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    * Help people remedy their disturbances, thoughts and feelings with the grace balance and restorative powers of nature's web of life.
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SUBJECT: Our unbalanced ways are a form of insanity

Dear ____________________,

The madness of our insane society must be treated as such if we are to cure it.  I invite you to use and teach its antidote:

For Immediate Release:

Job Declines, Reduced Economies, Inequality and Health Disorders Result From
Our Hidden Prejudice Against Nature: A Remedy is Available

SAN JUAN ISLAND, Wash., Oct. 4, 2011  -- Project NatureConnect announces the publication of a trailblazing article by Michael Cohen, Ph.D. in the October 2011 issue of the Journal of Organic Psychology. The article explains how we globally suffer from a profound prejudice against nature (PAN) that disturbs our personal and collective psyche.

The mental imbalances created by PAN produce stress disorders that deteriorate personal, social and environmental well-being. Eighty percent of the public seeks treatment for them. They cause our social inequality, ill health and unemployment problems because they are an addiction. They addict us to using 150 percent more resources each year than our planet produces. We are giving our living planet a fever.

The Organic Psychology Journal article describes a practical remedy for our addiction and PAN.  Are you using and teaching it?  Mental health disorders demand mental health treatments. As demonstrated by the past sixty years, good information alone is not enough.

Dr. Cohen, author of ten books on reducing PAN, is the founder and director of online courses and degrees at the Akamai University Institute of Applied Ecopsychology, Portland State University and the Institute of Global Education. He shows that we suffer PAN mental dysfunctions because we seldom keep in mind that our ancestors biologically, culturally and spiritually evolved in the tropics, the so-called Garden of Eden.

As our ancestors migrated for food and shelter they encountered stressful, non-tropical situations. This made their tropical-based body, mind and spirit face new challenges for survival, challenges that prejudiced them against nature's "whims." In response to them, they developed and emotionally bonded to techniques that created supportive, artificial solutions. They loved and heralded them.  For example, new tools and agriculture rewardingly provided food when its availability in nature waned.

Cohen says, "Today, our socialization encourages us to continue, unabated, our ancestor's addictive PAN thoughts and feelings. But as habitually we gain satisfactions from excessive media, shopping and technologies we and Earth also suffer their adverse 'side effects'.

Our exploitive thinking and conditioning seldom acknowledges that it is out of control, extremely disconnected from, and emotionally bonded to prejudice against, nature, in and around us.

We deny that we alienate ourselves from nature's organic wisdom and gratifications that include balance, peace and happiness. That denial is the point source of our unsolvable problems."

"There is hope." says Cohen. "The remedy and preventative for our disorders is the Natural Attraction Ecology science of Educating, Counseling and Healing with Nature (ECHN).  This tool enables us to reverse our addictive PAN thoughts and feelings. It helps us make conscious sensory contact with the restorative powers of nature's self-correcting essence, backyard or back country"

The article concludes that ECHN works because, "It lets nature provide our psyche with the means to compost our PAN addiction bonds and recycle them into constructive relationships. The phenomenal results speak for themselves."

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For further information visit http://www.ecopsych.com

Michael J. Cohen, Ph.D.  360-378-6313, email <nature@interisland.net>.


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Online Study Responses from Anonymous Project NatureConnect Participants

"I am a life long "youth pastor" who loves working with people of all ages and all faiths. I currently work as a Licensed Addiction Counselor in a locked facility for clients that are "committed" to treatment by counties and the state. I am slowly but surely introducing Eco therapy into this locked facility. I hope to conspire with other like minded individuals to grow a new system of meeting the natural needs of our clients that have been over looked and ignored for way to long. Most of our clients are dual diagnosis with mental health issues which are complicated by the addiction. I love what I do and I love watching the light come on in people's eyes as we work together and all of a sudden they get something.

I find that in this course material we are doing that the light comes on in my eyes repeatedly and then I can't help but share it with someone else. I know that is true for you as well and I look forward to the sharing and growing.
I have been on the path officially with Mike for 3 years now. I was introduced to the possibilities of Nature as Therapy through an article by MIND a United Kingdom social services organization that highlighted the great results available through Nature Therapy as I was doing research and Graduate work for my Master's in Addiction Counseling. I was amazed and awe struck that something so simple, natural and inexpensive could make such a difference for so many people. It was like duhhhh!! Why aren't we doing more with this? So I am and I am learning from others, LIKE YOU, who are too. I see my addiction work as a continuation of youth ministry as so many of our clients are psychologically frozen and just beginning to thaw out."


"I decided to do the blind walk activity while walking my dog. After asking and receiving permission from all of nature around me. I began to put one foot in front of the other, I could feel the tugging of my dog immediately while he was walking in front of me on his leash. I could hear the sound of his paws pouncing on the side walk and his dogs tags making a jingling sound. I was also worried about running into a tree even though I was walking verrry slow, which kind of distracted me, I could feel the ground below me it felt kind of lumpy, bumpy from the soil and grass roots. I could hear the ducks making a low toned quacking sound as if they were warning the others that my dog was near. I could hear the sounds of the ducks pulling up the grass roots and the sound of them walking through the grass, they sounded like they could have been humans walking while my eyes were closed. Very strange! It is like everything had become more pronounced. I also began to feel insecure about my surroundings and wanted to open my eyes...and I did it was very weird and it gave me a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty. I thought to myself how many times have I made nature feel this kind of insecurity and uncertainty, how many times in general do humans make nature feel this way when we violate and disrepect nature with our brutality.
What I have learned is that nature is capable of opening my "eyes" even when they are closed and is always there to enlighten and to teach. Some of nature's greatest lessons are the simplest ones and the same feelings of uncertainty that I can experience, nature can experience too. My multisensory relationship with nature manifests itself in a many aspects of my life, nature is my direct teacher. By recognizing nature's feelings nature has helped to be more in touch with my own feelings and feelings of others. Nature is welcoming despite human ignorance toward nature.
I decided to focus on my surroundings with my eyes closed. As I focused on my natural surroundings I asked for permission from nature and after receiving permission I began to take in all of the nature around me. I noticed the mimosa trees are green and will be bearing flowers before long and looking up at the night sky and the half moon. I also felt the how chilly it was, I then closed my eyes and noticed the chilly weather was more pronounced than when my eyes were opened. When I opened my eyes again, I noticed that the chilly feeling was less. When I closed my eyes again, I noticed the chilly feeling right away. So amazing how my perception changed from a simple change, from closing and opening the eyes.
I discovered that simple changes can make a big difference toward how I perceive things and Nature's ability to teach is truly without limits in the most unexpected ways!  Nature is not only multisensory but multidimensional too."


"I have a very specific and intense memory in mind of something that happened to me over 20 years ago.  I spent many hours in a car with my family  driving from Illinois to the mountains of Montana.  During the drive the weather went from "sunny and warm" to "gusty and snowy" as my four kids became anxious to arrive at our destination.  When we finally reached the foothills of the mountains in Glacier National Park, the sun was shining and the incredible blue sky was dotted with white clouds.  We decided to stop to stretch our legs, and  I will never forget stopping the car, opening the door, and being surrounded by that glorious fresh clean smell of mountain air!  With the sun on my face, I found myself breathing deeply again and again, trying to fill myself with that incredible mountain scent as I marveled at the many shades of green,  dotted with unique  wildflowers that my eyes were unaccustomed to seeing in the Midwest.  Those mountains reaching up to touch the sky, the smells and the colors were "love" at first sight for me.  Along with those wonderful smells, I sensed the density and diversity of the mountains unfolding before me.  I felt strong, beautiful and spiritual in that moment, and remember my legs feeling rooted to the place where I stood.  Twenty years have not dulled that incredible moment for me.  I am filled with good feelings to be able to share it with all of you."

         "We do indeed belong here. The earth is more than just a home, it's  a living system and we are part of it."  - James Lovelock


"I have been noticing that since doing simple changes in my daily routine, such as asking natural areas for permission to enter and reverently requesting nature's  wisdom to teach me, I have been more relaxed, in a more optimistic space personally, and able to freely apply effective problem solving to some stressful situations on my job. Working with addicts is very challenging.   I have a general feeling of well-being that seems to be fairly constant since beginning this course.  As soon as I feel a lessening attraction for an assignment, I sleep on it, without trying to push myself and that has been very important  in developing my stronger feelings of self worth.

I just spent the entire day with my grand daughter enjoying a natural area together.  We climbed a fallen tree, found wild flowers blooming in November (very unusual for our area), and hiked around a lake together.  We were actually teaching each other, because her joy and reverence for nature is so fresh and uncomplicated, she easily brings out my inner child.  I am looking forward to bringing my clients into natural areas in the near future."

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