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Nature – A Living Aid Left To Us by our Ancestors

- Journaled Course Evaluation by an Anonymous Participant  
Applied Ecopsychology education, counseling and healing article. 

An online nature-connection degree course plants seeds in a male student from India that aid in the expression of nature as the life force of Earth. Until he took this course, life for this student was mostly personal and only a weak and passive, non-alive, street or playground around him in the environment. Nature's life and healing qualities that he discovered on the course reminded him of the words of Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita, like an ancestral property or mango tree left behind to benefit others.

The course has helped me visualize nature’s presence. Nature in my imagination was a place of ineffable beauty, a pleasant feeling, surrounded by fresh air, water and other elements; yet passive, unresponsive and lifeless. Now I see nature as a more active living aide left behind to me by my ancestors to enable my life. I feel their presence everywhere, holding me when I fall, supporting me when I am weak, more than all the tree by my window has become my best friend who I can trust, who will always be with me, who will never betray. When I imagine about nature I don’t have to imagine of an icy mountain with tall green trees covered by a thin sheet of ice. Nature I visualize now is present in the streets I walk by every day.
In the following passages I will explain how I learned to acknowledge the nature surrounding me, how I could understand the way it communicates with us, why is connecting with nature important to us and how it helped me.

Valuable lessons
Life as I was imagining was always associated to human beings. I never I identified life in non-human beings. This course has helped me realize the life force inside every single thing on the Earth and Earth on the whole seems to have life. I had been ignoring them because they don’t speak to us verbally. They seem to communicate among themselves and with us through non-verbal expressions. I also started feeling that the trees in the backyard of my house to be an ancestral property left behind for me. Through them I can feel the care my ancestors had for me and I could feel that my ancestors still talk to me through nature.

Talk with nature
In India, my grandfather when he was old planted a mango tree. He died before the tree started bearing fruits. I am now enjoying the fruits of his deeds (seeds). When I rest in the shades of the tree, I feel the caring he had for me. Only because he had taken the efforts of growing the mango tree, I am able to enjoy the fruits now. I had so for been ignoring such an emotional bond with nature. This course has helped me establish this bond and the ability to understanding their language.

How it helped me

I read the following paragraph in the Introduction part of the book, “Einstein’s World”,

“Look closely and you may observe Earth or nature is not simply a competitive, bloody tooth and claw affair. Rather it is an extremely intelligent playground that sustains its own survival. You will note that everything in the playground helps support everything else in a pure consensual way. Nothing is left out; through transformation everything belongs. Nothing produces garbage or is garbage. Everything belongs. For this reason many of our destructive problems don’t exist in unadulterated nature”.

I remembered the words of Lord Krishna in Bhagvad Gita,

“What have you lost for which you wee? What is that you brought with you but have now lost? What is there that you produced but has now perished? You did not bring anything to this world .Whatever you have, you had it only here. Whatever you have taken it is from here. Empty-handed you came and empty-handed you will go. Whatever is yours today was somebody else’s yesterday and will be somebody else’s tomorrow. You take delight in the illusion that it belongs to you. Also this illusory happiness is at the root of all your suffering.”

This philosophical support has helped me when I was going through rough times. Now I have realized that nature is our first teacher and it has solutions for all of our problems. By connecting with nature, I was able to broaden the space where I can look for solutions for my problems.

Unfortunately we don’t have time to look into nature for solution for two reasons
1. We fail to acknowledge the nature surrounding us and we don’t understand their method of communication through non-verbal expressions.
2. We have narrowed our views and we associate our self only with human society.
I believe sparing sometime for nature will definitely help everyone connect and communicate with it. If we miss to connection with nature, we are missing an essential link in our life on this planet.

Let us re-establish our connections with nature!!!!

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