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Nature Connected Anger Management Control Counseling for Offensive Bewilderment and Frustration

       - Anonymous Project NatureConnect Participant

Nature connecting activities for the management of anger help people who withdraw into bewilderment or bankruptcy because they don't set boundaries or learn how to control anger.

I went with a friend to the ranch. We met in kindergarten at the age of 3 and we are now 33 so we have shared a long journey together. We love and support each other through life, however in the last years we have grown really apart, my friend is fashion and culturally driven and I am more living my life according to how I think things should be. So we went to a natural 3 day short vacation and we arrived to this farm house where they grow citric trees and other fruits. We decided to spend there one night (as I was also checking the place out to take groups for nature connecting activities) and she was not very happy as there was no tv, she couldn’t find any radio station and it was kind of chilly as she was wearing clothes that were not proper for a farm…and I realized how hard it is for me to connect with nature when I am surrounded by people who are not because they are attached to nature-disconnected stories… so in one moment I told her I needed some time alone to do the activity and I went for a walk in the orchards.

I used to have a feeling that I have been having again lately and it is quite strange in me… I have been shifting from frustration to anger… I have been really angry and didn’t know what was the source nor about what and this made me withdraw from people and need personal space and didn’t really want to interact with anybody, in person or virtually. So I went walking in nature with this concern about anger management control. This is a new feeling in me and also I really needed to connect it with nature.

It was great to see some trees really heavy with oranges and grapefruits others seemed dead but were getting ready for the spring… others were with flowers and others had some little buds just coming out… I asked the area for permission for me to be there and also for consent to do this activity there and also I feel I need to ask for consent when I bring a problem to nature as otherwise I feel I am dumping there my psychological waste and it was ok… so I started to walk checking all this great diversity around and first just checking the attractions and saying "nameless," then "connection," and this brought back this feeling of being a part of it and this brought this calm, feeling… it was like a wave that started from my head and went down my feet putting every bone, muscle and body part in the place it was supposed to be and not all cramped and tight as it was, and the more I did it the more my body went back to its natural shape I think it was the same stress relief I felt mentally by saying green in green that i felt in my body when doing this activity… the only words that kept coming in my mind were flow, energy and life.

I discovered how important it is to connect with nature the other way round… I used to connect first word, then connect and after a feeling, this new way, makes much more sense as it helps me gain a sense of relaxation and being centered, that I might be in a transition time in my life and need to find new people and friends that help me connect and stay connected with nature.  I can’t wait to reach a state of bewilderment in order to seek out for nature! I am a person who gets good feelings
when I connect with nature and let nature nurture me, if I let my mind go and just experience nature

In order to open up my many natural senses for anger management, I asked my friend to guide me in nature while I had my eyes closed and we could not speak to each other. She was kind of reluctant, saying what would people think if they saw us doing this activity… and I said we are not doing anything illegal, nor offensive, so we should go ahead, and invited her to do the activity too, but she said she didn’t want to make a fool out of herself… so I didn’t push… I realized I didn’t have consent with her.

Then she said 5 minutes not more!!! So I set my cell phone to ring after 5 minutes and we started the activity. At first I was really aware of not bumping into something… I had my free hand (as my friend was holding the other one) stretched in front of me… and was really aware of the sounds and light I could perceive, till I bumped into a root and my bare foot decided to explore it… and that was a great shift of perception, as I started to realize the texture of the ground with my feet… what to the sight had seemed hard soil to the feet it was silky and really smooth… I loved walking there and at that moment I realized my arm was now resting and I was enjoying the sensations brought by the wind, the ground, the birds and what other senses brought to me… when the alarm went off neither of us could believe it had already been 5 minutes!!
 I discovered that I can trust the other senses and can have a much richer experience when I collect information from other senses and that the sight brings immediately stories to my consciousness not the other senses
My experience in nature shows me I am a person who gets good feelings:
When I let my head rest and just experience nature, when I trust my senses
and when I interact with nature through the different senses

For the second night, my friend wanted a place with tv, central heating and in the city, so we changed accommodations to a town hotel and after breakfast I encouraged her to walk 20 blocks to the river, she agreed happily J I went walking through the river bank to do this activity, it was a beautiful day and I felt blessed to be there… I still had in mind that feeling of anger I had been experiencing… so after asking for permission and consent, I asked nature to help me find a solution to it. So I did the steps we had learnt and just sat there enjoying the warm sun in my face, the river, the sand under my body and I kept thanking nature for this great feelings every time I was aware of a connection… I shut my eyes and lay in the ground to feel other attractions and I fell asleep not sure for how long, but when I woke up there were 4 stray dogs laying besides me keeping me company. I wanted to touch one of them and he showed his teeth and I realized that I hadn’t asked for consent… and there nature started working her magic…  by interacting with the dogs and seeing them interact with each other I found the source of my anger… in my life and work… as my wranglers stories say that if I establish limits or I don’t give consent for something, people will be mad at me, wont love me anymore or I will lose business… and in the last months I have felt a lot of people in my personal and professional life had been intruding my “space” and my limits without even asking for permission. I hadn’t set the boundary nor let them know when they had trespassed them… and that made me extremely angry as I felt I was being intruded and I was not doing anything about it. So I took the book and re read chapter 13 about the negatives in nature and this made a lot of sense this bad feeling was actually a sense that I was shutting down and needed to reconnect. I just started laughing and thanked nature for this great lesson.  My 16th sense from the list was being shut down and it painfully needed reconnection!
The problem is that our thinking has been trained to hold on to and think about the past story rather than think in the total reality of the moment. With respect to how we feel … our inborn natural attractions bring … good feelings… while the wranglers nature negatives… bring uncomfortable feelings and unstabilizing wants. We must look further in our stories to enjoy natures truths.
I learned that the negatives in nature are the need of one or more of our senses to be reconnected, that when I establish limits I feel good and that nature always brings our way what we are in need of.  This chapter has been of a very deep learning the idea of attraction and repulsion

My experience in nature shows me I am a person who gets good feelings
when I create moments that let the earth teach and recognize the good feelings natural attractions bring.  Then I am just in nature enjoying and creating my own stories. By doing this activity I learned to establish limits and that to give or not give consent gave me the same G/G feeling as in the other activities. Not establishing limits is a direct path to being rude, abandoned, or will take me to bankruptcy!

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