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Special  Earth Day Nature-Connected Degree and Career Program for Organic Healing Arts Practioners:
Body Mind Spirit, Reiki, Energy Healing,
Tao, Healing Touch, Qigong, Ki, Tai Chi and Quantum Therapy


Commencing Earth Day, April 22, 2010, a special funded Ecopsychology, sensory community, organic degree and course program will be offered that includes life experience and prior training in holistic health and healing arts and energy.  Its purpose is to heighten individual and community contact and connection with authentic nature and strengthen the natural healing arts of Tai Chi, Reiki Energy Healing Touch Therapy, Qigong and the Tao of Body Mind Spirit.

The program's hands-on whole earth and whole life activities provide the opportunity to improve health wellness through the science of sensory ecology processes.  Its education and training enables our thinking and feeling to consciously connect with the unadulterated dance of nature's grace, balance and restorative powers, in and around us, backyard or back country. Energy Healing, Reiki, Ki and Tai Chi students and professionals alike, benefit from additionally attaining Applied Ecopsychology degrees or
nature-connected Organic Psychology  certification. 

The program's quantum course work experience strengthens each practitioner's inborn love of the natural, as they master making genuine contact in nature in conjunction with the Tao of Body Mind Spirit and Qigong that is added to practitioner training and alternative therapist coaching.


Project NatureConnect
offers a nature-centered distant learning opportunity that enables you to add the benefits of nature-connecting research, methods and credentials to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies.

We honor your prior healing art training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional online CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines or personal interests. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Improve your income and satisfaction through new independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study and Ecopsychology activities.
  • Help people connect their heart, thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing ways of nature.
  • Increase personal social and environmental well being.
  • Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the natural world to your life, job and community.
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Earth Day, April 22, 2010:

The Subsidized Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature
Organic Degree and Career Program for Healing Arts Practioners and Students.

- Barbara Huning and Michael J. Cohen

In August of 1995, Dr. Michael J. Cohen, the Applied Ecopsychologist who founded Project NatureConnect at the Institute of Global Education, was set back on his heels. He learned, to his dismay, that the board of directors of an international organization, the Philosophical Society of Metaphysics and Religion, (renamed for this article) was going to participate in the opening session of his holistic and alternative nature-connecting and contact workshop. The Society's leaders had attended to explore Cohen's accredited and award-winning Natural Attraction Ecology process of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN).  These authorities were very learned individuals in a discipline where Cohen had very little training.  In fact, he'd never before heard of the Society.

To level the playing field, Cohen opened his workshop with a humerous but brash challenge to the board members.  He said "I'll bet that you can't correctly answer a critically important question I'll pose to you. In addition, I bet that you'll agree with my answer to it when I offer it. Here's the question: "What is the greatest truth in your life that you can trust, and the answer is not God, honesty, love, nature or spirit."

Taken aback when they realized that Cohen was serious, the Board, with humor, agreed to participate.  One member offered that the answer was the stars. "Wrong," said Cohen. That produced a bit of frustration in the board member.  Others said, "Air," "The Sun," "The Universe," "Jesus," "The Bible," "The New York Times."  Each, in turn, was emphatically rejected by Cohen.  Frustration intensified and humor rapidly disappeared.

Just before folks got downright angry, Cohen said, "OK, here's the correct answer. I guarantee you'll agree with it. Ready?" They were very ready. Cohen continued, "The greatest thing in your life that you can trust is that you hear the sound of my voice at this moment, you can feel the seat you are sitting on, and that you know you are wearing a shirt.  Nobody can talk you out of these truths once you validate them.  They will last forever." 

After a bit of discussion, the Board agreed with Cohen's response. They also agreed with the many other examples that Cohen gave of often ignored powers of the immediate moment, the "Now" of life. For example, only when we are experiencing the sense of Now can we know the past or future, or experience attractions, or connect with reality. The Now is the only time we can make healing touch therapies work, make changes, or modify relationships.  It is also the only time when energy and nature actually exist and operate, and can register in our consciousness.

Centering on the Now, Cohen then took the group through his Reconnecting With Nature workshop at a nearby natural seashore area.

During the workshop, Cohen helped the board members to repeatedly notice that an attraction registering on their senses, found in the Now of nature at the seashore, was a great trustable truth and that they could find it anywhere else in nature, too. They agreed on this. The evidence was irrefutable, and this discovery unified them with Dr. Cohen and with each other. They were delighted to find that through the activity's empirical process of making contact with and through sensory attractions, they could obtain answers to questions that satisfied them completely rather than leading to additional questions.

The workshop was successful.  By its end, one board member insisted that she could see a natural attraction in a tree with her blind right eye.  Cohen says, "I know this happened because I was there in the Now.  I heard her say what she saw as we both focused on the glowing treetop in the sunlight. That was fifteen years ago, yet today in the Now, I can still see and remember in my "mind's eye" exactly what she/we registered. Most of the board members acknowledged that she, a Tai Chi and Healing Touch practioner, had, for years, been blind in that eye.  Until more evidence is gathered, her "blind eye can see" experience remains a fact that is at least as true as 2 + 2 = 4."

It is fascinating that "facts" and the "material world" and "matter" hold something in common.  A definition for each of the three is that they are real because they register in our senses. This registration can only happen in the Now; and each of our natural senses is a manifestation of love with which we build relationships. 

For the reasons given above, and to "get real", let us point out that it is an indisputable truth that you are reading these words this moment, in the Now. They register in your awareness through your natural senses, some of which are your loves of shape, size, sight, motion, color, consciousness, reason, literacy, place, distance, trust, time, self, temperature and community.

We have omitted another sense that is very important. Do you know what it is as you register it right now?

It is..............your love to breathe air, though you have probably not noticed that you are aware of the air that right now sits between your eyes and these words.

Research in Developmental Psychology and other related fields discloses that we inherit from nature an additional 38 natural attraction senses that help us experience the world.  We are gifted with at least 53 natural senses in all. When some of them are numb, we can't correctly experience the Now. We distort it and suffer from nonsense (non-sense), insensitivity and many other disorders as a result of our sensory deprivation.

Backyard or backcountry, as we experience the Now in natural area, our senses are nurtured and supported by coming into contact with their origins in nature.  Like a breath of fresh air, this feels attractive as we experience it.  Energized in and by nature, our natural senses come to life. While our senses are connected with the dance and flow of nature's renewing and restorative powers in a natural area, they become strong enough for our psyche to register, strong enough to think with and to feel.

Although a shopping mall is designed by experts to be attractive, the rejuvenation of our senses seldom occurs there in a good way, meaning "to the benefit of all."  Often, we instead experience fatigue.

In contrast, nature offers a truly attractive experience. The renewal of our natural senses is the reason why a short quiet walk in a natural area relieves stress and diminishes disorders.  As we walk, nature automatically begins to recycle the garbage in our thoughts and feelings.  The clarity of mind that we sense and feel is attractive.

Because nature is non-literate, the dance of nature has no name.  In human language, we may label it "Chi," "Love", "Tao", "Reiki", "Qi Gong," "Quantum Energy, "Whole Spirit, (Holy), "Ki" or "Natural Attraction." These labels are synonymous. They each attempt to identify in words the essence of nature's unadulterated dance.  However, since nature is non-literate, the dance and its essence is nameless. As the Tao suggests, the dance and its powers are not labels.

We often forget that it is the dance, not the labels we give it, that produces the perfection of nature's balanced, beautiful, self-correcting love relationships in and around us. The labels are not "real". They do not register on any of our natural senses except the sense of literacy. It is the dance itself which registers on our 52 other natural senses, and which is therefore real.

Although we can't know the dance by a label assigned to it, we can sense and feel that the dance's life force (which we depend on for our survival) is attractive. The reason for this simple; we love life and we love to survive.

Nature's nameless dance in the Now produces nature's non-literate utopia, its optimums of life, diversity and cooperation. Nature recycles itself. It doesn't produce garbage or pollution. It seldom creates our greed, isolation and abusiveness. The peaceful dance of nature in the Now feels attractive.

In his ECHN book and Internet website, Cohen describes how our 53 natural attraction senses function supportively in conjunction with how nature's dance works:

"Our need or attraction for water is communicated by our sense of thirst.  It wisely turns on when we need Earth's water cycle to flow through us and it turns off when we don't need water. Our sense of excretion tells us when to feed nature our waste water, a perfect food that we make and that nurture's the web-of-life as it purifies us.  The innate intelligence of our other 51 natural attraction senses in non-literate community operate in exactly the same balanced and nurturing way as do thirst and excretion."

The few of us who have resisted being desensitized into ecozombies by contemporary life, are called to action by Dr. Cohen's challenging assertions.  He points out that before humanity arrived on the scene, nature's restorative quantum energy dance sustained the earth in non-polluting perfection and purity for eons. He urges us to strengthen our natural healing and spiritual practices by using Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature (ECHN) to connect our thinking and feeling in the Now to nature's authentic healing flow of natural areas, backyard or backcountry.  Instead of binding our thoughts to our profit-motivated, artificial, half-truth stories, films, books, goods and technologies with their nature-disconnected, toxic side effects, we can return to a reliance on the real thing, the wise essence of nature.

Cohen says, "Our media may describe nature's flow. However, it can't give us the powers of the dance. It is not the dance, it is a story about it.  Nor can we get these powers from ourselves alone because our lives and the way we think are distorted. They are extremely separated from the Now of nature from the time we are born in a hospital and its technologies. From womb to tomb, more than 98 percent of our time, thoughts, feelings and spirit are disconnected from, and out of tune with how the dance of nature in the Now works to produce and sustain nature's perfection."

The facts of life and the truth of how nature and Earth work to sustain life in balance, health and beauty is available in the Now of a natural area. We are ceaselessly troubled because, on average, over 99.9 percent our time thinking and feeling in the Now is spent separated from the authentic dance of nature, and the ability of our 53 natural senses to work their perfection in connection with that dance. 

We continue to endure our problems because Western culture erroneously distinguishes itself as being different from and smarter than nature. We are socialized to fear nature and to try to "improve on" and "rise above" nature in ever aspect of our lives.   

To attempt to heal using nature-disconnected stories, approaches, philosophies and technologies results in a short circuit.  The nature-disconnected way of life lived by most people in the western world is rapidly and simultaneously deteriorating our physical, emotional and spiritual health, and the health of the natural world.  

We are not isolated islands. We can't live or think in balance when the culture that conditions and guides us is unbalanced.

Our use of the healing arts can also result in a short circuit.  We think that we are connecting with the entire flow of Reiki Energy, Chi, Love, Tao, Ki, or Body Mind Spirit wisdom when we mostly connect through stories, images, technologies, substances, labels, books and the like. 

We forget that the media is not reality.  It is called "media" because it is a mediation of the truth. We are so disconnected from the whole life dance of loving wisdom in nature that we think the best we can hope for must come from man-made methods. We don't understand that our use of media, however inspired, is only a reflection of what is possible through direct, consensual, sensory interaction with nature's healing beauty and wisdom.

We can't solve our vast problems with a vast array of half-truths. Some identify the latter as a "half-vast solution."  

We are part of a living planet. We need to be in contact with the whole truth of our planetary Now, not just stories, if we are to produce whole life remedies and solutions.

Our challenge is that we suffer because we have become dependent on media, not the way of nature's healing dance and its quantum attraction powers. When a nature-disconnected idea or healing "works," it tends to reinforce our unseen prejudice that we don't need nature. The message, "Today's nature estrangement is tomorrow's habitat endangerment" is as ineffective as the warning labels on cigarettes.

Cohen says, "Getting rewards from connecting to media and other substitutes for nature's dance addicts us to nature-separated beliefs and technologies along with their destructive side effects.  Are we really going to solve our problems by continuing, in the Now, to engage in the same nature-disconnected thinking and spirituality that causes our problems?"

Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) is a social technology. Because it enables us to connect with nature it helps us use the great trustable natural truths in the Now of our lives to remedy the disorders that we suffer from. It empowers us to intermingle our thoughts, senses and feelings with the Now of nature's authentic dance and its intelligence. Nothing less than this will work to get us out of the rut we are in.  Like most ruts, every moment we stay in it, we deepen it. Consider the present state of the world.

Only nature, through the truth of its profound love for life in balance, knows how to recycle the waste products of our psyche and bring the powers of nature's healing ways into our thoughts, feelings and acts. Nature alone is the trustable fountainhead of authority about how it works. The Now of ECHN enables us to tap into that vital wisdom.

Since 1948 the contemporary world has praised the words of eden ahbez in his hit song Nature Boy:

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

Cohen believes this sentiment is misleading. He notes that we are born knowing whole-life love but we are hurtfully socialized to bury it in our subconscious. He says, "The greatest thing we can learn is how to let nature help us reduce our hurt, recycle our thinking and recover and renew our natural ability to love in a good way...to the benefit all including Earth's plant, animal and mineral community.

Individuals have added ECHN sensory activities to various forms of meditation, Reiki, Qigong, Tai Chi or body, mind spirit healing. They report that it helps them strengthen their thinking and life experiences:

"It gave me a strong sense that I was connecting with something universally tangible, whole and real, not just an idea or belief."

"I knew from how my distress had subsided that I had received a healing gift from this forest. It was not simply another story about things, a story that my many non-literate senses could not comprehend.  I could feel the gift was from the forest itself, like the forest was alive and could speak or embrace me. It loved me like I loved it, it was in my heart. It attracted my gratitude without me having to think about being grateful and it remains part of me, I feel it now as I write this while at home."

"I did not have to imagine the dance of life and spirit in my mind's eye.  It was there. It was as real as the flowing river itself."
"Discovering nature's and my own spirit in attractive natural things that I love gave me greater wholeness and energy. It has supported me and helped me be a difference."
"ECHN increases the good effects of Reiki.  It makes me think and feel like I am in the Garden of Eden and embraced by it."

"The jolt I felt when I finally connected with the aroma of this wild plant led me to recognize that when I am separated from sensory contact with nature's balance and beauty, the Chi or Tao feels like a thin or unwarranted escape from heaven on Earth. ECHN helps me enjoy true love, from and for this plant, even though I don't know what it is."

"One thing that I am experiencing is ECHN and Reiki are very complimentary; my ecopsychology work is bringing me deeper into my Reiki practice and my Reiki practice is bringing me deeper into my ecopsychology work."

ECHN helps the healing arts reverse our disconnectedness and its disorders. It accomplishes this by utilizing proven medical procedures. For example, good medical thinking and research have created surgical techniques that reattach an amputated arm back to the body. If reconnected properly, the arm will, in time, function normally. Part of this art is the surgical technology our clear thinking, research and science has devised to bring the arm back in proper contact with the body. The remainder of the procedure is trusting that once this reconnection is made, nature itself has the wisdom to heal the rupture and rejoin the arm and body as one integrated organism. We don't know how to do that depth of healing. However nature does it continuously for that is the way of its dance. Good medical thinking respects that nature has this extraordinary regenerative power and it taps into it. It provides the proper environment and time for nature to heal, as only nature can.

ECHN activities help spiritual and energy medicine also heal in the "Now of life" especially with respect to providing remedies for our extremely nature-separated psyche and thinking. The activities enable us to tangibly place ourselves in reasonable physical, psychological and natural sensory contact with natural attractions in natural areas. This allows nature to help us catalyze conscious, sensory, psychological and spiritual healing. As we learn to empower ourselves to overcome three major effects of disconnection from nature, we rebind our mind to the balanced ways and wisdom of our natural origins. Our three great challenges are:

1. To recognize that it is reasonable to want to create space in the Now that gives authentic nature the opportunity to heal our psyche and improve our thinking.

2. To have ECHN activity tools and support readily available to help us transform the hurt that we carry from our disconnectedness into the desire to reconnect with nature and let the Now recycle the source of the pain.

3. To use ECHN activities to help us think in sensory, nature-attraction ways. These enable us to address or avoid the often hidden personal and social blockades that, for profit, try to addict us to unreasonable aspects of our excessively nature-disconnected society.

We are bewildered (wilderness separated) when we believe that healing occurs in a good way as we connect mostly to technologies, stories and media.  They are foreign to, and seldom fulfill, our natural senses with respect to the integrity of the whole of life.  If they were really a good way, the natural world today would be flourishing rather than deteriorating.      

"Oh, what a catastrophe, what a maiming of love when it was made personal, merely personal feeling! This is what is the matter with us: we are bleeding at the roots, because we are cut off from the earth and sun and stars. Love is a grinning mockery because, poor blossom, we plucked it from its stem on the Tree of Life and expected it to keep on blooming in our civilized vase on the table."

    - D.H. Lawrence

ECHN provides the tools we need to create moments that let Earth teach and that help nature heal in and around us. 

Are you attracted to what you have read here? Do you sense that learning ECHN could help you to tap the direct source of nature's wisdom, beauty and love to empower your practice of the holistic healing arts? If your answer is "Yes", the first step is to enroll in our online, accredited 
Orientation Course. After completing this 10-week course, you may then continue on in one of the subsidized training, certification or degree program which will further strengthen, deepen and broaden your ability to apply the ECHN fundamentals to your practice of the healing arts.

A press release that can help you on this path is available for your distribution or publication.
































Field Experiences:

Results from the Tao of Reiki, Tai Chi and Natural Sensory Attractions in conjunction with Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature.

Below, are some field report examples and results of sensory attractions to nature as they embrace people, places and things.
The quotes come from Reiki, Energy Healing, Tao and Tai Chi students who are learning how to apply and teach the integral ecology of educating, counseling and healing with nature.

Each field report is an experience and a testimonial, a fact and a cause for hope. Each makes a sensible contribution to ECHN and healing arts. 

ECHN is important because it empowers us to create moments that let earth teach and nature heal.  It enables us to teach this skill to others, too. It helps us grow, think and feel like nature's purifying and balanced perfection works.

The quotes, below, are taken from the field study journals of participants in Project NatureConnect's online courses and degree programs.  The latter are sponsored in part by Akamai University's Institute of Applied Ecopsychology, Portland State University Extended Education courses, and the Institute of Global Education.


"Walking into this natural area, after obtaining its permission to visit it, I was greeted by the glorious blue of a wild forget-me-not.  As suggested by the activity, I began to hum until I felt as though the forget-me-not, the sound and I were all resonating on the same vibration.  It was amazing to feel the vibrance, and truth of the forget-me-not. A chord was struck within which resounded into the universe.
In the next activity, I began to hum how I felt and walked around until I felt a tree that matched my sound. There was a distinct melding of the tree and I – a most enriching and uplifting feeling. I did not move away from this tree – I just sat allowing the resonance to wash over and in me as it was doing for the tree.  I was sitting in a fountain of colour being energetically recharged. I sensed an incredible harmony with everything I laid my eyes upon – we were all in perfect accord.

I discovered that resonating with a rock, person, plant or animal brings about an incredible sense of harmony and to find a sound or imagine a colour that fits something in Nature brings a deeper understanding of the plant, rock, animal or person. Once I found the sound of how I felt and the tree that fitted the sound and feeling – the gateway was formed to resonate with all of Nature.

Natural senses of sound, colour, feelings, smell, light, form, shape etc all vibrate to their own frequency, which play like a mighty orchestra when we are in balance with them, or we may feel like an out of tune trombone when we are isolated and out of sync with them.  For this reason, harmony is possible to attain every minute of the day when we resonate with Nature. After all, the song of the Universe has played for millions of years and is the structure of our DNA.

If somebody now took this experience away from me, I would feel stressed, discordant and ill. It enhanced my self-worth and trustfulness in nature's essence, a spiritual union which made me feel wondrous.  I learned a new way to deal with stress or being out of sorts."


"I experienced more letting go of myself as the initiator of the activity.  I have learned to let nature teach.  This has been the most beautiful healing for me.  I learned that my entire life has been nature-centered, but, with me at the center.

I pick up what looks like a tiny hawk feather, and decide I must be here.  I ask permission from some large pine trees, and soon sense a big waving me in.  I recall the lucid dream I had similar to this moment, a dream that initiated my move to Washington State.  Now, I stand inside what looks like a circle of very tall pine trees.  I feel my solar plexus sharing natural attractions with these trees.  I feel ancient, I feel their ancientness.  I walk so that I can feel myself in the very center of this ring of trees.  I connect more deeply by thanking them for this incredible loving, wise connection, I realize and feel that there is no center.  They are all natural attractions being together, they are one, including myself as I am with them in the Now and attracted to them"


I have come to this park looking for a particular spot for my activity today. As attractions I considered the open vista, the monstrous live oak trees, the water geyser in the pond and the camellia bushes. But it was the sprightly yellow that drew my attention and gives me pause to sit amongst these bobbing, innocent heads of a daffodil patch. “Who are you without your names and labels?”, I ask.

“We are shoots from the Earth heralding the arrival of Spring. We are gold reflecting and absorbing the sun’s radiance. We are blossoms of the Earth and glitter from the sky pronouncing “Love! Love! Love! Love your life in all its glory right now. Now is all you have. Isn’t it golden?” green and gold…we are awaiting spring!"

Who am I without names and labels? I am a mystery from The Great One seeking connections to sustain myself in balance and harmony. I too come from the Earth over a long spell of evolution and seek love and a desire to share it in more than human terms and form. I am all there is now and forever. I so agree, we are all one!

As I return my glance to these yellow stars they seem more vivid and embolden by our communion. Perhaps they are a celestial choir  come down from the sky and assembled before me. The less perfect ones are no less precious then a pristine stem.

The activity made me search for just the right locale and drive ten minutes up to the park. Little did I know I would commune with such divine essence. Many concepts and sentences from the reading stir my knowing at a profound level and by doing the activity I regain much of what is other wise muted consciously and unconsciously until an opportunity arrives to expose such truth.  Everything in its time.

I feel refreshed from coming outside to breathe clean, spring air and listen to birds and the water geyser. My heart is replenished from a sense of restriction by giving and receiving with the yellow trumpets.. It is from relationship that we understand ourselves. Agreed, one understands self then others as self. 

I would be sure to regret any withdrawal of my ability to experience this relationship, but only for a moment as I am certain a different attraction would replace it even from a different dimension.  This is a deep thought.  I do agree that nature is in all things as well as dimensional. Thank you for sharing this and bringing the thought forward.

I trust my experience of daffodil is real – sheer petals, ruffled rims, haphazard faces and buds yet to open. I am inextricably drawn.

Yellow is the color associated with the third chakra located at the solar plexus of the huiman body. The element is fire as in fire in the belly ( digestive system) , and our affirmation of life experience and willingness to achieve..It is from here that we absorb  solar energy which nourishes  our ethereal body , thereby vitalizing and maintaining our physical body. The third chakra relates to our willingness to act, with self confidence and vision for growth and expansion..  I am sweetly reminded  of  these dynamics from these delicate flowers. For myself it is worthwhile to claim this interpretation towards my own end and value its worth, my own in gold.

Interesting natural attractions that connect the ideas of the chakra and nature. 


"I stood in silence for what was just a natural attraction moment. I felt love pour in me and through me as messages of wisdom were carried with the wind. This is like my experiences with Reiki. Similarly, the messages carry higher, subtler levels of energy and this is the experience I am seeking to rip through my veil of illusion and connect with all my senses, heart and soul. I am grateful for this gift.

Mentally we can disconnect but our cells and our essence never really disconnect. That’s what brings so much hope to our decadent society.

None of us, even the greediest, more destructive people of the planet, are ever disconnected from the nature matrix. We all breathe, drink water and sustain ourselves through the gifts of connectedness. All we need to do
as we master nature connection activities is to help educate other minds, so that they open up and fully enjoy this gift as well, learning in the process to make other decisions that may restore harmony on this plane. Our cells and very essence belong to nature.

When I am anxious or I am doubting myself....I've had several occasions when an eagle or hawk will suddenly come to me and comfort me.

How amazing the connection with nature when we open our eyes to see and our heart to seek wisdom! Who ever talked of a lonely world? We are all as lonely as we make ourselves to be. The unison we can experience from the natural world around and within us is always available ~ unless we deny it to ourselves.


"I went to an area like a swamp for what I had to explore anyway for a workshop in June about our biorhythm and time management. I love to revise my workshops with ECHN. It keeps me focused on how nature works and learn from it. And give me a possibility to invite people to re-connect themselves; even when it is a little, it can make a change.

It was a cold rainy day and a lot of water all around me. To disconnect my thoughts about the workshop I made contact with the water by feeling the drops on my head, hair and face. The cold breeze in my face, disconnected me immediately from my thoughts. My natural webstring senses woke up. While walking in this area and saying the word 'unity'  several times I only received new words and stories like; travel, guidance, bounds and food supply for what I saw around me. As I started thinking again about the new words I received. I could see that I was analyzing. Even how beautiful this analyzing was, I had to let it go and start following my senses.

I was attracted to a tree with green fresh moss, laying on the ground. I sensed the smell of the fresh green color, the openness, honesty and inner wisdom of the tree.  It invited me to look around with my senses. I followed my intuition and curiosity, what the green grass further away brought me to. I came by a natural bridge, green, soft, safe, inviting to cross. I felt I was led through the area by nature's unity.
In this activity, I learned how to be a student with nature and not to explain and analyze 'words and stories' so much anymore.  I learned that to stay with my sensory self is the only way to stay united.
When we are analyzing everything we see, read, hear, sense, it disconnects us from our natural thinking so we can't be united with all.  The water disconnected me from my thoughts and opened the path to my senses to become one with nature. Following our natural senses instead of trying to find or analyze them, can bring us to the bridge of re-connection. 

This activity re-educated my way of giving workshops in nature. I learned to trust on the unity of nature and the people and let the experiences there be facts for each participant to consider."


"There was a lot I was attracted to that gave me consent to visit these trees, but what I sensed the most was the space, the silence...the just being, the letting go. I let myself completely go....feeling my thoughts quiet, feeling the tension melt and my body dissolve. Eyes closed I was space, I was silence. I could feel the movement through me...I felt the breeze from the geese wings blow through my heart, I felt the curves of a tree excite me. I felt the mountains and the valleys fill me. I felt individuality and unity. I felt expression and impression. I felt so much that there was no me. 

I love this spacious feeling because it is so calm, so peaceful, so open, so full of opportunity and possibility, of expression and creativity. It reminds me and helps me be unstuck, to release, to radiate.
In this activity, similar as to what I was taught to perform and work with in Reiki (energy work), I ask in silence or out loud for permission from an attraction in nature to make contact with it. I have been using this in all situations, especially at work before I give a massage. When I enter the room I seek, and ask consent from nature's attraction dance, in silence. This has made each and every session better than the last! It is attractive to learn to trust the process and sensations in this nature-consensus experience because they are safe, supportive, earth linked, sustainable, in balance and they feel good

Getting consual support from nature itself is what I am trying to teach my children. My son is catching on a little more than my daughter and I think this nature consent activity is exactlly what I need to do with her. She is hitting some challenging times with friends and being told to do things she does not want to but she has actually done a few things thinking she would lose those friends. We have been talking a lot about her trusting in herself in what she feels and why, to be strong and stand by her word, as my attractions to trees have taught me I can stand strong in the darkest of nights and weather any storm.

This ECHN program is the foundation that I have been lacking and looking for to take me to my next step. With ECHN I hope to deepen my existing connection with nature and to integrate this connection into my daily spiritual practice. This program is giving me the understanding and confidence to convey this connection with nature and its importance to others, allowing me to integrate this knowledge into my Reiki classes, herbal workshops and eventually ecopsychology workshops/retreats. After what I have gained through taking this Orientation Course, I am excited to be continuing on and deepening my experiences."


"For this amazing connection time I went outside and wandered around until I found a large bush that seemed to invite me over. I felt it's energy and it seemed to glow within the other plants.   I then asked permission to connect and that was granted, along with a nice place to sit on some wood scraps (the ground was cold and wet).  As I began the activity I could really feel the connection between me and the bush as I held a branch.  As the process continued, this energy just became normal and we took turns taking care of each other.  I began to notice my breath and how it was flowing deeply in and out of my navel area.  Since I practice yoga, I used a deep yogic breath out of this area, first filling the upper, then mid and finally lower lungs, extending the diaphragm down and opening the navel area.  On the exhale, I released the air beginning with the navel point and through the mid and upper lungs. As I connected, my mind was focused on my breath and the exchange I was having with the plant.  I inhaled the plant's life energy, the source that allows me to breathe.  And on the exhale, I gave the plant what it needed to survive.  I felt so in sync with nature and was marveled at how I have managed to go through life, this long, and never sat and experienced this connection with the breath and the greenery around us.  I was reminded, again, how important and necessary it is to be outdoors and realize the role I play in mother nature.

Awareness is so important. For our health and happiness, we must critically evaluate our labels and stories by their effects. "Respiration means to re-spire, to re-spirit ourselves by breathing" Many times we allow our emotions to run our breath...if we can gain control of our breath, we gain control of our emotions.  In addition,  connecting with nature through this process is amazingly theraputic!
I learned that I still am moving too quickly and that nature really is very welcoming.  I really benefit from just sitting in nature, even when it is cold outside.  My attraction to nature happens once I am outdoors sometimes, not from sitting inside. A daily spiritual practice is not enough if it takes place inside....go outside and connect!
I discovered that Nature allows me to stop and clear my mind and relax my senses and that plants have the ability to send love and energy, along with a sense  being welcomed here on the earth. Connecting with nature allows me to realize how important my role is as a human, I have the ability to protect and make choices for mother nature.  I can allow her to work through me.
If this experience were taken away I would feel less energized and more disconnected from the world I live in. This activity enhanced my ability to trust that I am welcome here on earth and that the earth supports me and meets my needs.
I have been re-educated in the sense that I have to move closer to my source.  Closer to the world which holds me and allows me to be here...We really live in an insaner world as we connect with it less...WOW....this course continues to amaze me.  I really am shocked at our state of being here on this planet!  Good news, we have ECHN to heal us and spread it to others....Thank You!


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In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

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