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Organic Psychology Testimonials


Unsollicited testimonials and evaluations continued


The value of this psychological webstring approach in helping the masses is enormous. The teachings start out as a theology but your inner nature soon conveys the information and hands on activities to your new brain as truths. If presented properly I feel it is an automatic process that has the ability to reach the most hardened nature disconnected souls. I also think that the majority of people are not hard core disconnected, simply lost, and searching for that meaningful missing part of their life. I fell under that category a few months ago but must tell you all I am very excited about continuing my personal Ecopsychological education. And want to start teaching these truths soon. The effect on the environment will be automatic. The love and attention the few of us are sending back to ourselves (nature) alone is having a grand effect. David G.


My introduction to ecopsychology has been a life-changing event. This short 3-week course has come into my life at a critical time and has resulted in a paradigm shift in my thinking. From the way I discovered the course to the writing of this paper the whole experience has been like a flower blooming. I believe that this way of being and thinking with nature holds the hope of a better tomorrow for all of us on the living ecosystem we call earth. The information was easy to comprehend the activities simple to do and nature is a wonderful teacher. -Daniele N.


What this course has enabled me to do is put the pieces of my disconnected puzzle together. I knew I was depressed but did not understand why. I knew I was anxious but could not find a reason to be. I knew I should be satisfied with my status in life but carried a huge unexplainable empty feeling with me. I had in times of very depressed moods instinctfully sought relief in nature but like someone who had lost the puzzle box cover the pieces were just too hard to put together. I feel that I have found the lost puzzle box cover and the big picture can be seen. Pieces are falling into place quite naturally and a whole New World has been revealed. Tim T.


By being aware of the concepts taught through Project Nature Connect I have been able to make sense of my past attempts to help myself through seeking relief out of doors. Armed with the knowledge and experiences provided from this course I am consciously making connections and gaining invaluable insights from nature (my greater self). This course has allowed me to understand the reasons that I feel the way I do. This understanding has empowered me to act on my disconnected ways and is bearing fruit in the quality of my life. Knowing that at any moment one can step outside connect with your larger self and find peace is a wonderful gift. Sharing that gift is an even greater feeling. Sharon H.


I had hoped the course would provide a direction for my developing work in education and service...it has done that completely and I intend to further pursue the degree program.. I liked the experiential nature of learning concepts from the earth itself...and I enjoyed very much the webstring connections with the other participants and all that I learned from their experiences and feedback. Reba L.


Through this course i have more deeply discovered my inherent interconnection to all of life and that i can access the wisdom of nature by dropping into the immediate truth of this moment through my senses and natural attractions. - Arnold J.


I have just returned from a great weekend near Arenal Volcano. I was reconing an area for a triathlon and ended up doing some hiking as well. As I sat in some hot springs last night taking in the majestic volcano in the background, feeling its rumblings and seeing hot lava flow down its face, I was struck by the power and force of nature. It was great to engage in a few PNC activities and integrate them in to my work there.

Since I have become involved with Mike and his work, I have found a mechanism which I am integrating into the courses that I oversee and have
seen extremely positive results. This process has helped me professionally and personally in ways that are beyond description. Hence, I naturally feel a deep desire for these benefits to be enjoyed by you all and many others. As we evolve through this process, it is important to realize that we are learning as individuals within a group. Thank you for your support of each other and the group as a whole as we proceed. Jim R.


I had a number of wonderful experiences that opened me to natural connections between myself and nature. I took the time to make these connections and discovered that the answers I am looking for are accessible. I also really enjoyed meeting and sharing with the people in my group. Reading their experiences and the input they had into my experiences was so inspirational in so many ways. I also found that writing my experiences out on the computer crystallized them. I feel much better for the experience. The course made a difference in the quality of my life. I shared the experiences and activities with my mother and we had a very special time doing them together. It brought us closer than we already are to one another. - Alexis Q.


The cultural context in which I live is precisely that"a context in which to experience." The relationship we have with nature and one another can be whatever we chose it to be, and just because our feelings may be 180 degrees different than that of popular culture does not mean we have to give in any or worry about feeling alienated. We must find the culture and people who share our belief system.
Beth C.


Of attractive value of this course for myself and others is that I learned therapeutic activities to use with patients out in nature and ways to connect with nature. I feel this is valuable for those working with individuals in therapeutic setting and for self discovery. I was able to get more in touch with myself and see were I stood as far as career choices, this subject, and internet classes. And I meet some very interesting people. -Christopher M.


Now I not only know how to describe my own Webstrings but to listen and learn from those of others. I no longer "schedule in" time for sensory attractions. I "thirst" for them daily and recognize that I have to quench that thirst in order for my body to be fulfilled. The course promotes in its members a healthy "fix"; that is, participating in the readings and activities with other interested and involved members gives your mind and body what it needs. You feel so good you naturally crave more of these experiences on your own. -Theresa O.






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