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Welcome to ninelegs thinking: benefit from
interdisciplinary consciousness


Director: Michael J. Cohen, Ed,D. ©2003
Akamai University
Portland State University Adjunct Faculty


Strengthen the effectiveness of Counseling, Teaching, Parenting, Therapy, Healing, Recovery, Self-Help and Complimentary Medicine through new, "nine-legged" environmentally based self-education.
If you are not thinking with nine legs, unknowingly you are part of our major disorder and you feel the erosion of hope.

We cannot solve our most challenging problems by thinking with the same limited process that causes them.

Act now: books, courses, degrees, grants, recovery, self-help



"Anyone who has ever enjoyed a good experience with nature --backcountry, backyard or with their pet, or with the wind, sea or stars-- has the power to benefit from this program."

- Michael J. Cohen


Welcome to this important, no-nonsense, natural psychology and environmental science tool for cooperative thinking and relationships. This true-to-life, easily learned and applied, "back to basics" discovery program comes from the book The Web of Life Imperative.

Empower yourself. For best results, read through this self-enabling page. Then follow its links. And then apply its hand-on information to obtain wonderful personal, social and environmental benefits for yourself and your associates.


"Simple, fun and exciting, I discovered who I am and greater peace of mind while enhancing my career. Caring people must learn to apply this equation and help make the world a better place to live."

- Project NatureConnect participant




"Nine Leg" Thinking and Relating

A key tool to increasing the peace of sustainability, friendships and happiness:


Five-Leg creative knowledge


Four-Leg inherent logic and wisdom


Nine-leg thinking and relationships that enhance cooperation

WARNING: This easily applied equation offers a potent process for reducing disorders and attaining personal, social and environmental sanity.




PURPOSE: This web site helps you deal with the exploitive authority that prevents you from benefiting from the wellness, balance and restorative powers of nine-leg thinking.




"Hey, I may be dumb but, you know, I'm also rich. That is because I'm so dumb that I gamble all the time and I only make one bet. I bet that a person who is not using nine-leg thinking to solve a problem is actually engaged in causing that problem and they don't even know it. I win that bet every time."

- Alfred E. Newman


QUESTION: What is so important about nine-leg thinking?

ANSWER: Nine-leg thinking is a supportive, therapeutic key to creating personal happiness through a rewarding and sustainable future for all people and the planet.


To understand the momentous significance of nine-leg thinking, consider this intelligence test question regarding mathematical aptitude:

"If you count a normal dog's tail as one of its legs, how many legs does a dog have?"

"Five," of course, is the correct answer.

Intelligent people answer "five" because it is valid in mathematical and scientific reasoning. Society applauds and economically rewards us for giving correct mathematical or technological answers. But something is radically wrong with this answer; something is missing. Because, somehow, even a dog knows that a dog has four legs (under dog-normal circumstances).

Our sense of reason recognizes five as correct only until we are greeted by our friendly family dog, or the mean mutt down the street. Five legs only works in theory. When we experience a real dog, or a wolf, or a centipede, or any other natural being, many of our inherent natural senses come into play: our senses of sight, touch, motion, color, texture, language, sound, smell, fear, consciousness, community, trust, contrast, love, reason and recognition. (A centipede on two legs would immediately get our attention.)

"Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not (5-leg) fish they are after. As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality."

- Albert Einstein

"Men have become the (5-leg) tools of their (5-leg) tools."

- Henry David Thoreau


Four-legged awareness

No matter how conceptually clever we are with our five-legged thinking, it is our four-legged awareness that grounds our experience in the true nature of reality. That reality knows any normal dog has no more than four legs and no matter how you look at it, a tail is not one of them.

What is true for determining the realness of a four legged dog, is also true for the determining the realness of plants, minerals and animals including people.

When it comes to supportively relating in balance to nature and its systems around and within us, we rarely think in the 9-leg (4-leg plus 5-leg) ways of empirical thinking. This is because we live extremely indoor, nature-disconnected lives. Our mentality enjoys very little sensory thinking and knowing from genuine 4-leg contact with authentic nature. Instead, we try to make nature wag its leg or scratch its ear with its tail.

We can kill or hurtfully stress a dog if we make it run too fast or far because we think that it has five legs. Isn't that what we are doing to ourselves and the environment? The destructive results speak for themselves regarding our 5-leg relationships to the emotional, psychological and biological systems within and around us.


Indoor conceptualization.

Five-leg thinking is indoor conceptualizing. Because our four-legged contact and knowledge of authentic nature is usually out of sight and mind, it habitually gets left out of our thinking. We become more and more disconnected --from the natural world and its natural systems, from our natural selves and from natural relationship with one another. This bad habit removes us from nature's grace and purity as well as its regenerative balancing powers. This great loss is a major source of our dysfunctions and disorders. (Cohen, 1993, 1995)

The heart of our big problems is that we know and treat natural systems within and around us inappropriately because they incorrectly register in our thinking as "5-legged."

"As a mother and counselor I have been feeling stressed and pressed for time. I have been juggling time ever since my kids were born. So much of my daily interactions are around taking care of others, especially their pain. Or as a parent dealing with mundane tasks or having to be a disciplinarian.

I walked to sit by a small pond and was especially attracted to the wind, watching it dance across the shimmering water. It was playful, joyful, and suddenly I wanted to make something beautiful. I arranged a broken piece of birch tree limb, some bark with little lichens, a few acorns and a pinecone, and created a "thank-you to nature" gift on a rock beside the pond.

The important message for me that I took from this experience was how much I need to thank and revive the playful, joyful, creative parts of myself. I began making different choices about how to prioritize my time and where to put my energy. In doing this, some things have fallen by the wayside at times; a balanced checkbook, an over clean house, more garden weeds. But am starting to feel better. I have a lot more energy. I'm more interested in my work and I have a deeper connection with my husband and kids."
- Project NatureConnect participant


A lake is the landscape's most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth's eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.

-Henry David Thoreau


Truth is what stands the test of experience.

- Albert Einstein

Act now: books, courses, degrees, grants, recovery, self-help



The source of our five-leg bad habit.

Our indoor society rewards and conditions us to know ourselves and our world in a theoretical, abstract 5-leg way that produces "philosophically correct" but functionally wrong answers (such as 5-legged dogs) along with many other troubles. This occurs because:

- Over 95% of our time is spent indoors closeted from 4-leg nature, from knowing nature through our natural senses.

- Over 99% of our thinking is separated from, and out of tune with, the natural environment and the sensibility of its self-balancing, enjoyable non-polluting ways.

- We habitually think and communicate with words yet they only abstract reality. For example, the word tree and an actual thriving tree are entirely different things. One is an abstract and concept, the other is a living, earth-integrated organism. It is for this reason, in our nature-separated lives, most of our 5-leg thoughts, speech, and writing are disconnected from the happiness found in nature's grace, balance and beauty.

- Approximately 90 percent of the human brain was designed through the eons to relate to the world in four-leg ways. Only ten percent of our mentality knows the world in five-leg ways. (Cohen, 1995). As Thoreau noted: "We are in danger of forgetting the language which all things and events speak without metaphor."

- Nature thrives through attraction; through ways of communicating, relating and knowing that do not depend on our disconnected conceptual five-leg interpretation. Nature simply is. And as part of nature, we are born with the innate four-leg ability to know and obtain pleasure from nature's wise perfection and restorative powers. However, much to our loss, we learn to perceive 4-leg knowledge as being incorrect, subjective, risky, touch-feely, earth-muffin, fuzzy thinking, environmental childishness.

- Far too often we wield our frantic, five-leg analytical version of life intent on conquering, manipulating or exploiting our inherent four-leg ways of knowing and relating. We relinquish the empirical wisdom and balance of our natural four-leg abilities to think, feel and enjoy the wellness abilities of natural systems within ourselves, others and the environment. We lose our connection to the regenerative integrity and grace through which nature works. Our many dysfunctions result.


"I think I get it. I'm stuck being the foolish way I am because society has torn the inborn attractions of my body, mind and soul from their nurturing origins and fulfillment in nature. This has left me so wanting that I'm vulnerable to obtaining fulfillment from any idea or technology that comes along, no matter if it makes sense or not, as long as it makes cents.

- Alfred E. Newman




The five-leg limits of contemporary thinking produce our greatest disorders. One of these limits is that, being logical, our five-leg thinking can not tolerate its awareness of the unreasonable suffering its disconnected ways cause so it goes into denial of the problem. It refutes that our and its sensory disconnection from natural systems within and around us is limiting and produces disorders. It claims instead, that our mentality is far superior to that that of other species.

Dealing with this problem consists of using a distinct nature-reconnecting, 9-leg art and science. The process enables us to first let nature revive our numbed natural senses. This heightens our multisensory awareness of natural systems so that our every relationship, including Green politics, may connect with and benefit from their regenerative balance and beauty within and around us and others.

Act now: books, courses, degrees, grants, recovery, self-help



The Basics of Love

WARNING: Before reading further please recognize that it is your five-leg thinking that is doing the reading. It/you may feel ill-at-ease with this page's critique of how our 5-leg thinking is in denial and how it omits the way nature's powerful perfection works so successfully.


Most scientists recognize that just as our arm is attracted, or "loves," to be attached to our body, all people are biologically, psychologically and spiritually born of, part of, and attached to nature. This includes being emotionally attached or bonded to Mother Nature through our senses, just as a child is bonded to its parent. We each hold an innate sensory love of nature's plant, animal and mineral kingdom "resources," of sunshine, food, water, soil, air, community, cooperation, spirit and beauty--in common with each other and all of nature. The name we give to this potent rewarding love is survival.

"A four-leg experience put the shock of my unexpected job loss in perspective. The loss left me extremely drained of energy but in a nearby park, I experienced both the physical and the mental healing effect of nature. As I drew near a strand of shade trees, it quite literally reminded me of being held in my mother's arms as a very young boy. It was as if the area was saying to me; come to me, let me hold you so that you can rest. I lay down and fell asleep under those trees. When I awoke I sensed how each thing around me was connected to the others for its survival, how we're all part of Nature, relying on one another. I knew I would be OK even though my job had ended.

Change is constant and I'm not going through it alone. The natural world has been surviving much longer than I have, so why not learn from it."

- Project NatureConnect participant


"The 9-leg activity helped me become aware of my attraction to the crescent moon as it hung over two hills near my home. Soon, its mellow glow, framed by peaks and trees, embraced me in a wordless, ancient primordial scene. Timeless power, peace and unity swept me up. I just wanted to stay in that state of awe, I felt in balance with all of reality. I was simply "BEING." No tension, no pressing goal, just truly belonging to the global community. This natural energy captured my stress laden pulse and seduced it to the rhythms of Earth. The sleeping disorder I have battled all my adult life dissolved in this power. For the first time in decades, I gently fell asleep after dark and arose shortly after dawn. I celebrated the breakthrough and I thanked nature. I thanked the nine-leg activity, too, for it lets me reconnect whenever I choose."

- Project NatureConnect participant

Act now: books, courses, degrees, grants, recovery, self-help


Five-Leg Effects

The extreme disconnection of our stringently learned five-leg way of thinking from our inherent 4-leg way of knowing, causes serious limitations in the way we relate to each other and the global ecosystem. It's similar to putting a lobster in charge of O'Hare International Airport.

"Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal."

- Albert Einstein

What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on?

- Henry David Thoreau


Because our thinking and psyche have very little genuine, sensory 4-leg contact with authentic nature, we desperately need to increase this conscious contact with natural systems. If we are to become more thoughtful and act more sensibly we must empirically 9-leg combine our 4-leg knowledge with our 5-leg reasoning.

The world and its people are seriously at-risk. It only makes sense for our super-trained 5-leg thinking to see the value and logic of connecting with 4-leg ways of knowing in order to make better sense of our lives and reduce our troubles. Project NatureConnect is a tool that teaches us how to recognize 4-leg and 5-leg thinking, and then how to bring them together and benefit ourselves and the planet with an empirical 9-leg process and appreciation.


"People who have had a beneficial experience in nature and do not practice the nine-leg art and science of strengthening that experience, and thinking with it, have been socialized into denying their own truth and its benefits. They and the world suffer accordingly."

Organic Psychology instructor, MJC


"Even though I'm very stupid, I'm not very special. Why, any idiot can see the reason our major problems don't subside. It's because our teachers and leaders don't resolve conflicts by using the extraordinary unifying and strengthening powers of nine-leg thinking and relating. I don't use them because I'm an idiot. What's their excuse?"

- Alfred E. Newman

Act now: books, courses, degrees, grants, recovery, self-help


Four-leg connections combined with our five-leg thinking enable us to have restorative 9-leg experiences and relationships that help us co-create more harmoniously with nature's healing and renewing powers within and around us.

To this end, Project NatureConnect offers you, at no cost on line,

1. the unique. easily applied 9-leg Einstein-Thoreau Equation, eWa = 9L(t+r),*

2. an on line 9-leg learning tool

Both help you make better sense of your life, and life on Earth, and reduce our most challenging troubles --personal and global. As Albert Einstein noted, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."


"I am going through a breakup with my partner and am thinking about things that are most important to me. I am finding a great difference between my intuitions and my instincts. My instincts, which include my senses tell me to stay with my partner. I am still so attracted to Renny in many ways. But the rationale of my inner intuition tells me that I need to move on. In the natural area I visited, I was attracted to a group of trees, and I remembered roaming in the woods before I was with Renny, and that lost sense of freedom and autonomy.

Focusing on my senses in the wild allowed me to temporarily be away from my attraction to Renny. Being connected to the Earth brought many senses to mind that helped me evaluate my connection to my partner and how it was serving me.

I think I am getting too "attached" to Renny. Meaning- my time of learning and growing with my partner is over, but I cling to the relationship out of a need for connection. Out of a lack of deep connection with the Earth and people, I find someone that I can cling to and hold on to. What I discovered I really need to do is let go and work on building deeper relationships with people who I am not in love with and be with the Earth.

I find that being connected with all possible aspects of nature dissolves my addictions and allows me to be free and think clearly. It teaches the part of me that attaches to things that have become less sensible to let go and be free, and to let myself change and grow."

Project NatureConnect Ecology Student


"We need the tonic of wildness."
"In wildness is the preservation of the world."

- Henry David Thoreau

"A human being is a part of a whole, called by us -universe-, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest... a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty."

- Albert Einstein



*Instructions for how to complete, apply and benefit from this formula are found in the book The Web of Life Imperative.



Cohen, M.J. 1995, Counseling and Nature: A Greening of Psychotherapy THE INTERPSYCH NEWSLETTER volume 2, issue 4 March, 1995. Contains additional reviewed journal references.

Cohen, M. J. (1993) Integrated Ecology: The Process of Counseling With Nature. The Humanistic Psychologist, Vol. 21 No. 3 Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.


ADDITIONAL NINE-LEG INFORMATION: courses, degrees, grants, recovery, coaching, self-help

Professional and Personal Training Books, Courses, Degree Programs, Grants and Nine-Leg Process Validation

Burnout Prevention and Recovery: an on line nature-connected stress-management course

The on line Exceptional Secrets of Natural
Attractions Trail

The Great Einstien-Thoreau Equation for Balanced Relationships. Benefit from a blend of 4-leg and 5-leg genius

Outcomes; empirically knowing ourselves and the world in a nine-leg way.







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The Natural Systems Thinking Process

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The Nature Of Nine Leg Knowing. How Do We Belong and Heal?


"Ishi, (the last hunter-gather Native American) was sure he knew the cause of our discontent. It stemmed from an excessive amount of indoor time. 'It is not a man's nature to be too much indoors.'"

- Theodora Kroeber

"It is quite clear to me after several years in the environmental movement that all physical problems of man's impact on the environment - pollution of the air and waters, the desecration of the land, the contamination of the food chain - all start within the environment of man's mind."

- Maurice Strong,
Founder or the United Nations Environment Program,
Co--chair of the Commission on Global Governance,

Because we live in a nature-separated society, we seldom learn that it is the personal and collective relationship of our mind with nature that determines our sanity, our future and the future of the earth. Much has been written about how we need to help the planet regenerate itself. Too often we overlook that restoring it is the lasting means to improve the environment of our mind, our wellness and our destiny.

How conscious are we about the interactions of our mentality with the natural world? How do we passionately incorporate nature's intrinsic health and recuperative powers into our sense of self, other and livelihood? Do we acknowledge this deep and penetrating partnership in a renewable path to sustainability that serves people, the environment and peace?

These are compelling questions for us as our society is in denial of our mentality's relationship with nature and we face a most precarious future.

We Lose What We Most Love
As nature's resources are diminished so is the quality of our lives as part of nature. As the quality of our lives diminish, we become desensitized and fearful. We further lose touch with our natural ability to connect to the web of life within which we are so intricately bound. It becomes a cycle of loss. The nurturing link between our human lives and our earthly home gets broken. We are driven to seek more and more satisfaction in the material world, which means we consume more and more of the resources we need to sustain natural world and our inborn love of it. We get further and further away from our innate sense of meaning and being. We lose what we most love-about ourselves, the world to which we belong and our sense of the sacred in everyday life.

Nature's Saving Grace
In these difficult times, we are virtually on the edge of losing our ability to save both ourselves-and our earthly home. Yet the saving grace is simple: We will save what we love. And when we learn how to stop long enough to genuinely reconnect to the nurturing sustenance of nature, we emotionally reconnect to what is most deeply satisfying in our human experience-belonging. We re-learn to love the very essence of who we are as living breathing perfect beings on a living breathing perfect planet. It is a generative partnership that happens when we reawaken and enliven all our senses with the awareness of nature's grace, intelligence and sustenance. We find and feel that we, too, are part of the very grace and intelligence we celebrate in nature. We belong. Because this reconnecting process is often foreign to contemporary life, an enabling tool has been devised to help us engage in the process.

Restoring Our Sensory Connections To Nature's Renewing Powers.
Project NatureConnect, a pioneering process in environmental psychology and education, has developed an ecopsychology program that is first of all committed to helping us-as individuals-restore our connection to our place in nature's transcending grace. Then, through its sensory nature-connecting, ecotherapy activities, we learn how to genuinely unite our thinking to the web of life that is always around us, always nurturing us, always waiting to help us wake up. We help ourselves bond to living in awareness and equilibrium with nature, in hope and in love. Living in that organic awareness we create a lasting future for our loved ones and for our extended human and ecological family.

The Organic Science of Nature's Regenerative Ways.
Backyard or back country, the idea and goal of Project NatureConnect is special because it is doable by choice. It offers a web of possibilities-for everything from personal growth, stress management and depression recovery to professional gain. It is based on the NatureConnect work developed by Michael J. Cohen over a span of 50 years of studying, teaching, writing about and experiencing the regenerative power of our natural experience in the natural world. His work is a science and an art, the result of decades of practice working with communities of people in natural areas, all culminating in a process that helps us recover what it is we have forgotten, what it is we love, what it is we can save. (www.ecopsych.com)

Healing Our Relationships
It is time for us to come out from behind the addictive socializing and economic forces that keep the environment of our mind disconnected from the Earth and each other. It is time to re-learn how to let the wisdom and renewing energies of nature transform our destructive patterns into balanced and loving relationships that can help restore both personal worth and global harmony.

  "The indescribable innocence and beneficence of Nature-of sun and wind and rain, of summer and winter-such health, such cheer, they afford forever!"
-Henry David Thoreau, Walden

- from Janet Thomas Author, The Battle in Seattle

Act now: courses, degrees, grants, recovery coaching


The Essence of the Nine-Leg Equation

This tool offers a powerful process that deals with the problems of inspiration hope and integrity through books degrees and courses online

It is a health improvement formula that strengthens your vote, conflict resolution and nature healing as well as restores balanced relationships free of stress and dysfunction to earth, peace and environment workers.

This power equation contains the genius and support of Albert Einstein and Henry David Thoreau for use in self-help and supporting hope, cooperation, research psychologists, naturalists and good government,

It acts as a health and life experience intelligence that increases resilience, friendships, love wellness ethics education awareness counseling citizenship transformation and constructive bonding.

It rejuvenates anxiety burnout suffering disorder abnormalities that deteriorate mental health social justice peace community trust economics and cooperation.

Act now: courses, degrees, grants, recovery self-help


How does the Nine-Leg Balance of Life Equation help you improve the quality of your life and all life?

-Enjoy 53 sensory parts of nature, like thirst, each a distinct way of knowing and relating that, when intact, helps us sustain the wellness, balance and resilience of natural systems in us and the environment.
-Transform the abnormal, desensitized corporation economics and other omissions in the way our nature-disconnected society teaches us to think.
-Rejuvenate natural life sensitivities and Earth-integrated, whole ways of knowing
-Master how to reconnect your mentality to its nurturing origins, to the regenerative vigor, sustainability and integrity of nature.
-Help yourself, and those close to you, benefit from the renewal that lies in the magnificence of a beautiful day, the wisdom of an ancient tree and the fortitude of a weed.
-Through life experience discover how to let the "higher power" in nature's healing energies help your thinking transform your stress, disorders, suffering and harmful bonds into constructive personal, social and environmental rewards.
Strengthen your inborn natural genius.
-Use powerful tool and process books, degrees and courses to tap into potent self-help healing and conflict resolution powers of nature.
-Research and restore forty-eight inherent sensory intelligences into your awareness that we normally learn to deny and subdue so they deteriorate.
-Enjoy community ways of knowing and relating that, when intact, sustain the wellness, peace, balance. health and resilience of natural systems within and around us.
-Quadruple the power of your vote.
-Realize more completely your hopes and values.
Increase your resilience, support, social justice and friendships.
-Reduce stress, anxiety, burnout, dysfunction and loneliness.
-Improve your ability to think clearly and implement the power of love.
-Strengthen personal, environmental, coaching and government wellness.
-Produce cooperation and responsible professional opportunities and ethics.
-Discover environmentally sound directions goals and satisfactions
-Enjoy nature-connected education, psychology and healing courses and degree programs
-Increase personal and global peace and inspiration while reducing dysfunction.
Add important new self-improvement dimensions to counseling, healing and citizenship relationships.

Act now: courses, degrees, grants, recovery coaching


Open Articles and Letters

Nature's Grace: A Nine-Leg Equation Provides an Answer to Hopes, Prayers and Dreams.

Dear Editor

The lack of finding inner peace, sustainable economics, trust, social justice and personal and environmental wellness had alarmed me. I sought and finally found a tool that transformed my depressing stress and anxiety into responsible stability. I thought I was stressed because the more I became aware of the destructive things happening to Earth and to people and places I loved, including myself, the greater became my lack of hope and feeling either mad, sad or depression. This divorced me from both my spirit and partner. I felt anger with God and beauty, a fear and disrespect of God for letting so much war, suffering and environmental deterioration occur that I was powerless to change. In time, I became aware that I was in denial. I denied that I, like many others, had an addiction to immediate rewards from my dysfunctions. They robbed me of the resilience to tolerate what I could not change. In fear, I came upon the description, on this page, of an amazing equation that combines the genius of Albert Einstein and Henry David Thoreau. Lost in depression, I only paid attention to it because it received super positive reviews from many conferences, spiritualities and publications that I respected, especially Psychology Today, Humanistic Psychology and the Journal of Environmental Education. In retrospect, it was a love answer from nature's grace and beauty to my hopes, prayers and dreams.

Mr. Editor, Does writing about this make sense to you? Isn't it something your readers can benefit from?

Charles Drew, Acton

Act now: courses, degrees, grants, recovery self-help


The Equation for Personal Growth and Self-Improvement

A Sensory Education and Counseling Tool Strengthens Holistic Health, Inner Peace and Sustainability

Although we are part of nature, we are normally educated to spend, on average, over 95 percent of our time and 99 percent of our lives thinking and feeling while separated from nature's grace, beauty, and restorative powers. Our mentality's profound loss of nature divorces us into apathy through denial. We deny that we are rewarded for fearing and exploiting, rather than embracing, the supportive ways of our planetary mother and her kingdoms. We deny that we are psychologically addicted to nature-disconnected thinking that creates our personal, social and environmental dysfunctions.

Contemporary society has taught us to be experts in conquering nature, including the balanced ways of our natural self and its love of nature. The result: because we don't protect what we don't love, nature, our collective sustainability and our personal wellness suffer. To stop this insanity the Einstein-Thoreau Equation makes readily available the means to genuinely connect our thinking and feeling to Mother Nature's recuperative powers, perfection and love of us as her children. Using the Internet as a learning tool, we tap our psyche into nature's beautiful sane and balanced web of life that produces an optimum of diversity and benefits without producing garbage, a web some people call God (www.ecopsych.com).

Through easily learned, nature-connected Organic Psychology methods and materials, the Internet makes it possible for any individual, or 600 million people, to think in ways that invigorate resiliency and spirit and that reduce our addictive trespasses, denial and apathy. By genuinely reconnecting our thinking to natural systems we restore and trust more than forty-five natural senses that have been numbed out of our consciousness by our extreme disconnection from nature. The self-improvement renewal of these senses increases our sensitivity, sensibility and love energies. This ecopsychology helps unbalanced parts of our minds and hearts benefit from nature's ability to rejuvenate and balance itself, including us, for we are part of nature. We reduce our stress, depression and abusiveness. We transform our apathy into constructive participation. Backyard to back country,-we strengthen our life, our organizations and global society.

Act now: courses, degrees, grants, recovery coaching


An Equation Helps Us Meet Our Great Challenge

"Our body, mind, spirit and ability to love come into the world through nature. They are part of nature's beautiful perfection, wisdom and restorative powers. However, the extreme disconnection of our thinking from nature injures these attributes. Like tearing a leg from a live rabbit, we wound and damage our ability to think clearly. Its dysfunction deteriorates our wellness, our inner peace and the environment.

Our bonding and denial present us with great challenges. To replace our lost gratifications from nature, our socialization rewards our disturbed psyche to attach or addict to contemporary ways along with their destructive side effects. Our greatest challenge is that we learn to deny that the self-improvement means is available to reconnect our thinking with nature's regenerative powers and thereby co-create ourselves and the world in a peaceful balance that eliminates these side effects."

- Michael J. Cohen


Mood Disorders: Are You Suffering from Denial of Your Separation from Nature?

  Excessive separation from nature produces the discomforts of fatigue, apathy, stress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, anger, mood swings, mistrust, loneliness, broken relationships, destructive dependencies and sleep, eating, learning and attention disorders
1. Contemporary society and its citizens are in denial. We are aware that we are part of nature and that although we are disconnected from nature, we deny that this separation bears ill effects upon our physical or mental health and inner peace. We are also in denial if we know our separation from nature is producing destructive personal, social and environmental disorders but we don't use readily available nature-reconnecting tools to help us treat these disorders.

2. Because we are members of a nature-disconnected society in denial, we are psychologically bonded to our society's ways and we each suffer from and perpetuate the dysfunctions, insanity and discontents of our society.

3. Many people display mood disorder symptoms or other discontents that are not normally found in nature-connected people. These individuals are usually in denial that they suffer because they are, or have been, excessively separated from nature and its regenerative healing and restorative powers. The symptoms these individuals endure include the discomforts of fatigue, apathy, stress, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, anger, mood swings, mistrust, loneliness, broken relationships, destructive dependencies and sleep, eating, learning and attention disorders.

4. Contemporary society consciously and subconsciously socializes us to believe that nature is an enemy to overcome, conquer or develop.

  - We are in denial that we mistakenly consider it progress and economically sound to subdue natural systems within and around us and thereby lose the resilience and immunity provided by the recuperative powers of these systems.

- We deny that if disconnection from nature produces discontents, that authentic reconnecting with nature enables nature's renewing powers to help us transform our discontents into happier, more reasonable, ways of being and relating.

- We deny that nature-reconnecting tools are readily available to us and that we that can use them to help ourselves reverse our disorders.

5. An individual that only addresses their personal dysfunctions without addressing the nature-disconnected roots of these dysfunctions too often furthers their and our problems as time passes.

Act now: courses, degrees, grants, recovery self-help