engulfed in the massive stagnant ways of the lake. They, and we, remain relatively unchanged by pebbles or waves.

The pebble-waves don't transform our steadfast, addictive attraction bonds to the dam and the river-estranged lake. For this reason, our greatest problems remain and grow.

Well Being

Natural Attraction Ecology (NAE) provides a crucial contribution to increasing personal and global wellness.  It gives us the sensibilities and techniques to reasonably connect with the Dance of authentic nature and its profound values.  In natural areas and natural things, the unadulterated river and its renewing attraction flow is alive and well. The restorative experiences that we enjoy in the dance of natural areas testify to this.

The benefits of even a short quiet walk in a natural area demonstrate the powers of the flowing attraction river dance.  So do our other attractive contacts with natural areas.  To our loss, we often take these experiences for granted rather than discover how and why they work, or be grateful that they do. We learn to think they are there to serve us, just like the automobile.  We control them.

NAE is a tested process that supports those who seek the lasting benefits of connecting-with, thinking, feeling and relating through the dance of the river, in and around them.  It helps any interested individual realize these benefits by painstakingly using the thought and action steps below:

1. Recognize that throughout the eons and today, the life-flow of the Dance of nature has been and remains non-literate.  The Dance neither reads, writes, nor speaks in words and symbols.  The latter are media. They can merely represent how part of the way the Dance, or we, may work. By themselves they neither contain nor offer the pre-literate powers or perfections of the flowing river.

Recognize, too, that the Dance does not achieve its perfection and powers through word-stories.  It achieves them via attraction, by continually growing attractive natural relationships that support and purify life, that strengthen the river and the perfection of Nature's Dance.  To do otherwise would not be attractive to nature or life.

2. Approximately 90 percent of our mentality is a seamless, wordless continuum of the Dance and its eons of non-linguistic experience.  Known as our "Old Brain" or "Horse Brain" it is 90 percent of our total mind and it consists of at least 54 natural attraction senses.  They were "invented" by the Dance as an attractive, pre-literate way for us, along with all of life, to sensitively know, relate and share ourselves with each other as people and with the natural world.  

Our Old Brain only registers sensations and sensibilities in nature, like the song of the wind, the beauty of flowers or the intelligence of beavers. (The latter being smart enough to build dams in ways that do not upset the balance of nature.)

3. Only 10 percent of our mentality has the ability to learn to register, produce and think with the river-removed literacy of words and numbers. This part of our mentality is called our "New Brain," It reasons about, articulates and relates to the world through shortcuts, through abstract words and stories that we invent or research. They are mostly half-truths about how nature works. This is because nature's flow is neither an abstract, theory or a symbol. Nature is the dance of attraction relationships, real things in action.

To our loss, the New Brain learns almost entirely from boxed-in, stable, people-constructed "lake maps."  They often are scientifically “objective.” This means that their sterility excludes (read: "objects to") information derived from sensory contact with the ever-changing, self-correcting dance and flow of the river community.

4. Contemporary people are born and raised in the often-destructive, boxed in culture of the stagnant lake that our story-world dam has created in our mind.  Engulfed in the lake, be we leader or follower, teacher or student, most of us are excessively disconnected from the wisdom, balancing and healing and powers of the nature's flowing Dance.

We spend 18,000 developmental childhood hours learning how to think abstractly in our indoor, lake supportive classrooms. 

On average, we spend over 95 percent of our life surrounded by walls and stories that isolate us from the river while we applaud the ability of our superior intelligence to avoid and dam the river.  How can we even register the river's opposing point of view as, with attitude, we pave over its paradise in the name of progress or economic growth?

Over 99 percent of our thinking and feeling is separated from and out of tune with the river's callings, with the way nature's dance produces its perfection and transformative powers in our Old Brain way of knowing.

By the age of seven, we brainwash, are rewarded/paid for, and addict ourselves to think with New Brain stagnant stories and materials that have been warped by the dammed lake. This wide ranged, subtle, nature-separated psychology of persuasion deteriorates our ability to think and act supportively as citizens of the natural world and its flowing river.

Planet Earth might perceive contemporary thinking as a self-destructive and nature destructive cult, while our natural selves suffer from "lake-living" culture shock.

Many of our mental ailments: stress, sleeplessness irritability and depression, are the same as the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. We can't identify their traumatic source because it is the norm, it is our excessive separation from, and conquest of the nature's dancing river  that we admire.  This explains why, when we finally do quietly connect our psyche with nature in natural areas, many of our symptoms subside.  We have learned to take this for granted rather than honor and celebrate nature's contribution to our lives.

Any person whose sensibilities have not yet been completely overtaken by the lake should be able to see the advantage of, whenever possible, learning how to make genuine conscious sensory contacts with the authentic attraction flow of the river and its dance, backyard or backcountry. This contact helps some of our subdued natural senses recover. Research demonstrates that it helps our psyche and lives come into greater balance and well-being.

Purification, restoration, correction, renewal, cooperation, support, self-organization, diversity, community, beauty; these are but some of the attractive things that the wild river dance builds to strengthen its, and our, life.  For its own and our welfare, through our Old Brain, it is attracted to help us think and feel attractive, like the Dance of nature's perfection works.

Most of us have be socialized to think that the description, above, is poppycock. Is it? Or is it instead that our thinking and feeling have been polluted by lake stagnation?  Doesn't each attractive experience we have ever had with nature convey the truth of this multicultural relationship? (As long as we have enough sensibilities remaining to register and trust this attractive information and its values)

Have we become "Lakers" to the point that we fear a safe natural area because of a story that says that something like a wolf will attack us.... even though there is no record of a wolf ever attacking anyone?  Isn't it some form of brainwashing that enables us not to fear going on the highway when we know full well that three million folks in the USA get killed or injured by an automobile there every year?  About 30 percent of these car accidents are caused by unfulfilled, lake-distorted thinking. It urges folks to obtain tranquilization for our lake-caused discomforts through alcohol and to driving drunk.

5. To help us contend with the stagnant lake dilemmas described in 1-4, above, Project NatureConnect has designed an empirical web-of-life model that works by knowing and doing 160 NAE Dance-connection activities. Each addresses a disconnection from nature that we suffer.  They enable sensible people to restore and heal our injured natural senses and sensibilities as nature's can best help us do.

The activities make it possible for us to learn what we need to know from the flow of the river and it dance. This makes sense. The Dance is nature's essence; experiencing it is the best teacher about it. Nature itself is the fountainhead of authority in how it creates and sustains its perfection as well as how to benefit from it.

NAE at Project NatureConnect empowers folks who are reasonable enough to want their psyche to learn how to develop nature-connection parts of their mind so the river dance can enter their thinking feelings and lives. They gain access to the benefits of the Dance. It helps them remove their indoctrination by the warped dam and its deadening effects in their mentality. It enables them remove Society's misguided stories about the virtues of the dam. They may opt to become Ph.D.'s, or earn other Degrees or Certificates for learning and teaching this NAE art and science of well-being in conjunction with their livelihood.

Instructions for learning and teaching the NAE Process

PART ONE: Orientation for using Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) activities.

A. In a Project NatureConnect book
about ECHN, read the rationale of the NAE activity you are about to do.  Become aware of what disconnection from the flowing, restorative Dance of nature attractions the activity is designed to help you address.  This information enables you to see that it is reasonable to use the activity to make conscious, sensory contact with immediate attractions in the flow of nature's river, in and around you. 

B. Go to a safe natural area that reasonably feels attractive in this moment, backyard or backcountry. Go to an attraction that is registering in you from this area now, not from some past or future idea, memory, explanation or experience with nature. They are media; NOW is the river.  In the Now is when nature intelligently speaks attraction. For example, if your body needs water, you experience thirst. When you visit a natural area you will, no doubt, sense an attraction to water. However, at times a greater attraction may call for fulfillment first.

"This is like taking a Rorschach Test or a TAT with Mary Poppins.  But we do it in a natural area, the real thing, instead of with ink blots or photographs. In addition, in nature's presence this test also becomes a remedy."

- Anonymous NAE Participant

Reminder: an unsafe natural area is not reasonably attractive. It is not reasonable to be unsafe.

C. Obtain consent from this natural area to visit it and do an activity with it.  Painstakingly follow the attraction-consent activity guidelines. Remember that to make a contribution, attraction relationships, to be attractive, must obtain consent from all parties in the relationship.  This includes consent/consensus from plants animals and minerals, the wind and things like starlight.

D. Help your sense of reason recognize why it makes sense to become aware of and express the natural attractions that your natural senses are registering while in this natural area.  Validate that you are making unadulterated contact with NNIAAL, the alive planetary attraction river that you live in, with the global life community that cooperatively and supportively enjoys being the river with you.

E. Pay attention to senses, feelings, thoughts, memories, attractions and anything else that becomes conscious while your psyche is in this supportively connected relationship with Nature.  Note what may be attractive about the experience. How does it feel? What value does it have for you?  What does it help you discover? Does it disconnect you from illegitimate authorities in your daily life? What negative stories might you hold about it? How would you feel if you were denied the ability to have this relationship?

F. Be aware that A-E completes the first third of the activity. The value and contribution of the activity will not occur unless you complete it by doing the remainder of it that is described in Part Two, and Part Three, below.

PART TWO: Nature-Connected Literacy

G. Bring your "Old Brain" sensory attraction contact with nature, in E, above, into your literate "New Brain" linguistic powers of thinking and knowing. Accomplish this by writing an email to your study group
Orientation Course members, an email that conveys the truth of what happened in E., what it brought to mind, how the visit may have been beneficial to you and/or the natural area. Include in this email your responses to the Twelve Interaction Catalysts in the Web of Life Imperative book (page 50).  They help you heighten your critical thinking and self-awareness with respect to your biological and spiritual origins and relationships. You get to know yourself as a citizen of nature's flowing river attraction community. (G. may also be accomplished in real life, local, study group meetings.)

H. Read and respond to emails that you receive from your study group that express what they thought was attractive and valuable about the email they received from you, what they learned from it, what they shared with it.  Do the same for them with regard to the emails they send you that describe their thoughts, feelings and experiences in "E." Discover how speaking from nature can reach others and build or improve relationships. I gives nature a foothold in our sense of literacy.


I. Sleep on this activity one or more nights before you start engaging in an additional activity. Major changes occur while you sleep and dream as your sensory and story brain attractions amalgamate with each other so your psyche comes into greater balance with the whole of life and its supportive ways.

J. Match your reactions to this activity with those of other people who have done it, or who have done other activities.  Write out and add your own unique reaction to it.  Remember that you can use this activity again and can teach it to others, so they may benefit from it.

K. Remember that Nature is a community process where all the elements in it support each other and may be attracted to transform into roles that achieve this goal. Do the most you possibly can to build and sustain this kind of group for yourself if you want to achieve your goals by helping people transform their thinking and feeling. What you are doing then is making space for Nature (NNIAAL) to support Nature and that's the essence, the name of the game.

L. Help Nature recover from our excessiveness. Use and teach this activity to others to help nature recover within their body, mind and spirit. In addition, be sure to add your support and resilience to some natural area so that the state of nature improves for Earth and Us. 

Sample Reactions:

"I stood today about 30 seconds of sensing these plants in silence and respect.  I became aware of the other parts of nature that surrounded them in the distance. The sun, tall trees, beautiful plants in bloom, birds singing everywhere.  Wow, this place is magical!!!!  This moment reminded me how much brighter the world and we can be when we focus on nature's attractive beauty.  I felt blessed and balanced,  As I left the garden, gratitude emerged from every cell in my body."

- Anonymous NAE Participant

"One of the major ways this course has contributed is its wisdom about how I might deal with the persistent depression my aged mother suffers from. She had been placed on drugs for a very long time before now but each time she withdraws from the drugs, the depression relapses. Since I started the ECO 501 Project NatureConnect course, I stopped her from taking any drugs and engaged her in some of my activities in reconnecting with our source in nature. She gradually began to see the beauties and perfections of nature and her therapeutic healing effects. She found friends in nature and most times I see her either tending the flowers, or reconnecting with the trees around my house. She used to be a lonely woman but she realized that life is worth living when connected with nature through NAE activities.  She now understands the synergy of relationship between humanity and nature."

- Anonymous NAE Participant

"In my journal I wrote: 'The sun is my soul.'  I don't think I felt this before doing the activity. It is in writing it this way, to myself and you, that it touches me. I sense a recognition of something truthful inside me which makes me cry."

- Anonymous NAE Participant

(You may explore hundreds of additional reactions, testimonials and field study reports via http://www.ecopsych.com/testimonials.html)

Why the NAE Process is Effective

Simply stated, the NAE activity process of A-J works because it enables us to, at will, remove our psyche from the stagnant lake where we are usually born and raised, and re-connect our psyche to the grace of its self-correcting origins, the purifying and flowing, "now" attraction river community in a natural area, backyard or backcountry.

It is only in the now, the immediate moment, that our senses and memories come into play, that nature exists, and that we can think and act.  For this reason, nature's full and empirical truth only exists in the "now."

Most non-now "facts" are stagnant lake stories of the past and future. They are usually theoretical, nature-disconnected abstracts of reality, not the real thing.  The effects of time and nature-removed persuasions often adulterate them.

The unique scientific story that the process of NAE offers guides us, in the now, to do nature connection activities. We learn to own the means to, at will, connect and responsibly nurture and fulfill our Old Brain and its inborn natural sensory attractions to nature's balanced ways and wisdom.

As we do nature-connection activities, nature's renewing and regenerative powers produce new, reasonable, health enhancing sensory paths in our psyche.

After doing an activity, when we sleep, our New Brain and its stories are also asleep. Asleep, it/they can't block our activity-energized, newly revived Old Brain sensory attraction way of expressing itself and knowing the world.  These (activity experience-based) Old Brain sensations, feelings and intelligences follow their attraction to creep up and re-bind with new paths in the New Brain.  These are new, experiential paths that were formed by doing a nature-connecting activity.  This is nature's attractive way.  Similar attractions restore a bulldozed forest to its most contributive and healthy adult form.

We awaken with a feeling of greater fulfillment and a stronger sense of natural self.  We comfortably feel less dependent on obtaining fulfillment from questionable beliefs and relationships.  In time, our sense of reason is conscious that, through sensory nature-connection activities, we can gain fulfillment and restoration without detrimental side effects from contemporary chemicals, technologies or dogma.

We feel new confidence because we own a tool that gives us the power to deal with destructive childhood incidents and indoctrination that have plagued us and produced disorders. We feel more involved, less apathetic.   

Embracing natural attractions often replaces or complements prescribed drugs. It strengthens holistic healing techniques.  This results because when help our literate-story way of knowing register our sensory way of knowing in connection with authentic nature and its powers we make nature whole in our psyche. Our mentality incorporates both our sensory and story way of thinking and feeling. It is whole and whenever nature is whole, it proceeds to do what it does best: nurture, recyle and renew its integity.  Just as nature can take a bulldozed or contaminated forest and restore it to its healthiest state, when whole in our psyche, nature does the same thing with our injured or contaminated thoughts and feelings.

The rewarding growth and healing of our psyche through NAE enables us to think more critically as well as helps us release our bonds to our destructive ways.  They become rewarded and transform into more sensible relationship building.  We recognize that the flow of the river dance is rewarding and that it provides us with an ever-present life raft of reasonable sensory fulfillment. This realization helps us make further contact with the river and better cope with the lake stagnation that has deteriorated our personal, social and environmental well-being.

Our self-worth and esteem increase as we are enabled by NAE because we own and can obtain further benefits by repeating familiar river-connection activities at will. In addition, we can also teach the activities to others so they may benefit from them.

Is it surprising to learn that we get the most out of nature-connection activities by teaching them to others?  However, like a parent and child, isn't this caring process the “mothering” way Mother Nature works to sustain and promote her perfection?

Summary: using and teaching NAE activities makes nature present in both our New Brain and our Old Brain way of thinking and feeling.  Our psyche and nature become whole by consciously sharing the transformative powers of the river.  Nature and we benefit because whenever and wherever nature is whole, it recycles, heals, unifies and brings things into balance. That is nature's delight.


The NAE process of educating, counseling and healing with nature is a transformative, sensory science that, through natural attractions in natural areas, helps us connect our thoughts and feelings with the renewing wisdom and joy of nature and its eons on this planet, now.  It helps us learn how to think like nature works. The connection replaces our destructive bonds. It enables us to enjoy
responsible happiness, to sensibly walk together, hand in hand, in the attractive real-life beauty, cooperation and peace of nature's amazing grace.

As exemplified by a published full response to an NAE training program activity assignment, whole-life learning includes information that actively includes the NAE process, the psyche and the soul.

"The Orientation Course Web of Life Imperative book offers more tools, knowledge and personal power for good than most therapies and spiritualities. It's information enables us to reverse our destructive relationships by empowering us to make thoughtful sensory connections with genuine nature. This connection responsibly satisfies the aching, ever-wanting hole in our psyche that has been produced by our excessive separation from nature, a hole that leads us astray"

- Susan Chernak McElroy,
Award winning, N. Y. Times best selling author of Animals as Teachers and Healers and Heart in the Wild.


Many additional references, testimonials and appropriate links for this article may be found imbedded in a Petition to the United Nations located at http://www.ecopsych.com/petition2.html

A Sample of NAE ECHN in Action

1) Write a general description of how you did the activity and what happened along with any quotes you like from the reading and how they added meaning to the experience:

"Seeing the picture with the word “glasses” beside it in section #9 caused a huge, sad and very heavy feeling in my heart and I did not know why at first. It did not seem directly related to the lesson the book was trying to point to, but I felt so strongly attracted I decided to follow the thread that seemed to be pulling me and see what I could uncover. I soon realized the picture of the glasses had hit a subconscious memory of when I got glasses as a kid and I decided to go to nature to see what she could teach me.

I drove my Jeep a half hour to the 3 acre backyard of a house I lived in as a child back in 1963 ( I was in third grade) to visit the old maple tree I used to have my tree house in. It was lightly snowing. Of course, the tree is much bigger than it was 48 years ago. I asked the tree permission to put my hands on her in order that she might teach me. She seemed so familiar and I felt tears running down my cheek in the 20 degree weather. Memories flooded in as the tree held me in what felt like a loving embrace encircling my entire body:

I was 7 when my parents discovered I was extremely near-sighted and dyslexsic. I had to get glasses. Up until then, I was deeply in tune with the rhythms of nature and spent every waking hour I could playing outdoors-especially in my tree house where I loved to sing. After I got my glasses my whole world changed. I hated them and I was always taking them off. My parents thought I was embarrassed by them, but I realized it wasn’t that at all.- I missed my old world where I had learned to rely more heavily on my sensing, hearing and feeling to make up for my "poor" vision. The colored auras I could so easily see around plants and animals had disappeared and I did not understand why. I felt frightened at this disconnect. This was not how I knew the world to be at all! ….and nearly 50 years later could still FEEL that grieving webstring.

I then decided to take out my contact lenses I wear these days and see how things looked and felt. While I did not see any auras, I could shut my eyes and hear the song and the heartbeat of the sleeping tree. I traveled up her bare branches, and down her root system with the worms and microorganisms, I envisioned how she looked in every season of the year, on sunny days, on stormy ones, and how, like me she had grown, changed in shape. Her bark, like my skin, scarred with stories and more wrinkled with time. I wondered if any other children loved her like I did. What had she heard, and felt and seen. did she have memories? I remembered the day those many years ago I was singing in my tree house mimicking the morning dove and melted into the tree. I was her and she was me…

This day, I stayed there singing with her again until the long shadows of evening began to creep in. My toes and fingers were so cold I could barely move them, but inside my heart was warm and expanded and my whole body felt alive with a deep love and peacefulness.

I bowed and thanked her, promised to return, (put my contacts in) and drove home.

2) The three most important things I learned from this chapter are:

a.) Never under-estimate the power of 5 -legged thinking.

b.) Remember to laugh. There is surely a laughing webstring or two…or three….

c.) I am right where I need to be taking this course at this time.

3) How would you feel if this webstring attraction were taken away from you?

This week after my tree house experience I found myself wondering if it is possible for a webstring to be ”taken away” from us. I was reminded of an energy picture I saw once of a girl with an amputated arm that showed her ghosted image of her physical arm still there. I saw the same for a leaf that had been cut in two. I believe that nature is trying to teach us that while webstrings may be severed, damaged, or dormant, they are in actuality, impossible to totally remove. They are life. And life, as nature herself teaches us, always supports life.

4) Did the activity enhance your sense of self-worth and your trustfulness of nature?

Yes. It has helped me once again trust and appreciate all that I naturally intuit.

5) The part of you, if any, the activity identified or re-educated inside or outside of you:

I am aware that many webstrings were tapped and re-awakened both internally and externally (in both waking and sleeping time) due to so much four-legged connecting in the natural world these past two weeks. As webstrings are re-activating I am aware that my five-legged thinker sometimes wanted to intervene and blame someone or something for the numbing. In such moments I would pause to ask: “Who is this one who is upset and what is her fear? Four legged awareness would sense a 5- legged self that was deeply grieving and resenting the fact that she had “lost “ her outdoor education school and “had” to go to work indoors for the last four years. Nine-legged thinking allowed me to embrace this five-legged one who might want to play victim and helps her recognizes that she does not serve herself or humanity with her whining. A feeling of anxiousness, resentment and fear then gives way to love and quiet acceptance.

6) My attractions to group member’s postings this week

Lisa: I was attracted to the way you responded to one of my e-mails a while back. You used 4 individual words with periods after them to convey an entire message and yet I could follow your entire train of thought! Fun. I usewaytoomanywordssometimes.

Thanks. Reminder. Less. More.

7) What did you find of value in doing the SUMMARY STATEMENT B:

"Because I am mostly rewarded by people and society, I tend to habitually know and think about the world through the perceptual filter of our nature conquering society."

This is a great reminder and it is hard to admit I had to give it a 5. I have always been considered a rebel, finding it far less rewarding to please others than to live my life from my own seeing. This has put me at odds with many people in my life-especially my immediate family that was used to me doing what pleased them. But then as I will share below, I too, got sucked in and nearly drown recently. Our 5 legged social conditioning is powerful and is always trying to “buy us”, control or put us back to sleep.

8) Two words conveying what I learned from this assignment:

Trust Remember

9) Write one or more complete, single, short power sentences “quotes” that convey a significant contribution that this assignment makes to improving our relationships:

1. Don’t push the river

2. Unlearning is a process- give yourself ( and others) grace.

10) After Dreamtime this week, note any changes with respect to your outlook or the way you feel:

I am resting quite well and feel very safe, trusting and “at home”. I am finding myself more aware of the transition times between being awake and sleeping. When I wake up ,especially right before I open my eyes or move my body, there is nice sensation on the back left side my head between my occipital bone and my shoulder . It feels like my energy is slipping back into my body after a long rejuvenating journey. Sometimes there is a little headache just for a moment, but if I breathe deeply and sigh a couple of times it dissolves. I remember sparkling water, vivid colors, earthy smells, hear faint melodies and a steady heartbeat. There is a warm, peacefulness and a sense of being rooted underground deep in soil. Some mornings I feel like I have been alone- other times as though I have been to a joyous family reunion. Either way, I feel enormously grateful, grounded and hopeful for humankind.

11) Identify what things you have put into the trustable, uncontaminated, thought and feeling room/space you built into your psyche.

The room itself is still empty. It looks like the inside of a flute. The inner walls of the flute have simple words written on them. Two are from last week: Inhale, Exhale. Two are newly added: Trust. Remember.


Here are my responses to the assignment on page 58 of The Web of Life Imperative:

1. Share one or two significant attractions that you found in each of the ten sections above:

One: “born with an inherited ability from nature”- I resonate with this greatly. As we re-connect with nature we hear/feel again the familiarity of her communicating with us and thereby awakening our dormant or disconnected way of communicating

Two: the words “The purity of balance” feel powerful and good to my heart when I repeat them steadily to myself like a mantra.

Three: “If you apply a story.” Good reminder that stories are always applied and they influence our perceptions. We make it all up.

Four: “Wisely-balanced living organism” sounds and feels so ancient, effortless and alive. It hits me in my gut.

Five: “The authority who punishes us “ is US if we believe in the authority, was my realization as I read this line...and I laughed remembering how easy it is to want to blame others.

Six: “artificially built stories” This gave me a nauseous feeling in my stomach. I recognize this to be true and thought of the world of marketing and advertising. The marketing campaign that keeps us tied to our artificially built world is working 99.9% of the time. We like what is familiar- even our pain.

Seven: I resonated most with the picture of the joined images. I see figure A as five-legged thinking, Figure B as 4 legged thinking and the joined one as 9 legged thinking. The exercise rewards dualistic thinking. Rich/poor, good/ bad, right /wrong are soley reinforced doing nothing to help us see the benefit of the whole working together. Our western world is built upon the “Figure A” ( 5 legged) notion that money=power. “Figure B” is 4 legged (nature), whom we have disconnected with. She is in the background looking for a way to work with Figure A to create a 9 legged economy. But alas, our 5 legged selves like what is familiar especially if it rewards us with power and control over our world. This is why it is hard to see from a 4 legged perspective if our salary depends on it. Oh boy….I learned this the hard way.

Eight: “hurt webstring feelings” – webstrings have memories. Traditional therapy is predominately 5 legged as it deals with thinking and the content in the brain. I see NSTP as an approach to healing that includes the 4 legged approach of acknowledging the subconscious feelings of an emotional trauma while nurturing webstring connections in a 9 legged way. Nice.

Nine: the word “GLASSES” in all caps had an amazing effect on me the second I read it that was not seemingly tied to the exercise. But in the end, I realized I had just experienced a subconscious Ah-Ha!. ( see #1 for the explanation)

Ten: “Are you aware of the overlooked secret of nature?” I think I very much am. I am also continuing to see that I am here on this earth to share this magical secret, that is no secret , at all, and feel honored to do so.

2. In a single paragraph that incorporates the material in this chapter write a short statement about how your destiny may be influenced by how we have learned to separate from and think about nature and its values.

Life has taught me well recently that 5 legged socialization is one seductive temptress..and high contrast is also one great teacher. Eight months ago I was let go from a high-paying research and development job in the music technology business. I was devastated for a moment because it put me in a huge financial bind and I lost my house and retirement, but now I see it saved my life. For 4 years I sat inside that old automobile factory with no fresh air, hooked up to droning machines believing the work I was doing would help make the world a better place. That came on the heels of 20 years of farming at near poverty level and working outdoors year-round at my outdoor education school. What I failed to see is how much “the dream job” was slowly killing me. I didn’t feel well most days. It was fast-paced and competitive. I had headaches. I missed the trees. I longed for sunshine and color green. My work and personal relationships were becoming drama –filled….I was beginning to buy into it all….Just a little longer and I can retire…. The golden hand-cuffs, I’ve heard it called….A nice home, full health insurance, retirement account, shares in a successful company, vacations, world-travel. Then gone. In a blink all of it. I ran to the trees to cry…I didn’t realize it then, but I was probably really crying for the "lost" four years…

….and now all I can think about is how will I be able to bear watching my grandchildren go to public school?

3. In a single short paragraph, describe if you can how the information in this chapter affects your answer to the question “Who are you?”

Nature teaches me that I am what is left when all the self- imposed and 5 legged societal images are negated. I felt inspired to sit with my guitar and write a new song. Here is part of it:

I’m nothing that I try to be,

I’m no one that they think is me,

I’m everything that’s left

where nothing is.

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