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Bachelor's Equivalency Approval

The IGE degree program is not offered on an undergraduate level, however, many students integrate our courses into their Bachelors program at other schools. You may also obtain a Bachelors Degree equivilency waiver and proceed with the Master's Program. Call 360-378-6313 for updated information,


Goals and Process

Petitions to determine an equivalency of the the Bachelors Degree are granted when a candidate has successfully completed the IGE Orientation Course and thereby documents that they have the ability to meet Degree goals and work on a Bachelors level. In this regard the critical question and argument is: Can the candidate show that they are as or more skilled, experienced and competent than a person just out of College with a Bachelors Degree? If so, you have no doubt graduated with equivalent education from UofHK, the College of Hard Knocks. You should therefore, like any other candidate, be entitled to enter our advanced degree program based on your adequacy and interest in the IGE Orientation Course materials. (This also holds true on an MS level towards Doctoral work; see Master's Waiver information.)

To "graduate" from UofHK, IGE has the student provide a formal portfolio evaluation relative to professional achievement, non college and college training. This may be done with Bachelor Equivilency degree programs that we will suggest. The cost is between $600-$1700 depending upon the route or option you take . Be sure to call Dr. Cohen for complete information 360-378-6313.

Follow the application instructions for BA equivilency waiver on the Application Form



Less expensive programs are sometimes available depending upon the candidate's experience to date. Be sure to inquire as to alternative options.

After or during completion of the Orientation Course:

At IGE, the student itemizes each element of prior learning with proposed college equivalency credits (1-6 credits each). Each item will be included in a listing attached to a summary written by the student as a paper justifying an alternative award of the Bachelor's degree. IGE will assist the student in gathering all required documentation, transcripts, and written materials needed for the review. Students will submit the entire document in a three ring binder with a Table of Contents, student narrative cover letter guiding the reader through the materials in chronological fashion, and letters of support will be included from IGE (from two IGE co-faculty). The fee for this equivalence determination is $1700.


The Petition for an Bachelors equivalence determination consists of a convincing argument that honestly integrates the candidate's background and experiences as follows:

A. Cover Page with

        • title of the proposal
        • candidate's name,
        • address,
        • telephone,
        • email address
        • present occupation or profession
        • date of completion of the Orientation Course: Psychological Elements of Global Citizenship and name of course co-facilitator.


B. Opening Statement that conveys an overview of why the candidate believes they have the equivalent of a Bachelors Degree. This is a goal statement of up to 500 words with regard to your education and dedication that leads you to believe you can learn to use, teach and research the Natural Systems Thinking Process on an advanced degree level.


C. Candidate's Overview and Integration Convincingly show you presently operate on a Bachelor's level of competency personally and professionally with respect to your professional interests. This statement is like a Bachelor's project or thesis with the subject being "Documentation to Show that ________(your name)_____ Works and Relates on a Bachelor's Level of Competency." Make this document as strong as possible. Prove your point by the way you develop and organize this document. Mentors in the cooperative will help you formulate your statement. Please include the following:


 1. Subject area:
Please state here the main area of interest or expertise where your present skill levels and relationships demonstrate that you have equal or superior abilities to a person with a Bachelor's Degree.

2. Prior training and experience:
Please state when, where and how you gained each of the skills you list below and the number of hours spent in learning and practicing the total of all the skills listed.

For each skill or competency you list (for example: writing, counseling, recovery, computer operation, public relations, outdoorsman ship, research, accounting, therapy, communication, philosophy, photography, music, a related hobby, etc.)


 1. Document that you perform this skill as well as others who have a Bachelor's Degree. (Cite your performance record, commendations, letter(s) of support from qualified observers, supervisors, co-workers, or clients)

2. Document how, when and where you learned this skill (through transcripts, certificates, letter from instructor, observers, samples of work, )

3. Document how many hours you have spent in a) learning this skill, b) improving it and c) performing it.

4. Submit two letters of recommendation that state you perform at a Bachelor's Degree level in this skill.

5. Name two books you have read that have assisted you in learning this skill.

D. Create a personal archive of references and documentation that have been referred to in the previous sections including samples of work done, copies of certificates etc. when possible. Be prepared to have this archive examined, if and when so requested.

E. Submit two letters of personal recommendation that convey your character, honesty, adequacy and ability to relate cooperatively.

F. Identify areas where you feel you could improve and will continue to educate yourself to become skilled on an Bachelor's level.

G. Additional Information may be added here that you think will be helpful in making this equivalency determination


NOTE All responses to this Application should go to the
Department of Integrated Ecology at IGE


After you obtain information about the Project NatureConnect program from this web site by using the Navigation guide (left column), a free, helpful 15 minute discussion by phone with a faculty member is the most effecient way to customize the program to your goals.





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