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Dear Web Page Visitor,

Please note that to the benefit of humanity's personal and planetary well-being, we seek the services of an individual or agency with the contacts and experience to help foster the profound process of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature.

As a non-profit organization, we have developed a significant social technology, an Organic Psychology tool that is uniquely helpful in transforming personal, social and environmental disorders into the healthy rewards of constructive relationships. As demonstrated in the three web sites listed below, by invoking sentient and thoughtful nature-connected ways, Organic Psychology enables our psyche to reduce the destructive emotional sources of many troubles.

We educate the public to the value of Organic Psychology by building mutually beneficial relationships with caring professionals like yourself: counselors, teachers, therapists, writers, consultants, publicists, artisans, funding agents, business people and other practitioners who value improving the health of natural systems that are shared by, and flow through, humanity and the global life community. .

We are funded to provide training for interested individuals or groups and are developing funds to create part-time jobs at $20,000/year, or more, for these trainees to be Internet and/or on-site facilitators of Organic Psychology the the benefit of individuals, groups or organizations.

In addition, we offer you the services of our training, or of a guide to help your organization. Perhaps one or more individuals in your organization would be interested in being trained or serve as a part-time guide or ambassador for Organic Psychology. Can help us locate such individuals?

May we share Organic Psychology with you, and explore how you can help us and vice versa? Would you be interested in establishing a relationship with us? If so, please let us know via e-mail or phone after visiting It links to other areas of our web site that provide advanced information.


For Peace,

Michael J. Cohen

Dr. Michael J. Cohen,
Institute of Global Education
Special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council
Integrated Ecology/Project NatureConnnect

Chair: Akamai University Applied Ecopsychology
Faculty: Portland State University Extended Studies
Faculty: West Coast University.

P. O. Box 1605,
Friday Harbor, WA 98250



Organics Make Greater Sense.

Organics work. They reward us for thinking and acting in ways that support nature instead of exploiting it. We benefit because we and the environment are part of nature.

We make greater sense of our lives by using organics to help us personally and professionally purify the pollution found in the environment, our neighborhood and our mentality. They are all interrelated.

Organics are a way of thinking that either avoids harmful things or lets nature transform harmful things into support for life and growth.

Organic thinking has joyfully been applied to gardening, farming, food and many other products. Ask a person who grows an organic garden what they think and feel about it. Ask yourself why you are happier about, and trust, organic products over those that are not organic.

Uniquely, during the past half-century, Project NatureConnect has integrated organics into the fields of counseling, education and healing. The result is an Organic Psychology that helps people create thoughtful sensory moments in natural areas. In these teachable, nature-connected periods and places, the perfection of nature's grace, balance and restorative powers enters our psyche to guide and strengthen our intelligence. It renews our passion to improve our thinking, relationships and spirit at every level; our consciousness and well-being expand.

Folks learn to use the nature-connected thinking process of Organic Psychology via the Internet, or in a local setting, in less than two weeks at three hours/day, or in two months at five hours per week. It enhances any discipline, profession, spirituality or relationship.


Detrimental Disconnection

Organic Psychology helps us address a profound, often hidden problem in our society. The problem is that, to our great hurt and loss, we daily abort our psyche from the natural intelligence and nurturance of its inherentance, its supportive womb in nature. We disconnect it from the spirit, consciousness and wise energies of our Mother Earth.

Although we and our psyche are part of nature, on average, over 95 percent of our time and 99 percent of our thinking is separated from nature. This disengagement from our natural legacy is catastrophic. The way we think becomes harmfully out of tune with way nature's potent balancing and renewing powers work. It leads us to unthoughtgully engage in economics and progress that have us running amok in natural and social life-communities.

As demonstrated by many cultures over many millenniums, nature's unifying grace and restorative ways ordinarily support the sanity and well-being of nature-centered people. Natural people, in turn, think in ways that help sustain nature's non-polluting perfection. They are seldom the cause of our major troubles.

But how can nature help us improve or correct our thinking when we have excessively separated our thinking from nature? An essence of our unsolveable problems is that our excessive separation from nature underlies most of our personal, social and environmental dysfunctions.

With 99 percent of our thinking separated from nature, we are so bewildered (disconnected from wilderness) we don't recognize that, nature-wise, we suffer the mental-emotional shortcomings and restricted bonds of an adult who has been born and raised in a closet. We manage nature and Earth not much better than a lobster running Kennedy International Airport.

A major dysfunction we suffer is our bonding to the belief that, contrary to good evidence, we can't benefit from genuinely reconnecting our thinking with nature.


How Organic Psychology Works

Our thinking is our destiny. Organic Psychology provides the co-creative ways and means for us to grow by safely reconnecting our thinking with the way nature produces its optimums of life, diversity, cooperation, peace and balanced perfection. Nature's ways accomplish this without producing garbage or our excessive pollution, insanity and abusiveness.

A simple example of Organic Psychology-in-action is the decision to take a walk in the park in order to think or feel better, to clear our head. We benefit from the refreshing mind-set that results from choosing to visit a park's natural area and enjoy nature's renewing ways there. However, most of us don't recognize, or simply reject, that connecting with nature in the park is far more than just "getting away from our problems." It is also a healing process. We usually learn to deny that in the park a touch of nature's powers has revitalized us.

While visiting natural areas, genuine contact with nature's ways provides an antidote for what ails us due to our excessive disconnection from nature. The science of Organic Psychology helps us concentrate and strengthen this phenomenon. It provides us with a nature-reconnecting art that empowers our mentality to thoughtfully and safely tap into nature's healing essence, backyard or backcountry. It enables us to make nature-connected prevention and recuperation available at will, even with a pet, aquarium or potted plant. It helps our mind, soul and consciousness benefit from nature's restorative grace.

Organic Psychology works because:

  • It gives our thinking the means to interlace with nature. We become more whole from composting into fertile thoughts the garbage that destructive aspects of society have dumped into our psyche.
  • It helps us to recycle how we think and feel; our renewed psyche and resilience more effectively repair the damage inflicted on ourselves, society and nature.
  • It gives us the power to make sensible changes and refute detrimental bonded relationships. This empowerment erases apathy.
  • It increases our ability to recover from dysfunctions, disorders, addictions, stress and relationship problems, locally and/or globally.

Organic Psychology often seems like a fraudulent "Snake Oil Cure-All" to our nature-disconnected ways of thinking. It remains unbelievable until we engage in it and enjoy its benefits, or our mind acknowledges the validity of an observation by Gregory Bateson and many others: "Our greatest problems result from the difference between how we think and how nature works."

Organic Psychology helps our thinking include nature's balance and regenerative powers by creating nature-connected moments that let Earth teach and become a supportive ally. It gives us the ability to expand our consciousness and strengthen our love for the whole of life. This is important because we only protect what we love.

Organic Psychology is now funded; the accredited distance learning training courses and degree programs it offers online are guaranteed affordable.

Obviously, today, the consciousness of our society does not yet hold the welfare of natural systems, around and within us, in high regard. For example, although the benefits of sustainable Organic Farming to the land and people have been well known since 1965, only about 0.2 percent of all U.S. crop land has been certified organic since then, while 70% of song bird populations continue to decline and our cancer rates, dysfunctions and stress levels rise.

With support, Organic Psychology can help us improve our whole-life consciousness and the well-being of all natural systems around and within us. See and for the documented results of Organic Psychology and how you can easily learn to use it.

Does Organic Psychology make sense to you? Can you help its use provide the support and success it needs and vice versa? Is doing this of interest to you?


Become a Trainer

As mentioned earlier, we are developing funding to provide part-time jobs at $20,000/year, or more, for trained individuals to be Internet and/or on-site facilitators for teaching the skills of Organic Psychology to any interested group or organization. Would you or your organization be interested in the free services of such a guide? Would you, or one or more individuals in your program be interested in training as a part-time guide? Can your services help us develop interest in the use of such guides or applying Organic Psychology to contemporary endeavors and relationships?

Thank you for considering this page. We look forward to your suggestions and involvement after you visit . We hope you become part of our team effort to stop fracturing the wholeness and integrity of the global life community.

Owls and Howls,

Michael J. Cohen


Michael J. Cohen, Ed.D.
Institute of Global Education
Special NGO consultant to the UNESCO
Integrated Ecology/Project NatureConnnect

Chair: Akamai University Applied Ecopsychology
Faculty: Portland State University Extended Studies
Faculty: West Coast University.

P. O. Box 1605,
Friday Harbor, WA 98250



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