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The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power

Creating Moments That Let Earth Teach

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

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Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature

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Project NatureConnect testimonials and validations from witnesses and primary resources confirm the value of our fundamental distant learning programs. The enable you to add the art of nature-connected science to your skills and interests. Our living proof ecopsychology testimonials demonstrate that we honor your prior training and life experiences by providing grants and equivalence credit for it.

You may take accredited Applied Ecopsychology coursework and/or obtain a Nature-Connected Degree or Certificate in most disciplines and professions, or to nourish personal interests (see the bottom of this page).

    * Help people remedy their disturbances, thoughts and feelings with the grace balance and restorative powers of nature's web of life.
    * Increase income through Ecotherapy effects for stress-relief management and imagination.
    * Strengthen personal health and wellness assistance including Al Anon, Rehabilitation AA, NA and alcoholics anonymous 12 step programs.
    * Add the sunlight and beauty of the natural world to your spiritual beliefs and community.

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The Hidden Organic Remedy: Nature as Higher Power

Creating Moments that let Earth teach

How to decontaminate our polluted thoughts and relationships

Nature knows best. No matter what you do, if it is not meeting your expectations why not improve your relationships by following Nature's organic path?

Nature, including humanity, can be seen as an attractive dance of the eons that has the ability to produce optimums of life, diversity, peace, fairness and cooperation throughout the Web of Life. Nature’s sanely organizes, corrects, heals and balances itself and the Web without producing our garbage, pollution or unwarranted abusiveness.

We are part of Nature but our central thinking and feeling in Industrial Society is, on average, over ninety-nine percent of the time disconnected from Nature’s dance in natural areas. Over ninety-five percent of our physical presence is indoors. For this reason, what and how we think and feel during a quiet period in an attractive natural area begins to beneficially connect with and express our natural self, the root of our being.

We suffer our disorders because our excessively nature-separated lives prevent us from experiencing and relating to genuine Nature’s way and its joy even though we are it. Because of this profound but “normal” loss to our body mind and spirit, we want; we consistently feel there is never enough. This addicts us to make Nature appear to be the enemy we must excessively conquer or exploit to gain its fulfilling resources.

Devoid of Nature’s healing and balancing ways, our mentality is not whole. We are seldom able to solve the personal, social and environmental problems that result from the undeclared but obvious war against Nature that we learn to fight in and around us. Sadly, we deny this war and its disruptive effects by calling it “progress” “excellence” or “economic growth.”

This book’s Education Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) activity connections enable us consciously to be the dance of nature that we were born; They help us become aware and engaged in Nature’s love and intelligence. For decades this has been an additional source of information and knowing for any individual as well as an authentic source of higher power in recovery programs (5). ECHN gives us the ability to reverse and prevent excessive disconnection from, and prejudice against Nature’s dance within and about us. The “inconvenient truths” of ECHN help us make unparalleled contributions to personal, social and global well-being.

Due to our excessive separation of our psyche from nature’s purifying and self-correcting energies we have become in too many ways an environmentally and socially corrupt society. This often means that our commonly issued assurances are also corrupt. For this reason Nature as Higher Power (NHP) is certified organic. I warranty that those who love nature or truly care about the well-being of individuals, communities and natural areas will improve their personal and professional life. This happens because, using Nature as a resource or form of higher power in natural areas they benefit from unadulterated sensory contact with the authenticity of Nature’s beauty, healing and purifying energies, in and around them.

The art-science-spirit process of NHP helps us produce what’s missing: whole-mind, Earth connected truth and happiness accompanied by beneficial rather than adverse side effects. Because NHP recognizes that sensations and feelings are legitimate natural facts of life, it is an attractive remedy for problem solving, including addiction, a means for self-improvement that is just as true and valuable as sunshine.

For those who see that we live in the scientifically defined Standard Universe of today, NHP provides far greater wisdom, joy and support than we get from corruption in our leadership and institutions. Bewildered (wilderness separated), the latter have misguided us in many ways to create the troubles that we suffer and seldom remedy. NHP gives us a readily available therapy and/or livelihood that enables us to resolve this dilemma as we add it to our personal and professional life.

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