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I learned how others have experienced nature in their past, beforetaking the course, and seen the development in their
connectedness through doing the exercises. - Denise E.


explore natural areas near me, and strengthened my attractions to those areas for personal refreshment and learning. I am also being encouraged to rethink how I do my job to include the healthier, more earth - connected perspective I am coming to, and to find ways to teach this to my congregation in person. - Peggy G.

I am worth more than I realized. I can go anywhere and be connected to something huge that is part of us all. The course fills the void that most of us have inside. It shows us how society has tainted our thoughts. - Penny C.

The course exceeded my expectations. I am new to e-mail and
couldn't imagine how this would work. It's been great!! Not
only did I learn a lot from the activities, I found that
sharing with my group enriched the experience. I tend to be
shy in classroom settings. Therefore, the support and space to
to express my experiences was very enjoyable.
Edward L.

I believe the value of this course is enormous. Reconnecting with nature is the only possible way to heal the wounds that society has inflicted on our soul. Every person would benefit from taking this course, and in time, nature would benefit as well. Marcia G.


This course of study offers so much potential to heal mother earth and all her life. If all people would know how to connect, there would be far less violation of life. I have been using some of the techniques and incorporating it with my art classes with at-risk young students. The response has been wonderful.
Robert R.

What is of paramount value in this psychological webstring approach in helping vast populations is the sense of created community oneness in belonging, purpose, and personal responsibility when developing/opening to all 53 natural webstring senses . What a terrific "buy-in" for knowing, understanding, and wisely living consciously each moment at one with nature, our Earth life. - Joe N.


I wasn't sure how a web course could be effective. It was very scholarly and I found great feelings of comfort and joy available to anyone if they just have a little direction. -Marilu G.


Such a stunning portrayal of web strings at a basic level..I feel at this point, that as I continue to use the nature connect activities I will heal my emotional pain and physical ailments. This is the answer that my subconscious has been nudging me towards all along. -Chris D.

I learned that my thinking is very conditioned by the culture
I grew up in. A nature disconnected culture. I also learned that
when I seek consent from and give thanks for being in nature, I am rewarded with supportive experiences that allow me to feel that I am part of nature.
-Lori S.


I began to sense that there is an important and extensive body of scholarship and research available and working to help us change our values and behaviors. The most important thing I learned from this course is to analyze why I am so attracted to things in nature. This in turn allows me to more easily enjoy the same attractions in the future. I can now hone into these attractions much quicker which, leaves me looking for more. -Steve S.

From years of yogic practices, I've often considered Nature to be "the face of God." While taking this Orientation Course I actually EXPERIENCED this statement/phenomenon many times. I now have an established, big space full of these experiences, which have become an "attractor" I feel it, trust it, and recognize that I own this reconnecting process. Amy K.


My expectations were met--magically/surprisingly so! I had wondered how an online course could actually accomplish experiences of Nature and greater connections to Nature!!??!! I most liked statements such as, " Natural senses and sensitivities are facts as real as rocks, oceans and gravity." The Course has made a very nice, important difference in my life. -Deborah D.


I am especially awed by the integrity and creative genius of designing this online experience that has the potential to reach so many people. This demonstrates responsible use of technology. I learned to trust myself and that it was okay to trust myself.While I have always enjoyed experiences in Nature, there was a subtle tension surrounding them, something that would not allow me to 'feel' them completely or acknowledge them openly. During the course activities and readings I began to understand why and how that came to be. That, in addition to sharing with our group, freed me to acknowledge, validate and continue to seek similar enjoyable  experiences: Life-changing....life-affirming....a blessing to share....a gift to receive.
-Ariel V.


Experience offers an important, trustworthy and useful knowledge base; we are 'global citizens' as all are connected to nature; practicing webstrings is a way of fostering closeness with nature; the practices and exercises in the course get people more grounded in nature connection through offering concrete, clear experiences; respect and appreciation (rather than action and control) are essential to really "seeing" and experiencing nature (and the world) fully and the course teaches and deepens this in relation to nature and the world.

As members report their experience in nature connection, they spoke about feeling joy, calm, peacefulness,a lightness, humility, awe, comfort and a kind of letting go. Group members approached each other with a sense of support, respect, tolerance, belonging and care. It makes sense, then, to think that getting others connected to nature in this way would have the overall effect of lessening people's stress and result in enabling others to let their own good nature shine through more. - Bill T.







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