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Strengthening the Nature Process Fixes Stagnation in Order to Glorify Amicable Trust

- Anonymous Project NatureConnect Participant


Education Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN) holistic degree work enhances the desire to replenish natural surroundings in order to fix mental stagnation and glorify amicable trust in the largess of nature. This helps absorb the rapport of natural senses into consciousness and enhance  schools for environmental training along with online courses and Earth connected careers.

I have come back to Greenbank Park as the area is open along the Asher River and serene. An overcast sky has dropped the temperature and subdued the environment with a gray sheen. I am present to the surroundings from a lawn chair in the middle of a field. I ask consent and the field complies. In a moment I wander over to the water’s edge and it fixes what ails me as I stroll down the dock towards the City Pier.

Most of the marsh grass is submerged, but the tips catch my eye. My appreciation for this tidal ecosystem grips my heart . Earth’s self nurturing process to filter and sustain habitat along her shore line is boundless. The tides, green grasses, pluff mud and creatures enable each other to coincide in amicable trust. Invisible clucking from guinea fowl give me pause.

I contemplate the coming and goings of tide along with signals of early fall. I too energetically live within circles, spirals and seasons. Can I not trust this? If not imbalance, stagnation and dis-ease result.

Late afternoon crickets chirp. My own body will decay someday and return to humus. For now I live near the water to sustain and nourish myself. At the water’s edge I acknowledge transitions just as we are moving from summer to fall, land to sea, solid to transitory, the glorify this moment and the next. My roots are secure in the amicable flow of life as I stare at thoughts that cause the view to disappear.

I welcome the rapport of ECHN activities as an escape from the house and the limits of my own physicality. Sharing breath with the outdoors I gain largess with an understanding depicting an unusual reflection of self-evidence. Now with Irene coming I best  take precaution and remain respectful of natural phenomena. Some people opt for evacuation, but I will remain.
I thank nature as my therapist and trust her and the process completely. Since I am nature too I can trust my own rapport and thinking process and continue to develop faith that all works out in Natural Grace.
I discover that I perceive deep insights from nature if I just give us time and I prefer water to land right now. I am a person who enjoys just being in nature
and a sense of expansion through nature.
Being open whether I am inside or outside and taking time to commune can be very beneficial. The asking consent and thanking is the most important aspect of this activity.
As I spend time communing in nature I find myself attracting to senses and feelings that convey information. I trust this. The rapport I establish with others conveys information about myself which I also trust. I can use this to self heal and learn. Learning to love from love itself feels beneficial. This is worthwhile and I trust the whole process.
I live and am grateful for life, I am life.

Later, once again, I return to the rain.  Rain is a powerful source of rejuvenation as well as destruction.  Pennsylvania has had more rain in the last three weeks than it generally receives in a full year.  Grasses are prematurely yellowing as the roots are drenched in water.  What remains from the devastation is heavily saturated grounds where there is no more room for absorption.  Flooding was a commonality of towns throughout the state.  Yet the rain continues to come and the ground continues, however slowly, to reabsorb the water.  My mind focuses on absorption.

As I take my place by the water, one of my beloved naturescapes, I resolve to ask permission to be in this space and time.  My wrangled stories tell me that heavy running water is unsafe.  My memories and stories of nature flash images of rescues and drowning.  Strangely the attraction remains.  I find that more NTSP/NNIAL/US experiences provide less wrangled story recognition and acknowledgement.  IT is a strong attraction almost like an innate sensory feeling from a past time.  It comes from a place so deep within my being that I am unable to identify its origin.  I think it may be my innate sensory bond with nature.  I remember water to be rejuvenating and I block the unattractive qualities as I ask permission to be present.  My emotional faith is filled with the replenishing feeling of a drink of water on a hot day.  The memory brings me to a time, many years ago, when I remember running back a long path of grass to pass through my front door and insatiably gulp several glasses of water from my family home's well.  It was cold and refreshing.  I can still remember the feeling of such glorified satisfaction.  The water from my primary school was filled with harsh chemicals and treatments that altered the taste.  I hated drinking at school, even though I identified intense feelings of thirst, I waited.  So many days I ran my fastest just to taste the cool replenishment.  It is so fulfilling to remember this trust.  I thanked the water for its memory and for the offering of me in the presence of its replenishing qualities.

I find many attractions to water.  My positive and trustful memories of water take me there when ever I feel the need to have my thirst quenched. Whether it be from sensory deprivation to literal thirst--water is rejuvenating.  I trust water to heal, and to rebind, to revive and to replenish that which is lost.

I identified the feeling where reconnecting with nature is not trustable. It lies within my acceptance of wranglers/stories and my disconnection from NIAL.  I find that when I block wranglers I am able to acknowledge G/G experiences.  I give proper NIAL to the sensory perception.

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