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The Science of Natural Attraction Ecology: Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature Through 53 Natural Senses

- Michael J. Cohen,  Ph.D.


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This article, that you may edit, describes the experience and process of Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature, the history of a sensory ecology science designed by a Ph.D. It explores the discovery that 53 living-earth natural attractions register in our consciousness as natural senses. They are included in an accredited learning and teaching tool that helps us increase personal, social and environmental well-being by dissolving Industrial Society's unreasonable prejudice against nature. This article helps our thoughts, feelings and spirit learn the how and why of genuinely tapping our thinking into the grace, balance and restorative powers of nature's web of life community. It empowers us to grow a new and reasonable passion to benefit from and strengthen our inborn love of nature and life.


Educating Counseling and Healing With Nature

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The Science of Natural Attraction Ecology: Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature Through 53 Natural Senses

- Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.

If you are reading this information on or from a computer, your natural sense of trust is in play. What you trust is the logic and value of the scientific process, of the intelligence of reasonable thinking and technology that discovered the power of a computer and the use of electronic communication to convey information. This same trustable thinking process has also discovered problems in our relationship with life on Earth. Now is the time to pay attention to its rationale and its quest for empirical evidence.

The deteriorating state of the world indicates that with regard to sustaining the health of our society and the environment, we have been bewildered since the days of Henry David Thoreau. Advanced research suggests that this is simply because we omit an important factor in our science and thinking: we usually do not, and will not, incorporate the science of Natural Attraction Ecology so we continue to suffer.

Natural Attraction Ecology is a holistic environmental process that explores and implements nature's blend of the ways of natural systems with the process by which we think.  It is  a blend that Industrial Society teaches us to ignore.

Researchers in this science observe that by the time we are born, we have at least 53 natural senses that enable our thoughts and feelings to make sense so we may live in balance with Planet Earth and each other.  However, to our loss, we have learned to overlook this inheritance. For example,
most of us in Industrial Society have enjoyed a walk in the park or other attractive experiences in nature that have relieved our stress and/or cleared our thinking.  Although we usually take this restoration for granted, the reason it occurs is because humanity is part of the web of life. In a natural area, gently connecting our natural senses with the grace of nature's balancing and purifying powers revitalizes the energies of our psyche.

We seldom learn that our body and mind consist of ten times more cells of other organisms than human cells; over 110 species live on our skin alone, our genetic makeup includes plant and animal DNA and every 2-7 years every atom in us is replaced by atoms from the environment.

Our thinking learns to omit that each atom almost entirely consists of space filled with natural attraction energies, that we and the world, almost 100 percent, consist solely of space filled with natural attraction energies. These attractions interconnect, bind and unify everything, including us.  Our psyche registers them as 53 natural attraction senses. Natural attraction creates, sustains and recycles nature's perfection to health. 

Throughout our lives the natural world becomes us and we become it. We are obviously part of Earth's web-of-life community, a seamless continuum of its flow through our body, mind and spirit.

The detrimental effects of our indoor lives
excessively disconnecting us from nature's regenerative ways clearly shows that the global ecosystem is an important nurturing heart of our lives. What is also true is that in order to be part of any system, one must be in communication with that system.  We seldom recognize that, as part of the global ecosystem, without using words, we biologically inherit the ability to communicate with it.

As noted above, Earth communicates with us, as part of itself, through the intelligent sensibilities of at least 53 natural senses. For example, our sense/sensation of thirst intelligently "turns on" to attract us to drink water, to make the global water cycle flow through and sustain us. In addition, when we have enough water, thirst reasonably "turns-off" and, in balanced ways, attracts us to stop drinking. Each of our additional 52 senses is a similar attraction intelligence.  Besides the sense of thirst, our love for water, these senses include our love of community, reason and trust; aroma, place and consciousness; color, taste and motion; belonging, beauty, music and gravity along with 40 additional wordless natural sensory attractions. The web-of-life and we hold them in common while they hold us together in unity.

Let us pause here a moment, look at, or think of, a natural scene, or some alive member of nature, and, with awe, recognize that it has come into its perfection through eons of wordless natural attraction relationships that register in our awareness.

Significantly, on average, Industrial Society's prejudicial need to profit by excessively exploiting nature socializes us to disconnect over 98 percent of our time, thinking and feeling from the satisfying guidance and restorative sensory callings of nature.

We suffer because we have learned to ignore or obstruct the peaceful and biologically balanced fulfillment of most of our 53 natural senses.  This reduces our natural ability to make sense.

Our extensive loss of rewarding nurturance from nature's perfection leaves us wanting. We feel that we never have enough, or that we are enough. This spawns our excessiveness and other problems. We become destructively greedy, stressed, abusive, depressed and/or chemical and relationship dependent.

Nature knows how to sustain its optimums of life, diversity, balance, purity and cooperation. It does this without producing garbage and with a minimum of greed, abusiveness and isolation. Everything in nature belongs, including us. As part of nature, because we have these natural sensibilities we dream about living in their perfection.

In natural areas, Natural Attraction Ecology helps us apply a psychological science of nature-connected education, counseling and healing. It offers an "ecopsychology" or “ecotherapy” for many troubles that enables us to increase personal, social and environmental well-being. Through it, independent of drugs or hallucinogens, and as a modern tool for shamans, we reasonably reconnect our thinking to the healing flow of natural systems, in and around us.  Backyard or backcountry, we learn to make genuine sensory contact with authentic natural systems. As exemplified by even a walk in the park, this empowers our thinking to help nature recycle any garbage or pollution that Industrial Society has dumped in our mind. 


In 1936, a New York City elementary school policy insisted that Michael Cohen, a left-handed, six-year old, first grader, write with his right hand. The suppression of this youngster's left-handedness depressed him and led to mild speech, posture, nail-biting and stress disorders.  Over time, as he worked to overcome these difficulties, his skills led him to attain a Ph.D. in a blend of outdoor environmental science, education, counseling and psychology. 

Research with people in contact with natural areas helped Cohen, in 1965, recognize Earth to be a living organism and that from it we are born with, not just five, but more than 53 natural senses that help us sustain personal and global well-being (including a sense of left-handedness for 10-15 percent of the population). 

Cohen's investigation of our natural-senses brought to light that most of the personal, social and environmental disorders that we suffer - including greed, stress, violence, abuse, depression and addiction - result from an unreasonable, but profit making, prejudice against nature in Industrial Society that we seldom acknowledge.  This prejudice holds an irrational disregard for nature's integrity and the callings of the 53 natural senses that we inherit as part of nature. We become less sensible and we weaken our well-being due to the absence of the self-correcting and restorative ways of our natural senses.

To our loss, we produce our greatest problems because we seldom learn to think sensibly by respecting our natural senses and their sensibilities. Instead, our unreasonable prejudice against nature socializes us to injuriously drive these senses out of our awareness and into our subconscious where they lie hurt and frustrated.

To deal with this phenomenon, Cohen produced a hands-on, nature-connecting, sensitivity tool that helps us eliminate our natural-sense deprivation. He demonstrated that his renewing educating, counseling and healing with nature process is a sensory and spiritual ecology that enables us think like nature's restorative processes work.  Readily available on-line, and in his newly released book, "Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature," the process generates genuine, nature-connected learning and relating that heals and renews our injured natural senses. By learning to use the process, we become more resilient and sensitive; we build more sensible relationships and many disorders subside.

"Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature," is a professionally-refereed, practical, environmentally-based psychology that helps our thinking co-create with nature's self-correcting and regenerative ways.  Because it is an effective antidote and preventative for many dysfunctions, including Nature Deficit Disorder, it enables us to increase well-being and decrease our alarming prejudice against nature. 
Whenever natural attractions connect our psyche with the web of life, our restored natural senses transform our disorders into constructive relationships. The latter consist of the balance, cooperation and unconditional love that nature shares with us to sustain life in peace.

"We cannot win the battle to increase the well-being of the web of life, that includes our life, without strengthening our natural senses, our emotional bonds with nature  - for we will not fight to save what we do not love."

- M. J. Cohen's blend of Stephen Jay Gould and Jalaluddin Rumi

Read, download or review Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature online, at http://www.ecopsych.com/ksanity.html, or obtain a review copy of the hard-copy edition through links on that page.  A free button that helps to catalyze nature-connected relationships is available at


Recipient of the 1994 Distinguished World Citizen Award, Ecopsychologist Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D. is a Director of the Institute of Global Education, where he coordinates its Integrated Ecology Department and Project NatureConnect. He also serves on the faculty of Portland State University, Akamai University and West Coast University. Dr. Cohen founded sensory environmental education outdoor programs independently and for the National Audubon Society and Lesley University(AEI.) He conceived the 1985 National Audubon Conference "Is the Earth a Living Organism," and has been identified as a “maverick genius” or “the reincarnation of Henry David Thoreau as a psychologist.”  He is an award-winning author of The Web of Life Imperative, Reconnecting With Nature, Einstein's World, and How Nature Works as well as an accomplished folk song artist and contra dancer who presents traditional music programs for the U.S. National Park Service and Elderhostel on San Juan Island, Washington.

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FIELD REPORTS: below, on-line program participants share their results from doing the nature-connecting activities found in The Web of Life Imperative and Reconnecting With Nature books. (Continued from Educating, Counseling and Healing With Nature where "Webstrings" are identified as the natural attraction strands of the web of life that hold it, as well as each of its individual members, together)

For additional reports visit our and Survey of Participants

I wandered into the yard, asking permission to work on activity 16. I was drawn to a patch of Daisies that have gone by. The dry, black heads of the flowers were not visually attractive. I wondered what it was that attracted me as I connected with the plant. Pulling gentle, I felt in communication with the entire plant and through it, the ground as well. My fingers rubbed some of the black and it was revealed to me to be compacted seeds. As they spread out in my hand, I realized it was the life inherent in them that was attractive.  I stopped at a patch of turnip and pulled on the low plant. It was attached to a turnip about three inches in diameter just below the surface of the soil. Again feeling connected to the earth through my attraction to the plant, I found myself comfortably squatting. I relaxed into the position and looked around; blue sky, puffy white clouds, late season, mature greenery all around. One by one the sounds around me popped out - a bird call, a woodpecker's tap, the sound of a squirrel scratching. I went toward the scratching sound and was drawn by a Moonflower plant that had climbed to the top of a tall fence post holding up the deer fence near the vegetable garden. Pulling on it gently, I was immediately in touch with the powerful attraction, love, of this plant for the things to which it relied up for support. There was gratitude and admiration; a communing of the so-called inanimate and animate  - the fence and fence post with the living plant. And now I was joining that relationship by being there. Looking at toward the top of the post, I communed with the sky and the dozen or so, small white clouds.
I realized this powerful love attraction underlies all things. It is hidden from us by the veils of our emotional/cognitive material. This universal attraction contains new life, old life, cycling life, dying and reemerging continually. Everything collapse back to the akashic field, the zero-point field of quantum physics only to reemerge as another expression of this ubiquitous force of attractions that is constantly offering new shapes and manifestations.
I am able to connect with this underlying attractive power of love. I can connect by turning my attention and intention toward it, such as through RWN exercises. I can simply step aside from the cognitive, emotional, verbal chatter that serves to insulate my from feelingly knowing the one great truth of the universe.
My self worth increases because I expand back into the fullness of my being-ness by integrating and transcending the dominant human qualities that are both our blessing and are bane.


Your emphasis on shapes, particularly the egg shaped tree was interesting.  The connection you made with its meaning and your work with the veterans, that of new beginnings is something I find myself doing a lot of.  In other words I often find myself looking for signs in nature that reveal some type of connection to what is going on in my life, a sign of hope, direction, understanding, love.  Without words I find this connection and I fight against my socialization, which has taught me to ignore and downplay these connections and natural senses.  For, in exercising these connections and senses I'm looked down upon, considered crazy, a nature freak, a pot smoking hippie, or any other label one can find to pin on me that deems me irrational, emotional, and unrealistic.

The signs I find could be anything from the wind blowing towards me at the right time when I'm extremely hot, a tree releasing its leaves on me as I stand below it looking up at its beauty and wanting to feel its leaves gently fall on me, a tree moving more so than any other tree in the area because I'm looking at it and finding its energy amazing.  These are the signs I look for in nature and encourage others to see and feel as well.

Thank you in advance for allowing the Nature in me to follow the natural attraction for sleep rather than forcing a time bound commitment for the course activity completion...even spring comes late in some years.


I took a hike with husband, Pete, around Indian Creek Reservoir in the Sierra Nevada's. Because we've had no measurable rain since May the water was very low. We were able to walk close to the waters edge as the wind blew and the sun shone on us from a clear blew sky. Mountains and Pines and Rock formations surrounded us creating a basin of security and a container for Love. As we walked I switched between consciously saying "Unity" and just walking and enjoying. I became aware of the difference which was not immediately available because natural environments are usually attractive. I began to sense the difference as one of focus and an increased caring and connection with all I saw...the Light and Wind on the Water, the Geese wary of our approach, the Killdeer peeping and running ahead of us, the wind on my face, the laughter of the Boy Scout group, the soft Earth of of a recently receded shoreline beneath my feet, the Redtail Hawk which allowed a close viewing, the Stellar Blue Jay who announced our presence loudly, and the Golden Mantle Chipmunks that scurried for safety among the rocks. As I repeated "Unity" I became One with all Creation...I belonged. When I walked without "unity consciousness" I lacked the focused attention much like driving and suddenly having no recollection as to how I got to this place.
   2. Three most important things I learned from this activity: To gain the deepest connection with Nature I must intentionally engage. Nature's community is constantly engaged and aware of new introductions (me)into it's environment. My enjoyment increases in direct proportion to my focused attention

   3. Three G/G statements: I connect with all creation by choosing to do so. Conscious engagement enriches my experience of the natural world. I am a member of a unified community regardless of my awareness of this fact.
   4. How would you feel having G/G ability taken away: The quality of my life would be greatly diminished...I might require medication to remain stress free/sane...(which would be totally insane and detrimental based on drug companies own admission)!
   5. How does this activity enhance your sense of self-worth? Your trustfulness of NIAL and NIALS? Because I know though experience I am accepted into the Community of Nature a desire to increase my conscious participation is activated.This is a Natural Attraction that I trust will continue to evolve in self-worth and benefit all creation.
   6. Which authority or person, if any does this activity identify or re-educate inside or outside of you? This activity re-educates my ability to focus attention at a deeper level of consciousness.


Nature's Maverick Genius
   1. A general description of the activity:  After a long drive back from Sacramento through the forest of the Sierra Nevada mountain range I impulsively stopped at a favorite attraction, Cave Rock on Lake Tahoe. After a long drive to stop was welcomed to stretch and sit on the rocks at waters edge about 2 hours before sunset. As I faced west I gained permission from this place to begin the RWN activity. I began looking out over the sunlit water that led directly toward me. As I released labels I became increasingly aware of light, dark, movement, pressure only as pure sensation. The shimmering light became a response of pure delight. I became the Light the Water the Wind the observer as I let go of labels and self-identification. When I asked, "Who am I with out my name?" I felt the scene say, OBSERVER, Godling, OBSERVER! WE ARE AN UNSEPARATED SEA OF ONENESS! My heart opened fully in gratitude for this profound experience.
   2. Three most important things I learned from this activity: Quote from RWN, "Stories are not nearly as trustable as what we experiece in the immediate moment." When I let go of labels I merge into the landscape. Nature has the ability to quickly refresh my weariness (sans caffeine).
   3. Three G/G statements: Connection with Nature through direct nameless contact is an enjoyable path to wellbeing. When I fully engage awareness of my senses without preconceptions of labels my experience is enhanced. When I release labels I am capable of experiencing Nature at the level of the Mystic.
   4. How would you feel having G/G ability taken away: I would have returned home exhausted from the long drive never knowing how easily physical and mental weariness could be dissipated.
   5. How does this activity enhance your sense of self-worth? Your trustfulness of NIAL and NIALS? Well, you can only imagine how your self-worth would be enhanced if Nature called you "Godling"!LOVE lifts the fog shrouded labeled world; what is revealed is Magic.
   6. Which authority or person, if any does this activity identify or re-educate inside or outside of you? This activity profoundly nurtured and re-newed my old brain ability to purely Sense the World.


I did the activity on a very quiet lake early in the morning so there were less distractions.  While gaining permission a fish jumped out of the water some distance out from me so i once again asked natures consent and guidance.  I was immediately attracted to the water, no waves, dark, cool and just smooth as silk.  Ducks were gathered on the beach as if they were having a picnic, lily pads were sticking out as if they were watching the area also, a lone squirrel was playing in the wooded area next to me, I thought how fun it would be to jump from tree to tree and run on the branches all day, climbing and searching for food.  I couldn't keep focused on just one attraction, attractions were calling from all directions, within that short time I counted 7 fish that jumped up and back down into the water. The sky was a pale blue with fluffy clouds and I could here birds in the distance. It sure is amazing that this quiet little lake was so alive and filled with life and I am grateful that I took the time to connect with nature. I just want so many others to stop and re-connect with nature. I felt people were missing out and I was getting my own personal show.  With all that was going on it was still very peaceful.  I learned from this experience that nature provides everything, I also realized that nothing is unwanted, I tried to remember this when I would have a connection with dry grass or weeds.  Everything has a purpose, everything is an attraction and lives off of other attractions.


Yes, that's what mainstream folks are missing....all these "new" traditional programs seem to be tailored towards getting kids to learn new-brain stuff about the environment and conservation and recycling. Teachers and parents can coax kids outside to play, and do experiments, and make nature rubbings, and play nature games, and pet a few animals in petting zoos.......all to learn about Nature, BUT...... What they all seem to be missing is the FEELING that we are CONNECTED with all that is Nature. There is no knowledge or talk of communicating with Nature - of listening to learn about OURSELVES......of 53 sense intelligence. It all seems to be geared towards head-stuff, not body stuff. Do teachers let kids go outside and roll around in the mud and let the earth teach them nonverbally? Heck no - don't get dirt in my classroom......no dirt on the rug, I just vaccumed - it's all still sterile, agenda based learning. What they need education on is HOW to create moments that let Earth teach....not just facts, but emotionally..... things like respect and cooperation and the ways of harmony. They need to awaken conscious awareness that Nature speaks to THEM....that some of the best experiences outdoors is when they are not "in charge" of orchestrating the experience.....that just showing up in open expectation is what creates the magic.

Oh yes, we still have a long way to go. That's not to say that this step is not important, but it really lacks the key to "real" understanding and connection.


This was a surprisingly stimulating and pleasant activity for me.  After a consent conversation, I  took a tug on a long cottonwood tree branch that was hanging out over the path.  More like I hung on and swayed with the branch, watching the upper limbs sway in the breeze.  My arms were an extension of the branch, and I could see the strong yet yielding fibers inside, made to withstand movement of almost any intensity.  Even the smaller stub of a branch I was clutching on to was so strong and made a good hold.  It felt fine for me to do this without causing any harm to the tree.  Maybe even serving to stimulate and strengthen.  Could it receive my energy as I received its?  I was integrated into the being of that tree for those few moments and was entirely grateful for the possibility of being enriched and educated by hanging and swaying on that mighty cottonwood.

On the path, there were some tips of branches with yellow leaves still attached.  I guessed at how ready they were to come off, having served their initial purpose of aiding in the process of photosynthesis, on to more usefulness of breaking down and returning to the earth.  Before I pulled on the leaves, I noticed how the very tips of these pencil thin branches were still newly green and supple.  A gentle pull --- perhaps even a puff of breath would have done it -- and the leaves peeled off without any resistance.  If I hadn't  pulled them off in this activity there would have been a gradual drying and then they would have simply not had any glue left to keep them attached.

The third experience:  even though it was late in the morning and the sun was fully up over the mountain, the moon was in place -- pale but present.  I wondered at the possibility of it pulling on me.  Could I overcome earth's gravity and, like the tide, be lifted up even slightly up off of the earth?  Did I feel a lightness in my legs?  Was my face even a nose-length closer to the face of the moon?  It was just a moment of playfulness, but the connection I experienced with the moon was valued and I was grateful for the dance for as long as it lasted.

Thank you, all of the nature that I walked among this morning.  Thank you for teaching me how a part of me you are.  You are constant.  I am fickle.  You are patient and always available.  I am caught up in my own importance.  I envy your ego-less-ness.  I learn that being still with nature gives me back my own center.  I learn that my new brain is eager for the stimulation and education that is available.  I want to continue to raise my awareness that, by my actions, I may influence others to care for the earth, to appreciate, to be mindful and concious of their affect on our surroundings.


Ah, what a beautiful September day!!!  I walked over to the close-by park and was delighted to find not a single human soul there.  This so rarely happens at this park.  When I thought about it later though it did make me a bit sad, especially knowing that there is no school in session today at Denver public schools.  Does that mean all the kids are inside playing video games?

Well, I still enjoyed the peace and quiet for sure.  I was feeling happy and that has not been happening much this past week so I delighted in that.  It is not a giddy happy but just finally a feeling of letting go, a feeling of trust that everything is working out as it is meant to.

I asked permission to plop my seat (and my blanket) on a spot of grass.  I may not have listened as intently as I meant to, for I landed on a stick.  What does that mean?  Pick a different spot?  I didn’t…I just moved a bit.

I enjoyed going along on the nature trail as I was feeling peaceful and at ease.  Man, it was just such a pleasant moment, and a pleasant day.  I had read the beginning of the chapter the night before.  And now I see I highlighted nothing from that reading.


As I stepped out of my vehicle, I noticed a beautiful tree filled with brilliant orange and red leaves. I walked up to the tree and thanked her for her brilliance this day for she reminded me that fall was upon us. My husband and I started on the trail and I didn't feel as welcome as I usually feel. We walked the path that took us by the river and stopped at this very old tree on the river's bank. I sat with the tree for a while.I tried to tap into the spirit and the essence of this tree and I felt so much sadness. I continued on and noticed someone had mowed down alot of the beautiful plants and it looked like the path had been disturbed in some way. I asked again for permission to visit and this time it was a no. Suddenly we were inindated with mosquitos which validated for us that we were not supposed to stay.
Today, we visited Cold Harbor Trail. I was welcomed by a chipmunk, said thank you and I asked permission to visit. I felt the forest open up to me with so much love so I continued. While on my journey through the forest I had many natural attractions."I know my inherent sensativities in natural attractions are alive and well because I enjoyable sense and feel the beauty of purple flowers, the freedom of the yellow butterlies, excitement of the chipmunks, and how refreshing the cool breeze feels on my body today." As I walked, while hearing the loud chirps of the chipmunks echoing in the woods, I stopped in silence and asked again if the forest welcomed me. Just then a bird flew on the tree next to me and sang the most beautiful melodie, I had ever heard. I knew that the forest had again gave me permission to continue. A lightening bug had joined my husband, sat on the hood of his jacket. In the distance, I could see a line of beauiful colors radiating off the trees and I was so grateful. Through the field we walked where we were again visited by our friends, the dragonflies and I felt so happy. As we drew closer to the end of our walk, my husband picked up the lightening bug for his hood, thanked him for joining us and placed him safely on this big quartz filled rock.Fresh acorns filled the ground we walked on and reminded  me why the chipmunks were so excited.It is harvest time! It is also a time to honor our trees, that which provide us oxygen, that which provide wood for our homes, that which provides nourishment and homes for our wildlife.
Summary Option
10. I fully agree.
Interact Catalysts
What I learned- 1)  Granting permission gives us the opportunity to show honor for all our relationships 2) Inherent in us is a sensibility, an ancient wisdom that guides us towards nature. 3) When we totally immerse ourselves in what is natural to us, our senses take over.
KeyWords- Honor all creatures big and small
                 Nature brings out our inner beaty
"In nature's whisper is where our truth lies"
Have a blessed nature-connect day!


As I started my walk, I was so happy to see 2 fawns standing quietly in a clearing just off the woodland trail .... I paused and asked them if I could enter their lovely home .... they remained relaxed, and as they continued browsing, I felt their calm, gentle nature welcome me, and I thanked them and wished them health and safety as they grow.  I love the sounds of the local wild residents and thank them for being just who they are ~ friendly chickadees chattering, a flurry of goldfinches now beginning to trade the bright yellow feathers of summer for the subdued colors they will have throughout the winter ... and I am reminded that change is coming ....and my mind wanders to how hardy these tiny year-round residents are to live amidst the winter winds and snows and freezing temperatures .... I shake off the cold feeling of those winter days to come, for today holds the beauty of a warm, colorful fall day. I breathe in my gratitude for the warm sun on my face, the bright colorful maple leaves painting the day in reds and oranges and yellows, the freshness of the forest air around me, and the wildlife whose home I am visiting.
As I seem now to be following a deer trail, I am drawn to a large grove of magnificent huge old trees ~ I feel I am entering one of the most beautiful and sacred of sanctuaries. Here, there is the hush of silence, and I feel I have entered someone's home. I feel the soft layers of pine needles beneath my feet as they quiet my steps, and I breathe in the scent of pure earth and the cool depths of wisdom shared among these trees.  I ask permission to wander among them, and there, tucked in the elbow of a branch of an ancient hemlock tree, right next to its massive trunk, is a tiny sawet owl, and I am humbled and grateful to share the air between us. I am honored to even have seen him sitting there, his camouflage making him one with the tree bark.  How often I have looked to find one, yet, unexpectedly, he is here !  I barely breathe so as not to disturb him, and I thank him for being and wish him well ~ I wonder if he is resting on his migration path ... I have often gone on owl watches at spring migration time when hundreds pass through certain areas. I always love owls.  I pause to join in the solitude and to see what other treasures I could so easily miss if I am here, but not present.
As I now sit peacefully on the forest floor, near, but not too near, the little owl, I am attracted to lay upon the soft bed of pine needles and look up at the very tops of the towering trees above me and around me ~ and I feel so small and so protected.  A few rays of sunlight find their way in to light the darkness as insects buzz in the warming light.  The floor is soft;  I could easily fall asleep here :-)   I feel part of this area as I am part of this earth and it is part of me. Thank you . Thank you for everything. I am content to just be here and grateful to be part of it all, and for it all to be part of me.  Thank you.
As I sit up, I look beneath a tree near me and see some deer droppings, and from my place at ground level, I can see some indentations on the forest floor where they have slept. I imagine that the deer find this an inviting place for rest and shelter from storms, and perhaps we share the same protective feelings of the trees. It feels timeless here in this place with such a very deep quiet. Do the deer hear this quiet ?  I have craved quiet lately and realize it is perhaps the quiet of these places that has drawn me here. I lay down again and become deer and feel contentment to be part of it all ....
Looking around from my ground level view, I can see an area where the sun seems begins to brighten ~ it draws me to leave the seclusion of this peaceful sanctuary, so I give a farewell thanks ~ I will follow the inviting light and see where it leads ... I see how the warm welcoming light and the peaceful serenity of a darkly shaded woodland are both parts of inviting and welcoming contrasts. 
As I follow the light and the terrain to see where it leads, I bid farewell again to that adorable little sawet owl and this cozy place and shall picture the deer protected and warm here when the winter snows blow. But for now, I am excited as I think it is leading me to descend into a very steep ravine and the creek she holds. I absolutely love to walk through old growth forests and creeks and ravines ~ I find this one is heavy with mosses and downed trees and mist. I pause on my steep descent as I feel I have entered another world.  I sit amidst the soft mosses and fallen trees, and a curious chickadee flits and sits near me who I'm sure is wondering what I am doing here.  I am clearly not on a deer trail to the creek ... no one should descend here !  Joie, I don't know what you were thinking !  It is so beautiful, and the mist I had not noticed before gives it an other-worldly feeling.  Below me a lovely creek winds through this deep ravine.  I look around for an easier route and see a turkey feather in the distance, and then another ... oh good, I'll follow them !  Thank you thank you !
Oh this is much easier as I now see some easy traverses created by the deer.  Thank you turkeys and deer for your guidance. I step in their tracks and become them as they descend seeking the waters of the creek.  What a beautiful wonderful place, as I feel I am now the rambling creek looking up at the steep earth and trees above me.  We are the same, together in this place.  I feel in balance with the world here. In this ancient place of old growth forests and it's treasures, I feel its balance and great wisdom. Being in this place is a joy and reward in itself ~ and my being here is perfect for me in this moment ~ and I am grateful to find a welcome and a home here. Thank you thank you.  I love you.
I learned:wandering in nature without expectation opens a world of possibilities and nature will always take care of me if I follow her and listen.It is easy to miss what is right in front of me, so I must be present and open to receiving, not just mindlessly here.

I am a person who loves to wander and follow my attractions as nature reveals them, who trusts nature to help me and who is so very grateful that my new brain and my old brain are happy for me to trust nature and her guidance.
And I am person thankful for the Summer Tides !   Hugs, Jane


" I struggle when I think of the occurrences of natural disasters such as volcano eruptions, avalanches, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, droughts, etc. which defiantly wreak havoc on many a healthy ecosystem.  Are they bettering the Earth as a whole system or organism?". 
 I can relate to this but would like to share a perception that helped ease my anxiety over this subject.  It can be "seen" in the minds eye as destruction if you so wish or it can be seen as a cleansing birth.  Do we not cause destruction with our buildings in places we are fully aware belong to Nature?  Take Galveston Texas for example where the entire Island was wiped out and only one house left standing.
When I saw the photo of this event I saw that Nature had reclaimed it's land and washed it clean.  Will the people listen to Nature?  No, most will rebuild.  I also live on the coast and am aware that at any time Nature could reclaim this land too.  I personally wish to move to higher ground with the climate change and rising sea levels, it is inevitable that Nature will eventually reclaim this land, we have built massive condo complexes right on the waters edge.  Would they call it a Natural disaster or can it be mans ignorance that this land (the Island) is Nature's barrier and belongs to her in the first place?  Volcanoes although I have never seen one is also a birth when it erupts..
We humans get ill from toxins in our food, the plastic, the everyday products we use; make us sick.  Sometimes we wretch, have a fever, break out in hives.  Since the Earth is alive, is it too far fetch to think that she too gets ill from the toxins man has created?  Plus, Earth has to try and maintain a delicate balance.  Does the Earth not at times wretch, have a fever, or have allergic reactions?  Yet again, will man heed the warning signs?  Since positive energy breeds positive and negative energy breeds negative; should we say that we collectively do have the power to reverse our destructive ways, and heal the wounds we have inflicted on Earth before the cancer spreads?  Can't we find a solution to ease her discomfort?  We do have the power to change our destructive "habits" but Earth will always need to cleanse just as any other living being cleanses also.  Without the cleansing we might be living in a festering hot land .  Can you imagine if you never cleansed your body?  Ooh, gross.  Can you imagine what it would be like if Earth never cleansed itself?
I am up with the rising sun and my mind is unpolluted from the days forthcoming events or yesterdays memories.  Just here in the moment and I give you my most pure thoughts.  I hope it may serve you to be at ease with the fact that Nature also has cleansing cycles..
May the Blessings of this day be yours to discover,


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