Accredited Nature-Connecting Online Alternative and Natural Holistic Degrees and Hands-On Courses include life experience and prior training with Reiki, Spiritual Healing Arts, Tao, Qigong, Ki and other true source, quantum life force, healer or practioner mind body spirit skills.

Project NatureConnect
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Results of a Nature-Connected Degree and Career Program for Organic Healing Art Practioners:

NATURAL ATTRACTION IN ACTION: Body Mind Spirit, Reiki, Spiritual Energy Healing, Tao, Touch of Healing, Qigong, Ki, Tai Chi and Quantum Therapy 

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Commencing Earth Day, April 22, 2010, a special funded Ecopsychology, sensory community, organic degree and course program will be offered that includes life experience and prior training in holistic health and healing arts.  Its purpose is to heighten individual and community contact and connection with authentic nature and strengthen the natural healing arts of Tai Chi, Reiki Healing, Spiritual Energy Healing Touch Therapy, Qigong and the Tao of Body Mind Spirit.

The program's hands-on whole earth and whole life activities provide the opportunity to improve health wellness through the science of sensory ecology processes.  Its education and training enables our thinking and feeling to consciously connect with the unadulterated flow of nature's grace, balance and restorative powers, in and around us, backyard or back country. Spiritual Healing, Reike, Ki and Tai Chi students and professionals alike, benefit from additionally attaining Applied Ecopsychology degrees or nature-connected Organic Psychology certification. 

The program's quantum course work experience strengthens each practitioner's inborn love of the natural, as they master making genuine contact in nature in conjunction with the Tao of Body Mind Spirit and Qigong Spiritual Healing that is added to practitioner training and alternative therapist coaching.


Project NatureConnect
offers a nature-centered distant learning opportunity that enables you to add the benefits of nature-connecting research, methods and credentials to your degree program and/or your skills, interests and hobbies.

We honor your prior training and life experience by providing grants and equivalent education credit for it.

You may take accredited or professional online CEU coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines or personal interests. A partial subject list is located at the bottom of this page.
  • Improve your income and satisfaction through new independent, interdisciplinary or integrated study and Ecopsychology activities.
  • Help people connect their heart, thoughts and feelings with the self-correcting and renewing ways of nature.
  • Increase personal social and environmental well being.
  • Add the self-correcting sunlight beauty and spirit of the natural world to your life, job and community.
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Field Experiences, Continued from Page One :

Benfits from the Tao of Reiki Healing, Tai Chi and Natural Sensory Attractions through Educating Counseling and the Touch of Healing With Nature (ECHN).

Below, are field report examples and results of sensory attractions to nature as they embrace people, places and things.
The quotes come from  Reiki healing, Touch of  Healing, Tao and Tai Chi Spiritual Healing students who are mastering how to apply and teach the integral ecology of educating, counseling and healing with nature (ECHN).

Each field report is an experience and a testimonial, a wonderful fact and a cause for hope. Each makes a sensible contribution to ECHN and healing arts. 

ECHN is important because it empowers us to create moments that let earth teach and nature heal.  It enables us to teach this skill to others, too. It helps us grow, think and feel like nature's purifying and balanced perfection works.

The quotes, below, are from the field study journals of participants in Project NatureConnect's online  courses and degree programs.  The latter are sponsored in part by Akamai University's Institute of Applied Ecopsychology, Portland State University Extended Education courses, and the Institute of Global Education.


"About 12 years ago I left the corporate world to live a life with deeper meaning. I started an herbal products business which I closed May 2008 to concentrate more on my healing practice and classes. Four years ago I became a Reiki Master Teacher and started my healing practice with the intention to provide a place for guidance, education and healing so that we may find and empower our true Self.
People have become so desensitized they do not notice the gifts that are continually provided by nature and life.

Our lives do not make sense and our problems flourish because industrial society does not teach us to seek, honor, and culture nature's contributions to our lives. We learn instead to conquer, to separate from, and deny the time-tested love, intelligence, and balance found in the natural world.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be a catalyst for an individual’s healing and growth, to share the excitement and wonder as we explore something new. I have learned and experienced much from helping others connect with nature. I try to walk this path with love, gratitude and compassion, honoring the interconnectedness and sacredness of all.  My life's journey is in helping others to discover pieces of who they are, to notice the beauty in the small things, to be thankful for the challenges and lessons which allow for their personal growth, and to be true to themselves; all which promote a state of well-being, health and wholeness."


"I believe my personal growth lies in learning to consistently embrace the ‘here and now’ as the most important place in which to spend my time."  Recently my Reiki mantra has been:  The power is in the present.  I also like the quote by Harold Thurman Whitman:  "Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that.  Because what the world needs is people that have come alive."  This work helps me come alive through contact with nature....it is as if we have been brainwashed to forget that nature is part of the world."


"While at the pool this week, I was intrigued by a family of big, white puffy clouds that drifted by.  It struck me how serene and content they seemed.  They took their time floating along the blue sky, in no hurry to get anywhere.  I realized I wanted to be like them.  I want to flow with life instead of running ahead of the Creator’s plans and trying to do so much that I miss those subtle messages from nature and wildlife.  I also want to rise above life’s challenges.  If I were to spend too much time indoors, I would only have imaginary thinking about clouds in my Reiki work, information from pictures in books, shows on TV, and articles on the Internet.  How much more do I like them if I see them in person?  The more exposure to the clouds while outside, the more unadulterated thinking and sensing I gain. This enriches my life and strengthens my connection with nature."


"For me, there is no greater reward in life than to be loved unconditionally.  I love to spend time with my cats.  I enjoy lots of moments stroking their fur and feeling their softness.  Navaho is especially silky and has a wonderful coat.  I love looking at Hug Me who is all black and watching her yellow eyes pop out at me against her ebony background.  I can sense when they need to eat, when they want a treat, and when they want my attention.  Most of all, I can directly sense their love for me which is unconditional.  What a delight to come home from work and have them greet me at the door.  I can sense their pleasure in having me home by being there to welcome me and by rubbing against my legs.  This is real.  I’m attracted to them because I sense that we are connected to each other and they are not just pets; they are my brother and sister.  It is not my goal to dominate them.  My goal is to love them back as much as they love me and live in harmony with them." 

Money usually comes with strings.  But, unconditional love is free and priceless.  I want love to rule my life.  Relationships with animals, wildlife, and nature are priceless treasures that no amount of money could ever buy.  The ECHN activities help me make it part of my Reiki work."


"From ECHN I see how we uncontrollably violate the world with the anger and frustration from our lack of natural fulfillment and wisdom and the subconscious hurt we feel and protect from further irritation.  I never thought of this before.  I see many angry people every day.  I know people have a desire for a spiritual life whether or not they realize it, but now I also realize that the spiritual desire includes being connected to Mother Earth and the animals. That would be more whole life energy medicine.  I was taught to deny my true nature because others tried to conquer it.  I know people try to conquer Mother Earth and wildlife, but I had not thought of the relationship between both instances. It has conquered Reiki, too, as it seems to be omitted in my training.

I do not want to be disconnected from the natural attraction connections I enjoy with wildlife. This activity enhances my sense of self worth. So often I have been judged by others, have judged myself, and have judged others.  No more!  Knowing nature does not judge me makes me trust it even more than I already do."


"I was reminded that the Natural Systems Thinking Process can help me have better self-esteem and help me to be an overall better person.  I like that you are learning to track animals.  What a great way to learn about wildlife using your senses.  I also like that you got to track a bear.  I like that we are a community with plants and trees because of exchanging breaths.

I felt suddenly freed from the need to possess something.  I had a growing sense of letting things be and to just be still and glory in the fullness of the moment. I learned that I do not need to possess something to have the joy of it. I can give nature, wildlife, and people freedom and still enjoy them.  It is not necessary to control or judge them. This contact has given me a stronger desire to connect with nature."


"My favorite discovery is that each natural sense non-verbally 'remembers' eons of life experience for they come from it. Each is a different expression of life's desire to exist. Each has valuable powers and makes valuable contributions that, too often, our stories ignore.  Each contains the depth of the history of our existence for our desire to live. And, almost, in irony we spend so much time getting caught up in stories that stop us from truly living and fully experiencing life, especially life in balance with nature.  How many of us even know what that is?

I did this activity a few times...my favourite was when I was in the hot springs, with permission I began by watching the moon, and then as I began to say 'unity' I noticed the steam swirling and dancing, the breeze was soft on my face and it seemed that everytime I said unity the moon got a little brighter. I also noticed that the sounds of people that was annoying me slightly began to fade. The most important thing I noticed wasn't a huge surge, it was a subtle grounding peaceful feeling that I had to be aware of. I noticed details and intrincies, which I found magical."


I was walking along and this stick with a leaf beside it in the snow caught my attention. I asked permission, I didn't get it...hmmm why?  I intuited to take off my sunglasses...and again asked permission...the snow sparkled so brilliantly, it was breathtaking to me. I felt the stick with my hand (eyes open and closed)...there was so much variety...smooth, rough, holes, knobs, cool, warmer in areas.  I felt it with a gloved hand and was instantly frustrated...I barely felt anything, I felt myself desperately trying to feel more...

I realized just how much I glove my senses with my stories...so much I don't feel while trying to stay 'warm' out of habit and misunderstanding.  How I have struggled to feel more in my life...all I have to do is step out of the glove stories and embrace nature with my naked vulnerable hand.  The implications are a little excitingly scary and profound.

I see that what I have craved all my life is right there in front of me.That all things have wisdom with in them and I can learn immense lessons from a stick, leaf and snow.

I want to say thank you to this group for all your inspiration and reminders the depth and wisdom that arises from this work
always blows me away."


" As I continued to say unity , I approached the ocean. I began to weep for a sadness came over me. The ocean called out to me to release what I was holding onto this day. I suddenly felt my emotions let go and the pit of my stomach soften as the wind blew on my face for comfort.
This brought up the reminder for me that i truly am an 'earth muffin',  made from the very same things as earth...and how wonderful it feels to be among family (earth) and be re-MIND-ed of my roots.

How non-sensical it is to not think with nature...it's illogical and rediculous...truly insane to think that I am not nature.

This cold wind felt so much like love.  I saw my breath from the cold and realized that my exhalation became part of the wind and the wind came into my lungs upon inspiration.  I left with this question, "How can I change my life so that nature is with me always.?" THAT is exactly WHY I have love affairs with wind. I remember my favourite thing about travelling was experiencing the flavour of different winds.

But my greatest surprise was when after the activity, I went for a walk on the road. Although I was not repeating the mantra unity any more, I sensed like never before the presence of the green giants around me, and the smooth, velvety quality of air that I was taking in as I was breathing connected me to them in a way that was new to me. I felt at one with the nature's flow and nature was the teacher"


"Our separation from nature holds each of us hostage. I understand this quote so much better after experiencing the unity discovered in the past  activities. I live as an hostage all week long when I don’t have time to surrender to nature to relieve my burden. I feel I am chained to a world that has created too many stories"

"So i took this question out with me on a walk...I kept asking "what do i do for my career", then with that in mind I said the word connection.  I just kept getting the 'relax' feeling...there were many natural attractions along the way. The one that stands out the most is this huge hornet's nest hanging off the tree. I had never seen it before even though I had walked this walk thousands of times before...I know it's not new, as it's still winter here. It was a interesting shape and colour...but what I sensed most from it was community.

I learned that there are options available that I haven't seen before, even though they have been there all along.


A gorgeously cold and gloriously sunny day awaited my senses. I was attracted to the warmth of the sun, the rhythmic silence, the breeze. None of these things I thought I could grab a hold of, not 'right' for the activity.  But I thought i'd try it anyway. I tried to grab a hold of the breeze with my hand...i gave it a good solid yank.  Laughter arose, along with a tingly feeling in my back heart. It wasn't reasonable but it sure was fun. I loved the feeling of being playful with the breeze.

Just for the sake of it I asked a golden piece of wild grass for permission to tug it. I gently pulled on grass and felt it hold, I felt it's resistance to being taken away from it's attractions, like the cry of baby who wants to play but has to go to bed. In this moment of feeling the resistence of the grass, I recognized the resistance feelings in me when I force myself away from my attraction with my story...if I don't pay attention it that resistance turns into resentment which grows to anger."


"I sat soaking in the warmth of the hot springs and noticed a beautiful rock on the side of the pool.  I asked for permission and it felt like the rocked glowed...all the beautiful rust and reds. I thanked the rock aloud and exclaimed to my soaking companions how much I appreciated the beauty of rock. They all whole heartedly agreed that rock was extraordinary.  I wanted to go and hug the rock but I felt my wrangler kick in. Would I get in trouble? What would the others think? So I asked rock if there was another way that I could thank more deeply as I had nothing to give or leave. "Just enjoy me, appreciate me with love". So, I sat in front of rock and soaked in her beauty and felt so grateful".


"When I ask permission to enter this natural area, it is the leaves, or a rush of a breeze that lets me know I am embraced.  When I see and feel a strong wind suddenly, it means there is something important for me to experience.  It feels like our connect is intensified.  This is exciting, and today a willow tree is waving emphatically, I quickly enter under her dome of leaves and swooping branches.
Silence.  It feels purpose-less, which I like.  Being One with All has been a purpose-ful meditation for a while now, and I feel the approach of this ongoing 'meditation.'  I am just enjoying the presence of this place, which I now realize is becoming too familiar for me. This is a scene that I grew up in when I was very young.  Innocence and Consciousness... to be continued..So, I do live here now, and this is my classroom, just as is right here, where I write..."


"It is at these moments of settling in, that my growth becomes spiritually rich, or divested and invested, by and through information for helping others, and conversations with Nature that occassionally arise for enlivening my work.  I typically receive information and feelings, to be furthered, grounding myself into my healing work at this time.  Then I journal and use this with other guidance and/or lucid dreams to create healing movement and to further connections and artful expressions.  Not today, I need silence, seems right, thanks.
Silence.  I hear birds singing, cars, ducks swimming and 'laughing,' people talking, it doesn't matter what I hear, because what is most distinct is the silence behind all sound.  I need familiarity in order to hear the silence behind it.  This silence is a communion we all share, a comfortable energy blanket for me right now.  I am hearing the sound of "patience," the sound of "tolerance," but these words have no meaning really, because this silence is pure, wordless, it simply is.  This is like tolerance, but tolerance is a term to define one who must be, or must have been, waiting for something to occur.  There is no waiting here."

Nature has identified me, and I have identified Nature through my desire for silence, and now, I do experience and know a purity of balance, because I feel the silence and the noise as one, and "yes, to all of this," is all I can artfully say.  Wow, will nature always provide this Yes, no matter what I need, if so, this means my attractions must also somehow be perfect. Yes!
This healing was profound, life changing and so incredibly gentle, like a simple shift in resonance.  I can't wait to allow this process to continue to enliven beyond healing, this healing furthers my purpose-ful being and work, through acceptance.  I love this."


"I was very attracted to the statement that wholeness and holiness are the same word, and sanctified and sanctuary, too. I was also intrigued that Kahlil Gibran thought that ‘Nature is God gazing at himself in a mirror.’ These statements show me that God and Nature are one and the same, and therefore, one way to be closer to God or to truly know God is to be close to nature and try to know nature. It seems evident that we can’t overlook that the great sages, gurus, saints, prophets, etc of the past connected with nature for inspiration and higher connection."


"Sometimes this sensory attraction wisdom is misnamed our "inner child" even though it is an essence of earth itself."

I thought about this statement a lot, and what it feels like this 'inner child'... for me it is a feeling of peace of joy and hope. A feeling that anything is possible but no stress if its not. The feeling of rolling with whatever is happening ... then
Ithought about the earth.. the fact that it just is. And I found this statement to be true. (Unlike the Spirit, which comes from the theosphere, the Soul is born from nature--the biosphere)

"To reverse our troubles we must learn to occasionally reconnect with nature."

This is actually much easier then I thought it would be to do! I was thinking o good gravy 
I don't have time to climb the mountains and spend days camping the outback! but it is quite practical and do-able for everyone. That is what I am so attracted to. (It has proven to be very useful to me as well, like discovering a new earth-friendly technology that I can use in my healing work.)"


"I chose my backyard for this activity. It was night time, i asked for my consent and it was granted as everything just stood attractive and still. The night was so clear, I began to repeat the word nameless as i looked around... every time my eye caught something new my mind would say its name in my head. I corrected it with nameless. It took quite a bit of time doing this before I could feel the names drift away, and we were all connected, joined together in this life force that is beyond my sight or knowledge. It was powerful but quiet. I looked up at the night sky and could see the natural attraction energies I have been reading about, and what it means that we are all connected. I felt like i belonged. Accepted. Loved. Supported. Even though most of my yard was in shadows i could feel the significance of everything in it.. It felt to me like the revelation of previously hidden relationships."


"Sensing nature is a cleansing and healing experience. I rubbed my head and released all of my old stories. I stood outside and kept on shaking away each head story by shaking my hands. The wind was around me, the earth was below me, and they just keep purifying my hands until I felt a calmness come over me. I felt the wind blowing away all of the old stories and the earth under my feet bring up energy to my body to heal. Once all of my hand shaking was done I felt love of myself and for nature.  

I am a Reiki Master and this experience is very similar to clearing auras. First I open the chakras by holding the top of my head, then I Reiki ones aura, and shaking my hands to release and remove any energy that is causing harm or conflict.  Reiki is based on love and positive energy. In this sensing nature activity I was tapped into the natural energy of nature’s attraction love and energy.  These experiences heal and the scars of the past and offer me positive energy for my self and to share with others.

Nature heals, Nature loves, Nature provides us with energy. I released the old harmful stories within my life. I felt free. This experience offered me a fresh new start. I found that Reiki and this activity have many common grounds. Knowing this I can blend the two for the betterment of all. My self worth now is able to move forward."


i entered a local conservation area where small chickadee birds eat seed right out of your open hand.  I have enjoyed this areas for many years as a walking trail and have always marveled in the subtle changes.  As I set foot at the beginning of the forest, I stopped and silently asked permission to enter and to be drawn in by nameless attractions.  Interestingly, I felt as if I was being led through the woods by a magnetic force, almost as if my feet weren't touching the ground and I was floating effortlessly.  Although I have visited this natural area many times before, it felt like the very first time as each tree revealed itself to me.  Even in winter and the dormant stage of the area - there was life abundant.  One birch in particular grew into two separate trees and then joined together again eight feet into the air for about 6 inches and then separated again and grew many branches high into the sky.  I took a picture of it as a remembrance that each unique occurance in Nature is good.

As I left the area, I thanked it and actually felt a pulling back into the forest - like I should continue.  Sadly, it was too cold, and that sensation attracted me to go home and warm up."


"I was attracted to the song of a frog on the opposite side of the river.  I listened to the song and felt as though I understood what he was saying.  The frog's song was a song of gratitude.  I felt hope at hearing this.  I felt that if I could be on the same level as a frog, sharing contentment and gratitiude, then I am a part of the circle.  I felt connected.  It is difficult for me to put into words the feelings that I felt.  I was humble and content.  I felt small, but strong.  I felt free and a part of something larger and more beautiful than myself."


A noisy life laced by a webstring of Silence, I open out from the willow tree, and just look around.  Allness.  An acorn falls, equally pulled to the earth.  Equally beneficial attraction of opposing energies, magnetism.  I thank the grass, I visualize tree roots, being held, welcomed, pulled downward as they grow around and down, out of sight, into my seeing ...  The way that I now understand life on planet Earth, held by these same attractions that connect our solar system as we know it, evolution as attraction to be more attractive by supporting life... as I am aware of my own living in the earth now.  Deep within, I must be attracted to the earth beyond anything my thoughts are presently ...  It is such a new feeling this being pulled into the Earth, I'll let my mind evolve into this ..."


"I am now painfully aware that I can not maintain my equilibrium when working just to support my survival needs, it does not also support my need for this new experiencing.  My new way of being here is energizing attractions that have been dormant all my life, out of disconnection from myself, and feelings of futility in relationship to the "larger picture..."


"Somehow I am now able to allow irritations within me surface naturally, as attractions...   My own repetitive mechanical warmfuzzy expressions exhausted me, but this work is evolving naturally within me, manifesting behaviors that feel as though they have been waiting, stacked in a queue...

Trusting how my nature works now is completing itself inside of me, loosening the bindings, which become fragments of misguided natural atrraction attachments. Now free, they will continue their simultaneous becoming me and leading me ...


I enter the park where my willow tree is, and as I approach, leaves and limbs move like crazy; there is incredible welcoming here.  I start to cry.  My tears flow so easily, and I slip underneath her canopy, lean my back against her trunk.  "I miss my mother." Never have I really felt this, but suddenly here it is, and the feeling and I are one.  I now both see and naturally feel that I choose this park for my work here because of its similarity to the environment of my early childhood.  I am attracted to reattaching some natural senses here.

Through this work, I more fully experience a welcoming loving with this tree.  I spent a lot of time as a child underneath the shelter of a large willow tree.  I am now able to allow primal feelings of being cut off from my connection with my mother, because I have re-established them here.  For as long as I can recall, there has been a sense of longing within me, a longing to go home.  For the first time, I both feel and know that it is really that I spent my entire childhood missing my mother.  She was abusive and distant.  I am able to experience now the phantom-like quality about her, that began so early in my life... I feelingly remember myself and her departure, her foreverness on the periphery of loving engagement.  At the same time, because of this perfect, gentle, supportive way of processing, I can also felt sense understand that I wouldn't have been able to carry this fragment, my missing her all my life, if we hadn't initially shared love.  And I now feelingly know that the natural attraction didn't break, which I  find astonishing.  These natural sensory attractions, so thin, so stretched, so twisted, have always been within me, an attraction ...

I thank this tree and walk out from underneath her, she is very still.  I turn, and there, I see her as a very beautiful goddess... I easily connect feelings now that are warm toward my mother, because she gave birth to me.  It is important that she knows I am happy, because it will give her warmth and relief..."


"My experience in nature shows me that I am a person who gets good feelings from" crawling up as close as I can to a tiny toad, a toad with a little tail, with tiny webbed feet and copper colored omni-eyes, looking at me from every direction, unblinking.  I see, it is breathing.  I want to protect this tiny toad out here in the grass, not moving.  I love this toad.  I want this toad to know I love it, that it is safe.  But, I bet my large presence is not reassuring.  I slowly back away and slowly walk backwards toward a young willow tree nearby.  The toad is still motionless.  I slowly turn my head toward the willow, "attractions," I begin my homework-- 

I have to check on the toad-- not there!  The toad, oh, jumps!  I feel such-- gleeeee! The sun, the toad, the willow, the water, the water lilies, the dragonflies, it is all my backyard in rural Michigan, and now I am three, four, five...  I almost flunked kindergarten because I couldn't take the indoors, the organization, the coloring in the lines within a certain time, the playground so depressing, gravel, metal, and so much crying, screaming, shouting.  I wanted to just go back home, to the lake and talk to the fish, the frogs, the turtles, the fairies, the spiders, the snakes, the robins--and so much more ...  This toad, out here jumping in the grass, brought it all back.  I am so happy!"


"It is utmost to me that this work be shared with others for its curative powers and very needed consciousness connects, where our eternal essence is employed.  It is in nature, where attractions, so immediate, and time, so brief, that fullness is realized.  I sense the immersion with all in a person who senses a tree nearby with eyes shut.  And I have also had several deep experiences in nature, by being perfectly still.  Once, I even hiked barefoot...I came so close to an owl that it spread its enormous wings right over me, and I got to spend a long while within just a few feet from a large whitetail deer, the kind of whitetails that have the larger plume-like tails.  Once I watched a baby lynx chase a squirrel, and one time I got to watch a newborn deer, shaking laying in the tall leaves in the forest.  Being silent in nature is being as as large as all of life."

I have learned that this work is capable of being logically presented, which helps us all communicate, and that is important, because what I am also learning is that I am very attracted to sharing it both in natural and teaching ways.  It is working its way into my healing work, and I look forward to bringing myself to working with it in its entirety."


After what feels like a minute, a tree close by is shaking all over.  This is striking to me, none of the other trees are moving at all.  I look all around, nothing matches this tree's action.  I walk right to it.  I notice it is an oak, thin, brown leaves, sticks at the end of limbs, where leaves used to hang.  I have not been attracted to this tree before.  I notice small golden to brown cones.  Very unusual and pretty.  I examine its leaves, an oak of some sort.  I lovingly thank this tree, and am learning through our mutual natural attraction, it is just as much a part of everything as is the Aspen tree on the other side of the pond, where I am most attracted.  I am astounded.  This unattractive tree, I have given only a passing glance.  I am opening to moving beyond myself, and I now lovingly transform.  How I have lived in a world of my own design, habituating, recurring, looking for validation, affirmation, and yes, healing my Self.  But this is also compromising and this felt moment is loving transcendence. This love feels unconditional, and naturally the most loving healing of my psyche.  I feel the enormous love of this work, growing even as I write. There is no center in nature, in life, and there is so much more love and beauty in being a harmonious part of it all, than being a center.  This is ultimate freedom..."


ECHN gives us the tools we need to create moments that let Earth teach and that help nature heal in and around us.  The most powerful and immediate way for you to benefit from ECHN is to take our online, accredited, Orientation Course. You may then be eligible to continue on in the subsidized training, certification or degree program that strengthens and broadens the range and effectiveness of the Orientation Course process in conjunction with healing arts.

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"Human behavior is rooted most deeply in nature's intentions and desire. The rhythms of nature underlie all of human interaction: religious traditions, economic systems, cultural and political organization. When these human forms betray the natural psychic pulse, people and societies get sick, nature is exploited and entire species are threatened."

-Stephen Aizenstat


In industrial society our excessively nature-separated lives mold us to betray the natural psychic pulse. We learn to block from our thinking over 98 percent of the wise sensory callings and fulfillments we normally share with natural systems and their eons of experience. Our subconscious hurt and frustration from the severed disconnection of these senses underlies our greatest troubles.

-Michael J. Cohen


Benefit from learning to enhance the natural psychic pulse within and around us. Add the sensory ecoscience of Organic Psychology to your life and livelihood.





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"Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people."

"Truth is what stands the test of experience."

- Albert Einstein


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Project NatureConnect offers accredited CEU Courses, Certification, Grants and Degree Programs online to sustain the well-being of person, planet and spirit. Prior training and life experience is incorporated into all programs.

Successful completion of a CEU course makes you automatically eligible for the Project NatureConnect program.

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

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The Web of Life Imperative.


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