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Webstring Cohort's Space-Time Sensory Synthesis of Starship Earth and Karma Produces Mental Clarity  

Personal involvement in an online sensory webstring natural attraction cohort enables an individual or group in a natural area to consciously experience the mythological archetypes and quantum waves of the space-time continuum that have been described by Bob Toben, Fred Allen Wolf, John Wheeler and Buckminister Fuller.

My Project NatureConnect cohort has been an amazing exchange of very personal insights that have increased the Awareness of all participants. This type of online exchange through webstrings has improved my connections with other like-minded participants as well as established a solid and lasting reconnection to nature. My conclusion: The Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) is the most effective non-verbal communication link we have with our psychic center and the universal healing power of the planet. It can restore your physical vitality and mental clarity without drugs or gimmicks and provide a life time of improved mental, physical, and spiritual health.
I say the above because in 1977 while living in Madison Wisconsin, my path crossed with a hitch hiking woman who suggested I read two books; R Buckminster Fuller’s Operating Manual For Starship Earth and Bob Toben’s Space, Time, and Beyond: toward an explanation of the unexplainable. Fuller’s 1968 book relates Earth to a spaceship flying through space, with the sun as our energy supplier. Fuller proposed that the spaceship has a finite amount of resources and cannot be resupplied. He continued with the idea of the earth as a mechanical starship vehicle that requires maintenance, and that if you do not keep it in good order it will cease to function.

In Space Time and Beyond I found the best introduction to not only the probably structure of the universe of space-time, but to what lies beyond it. It presented very interesting speculations on the nature of paranormal phenomena, reincarnation, the nature of archetypes and the mythological level of perception, survival after death -- all of which conventional "science" chose to reject or ignore.

I especially enjoyed the discussion of how quantum waves can affect all levels of existence simultaneously at different scales of organization from sub-atomic, to the natural world of normal perception, to the human mind, to the stellar and galactic level. It adds new significance to the ancient maxim, "As above, so below." This is especially true when you consider that human consciousness helps function as a co-creator of the perceived material world. In fact, the purpose of existence seems to be to reunite ourselves with ourselves so that all of creation may become fully aware of itself in harmony.

Physicists like Bob Toben, Fred Allen Wolf, and John A Wheeler opened my psyche to the fact that I was intimately connected to all things in the universe and that the universe did not exist independent of the thought of the “observer.” I learned concepts like “self-organizing bio-gravitational fields” and how the smallest particles of atomic energy would travel from my body to an object I was observing and that when the particles came in contact with that object, it slightly changed its molecular structure. The object also emits the same effect on the observer. Consequently nothing we observe is in its original state just by virtue that it is being observed. This scientific observation supports the webstring interconnectedness of humans to all other entities in the universe. Knowing that my perceived reality overlaps everyone else’s reality and that changes in my reality will change all connected realities is a very powerful awareness. This realization also had a powerful impact on my ability to create the reality I desired. It made me realize I was responsible for the condition of the world. While in my younger years this webstring connectedness influenced much of my formal education as well. It was the backdrop or canvas against which the 5-legged disconnected conventional brush strokes were made. For many years the brush strokes remained apart from the canvas, one reality hovering near, but never connecting with the source of all.

In my past, I had learned much in the way of the scientific theory and how everything is connected at the molecular level, but never was able to actually experience the energy transfer between myself and everything else. I remember reading Carlos Castaneda’s book “A Separate Reality” and later how shocked I was to learn that it was fiction. Even so, I still continued to look for the “crack in the universe” where rigid reality meets creative magic and “finding a path with heart.” The book, “The Celestine Prophecy” fascinated me when it depicted two people talking while the main character witnessed the energy as waves being drained from one person to the other. Again I had disbelief that this was fiction. I just knew that authors were trying to tell their readership that there are truths beyond the conventional norms put forth by the established educational system. Time and time again, I tested these unconventional beliefs as I attended classes in several academic disciplines at several colleges over a period of two decades. The result: I was able to successfully integrate my unconventional webstring natural connections with the established educational system (4-legged into 5-legged arriving at 9-legged). In 1998 I attended a three day seminar that started with the basic premises that “everything you know is wrong.” Thankfully someone else paid the $600 entry fee because I was pretty sure that not everything I knew was wrong. During the ten hour daily session’s facilitators guided participants on inner exploration and self-disclosure exercises. On the last day of the seminar we were asked to make a list of people we did something wrong to and then were told to call them and apologize. I thought about this and came up with no one to call. That evening at the finishing ceremony I was asked by the facilitator why I was unable to participate in the apology exercise. I stood in the crowd of 40 participants and told the story of ten years earlier when I learned the concept of Karma and my reality’s influence on all others.  By this time I had been an avid journal writer for over ten years. I explained that in my spare time and over the period of approximately 3 months, I researched the people from my past that I felt needed an apology from me or an explanation of why exactly I exited their life abruptly, or whatever the behavior I exhibited that I felt was inappropriate or lacking in honesty. I used an internet people search web site and was able to send either email or snail-mail to each person I felt deserved an apology. Some responded, and some did not. The facilitator was amazed that someone would do what I did without being prompted by something or someone. Had I not nurtured my 9-legged psyche over the years, I would have agreed with him.  I am still convinced to this day that my impromptu “apology exercise” stopped the domino effect of bad Karma from impacting my reality in the years that followed. From that moment on I became very conscious of NOT creating “misunderstandings” that would haunt me for sure in the future.

Our Project NatureConnect course brought together for me, on the most micro-level my spirituality beliefs and my scientific understanding through nature and non-verbal communications. To illustrate: If you ask a native-spiritualist what created the universe they would say, “The Great Spirit created the universe.” A logical follow up question might be, “Describe this Great Spirit.” “Well,” the spiritualist would say, “The Great Spirit always was and always will be, it is constantly moving into form, through form and out of form. It can neither be created nor destroyed. Now if you ask a scientist the same question. They would answer “Energy created the universe.” So you ask “Describe energy.” They would say, “Energy always was and always will be. It is constantly moving into form, through form and out of form and it can neither be created nor destroyed, only changed.” For me this realization that religion/spiritualists and scientists have been struggling to communicate with each other and to accept each other’s legitimacy for centuries when in fact they are in total agreement with their core concepts has been quietly shifting our collective reality. In reality it doesn’t matter which definition you choose, they both lead to the same conclusion; we are in the here and now and we are intimately connected to the source of our existence – scientifically and spiritually – it is the natural attraction essence of nature. This is our life-blood, our sanctuary, our eternal mother-father, our physician, our therapist, our food suppler, our water bearer, and our spiritual teacher.

We have all experienced trials and challenges in our lives but on this course we have also learned to trust our natural attractions which ultimately either cured or greatly diminished our emotional trauma.

Cost of course and course materials: $150. Value of what I learned: Priceless


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