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Necessary for my Nature Degree: Types and Sizes of Ducks, Creeks, Logs and Food.

- Journaled Course Evaluation by Anonymous Participant  
Applied Ecopsychology education, counseling and healing article. 

I discovered I am a person:
- who gets food feelings while silently observing ducks in a creek.
- who feels good about myself by not disturbing the current state of life in the creek.
- who finds attractions and reactions to attractions by silently respecting natures presence and being in the moment.
- who feels as though I have a more conscientious soul for actively seeking permission to be in the presence of nature.
I discovered the above because I went to the creek by my home.  I felt an attraction by a HUGE oak tree along a path by the creek.  The breezes were blowing and leaves waving in the wind offered me the attraction and welcoming spirit I was seeking and I asked permission to be a presence in their well established environment.  Before I could finish my "nonverbal request" I was immediately greeted by at least 20 different types, shapes and sizes of dragonflies.  I sat down on the tree trunk log and marveled in the scene. Some of the dragonflies landed on my shoulders and others on floated by.  (I think it important to note that I have a HUGE attraction to dragon flies and find comfort in their presence)  I felt welcomed.  I giggled out loud and sat on the trunk of the tree and closed my eyes.  I heard the sound of the water washing over the logs in the creek and the breezes blowing through the trees.  My sense of touch felt illuminated as I felt the soft tickling feeling of the dragonflies touching and maybe even tasting the salt as their food from my sweaty skin.  They lingered and would continue to fly around me some going into the water and returning and others staying close by. I connected to the reactive sensation of their touch.  It was overwhelming. Two blue winged dragonflies circled my shoulder chasing one another maybe 7 times.  I felt as though I was given a gift by experiencing this behavior. It was replenishing to observe.  At times my life feels overwhelming with ties to money-making experiences.  None of these experiences offer peaceful replenishment to my soul as what my time in nature offers.  It was validating to experience.  It was renewing to be a connective part of this experience.  I thanked the dragonflies for their play time.  Continuing a G/G moment my attention focus changed.
 A male mallard duck flew overhead calling out to another.  I couldn't help myself and opened my eyes to verify.  It was as I sensed a male coming in for a landing right beside his female counterpart.  I felt bonded and happy for their type of connection.  I was very attracted to their play in the creek.  Looking under the water for fish, the male offered what was in his mouth to his female partner.  WOW....what an experience of animal observation.  My new mind knows that they are the kind of fowl that bonds for life.  However my nature centered new brain embraces the connection for attraction between the two creatures searching for food.  It was an incredibly overwhelming validation for the continuation of nature in life.  I was so attracted to the bond the two had in the creek together, all alone from their other duck family members, and just two together working through the necessary means for survival.  I sat in silence almost not able to breathe as I continued this observation.  It was simply lovely to see. I was honored.  The G/G feeling was insurmountable.
These feelings I embraced as a silent observer to the ducks and an active participant in the dragonflies play was overwhelming.  Never had I experienced the size of such pure non verbal connections between nature and myself.  All the while I sat in the exact same spot never moving an appendage muscle as I stopped sweating and was overwhelmed with my connections to attractions.  I graciously thanked my little part of nature and acknowledged my soreness.  I had been in the same spot for 25 minutes never moving.  My neck was stiff and I acknowledged the stiffness and slowly moved my head all the while remaining in the attraction.  There was no pain and as I continued to move I felt an overwhelming feeling of replenishment.  The same kind of feeling I get from taking a long cool drink of water.  It was fulfilling.  I continued to thank nature and felt a band-like "give to nature/take from nature" bond strongly attached like a bow tied around two entities.  As I walked home I was overwhelmingly thankful for these experiences.
After a nights sleep I was able to draw from this experience to bond more thoroughly with nature and validate even more strongly my nature connectedness.
I am confident without these nature centered connections I would not be a valuable person in my world.  I feel validated by interacting in nature. My whole experience was G/G and I thanked nature for this gift to my soul.

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