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VOLUME 1,  NUMBER 2011-2012                                                      Dr.  Michael J. Cohen, Editor

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A Glossary of Special Terms Found in OP/NAE Journal Articles

To become excellent citizens of the Industrial Society we are born into, we spend our formative years being "socialized" to successfully participate in its nature-disconnected culture. We achieve "industrial literacy" through institutions that promote reading, writing, math, social studies, history, economics, religion and science.

However, biologically, psychologically and spiritually we are also born as citizens of the Web of Life, of the self-balancing and life-sustaining ways of nature and our planet as they flow around, in and through us.  Thoreau identified this Web as "A civilization other than our own." 

We spend very little time and energy learning how to be literate citizens of our nature/earth civilization.  We grow up not knowing how to think, feel and act like nature and its purifying perfection works even though we inherit this potential.
Instead, to our loss, we learn, too often, how to separate from, conquer or exploit nature for power or monetary profit.

We seldom recognize that we make ourselves suffer because in school and elsewhere what we really learn to excel in is nature-disconnected  reading, writing, math, social studies, history, economics, religion and science. 

Our basic training by our society is so excellent that we are winning the war against nature and we can't stop, even as we realize that we are hurting ourselves as part of nature.

Many disorders result due to the excessive disconnection and conquest of our thinking and feeling from nature's restorative and purifying ways.  

Fortunately, learning experiences in connection with nature have helped to correct this disconnect.  They have a special origin, wisdom and process that is conveyed by unique terms that help us become literate "Planetary Citizens"  These terms appear in the OP/NAE Journal articles. To help understand them, they are explained, below as well as in a peer-reviewed article by John Scull:

A horse stepped on its rein pulling its head down and it refused to move unless its head was upright. For this reason it could not get off its rein.  It could not figure out how to deal with this situation so the cowboy horse wrangler forcefully rammed the horse off its rein.  In the process, the horse learned nothing. It would need to be pushed or hurt by some wrangler again in the same was wrangler-authority dependent with respect to dealing with the technology of the bridle. [This is similar to the activity of the Super-Ego, "Parent," or any unreasonable authority, especially with respect to dissuading a person from making valuable sensory connections with nature.]

Four-Leg, Five-Leg, Nine-Leg 
These terms are part of a math aptitude question that challenges sensory contact knowing vs abstract or literate story knowledge.  "If you count a dog's tail as one of its legs, how many legs does a dog have?"  see

GO to GG 
The same sensory vs abstract knowing, as above, but applied to a color chart.   GG is the word green written with green paint.  It does not trigger the conflict inherent in the word green written with orange paint.  See

Nature's web of life is held together by natural attraction strands that make up the web and hold it together. We experience these strings a natural attraction sensations.  For example, webstrings are thirst attracting us to water, or temperature attracting us to a warm place if we are cold. see

An acronym to help us remember some of nature's essence and qualities:  Nameless, Now (immediate), Intelligent, Attraction that we sense as Love. see

Study Group 
In conjunction with at group of five individuals each course participant does sensory, nature-connecting activities in natural areas, backyard or backcountry and shares the experience with all of the group, usually be email. see

Natural Attraction Ecology (A science that includes senses and feelings as facts of life)

Organic Psychology ( A  process that helps nature compost and recycle pollutants in our body, mind or spirit)

Natural System Thinking Process, a social technology that helps people implement NAE and OP.

The totality of life, including humanity; NNIAL manifesting itself as the universal Web of Life.

All these terms and their full explanation can be found in a single article online
Many of the special terms, above, are included, below, in a journal entry. It is made by a woman who engages in a nature-connection activity to help her recover from the loss of her partner as she discovers that the loss contributes to new awakenings and ideas.

"Oh what joy to be in a place where my soul can breathe. I was weary when I arrived to the country house and went for a lie down. It was amazing to doze whilst hearing the harsh rain against the round coupled with the howls of the wind and to open my eyes and look out the window and see the trees dancing in the storm. Energized by this I wanted to connect with nature, to reaffirm myself.

I put on boots and a hat and went out to the back field. Asking permission I felt the excitement of nature that I had arrived, it seemed that my presence was the catalyst for the consciousness of the area (I need to explore this more later). I walked round and round the field at first using the word "nature", then "connection" and finally "non-language." All three were powerful for me and I noticed that words would come into my mind but they were connected to my sensory experience. For example "the rain activates the joy in my soul". I accepted these and continued.

I walked around and around the field noticing that the grass was made up of so many different species of plants all living in harmony with each other. Despite the greyness of the day, the sky seemed alive with energy that enhanced all the colours of the grass and trees. The wind whipped round me and the rain hit my face. I was attracted to a bath full of water and splashed it furiously from side to side the coldness of the water turning my hand red. In responce the wind and rain increased and I felt alive.

I walked again round the field appreciating the squelchiness of the ground full with water, just like the bath. Again the rain increased - I can see why wise women of the past claimed to be able to control the weather!

I was attracted to a giant tree in the distance and watched the crows surrounding it dance in and out of its branches. I closed my eyes and lifted my arms in the air trying to feel what it would be like as a tree in the wind. I didn't have enough strength in my connection to the earth with my feet and kept on losing balance (this taught me more about the process of transformation I am working with). Finally I managed the connection and my arms waved and moved in the air. My whole body felt alive with energy and was grateful for the movement after so little recently. I ended almost dancing as my arms moved.

Walking back I stopped and turned around and offered thanks to NNIAL. This was the most powerful part for me. I gave thanks to the natural attraction essence of mountains, to the trees, to the earth that are my mother, father, sister, brother and me. I acknowledged my gifts because I could see them in nature. I knew then that as long as I maintain my connection to nature I am capable of great change in this world. As my 9 legged thinking exploded fully I became aware of the true power of presence and belief. I am so content now as I sit here in the kitchen with the window open listening to the wind and birds and watching my cat become fully present in nature and desperately try to find the birds!

The book, Reconnecting With Nature says, "We seldom learn to honor that nature is a beautiful intelligent illiteracy" - but through our connection we give consciousness to nature - that is a true purpose that we serve here on earth." After today's experience I am sure of it.

"You can find your own truth" I found my own truth today. I can live without my partner but I can't live without nature. I am alive in connection with nature. This is my truth.

I discovered that talking to nature and explaining what you are getting from the connection and how it relates to your life whilst doing the activity enhances its power. I am going to explore this more. We are here to create greater consciousness within nature - to give nature a voice and mind. Connecting to nature allows the soul to breathe and dance and our energy to shift within most profoundly

I realize that I am a person who gets good feelings from nature when
the rain dances in my face and reminds me that I am present in the moment and truly alive; when I plant my feet on the ground and learn what it's like to dance in the wind, free and flexible. I feel good when
my cat sits on my shoulders and plays with my hair and bites my jumper and shows me that joy can be found in all moments (I can hardly stop laughing as I write this - as you probably realize this is a nature connected experience that I'm having right now)

I wouldn't like having this nature-connection experience taken away. It strengthens who I am and shows me that even when you are making difficult decisions in life (today I realized that I am not just leaving Spain for Scotland but I am also ending my relationship with my partner too) there is still joy and connection to be had.

I feel all powerful now - that I am capable of doing anything and achieving all I want in life - as long as I stay connected to nature.

This is an excellent exercise to practice to establish a connection with something greater, as a way to understand loss better and to express yourself energetically without giving rise to naming the emotions. It also helps transmute negative energy from wranglers into positive energy.

I've had some insights into how I need to change my business and who I am actually helping as a grief coach - this is a result of other learning that I am doing but it allows me to see a way to integrate NSTP immediately into my work and relate it to other concepts in existence (such as head intelligence and heart intelligence) so that I can help more people understand the benefits of this.

I am now going to work with busy heart connected professionals who are adjusting to life after loss. This is me finally understanding all the knowledge in my head. I've been concerned how the general public are reacting to my work and how I can make it approachable seeing as grief and loss coaching is to new. I finally realized that I need to target people who are already aware of the benefits of coaching and that by doing so I can find a way to integrate NSTP better into my framework that they understand the benefits and as these are professional people they will be more likely to share what they learn with their clients when they understand just how powerful it is. This is why I believe its essential to link 4 legged thinking and 9 legged thinking with concepts they already understand so they get it quicker and easier.

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