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A nature connected substance abuse treatment process improves recovery and wellness while supporting the environment and peace.

Association for Natural Systems Thinking
Online substance abuse recovery, degrees, courses, books and support


A living cell of the universe



Substance Abuse, Wholeness and Nature: genuine connections to natural systems tap purifying energies that improve treatment, recovery and wellness.




In well documented training books, courses and research that address the substance abuse recovery properties of Nature, Dr. Michael J. Cohen and his professionally experienced Doctoral students at the Institute of Global Education (IGE) have identified a destructive yet seldom visible attribute of contemporary life (8). The negative effects of this attribute produce our alarming headlines yet it goes unnoticed simply because it is normal.

The IGE group's research into a nature connecting social technology, the Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP), shows that substance abuse recovery practioners who incorporate NSTP as part of the practice they offer dramatically prevent and counteract our society's destructiveness. They report increased benefits for their clients and for substance abuse recovery processes, too. (5). More and more people seek NSTP because they recognize its unique legitimacy as a profound science of what we learn to take for granted (9). It enables us to consciously recycle and purify the contaminated hidden emotions that stressfully erode our lives and all of life.


Cohen and his workers note in natural systems and nature connected people(s) an absence of the destructive stress, conflict and environmental pollution that undermines industrial society (3). They report that the need for substance abuse recovery flourishes in our society because the field dedicates itself to helping people deal with the adverse effects of contemporary corruption and destructiveness (10) . They show that substance abuse recovery practioners who offer a nature connected component in their practice further help themselves and others deal with these adverse effects(13).


Natural Systems Thinking research finds that, on average, as contemporary people we live over 95% of our lives indoors. Over 99.9% of our thinking is not in tune with natural systems and their balanced, regenerative perfection. This is destructively significant because we are born biologically and psychologically part of natural systems and they part of us (6).

Unlike nature-connected people(s), our dismemberment from our inherent nurturing origins in Nature leaves us unwhole, subconsciously hurt and wanting. To satisfy this discontent we seek immediate rewards and their gratification. We bond to, and become emotionally dependent on these rewards, and thereby vulnerable to destructive people and things that provide them. This psychological addiction so powerfully disconnects our thinking from Nature that we believe genuinely reconnecting with authentic Nature is neither possible, beneficial nor acceptable (17). Instead, we continue to repeat the disconnected thinking processes that produce our troubles(15). For example, to our loss, we usually take for granted the non-polluting, rejuvenating, head-clearing power of a short walk in an attractive natural area. To our benefit, NSTP helps awaken us to the walk's significance and value.


The Natural Systems Thinking Process contributes to substance abuse recovery in that it enables the practioners and client to genuinely reconnect to Nature, to learn activities that enable people to think in authentic conjunction with Nature's purifying balance and beauty, backyard or back country(12). The documented results of several thousand connections with Nature made by IGE participants shows a consistant increase in feelings of wellness, resiliancy, and belonging and a decrease in stress, dependencies and depression (16).


The NSTP component enables substance abuse recovery practioners and clients to identify and unite with the critical attribute in natural systems that prevents our destructiveness from occurring in Nature (14). This unification empowers practioner and client to help the natural systems within them restore their natural integrity and regenerative qualities (1). It is these qualities that produce Nature's perfection. No surprise, they prove therapeutic to disconnected people, and that's most of us(6).

The Natural Systems Thinking Process empowers an substance abuse recovery practioner to help a client transform their destructive attraction bonds into the constructive relationships that help sustain natural systems in people and places (18). Cohen demonstrates that this is how Nature works to produce the integrity of its unpolluted relationships and cooperative diversity(4). In this sense, Nature is the substance abuse recovery in action.


Although the information below has proven helpful in further defining the facts, value and appropriateness of NSTP for practioners, the best way to learn how NSTP works is to put it to work, to engage yourself in the process. You may accomplish this via a short, online, Orientation Course. It teaches through experience the art and science of connecting with nature(7).


 "This easily accessible program offers an environmentally sound, educational process that reduces apathy, catalyzes peace and promotes mental health. It fulfills our personal and economic needs, deeper ideals and spirit; it deserves the attention of every person who seeks to reverse our troubles."

-Dr. Robert Muller
Assistant Secretary General Emeritus of the United Nations.
Recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Peace Prize and UNESCO prize for peace.
Chancellor of the University for Peace, United Nations.



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The best way to learn and teach how to enjoy balanced relationships:



ORIENTATION COURSE: Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship
The Science of Connecting With the Web of Life
The Art of Thinking With Nature

An exciting, accredited, inexpensive ($35) blend of shared, online activity, information and training to become Natural Attraction literate. Learn by doing. Become a practitioner anywhere. This is a free course if it meets your needs, a transferable prerequisite for additional courses, degrees and participation. The course is the best, most complete and useful way to help nature restore the good nature of humanity in contemporary society. It opens new vistas in academics, counseling, careers, spirit and wellness, vistas that recycle and purify destructive thinking. Optional Credit $42.00



Einstein's World: Natural Attractions, Intelligences and Sanity A non-fiction, metaphor, book and reading course. It helps you reverse nature disconnection disorders from your home. You can take it, teach it and be paid, too. Book $15.00, Course $20.00. Optional Credit $42.00



Our Exploratory Course
online enables you to sample the Natural Systems Thinking Process to learn, first hand, its thrust and benefits.

Our Free Activity online helps you sample the process used in NSTP coursework



Institute of Global Education

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person, planet and spirit

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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

Dr. Michael J. Cohen, Director

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