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Nature And Parenting: Natural Security and Self-Discovery

- Journaled Course Evaluation by Anonymous Participant  
Applied Ecopsychology education, counseling and healing article. 

        I am reflecting on Webstring self-discovery, since during the last few weeks I engaged in different activities with nature and parenting. I went to observe the sun set, then I observed the stray deer in the town, and then I went to a rock and couple of days ago. I was sitting under trees watching different animals. In all these activities, all that I tried to do is to connect with the nature. Or, in other words I tried to think, understand, and find and feel security in dynamic nature. I connected with a thousand or otherwise millions of webstrings. I saw the sun set, before it disappeared under the horizon. It created different colors, it made different textures on the sky and on the water. And water connected with sky at the horizon. Waves rolled as far as from the horizon and hit on the sand of the beach where I was standing and watching all the nature activities. I spent hours and hours watching this behavior of the nature. It’s strange, I didn’t talk to anybody, anything, I saw the red sun moving down , I watched it for hours, but it didn’t talk to me nor could I talk to it. Waves rolled on the sea hit at my legs they didn’t talk to me. All these things are non-verbal, non literate, silence. “Nature never talks, but it acts forever “ this is the great creation of nature teaches us an amazing lesson, “be quiet” and do your part.  This reminds me of the Gestalt Prayer I learned long ago when I studied Psychology here in Dubai:

"I do my thing and you do your thing.

I am not in this world to live up to your expectations,

And you are not in this world to live up to mine.

You are you, and I am I,

and if by chance we find each other, it’s beautiful.

If not, it can’t be helped."

-Fritz Perls, 1969

I think that in this world- somehow of the billions of people, the four of us in this study group found each other- and this is something that is beautiful. If nature can talk, she will talk to us in this way! She is carrying all our weight on this earth. In fact what we have done for her! However, all how I feel is world still safe for us, a beautiful, gestalt mystery.

I am attracted to a beloved family of a small birds known as Purple Sunbird because their freedom and nature of life. I looked it up online, this bird is beautiful- I love its long beak and metallic feathers. The bird family is living in greenery in the garden where I live. I by a chance saw them, (Natures fate, maybe) as I heard their constant flying around, and warbling. Though, they are little, they are very fast and active, I found they have, a small nest-house right inside the bush, and they were feeding the young ones. Most attractive piece of their behavior was, they feed the babies in terns, when one flies away for foods, the other one stays around the nest, they are very watchful and alert. The biggest, observation I made was, usually they don’t allow other birds come closer to their nest. They attack birds like, crows, or kingfishers. And, though the crows can attack these little ones, they don’t do that, and fly away. I think, in reflecting, that the other birds show some kind of respect for the parenting of these little birds. They fly away from them not because of fear, but because of the respect!... They always keep busy, feeding and protecting their babies and that’s the only duty they have to do. I felt, their life is simple, they need only the most basic needs as food, a place to live (a tree limb), and security.

My self-discovery is that nature and its mystery is above all, and it is quietly but modestly serves us. As far as we improve our sense we can reduce the harm that we make If truly develop all our 53 natural senses we can gain the maximum use of our lives that we got by a chance.  There is no substitute for nature, she is the creator of all I perceive around me including myself. I really enjoyed the sight of birds that engaged in busy work to feed and protect their babies. I found it as a universal truth. Parenting is equal for every living being on this earth. If this activity was taken away, I think I would miss or loose deeper connection with system of webstring. It would lead to deprivation of natural information that enhances my perception. I believe, the natural information are realistic than human made information.  The activity absolutely enhanced my insight about the webstring connections and their dynamic characteristics which benefits all the livings things on the earth.

 I felt the parenting is the same among all animal irrespective of human being or non human beings. Its purpose is to nurture according to the nature. And this simple truth reminded me, nature helps us to improve our external and internal capacities to make our life perfect. It’s not difficult to reconnect with the nature if we have a desire, and it doesn’t need a time or a place, because we are nature, since the last few months this is what I have discovered. I think, if I want to discover myself I should unconditionally connect with nature

The biggest mistake we make in our life, we waste time by abusing nature. But, she tolerates us, and if we understand this tolerance we can discover who we are. 

I look forward to get more support from 5-leg mind and unused senses in order to dive deeper into my reconnection, so far things have been so helpful, and hope I am getting better day by day.  Soon after this orientation I course I am going to teach the basic lessons to my two sons, and help them to connect with the nature, and experience its energy.  Basically, faith, love and respect. (Indeed, everyone in this group helps me a lot by reading my writing and giving comments, - simple lessons I learn here is that as far as human beings around the earth work together as one community, the world may be a much better place, where, without deprivation, everyone lives in harmony and every ones feelings may be uncontaminated or pure, as nature intended.

Response from study group member: When I read this posting I really see how much you have worked and just poured your heart into this assignment- however- in the end I think the one part that I just love is- that like you said the interaction you chose- Just by chance happened- was the one that was most meaningful to you was the one that natures interaction created. I have to admit that I have too (like as Dave wrote about with his experience on the walking trail in the woods)- we find something we loved and try to recreate that experience- but Nature, she always seems to have other plans for us. But, in this your webstring connections seemed to be so full of life with new and meaningful experiences. Everyone being like one of Emmas beloved works of art- unique and exceptional in its own way- never possible to have its true essence and magnificence recreated. I think you seem more connected and I wish this course would continue for many reasons, but I would love to continue hearing about your experiences and connection within nature and all she has to offer around this amazing planet we all have the privilege to be a part of.


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