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Fix the Insanity on Wall Street: Occupy Your Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Promote Racial and Gender Reform
  • Create Peace and Universal Health Care
  • Establish Green Technogies and Jobs

- Michael J. Cohen

It is easy to determine the central problem that the Occupy Wall Street movement (OWS) should want to solve once you consider the wide variety of demands made by OWS protestors.

When asked about what basic issue they are protesting, OWS folks have said we must make corporate personhood illegal, produce campaign finance reform, take dollars out of politics, raise taxes on the rich, enhance transition initiatives, reform election processes, create jobs and universal health care, promote green technology,  make everything organic, eliminate coal, end wars entirely, improve education, localize our lives, forgive all debts, abolish capitalism, establish racial and gender equality, open border migration, guarantee a living wage, stop pollution, offer free college education and many others. 

About 20 percent  of the OWS folks say they don't know what they want.

When the rationale for all the OWS demands is seriously considered it suggests that we have produced and live in an insane society. What we seek, in common, is sanity and the peaceful balance that it helps us create. Most bankers, politicians, brokers and their families would agree.

Significantly, few, if any, of the OWS people identify what is making us insane no less how to correct it. However, even more significant is that the source of our insanity has long been identified along with a powerful remedy for it.  This means that the fundamental problem we suffer is that we are in denial.  We deny what makes us personally and collectively insane and we therefore ignore its readily available antidote.  Is this conclusion false? After all, are you not, right now, in some form of denial that part of you is insane?

Denial is very resistant.  Succinctly identifying the source of our insanity and its solution on this page would be worthless. You would no doubt continue to deny it, especially if you knew that it would be "inconvenient" for you to change.  It is normal to be uncomfortably defensive and in shame about this horror that invaded our mind, body and spirit while we were innocent children.

An astonishing article about how we can cure our madness is available.  It presents a sensory tool for personal and global sanity to those of us who are wise and resilient enough to use it.

And, if you have the trust and inclination, the world thanks you in advance for selecting here to read an article entitled When Will We Ever Learn?

"America is an insane asylum run by the inmates."

-Lester Roloff

A passage from the journal of an anonymous ECHN online participant

"I am aware that much of my reasoning has been fueled and influenced by social mechanisms.  I have always prided myself in being a "logical" person when really I am only as logical as it has been dictated to me.  Being nudged to pay attention differently has placed me in a bit of a predictament as I need to constantly remind myself of how the 5-legged thinking influences me.  This impact is to the degree in which I must begin to know myself differently from insanity...who am I if not in nature?
Is my experience here spending time watching the birds, as real or more real than a simple mathematical equation?  This experience is not permanent, therefor just a moment of time.  Math, as we are told, is does this mean "more real"?  I do not feel math, smell math, sense math.  I have no attachment to these numbers because they do not mean anything to me.  The birds sense me just as much as I sense them.  We have an understanding if only brief.  It is more real cuz' I believe they care about me.
I have always found looking at 3-dimensional objects interesting...It present a question to me like, is a zebra white with black stripes or black with white stripes?  How does one decide?  Is one answer more right than the other?  Do I not have a choice as to how I wish to see it?  If my perception is to change, I need to feel a sense of urgency as well as struggle.  How I resolve the struggle internally will determine how ingrained this change is and perhaps how long it might last for me.  If I change only for the purpose of external reward (I can pass a class, join a group, get a degree) then the change will be slight and very fleeting.  I have grown too old and too weary to extert any wasted energy on internal chatter that cannot move me or help me grow.  I no longer wish to spend time in the lie.
As I sit here listening to the rain, I read ..."authorities who stories place meaning on the world can determine how and what you perceive".  Just two days ago, I held an open discussion on the matter of social perception on a group of young college students.  During this discussion, a story was shared about a man who was viewed by everyone who knew him as a gentle soul, kind, giving, and hard working.  During a casual conversation, he related his experience in Vietnam and how he felt that his work was making America a safer place for democracy.  Although this dialogue turned into an argument about killing and napalming, this kind soul stated very matter-of-factly "those people aren't Vietnamese! They're gooks".

It would seem common to ridicule this individual based upon our perception, but what we talked about is that in order for this kind person to live without guilt, it would take a great deal of justification to get up each day feeling ok about him or you or all cases, are we not victims?  Suppose that what we are doing to our children is a form of strange justification to treat our planet as if it is not real, growing or alive .  Then, wouldn't it be safe to say, even we could convince ourselves that what we do doesn't really matter and that Earth, too, has become our ~expletive.
This is who I am...I am a child of nature...understanding that negative situations can and do occur, but that my better health will always exist out of the confines of my walls."

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